Haterman Be Hatin' is a Swapnote saga of letters created by Eltario (talk). The series stars Haterman, an Emotien who hates everything in existance. Other characters also appear in the series alot aswell.


A description of each issues plot can be found here;

#1. Haterman appears and states that he hates everyone, Eltario then walks in and tells Haterman to go away, with an angry expression on his face.
#2. Haterman looks at a bench in the background, then stating that he hates the bench. Eltario then questions why he hates a bench, although he gets no responce.
#3. Haterman is seen standing back-to-back with his sister, Lovergirl, Haterman states that he hates her, while Lovergirl states that she loves him. Eltario is then seen, with a worried look on his face, because of the fact that there are now two Emotiens
#4. Haterman tells everyone that he hates SOPA and PIPA, Eltario then responds by telling him that everyone hates them.
#5. Haterman's cousin, Indifferentboy is visiting. Haterman tells him that he hates him when he arrives, Indifferentboy then responds by telling him that he doesn't care.
#6. A close up of Haterman's face is shown, Haterman then asks "what the hell" an unseen person wants. The Frog's eye is then seen, while he is doing his death stare and states that he wants Haterman's soul, revealing it to be him that Haterman was speaking to.
#7. A new character, Staredude is introduced. Haterman then calls him a bastard, although Staredude just continues to stare at him, much to Haterman's annoyance.
#8. Haterman tells Tucker that he hates his face, Tucker then sheds a single tear and Haterman yells "Haha" in his face.
#9. Haterman runs into Soviet Sledge Bro., who can see a letter flying around and questions if hes just seeing things because hes drunk. He then offers some vodka to Haterman, who replies by saying he hates vodka.
#10. Haterman once again tells everyone that he hates them, then sticking up his middle finger at them and calling them bitches. This is the first time a part of Haterman other than his head has been shown.
#11. Hat Person appears and puts a hat on Haterman's head, then saying that hats are sweet. Haterman then takes it off and says that he hates hats.
#12. Staredude reappears, where it is revealed that he is still staring at Haterman, Haterman is seen with an annoyed expression and states that he hates Staredude alot.
#13. Haterman tells an unseen person that he hates them, Achmed then is shown, and tells Haterman to be quiet or he'll kill him.


A list of characters that have made appearances in the series, by order of when they appeared;

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