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Alright, welcome to Fantendo. You are a huge Nintendo fan and want to make your own games, but as soon as you make an account and click "Make a Page", you realize that you know nothing about editing. Don't worry, soon you'll be a pretty good editor with these tips.

The Essentials

There are two modes of editing, called Visual and Source (wikitext). Visual is easier to use, but not as many special effects can be added to pages. Source is trickier, but with mastery, you can do amazing things.


Headings are used to organize your page and to make it look neater. How do you add a header, you may be asking yourself? Well, you can add them two different ways. In Source mode, you can simply add two equal signs (=) before and after your heading's title. In Visual mode, you can find a toolbar at the top. There, you can find a box that will tell you if you are typing a heading or normal text. Simply click it to drop down a list of headers, and select the one you want.


Sub-Headings are smaller headings existing below normal headings. In Source mode, add an extra equal sign before and after the sub-headings title. You can add up to five equal signs. In Visual mode, you can add a sub-header via the headers list, as mentioned above.

Useful Templates

Templates make a page look nice and can be used to display important stuff that should come to the reader's attention. Like this one:

The construction template lets page readers know that you're still working on the page. You can add a template by adding two braces, {{, the template title (Construction) and two closing braces, }}, and boom! A template! You can do this for any template, but make sure it exists. If it doesn't, then you can create it by clicking on the red link. Also useful is {{Color|''text here''|''color''}}, which lets you add color to text, or {{Delete|''reason''}}, which marks a bad quality or unneeded page for deletion, or {{Infobox}}, which is easier to add by clicking infobox on the right during editing. You can make signatures with templates, too. There are a lot of templates that you can use for anything you need them for.

Text Effects

You may be wondering how to add bold type or how to make different fonts. Bold text is easy to create. In Visual Mode, bold type can be done by pressing Ctrl-B and then typing. In Source Mode, it can be done by putting three apostrophes (') on each side of the bolded text. Italicized text can be made with two apostrophes or by pressing Ctrl-I. Underlined text can be made by doing <u>''text here''</u>/<nowiki>. Bold italics can be done with five apostrophes or both Ctrl functions activated. Size can be increased by doing <nowiki><big>''text here''</big> (all of these are without the nowiki), with as many <big>s as needed (make sure there is an equal number on each side). Different fonts can be used with the Font template, which works as following:
{{Font|''text here''|''font''}}.
These things may be hard to remember at first, but are easy to do.

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