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The Fantendo Image Hall of Fame is a spot reserved for the best of artwork made by users on the wiki. The hall of famer is located next to the featured article on the Main Menu.

Image Hall of Fame

Classic Image Hall of Fame

Below is the gallery of images which were formerly part of the image hall of fame, though are no longer acceptable in quality due to the expectations in art in the present. They are being archived for historical purposes. Not all of the images below are of low quality, though they are grouped due to their period in time of being featured.

Classic Image Hall of Fame

Nominated Images

A deadline of one week will be given to each nomination. If the image meets all of our standards and the requirements below in terms of how many supports they have, the image will be in line for being featured. The system of supporting will lead to being passed if it is as follows:

  • There must be at least twice as many supports as opposes.
  • There must be an equal or greater amount of admin supports than opposes.


The dates listed below are the dates for when the image will be featured. An image in the hall of fame is typically featured for two weeks before being updated to the image which is next in line.


If you nominate an image, please link the nomination page here followed by the name of the user it was made by.

What is the Image Hall of Fame?

You may be wondering what exactly the criteria an image must meet in order to make it into the Image Hall of Fame. Listed below are the set of standards that an image most likely will meet before it is accepted into the hall of fame.

  • The image must be well made, meaning that shows signs of true effort and time being put into it.
  • The image should be polished, meaning that it was likely made with a better art program (examples being listed below) than MS Paint.
  • The image must have soul, meaning that it is made with a TON with loving care, which may be rough or tender.
  • The image must be made by a user who actually contributed to the wiki (at least somewhat) actively in order to be accepted.

For the sake of programs for making art, Microsoft Paint is O.K. for starters, but let's face it, you have to work a lot harder to make things look good in there. Free downloadable programs like and GIMP would be good choices, but it may be a challenge learning to use them. Of course, the more professional programs Paint Shop ProPaintTool SAI and the favorite of many, Adobe Photoshop are expensive and highly more advanced than any of the other programs. They can be downloaded for free briefly, but you'll likely end up severely missing them after your trial expires. And if you can't download anything, the Deviantart Muro is good for 2D images.

How to nominate

If you wish to nominate something, simply put the title of the image below (including the File: and filetype) after the default content in the box. If it is a follow-up nomination to a previous failure of passing the nomination, replace the 1 with the appropriate number.

Also, place this on the image's description: {{INOM}}. If it is a follow-up nomination, use as {{INOM|2}} or with the appropriate number.

Once the image is passed, this should be added to the images description: {{IHOF}}.

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