Hello there, welcome to our official Introductions page! This is the perfect spot to introduce yourself to the rest of the community and begin bonding with both veterans and newcomers of the site alike! Before you are allowed to introduce yourself here on this page, there are some rules and general advice to follow beforehand! Please read them before you post:


  1. Please try and keep your introduction as sweet and positive as possible! We don't need negative vibes here on our Introductions page, do we? Try to sound like you want to meet and greet our veterans/newcomers!
  2. Try to make your post as "safe for work" as possible! We want newcomer users to be comfortable with what they're reading and not be offended by anything you say, okay?
  3. Remember that our community generally supports human equality! If you display discriminatory behavior (i.e. homophobia, transphobia), you may not get along with the rest of our userbase. Try to keep that stuff to yourself...
  4. Try not to give any of your personal information away! This is more of general advice rather than a rule, but it may not be a good idea to share things like your phone number or home address with the general community!
  5. Remember to save your introduction before you post it! Edit conflicts can potentially happen on this page, so play it safe and have it pasted into an application such as Notepad!

List of users

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Only administrators can list their bios here! They're separated from our regular users so that you know which ones can be contacted most reliably for help on things such as page deletion and user blocking.


  • Pronoun(s): Any (within reason); mix well
  • Bio: Hi! I'm Agent, an enby shapeshifter who started playing Nintendo games in the late 2000s. I joined Fantendo in 2015, and became a content moderator in 2019. If you need help with page protection or deletion, or with reverting edits, feel free to contact me. I'm also pretty good at music and CSS, and can help with those.


  • Pronoun(s): He/Him
  • Bio: Hey there, I'm Arend. One of the six non-crat admins, and probably the earliest Fantendo user around. I'm not as active on Fantendo as I used to be, but I still lurk around, comment on blogs and stuff, and still occasionally contribute on the wiki itself. If you need help on the wiki, you can ask me for that kind of stuff. I know a bit of wikicoding and CSS coding. As for hobbies, well, aside from video games, I enjoy cartoons like Phineas and Ferb, Milo Murphy's Law, DuckTales 2017 and Steven Universe. I enjoy reading comic books, writing fanfiction, and I sometimes draw stuff (something which I also used to do a lot). Oh, and I love video game music! Well, I guess that's it for now. I hope we can get along!
  • Favorite Franchises: Pokémon, Super Mario, Splatoon, Kirby, Super Smash Bros, Rayman
  • Contacts: ArendAlphaEagle#0895 (Discord)

Athena Hawkins

  • Nickname(s): Athena, Ath, Hawkins
  • Pronouns: She/Her, no exceptions
  • Bio: Hewwo~!! I'm Athena Hawkins! I happen to be one of this wiki's three bureaucrats, so feel free to ask me if you need anything~! I'm a huge heavy metal music fan, currently digging bands Iron Maiden/Alice in Chains/Avenged Sevenfold, and really enjoy hanging around the community whenever drama isn't happening. Though I can occasionally be a bit tense when things are going south, I try to be one of the nicest people you'll ever meet on the internet, so I'm totally open to making new friends as a result! Remember that I am a non-judgmental type of person; for so as long as you're not breaking my moral code (I can always hand out a list), you're free to express any bit of yourself to me!!!
  • Favorite Franchises: Earthbound, Metroid, Punch-Out!!
  • On-Site Projects: COLD❄BLOOD
  • Contacts: Athenaaaa#0415 (Discord), aetherchains (Twitter handle)


  • Nickname(s): Ink, Inc, IncPara, Page
  • Pronouns: lolidc whatever works
  • Bio: 'Ey. I'm IncarnateParanoia, but that's a mouthful, so I really recommend picking a nickname for me ASAP. I am a Chill And Laidback Person who is overly fond of RPGs and fighting games, despite being absolute rubbish at both. I'm usually not the kind of person who holds grudges, and I try to be nice and open-minded most of the time (meaning if i am not either armageddon is approaching, somebody has really screwed up, or you're interpreting my messages wrong). Also, I swear like a sailor, so you might wanna get used to that when you're around me.
    To you users literally just joining the wiki: I'm probably the most "aggressive" of the admins when it comes to maintaining the quality of this wiki's articles. If I toss a Rewrite Request onto one of your articles... just remember that it's not out of spite towards you or the article, and that all you gotta do to get me off your back is put some work into improving it!
  • Favorite Franchises: Shin Megami Tensei, Pokemon, Kid Icarus, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Mob Psycho 100, Nichijou
  • On-Site Projects: Incarnations series, Mynisverse, Super Smash Bros. Endeavor, etc.
  • Contacts: Ink#9235 (Discord)
  • Timezone: U.S. Eastern Time (time)


