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OtherSymbolUnknownSSB Mario SeriesSuper Mario
SSB Donkey Kong SeriesDonkey Kong SSB The Legend of Zelda SeriesThe Legend of Zelda
SSB Metroid SeriesMetroidSSB Yoshi SeriesYoshi
SSB Kirby SeriesKirbySSB Star Fox SeriesStar Fox
SSB Pokémon SeriesPokémonSSB F-Zero SeriesF-Zero
SSB EarthBound SeriesMother/EarthBound SSB Ice Climber SeriesIce Climber
SSB Fire Emblem SeriesFire EmblemSSB Game & Watch SeriesGame and Watch
SSB Kid Icarus SeriesKid IcarusSSB Wario SeriesWario
SSB Pikmin SeriesPikminSSB R.O.B. SeriesGyromite/Stack-Up
SSB Animal Crossing SeriesAnimal CrossingSSB Wii Fit SeriesWii Fit
SSB Punch-Out SeriesPunch Out!!SSB Xenoblade SeriesXenoblade
SSB Duck Hunt SeriesDuck HuntSSB Splatoon SeriesSplatoon
SSB ARMS SeriesARMSSSB Golden Sun SeriesGolden Sun
SSB Golden Sun Series (SSF2)Golden Sun (SSF2)50x50pxChibi-Robo
SSB Chibi-Robo! Series (SSF2)Chibi-RoboSSB Nintendo 3DS SeriesNintendo 3DS
SSB Nintendo 3DS Series (SSF2)Nintendo 3DSSSB Captain Toad SeriesCaptain Toad
SSB Captain Toad Series(SSBUF)Captain Toad (SSBUF)SSB Metal Gear SeriesMetal Gear
SSB Metal Gear Series (Brawl)Metal Gear (Brawl) SSB Sonic SeriesSonic The Hedgehog
SSB Mega Man SeriesMega ManSSB Pac-Man SeriesPAC-MAN
SSB Street Fighter SeriesStreet FighterSSB Final Fantasy SeriesFinal Fantasy
SSB Final Fantasy Series (SSF2)FINAL FANTASYSSB Bayonetta SeriesBayonetta
SSB Minecraft SeriesMinecraftSSB Angry Birds SeriesAngry Birds
SSB Stella SeriesAngry Birds StellaSSB Bad Piggies SeriesBad Piggies
SSB Magical Snowman SeriesMagical SnowmanSSB Magical Bear SeriesMagical Bear
SSB Super Smash Bros. SeriesSuper Smash Bros.SSB Random Series(SSBUF)Random

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