Emotiens are a species of humanoid beings that manifest from certain emotions and desires expressed by Miis. The process that leads to them manifesting in the void between worlds was beleived to be naturally occurring, however, Elise revealed she was responsible for bringing the process into existance. The most notable Emotien is the original, Haterman, who is beleived by some to be the unofficial leader of their race.


During the early days, Swapnote was at peace, and, somehow, the emotions and desires of the Miis who inhabit the realm grew powerful enough, that they began to seep through to the void between worlds, and manifest into physical form. Nikki, Swapnote's god, soon became aware of what was happening, and, using her power, brought the strange emotion beings into her realm, erasing their memories of the void, and dubbing them "Emotiens". For a while it was beleived that Nikki had created them, that is, however, until one of the Miis, Elise, revealed she was responsible, and renamed them all based on their gender and what they manifested. Emotiens still manifest and are brought to Swapnote to this day, although at a much slower rate than originally.

Notable Members




  • Lord Feel ~ known to have manifested from extreme quantities of every emotion, though also having a desire for power
  • Creepyman ~ an Emotien-version of Arend, which Shifto transformed into


Apparently, all Emotiens, even ones not created by her, appear to have a strong amount of respect for Elise, it is unknown whether they actually worship her, but they probably don't. An example of this is how Haterman always agrees to star in Elise's Swapnote arcs, despite the fact that he would rather not.


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