  • Nickname(s): Pyra, Petra
  • Pronouns: She/Her
  • Bio: Hi, everyone! Name's Pyra. Don't have much to say, but if anybody ever need help or feedback on anything, feel free to ask! I'm always available for help if anyone needs it! Just be sure to be nice and we should get along well!
  • Favorite: Bravely Default, Xenoblade, Miitopia, Zelda, Kirby, Super Smash Bros.
  • On-Site Projects: Pyroverse (original), Skullpunk (original), Vessa (original), Crestseeker (original)
  • Contacts: Pyra#3891 (Discord)


  • Nickname(s): West, Taylor
  • Pronouns: He/Him
  • Bio: Heyy!!! I'm West, one of the younger admins on the site. I'm an aspiring artist, and a big fan of music. Specifically rock and alternative pop, like Fall Out Boy, The Killers, Maty Noyes, and Halsey. I try not to get too serious, since this website is just a hobby, after all! I'm a massive fan of Splatoon, and chances are you'll catch me with tons of other fixations during your time on the site. Looking forward to your stay on the wiki, and seeing what you'll come up with! Oh, and one thing you'll find out within minutes of talking to me: I'm gay!
  • Favorite: Splatoon, Pokémon, Zelda, Super Mario
  • On-Site Projects: Happily Ever After (original content), Splatoon 3
  • Contacts: 🌸 western 🌸#7373 (Discord)

Wiki-wordmarkRegular Users

This is where anybody else can list their bios! Feel free to put down whatever you like!


  • Nickname(s): ice, Griffin, griff, and arc
  • Bio: Hello! I'm .arcticbreath, more commonly referred to as ice or arc. I'm a 16 year old Mennonite from Colorado Springs, Colorado. I really enjoy writing and creating fiction. I have been a user on this site for nearly 6 years. I'm a big fan of fake video games, hence why I'm on this website. Logos are sort of a passion for me, and if you need one I'm sure I could whip one up!
  • Favorite Franchises: Zelda, TimeSplitters, Super Mario, Minecraft, Sims, Super Smash Bros
  • Favorite Musicians: Coldplay, Radiohead, Swans, Kendrick Lamar, BROCKHAMPTON, Watsky, Ye, rei brown, and Death Grips.
  • Projects: Waveclash, Epic Story, Cobalt, and Sewer Drain Child (off-site project).
  • Contacts: ice#8755 (Discord)


  • Nickname(s): Butter, Tom, the guy who SUCKS at Melee
  • Bio: oof ow my bones ouch
  • Favorite Franchises: Kirby, Super Smash Bros, Overwatch
  • Favorite Musicians: none tbh
  • Projects: Super Smash Bros. Omega
  • Contacts: @Buttermations (Twitter)


  • Nickname(s): Austin, Cookboy
  • Pronouns: He/Him
  • Favorite Franchises: Smash Bros, Super Mario, Pokemon, Animal Crossing
  • Musiscians: You wouldn't be interested unless you're a Christian.
  • Projects: Too Many. My Company can be found here
  • Contacts: Austin Cook#4291 (Discord), cookboy-123 (Spotify)


  • Nickname(s): Crunch, Tommy, Cungy, known as BeanieEagle on most other platforms
  • Pronouns: He/Him
  • Bio: The name's Beanie. Writer, shitposter, irrelevant youtuber and EDM enthusiast. I've been on this wiki for nearly 6 years as of writing this which is probably too long. Nowadays I don't really go on wikichat but I do pop into the Discord now and then.
  • Favorite Franchises: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Transformers, DOOM, Metal Gear, My Hero Acadamia, Warhammer 40k
  • Favorite Musicians: Powerwolf, Le Castle Vania, Death Grips, Dragonforce, The Pogues, The Vandals
  • Projects: Infiverse, just about everything with Reten in it.
  • Contacts: BeanieEagle#6237 (Discord) BeanieEagle (Discord and Youtuber)

