Swapnote service has been suspended by Nintendo. This page will be kept for archiving sake. Thanks for participating!

Fantendo:Swapnote (also known as Fantendo:Letter Box or Fantendo-brievenbus) is a resource that anyone can edit, meant to store various Swapnote arcs, characters and anything else that the users of Fantendo come up with on Swapnote.

It was created by Touko (tbc) and Heartphilia (tbc), with the original idea being from Leety (tbc).


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Various Fantendo users use Swapnote, here you can find their pages:


Follow story arc's and communicate with the active users!


These users don't swapnote much if ever and might not add you back!



Various users like to create arcs, or 'sagas', on Swapnote. Below is a list of all arcs that are currently airing, upcoming, or have ended;


These arcs have either been canceled, or their status is unknown;

  • @dventure
  • And Then Ponies
  • Assault on Crapface
  • CrapfaceTheFrog
  • Fantendo Life
  • Guess the Character!
  • Haterman Adventures
  • Haterman Adventures Again
  • I Can't Draw Anything
  • In Soviet Russia...
  • Jake's Boo Adventures
  • Quadrants!
  • Mister Goom's Fez
  • Ragedude's Inevitable Rage
  • Reflections
  • Return 2 Life, Swapnote
  • Space Prom
  • The Super Isabella Arc
    • The Team Super Arc
  • Swapnote Mystery Dungeon
  • Swapnote Quest
  • What the Fant...?
  • The Wonderful Exploits of Wickeldorf

Filler Notes


Andrew (SonicWiki)


Coco (Cocomilk33)

Elise (ShadowElise)

Keegan (MidnightYoshi)

Leet (1337doom)

Peira Noid (Sorastitch)

Rick (Toad'ShyGuy)

TehVict (Shroobario)

Tom (T0M.V.12)

Tucker (YoshiEgg)

Uil (Uil Team)




The many places that make appearances in Swapnote


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