The Fantendo Mentorship Program is a system spearheaded by Tigertot (tbc) as a way of helping the new users of the community. Anyone can sign up to be a mentor, or sign up to be mentored in the basics of Fantendo.

How It Works

The program works on the basis of assigning a mentor user to a new user who's applied, with the mentor helping out the new user. This can range from teaching formatting techniques, to discussing ideas the new user has and helping them develop those, to encouraging community participation. The whole point is to help new users feel appreciated and integrated into the community.

Mentors will be talked to frequently about how they're doing as a mentor, and should they fail to meet expectations, they'll be banned from the program.


The program is moderated by several veteran users, most of which have also chosen to become mentors themselves.

Name Role
Tigertot (tbc) Leader of the system/mentor
Pokerninja2 (tbc) Admin/mentor
Pyrostar (tbc) Admin/mentor


The core intent behind the system is to counteract one of Fantendo's biggest problems over the years: its tendency to be "closed-off". In the past, new users have made pages without knowing much about the community, and have been scared off as a result due to facing other users mocking their content and/or inadvertently breaking the rules of the wiki.

Another intention of the program is to cut down on low-quality articles, by teaching new users the skills they need to make good articles. While tutorials exist on the wiki, this program is a lot more personal, and helps with answering questions new users have.


The Fantendo Mentorship Program is primarily handled via a Discord server, to both reduce clutter in the main wiki chat, and so new users can easily access it.

Link here!

If you are unable to access Discord, speak with one of the users in charge of the program, and they'll be able to figure out a solution.

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