Dragon of Steel

  • Nickname(s): Rocky, Dragon, formerly known as "SuperDuperMarioKirby"
  • Pronouns: He/Him
  • Biography: Hey hello! My name is yours truly, Dragon of Steel! I’ve been on this wiki since April of 2012 but I’ve taken many hiatuses. I consider myself something of a veteran here, although there’s still a lot I’m not fantastic at yet. I hope to help out anyone who needs help here, let me know!
  • Favorite Franchises: Super Mario, Paper Mario, Kirby, Pokemon, Super Smash Bros., Gravity Falls, The Office, Star Wars, Paris and Recreation
  • On-Site Projects: Brutal Favoritism (crossover), Mariomon Red and Green Versions(Mario spin-off)

Dr. Drebbles

  • Nickname(s): Drebbles, Dre, Dreb, Drebs
  • Pronouns: He/Him
  • Biography: Yo! I've been snooping around these here parts since February 2014. I love to draw and play video games (like almost everyone else here); I also dabble in anime every now and then. I am not as active as I used to be here, but I primarily hang in Twitter and Discord. I'll pop in to check in on some blogs or whatever so yeah. I'm not much of a talker, but I'll certainly love to get to know you; we might get along pretty nicely!
  • Favorite Franchises: Super Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog, Super Smash Bros., Kirby, Tetris, Yoshi, Little Witch Academia, Fairy Tale
  • Contacts: Dr. Drebbles#5317 (Discord), @dreb607 (Twitter)

Fire Scyther

  • Nickname(s): Scyther, Scy, Gustavo
  • Pronouns: He/him.
  • Biography: Hello! I'm an experienced and tired user that has been on the wiki for nearly two years. My hobbies include using the computer, drawing since I plan to be an aspirimg artist, still studying at the moment or researching fascinating stuff. And of course playing videogames and food! I'm actually homosexual and cis, and I'm really proud of that! I am also supportive and I will never judge for who you are or what you're into! Note: I'm an incredibly tired and lazy guy so don't fret with my long absences
  • Favorite Franchises: Mario, Sonic, Nintendo and Smash Bros. in general, Pokemon, Digimon, Persona 5
  • On-Site Projects: A lot of projects that i have yet to develop.
  • Contacts: Gustavo 🍇 #5956 (Discord), @ScytherFire (Twitter)


  • Nickname(s): Flamingo, FPF
  • Pronouns: He/Him
  • Biography: 'Ello there. I don't edit my articles much and I tend to be very erratic in my activity on the wiki, but I still enjoy doing stuff around here. When I'm not browsing the internet, I spend my time binge reading novels and trying not to suck at drawing human anatomy. Practice makes perfect, right? Anyway, I'm not much of a conversationalist when it comes to discussing interests (mine are pretty shallow as far as I'm concerned, especially regarding video games ironically enough), but I'd always like a chat!
  • Favourite Franchises: Borderlands, Harry Potter, Heroes of Olympus, Magnus Chase, Kane Chronicles, Pokémon, Alex Rider, and Overwatch
  • Favourite Musicians: Adele, Aerosmith, Alessia Cara, Ariana Grande, Blackpink, Fréro Delavega, Eminem, Indila, Joji, Lauv, Lia Marie Johnson, LSD, Mamamoo, NF, Powerwolf, Snow Tha Product, Residente, Set It Off, Stromae, Taylor Swift, Tinashe, Twenty One Pilots, Us The Duo, Vance Joy, Volbeat, Written by Wolves
  • On-Site Projects: Conscript, Compliverse (on hiatus), Pokémon Palladium, Meme TCG: DNA of the Soul,
  • Contacts: DeFactoFlamingo#6281 (Discord)


  • Nickname(s): Nimbus
  • Pronouns: He/Him
  • Bio: Hey there, I'm Heronimbus, often referred as just Nimbus or Nimb! My passions: music, video games, cartoons, action and horror movies, writing and drawing, and food. Lots of food. I put as much TLC as I can into my games and stories on Fantendo to give them my own special "style" rooted in nostalgia, and although I may not be consistent with updates, I'd have to say it's best to take it one day at a time. I'm bisexual and a supporter of civil rights for all social groups, including LGBT+ groups, so don't be afraid to discuss your orientation! Another thing: I have a form of high-functioning autism that I'd have to say makes me who I am. If you're looking for someone to talk to about your favorite cartoons and things you are nostalgic for, I'll be happy to discuss!
  • Favorite Franchises: Sonic the Hedgehog, Star Wars, Stranger Things, Super Mario, Crash Bandicoot, Super Smash Bros., Nicktoons (primarily The Loud House and My Life as a Teenage Robot), Gravity Falls, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Evil Dead, Pixar movies, LEGO
  • Favorite Musicians: Muse, Foo Fighters, Thirty Seconds to Mars, Shinedown, Avenged Sevenfold, Rolling Stones, Maroon 5, Imagine Dragons, Michael Jackson, Prince, Foreigner, The Weeknd, Kendrick Lamar, Lil Uzi Vert, Tupac, Biggie Smalls
  • Projects: Super Smash Bros. Duality, Shadowcalypse series
  • Contacts: megaexal#7785 (Discord), @megaexal (Instagram, Twitter)


  • Nickname: Homder, Under
  • Pronouns:He/him
  • Bio: What's up, I'm Homder and I'm 13. I discovered Fantendo when I was looking up stuff about Super Smash Bros. The earliest thing I can remember finding on here was West's version of Splatoon 3, which was and still is something I admire. In fact, a lot of his stuff is really amazing. I mainly made stuff on the Lapis Wiki, but I flocked to here in November of 2018 I believe. I've always loved coming up with ideas for games and movies, so I think that this website is really awesome.
  • Favorite Franchises: Fire Emblem, Marvel Comics, My Hero Academia, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Scott Pilgrim, Soul Eater, RWBY, Danganronpa, Super Smash Bros, Undertale, Homestuck, Yu-Gi-Oh, Dragon Ball
  • Favorite Artists: Panic! At The Disco, MGMT, Mac DeMarco, David Bowie, The Kinks, Queen, Talking Heads, Green Day, Pomplamoose, Ninja Sex Party, My Chemical Romance, Oingo Boingo, Lemon Demon
  • On-Site Projects: Subspace Heroes, Helping Shadic with the SCU, All the stuff on here.


  • Nicknames(s): Hoola
  • Pronouns: He/him
  • Bio: Hey, I'm Hoola. I'm another one of those users here who doesn't want to reveal much information here, but I make games here. I am a big fan of the Mario, Splatoon, Pikmin, Super Smash Bros., and My Singing Monsters series. I am male, and I tend to have more unique choices than other users around here. But, I'm always happy to chat with you about different Nintendo video games as well as My Singing Monsters!
  • Current Projects: Super Mario Battle (Hoola), Scheming Plans


  • Nickname(s): Hollow
  • Pronouns: They/them
  • Biography: Hello, I am an user that has been here for a long time. I'm from Brazil and my English isn't 100% perfect so feel free to correct whenever I make mistakes. I'm kind of a shy person, so I'm not really easygoing to meeting over new people but don't feel afraid to contact me! I like to drop feedback on articles so feel free to ask me if you want any help with them, be with its layout or stuff like logos.
  • Favorite Franchises: Persona, Sonic, Skullgirls, Shin Megami Tensei
  • On-Site Projects: Eternika, ROBO, Ultra Smash Bros. Burst and Super Princess Peach 2: Royal Rumble
  • Contact: hollow#9141 (Discord)


  • Nickname: Kell, Bea
  • Pronouns: She/her
  • Bio: Hi, I'm Kell. That's not my real name, and neither is Bea. I discovered Fantendo through TV Tropes of all sites, and thought it was kinda cool, so naturally I decided to join it. Here, I put my ideas and handfuls of story stuff, which usually linger in my mind for a while, that would most likely be never expanded on and/or explained further. But hey, I'll be optimistic for now :) Anyway, it's nice to meet you. I'm a pretty chill person, throw (most) offensive jokes at me, it's alright. I welcome anyone from any background with open arms though :)
  • Favorite Franchises: Metal Gear Solid; Persona; Bravely Default/Second; Kirby; the MCU; Tales of Arcadia (Netflix thing; not to be confused with the "Tales of" series of RPGs); Super Smash Bros.; Star Trek.
  • Favorite Musicians: Queen; the Beatles; Devo; Tangerine Dream; Florence + the Machine; Marina; Lana del Rey; Tame Impala (...and lots more, so that's not all)
  • On-Site Projects: This thing.
  • Contacts: Beatrice#2690 (Discord)


  • Nickname(s): Krex
  • Pronouns: He/him
  • Biography: Hey, my name is Krexxal, and I've been on the wiki for a while. As a kid I always loved playing video games, and when I found out Fantendo existed I was ecstatic. I enjoy piecing together concepts for anything, whether it be fangames or original projects, and I love to talk to people as a whole. I do have asperger's syndrome, but that's honestly not a big deal in my eyes. I also love to read other people's articles and assist them with ideas, so talk to me if you want!
  • Favorite Franchises: Mario, Zelda, Star Fox, Super Smash Bros., Sonic the Hedgehog
  • On-Site Projects: Super Smash Bros. GR, Super Mario Excursion, The Legend of Zelda: Across Generations, Ghostverse
  • Contacts: Krexxal#0843 (Discord)


  • Nickname(s): Lumoshi, Lumoshi
  • Pronouns: He/him.
  • Biography: I am a user on Fantendo. I've been on this site since 2012, and I was a bureaucrat/admin here from 2014 to 2016. I'm not that active anymore, but I come on the wiki sometimes and the Discord server, too.
  • Favorite Franchises: Mario, SpongeBob, Pokemon, Avatar
  • On-Site Projects: kappa
  • Contacts: See User:Lumoshi

Mirai Moon

  • Nickname(s): Jake, ACL, Mirai
  • Pronouns: He/Him.
  • Biography: Aloha. I'm Mirai Moon. I'm kinda a pessimist, who tends to have some quite different opinions than the majority of users here, but that doesn't mean I'm a downer (all the time) - or, at least, people seem to like talking with me. My first game here was a little thing called I can't belive it's not Kart Racing! Mario in: Mushroom Taxi, which is actual garbage, but hilariously so. I'm not really good at talking about myself ;P
  • Favourite Franchises: Danganronpa, Science Adventure (play Chaos;Child!), Mario, Animal Crossing, The Legend of Zelda
  • On-Site Projects: Jake's Super Smash Bros., a bunch of unfinished stuff
  • Contacts: miraimoon (Tumblr)


  • Nicknames: Indigo, Navy, Indie Man, Indi
  • Biography: Hey, I'm navybolt, although I'm known as Indigo to the older users here. I've been a user here for five years but I'm not terribly active here anymore. I've been a part of the community since New Year's Eve of 2013. I joke around a lot with friends, don't take everything I say at face value. I've never really cared for making articles because I simply don't have the level of creativity that other users here have, I'm really only here to discuss games with the community. I have only one project here at the moment, Navy's Kraffen, which is part of the Controverse article that was made with friends.
  • Favorite Franchises: Mario, Five Nights at Freddy's, Portal, Unbreakable trilogy
  • Contact information: navybolt#8123 on Discord, Steam profile

Oswald Tyriaroth

  • Nickname(s): Oswald, Oz, Ozzy, Ozzie, or whatever the f*ck you want to call me as long as my wikia username isn't brought up.
  • Pronouns: He/Him.
  • Bio: Greetings, my name is Oswald C. Drythorne (the C. is for Caterpillar of course), and I'm a fairly new user here. I'm a french writer, although nowadays I mostly write directly in english. I joined Fantendo because I really like Super Smash Bros. and I wanted to use my creativity (?) for something else than blatant SCP plagiarisms and incredibly edgy storylines. Otherwise, I read a lot of comic books and listen to country music too. If you want/need to talk with someone about.. literally anything, my DMs are 100% open on Discord and I'm pretty active there.
  • Favorite Franchises: Watchmen, Cohen Brothers movies, The Saga of the Swamp Thing, Batman, Hellboy, The Dark Tower, The Authority, the MCU (superhero movies in general), rogue-like games and Super Smash Bros.
  • Favorite Authors/Other Artists: Alan Moore, Mark Millar, Jeff Lemire, Warren Ellis, Frank Miller (when he was properly medicated), Johnny Cash, The Builders And The Butchers, The Beatles, Neutral Milk Hotel.
  • On-Site Projects: A non-released project titled Long Live The Rogue and two aborted fangames.
  • Contacts: Oswald C. Drythorne#0366 (Discord).


  • Nickname(s): Ow, Slem
  • Pronouns: He/him/they/them
  • Biography: Name's OwtheEdgehog; the name will deceive you, I'm not that edgy as you assume. I'm a 14-year-old Jamaican dork who plays video games, fangames and whatnot, and I have been doing so when I was a kid on my Game Boy Advance. I make a lot of fangames and original content on this place that I don't end up finishing for the most part, and I make 2D/3D artworks as well.
  • Favorite Franchises: Mario (Mario & Luigi, Mario Party, Paper Mario), Kirby, Mega Man, Super Smash Bros. (and some clones like Rivals of Aether), Pokémon, and many others.
  • On-Site Projects: (full list) Super Smash Bros. Calamity, Kirby Twinkle Terror, New Super Mario Bros. V, Mario & Luigi: Sage Quest
  • Contacts: Slem#4104 (Discord)


  • Nickname(s): Fuz, Fuzzy, Peach, formerly Foxy
  • Pronouns: He/him
  • Biography: how you doin? i’m fuz, i’m 17 and i like writing. i’ve been here for five years and i’m down for whatever at this point. please talk to me if you’re up for it! i’ll respond to pretty much any discord or talk page messages.
  • Favorite Franchises: kirby, pokémon, hollow knight
  • On-Site Projects: Superstition (original project), Super Mario Chiaroscuro
  • Contacts: fuz#0227 (Discord)


  • Nickname(s): Poison
  • Pronouns: He/him.
  • Biography: Heyo, I'm Poisonshot. I've been here for a good time by now, and I'm mainly known here for the 3D art I make for my projects. I tend to only be active in shorts bursts, but I check the wiki multiple times every day nonetheless. My first language is actually French, so I occasionally make spelling mistakes. I don't speak very much, but if you need to talk to me or want feedback for your projects, feel free to send me a message on my talk page or discord.
  • Favorite Franchises: Pokémon, Super Smash Bros., Nintendo IPs in general really, Sonic the Hedgehog.
  • On-Site Projects: The Sparkplug series, Extreme Metal
  • Contacts: Poisonshot#1665 (Discord), @SearchieP (Twitter)



  • Nickname(s): Ryu, Ryushu
  • Pronouns: She/Her
  • Age: 26
  • Bio: Hi there, I'm Ryu! I've kind of been inactive here for a long stretch of time, but came back because I was feeling nostalgic for this place and my projects on here. Sooo I'm hoping to do some work on those and make 'em better! :D
  • Favorite Game Franchises: Sonic, Mario, Pokemon, Zelda, Kirby
  • Favorite Authors: Stephen King, Brian Jacques
  • Favorite Bands: Agalloch, Blind Guardian, Cradle of Filth, Fear Factory, Kamelot, Nightwish, Pillorian, Primordial, System Of A Down, Tourniquet
  • On-Site Projects: A Zelda fanfic, the LITD series, Paper Mario: The Shards of Time, and some other crap
  • Contacts: Ghosts Stole My Guitar#6128 (Discord), my Sonic Fanon Wiki account (I have a lot more crap of mine on there, too)


  • Nickname: John
  • Gender: Male (He/Him)
  • Bio: Hello, I'm John. I joined around 2016 however starting to contribute around 2017. I live within Cambridge and now and then, I enjoy contributing to Fantendo. Other than that, I enjoy playing games and sometimes hanging out with friends.
  • Favourite Franchies: Team Fortress 2, Rhythm Heaven, EarthBound and Punch-Out!!.
  • Hobbies: Playing guitar, writing for my project.
  • Favourite Artist: The Beatles.
  • Project: Glenn's Adventure. (Currently being rebooted)
  • Contacts: Salty John#4820 (Discord), SGIR BOSSMAN (Steam), @MightySalty (Twitter).


Shadow Inferno

  • Nickname(s): Inf, Inferno, Shadow
  • Biography: Hi, I make a lot of stuff here, uhh... that's kind of it, I'm good at making maps and my editing schedule here is neurotic.
  • Favorite Franchises: Pokemon, Kirby, Resident Evil, Metroid, Civilization
  • On-Site Projects: Too many to list, check here and here (Note: second link is old stuff)
  • Contacts: Shadow Inferno#1142 (Discord)


  • Nickname: Faz
  • Pronoun(s): He/Him
  • Bio: Howdy. I'm Faz, and I'm new to Fantendo. I joined in November 2019 with the dream of making quality content for all to see. I'm a huge fan of a bunch of Nintendo franchises (and even some non-Nintendo ones), and I'm usually laid-back and approachable. Don't be afraid to shoot me a message if you wanna chat. With that said, thanks folks. Happy to be here.
  • Favorite Franchises: Smash Bros, Mario, Sonic, Splatoon, Undertale (more on my User Page)
  • Favorite Quote: "take care of yourself, kid. 'cause someone really cares about you."
  • Contacts: Discord (FazDude#8337), Twitter (@OtherFazDude), DeviantArt (FazDude)


  • Nickname(s): Puddle
  • Pronouns: He/him
  • Biography: Hello. I am Puddle and I joined the wiki in June of 2018. I'm a male from south-west Britain and ever since I've joined here and had fun making content with this great community. Not much else to say since I've not been around for too long, but yeah. Don't be afraid to say hi on my talk page or at one of the contacts below!
  • Favorite Franchises: Pokémon, Splatoon, Super Smash Bros., basically anything Nintendo-related.
  • Favorite Musicians: Imagine Dragons, Everything Everything, Coldplay, Catfish and the Bottlemen, Oasis, Pink Floyd, The Hunna, The Wombats, Elton John
  • On-Site Projects: Check here for my projects.
  • Contacts: puddlecat#1650 (Discord), @_PuddleCat_ (Twitter)


  • AKA: Xander Shelton
  • Nickname: LizardMaster25 or Xander Skywalker
  • Pronouns: He/him
  • Bio: Hello, everyone. I'm Xander Shelton, and I'm new here at Fantendo. I like to produce my video game series (or franchise) I've created. I have created my wiki that is based on my first video game/movie series (just in case if you to join this wiki), entitled the Mario and the Jambastions franchise.
  • Favorite Franchises: Mario, Sonic, Marvel Cinematic Universe.


  • Nicknames:Jay,Jay-Jay,J-Bird,Blu-Jay
  • Real name:Jayden
  • Interests:Video games,Books.
  • Favorite Franchises:Splatoon,Little Big Planet,Super Mario,Sonic,Kirby,Super Smash bros,The Legend Of Zelda,Mario And Sonic At the Olympic Games,Peanuts,The Last Kids on Earth,Spider-Man,Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,Dragon Ball,Minecraft,Diary of a Wimpy Kid,Pokemon,Animal Crossing,Rachet and Clank,Adventure Time,Amulet,Calvin and Hobbes.


  • Nickname(s): Yee, YeeMe, Ymy
  • Pronouns: He/him but they/them is preferable.
  • Bio: Hi there! My name is YeeMeYee. I joined back in 2012 but I'm currently not as active on the wiki as I used to be. The past few years I've been heavily focussing myself on my (creative) hobbies. I compose music, play the flute, write stories, make art, love to create fan-games and let my imagination flow in whatever direction it will take me. I simply love video games and especially video game music. I'm open to almost any conversation, so if you feel like talking to me, hmu on discord! Disclaimer: I might not respond as fast as other users though, since I'm a bit busy lately. Nevertheless, I'm sure we'll get along ;)
  • Favorite Franchises: Pikmin, Journey/Abzû, Uncharted, Pixar, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Spongebob, Steven Universe, Maniac (Netflix)
  • Favorite Composers/Artists: Maurice Ravel, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Kaytranada, The Deli, Sampha, Shalamar
  • On-Site Projects: Luigi's Mansion 3 (cancelled), Pikmin 4 (finished) & Daisy Adventures (work in progress)
  • Contacts: YeeMeYee#9958 (Discord), @YeeMeTweets (Twitter), @YeeMeYee (YouTube)


  • Pronoun(s): Anything, I don't really care that much.
  • Bio: Greetings and salutations. I wrote this just for the sake of editing a page that hasn't been edited in the last... 3 days? I honestly expected it to have been months, maybe even years. Anyway, I joined, like, almost a day ago, but have been reading things on here for a long-ass time. One thing that has always attracted me to this wiki was the fact that you can add pretty much anything you want to it (as long as it doesn't break any rules, of course). I'm a weird gal with even weirder ideas, and I need somewhere to keep them before they become distant memories that will either make me hate myself for almost forgetting them or make me hate myself even more because of how bad an idea they were. Any other information about why I am here will not be disclosed to spare myself from possible embarrassment. Thank you so, so much.
  • Contact(s): None will be disclosed, because you will not find me.
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