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Resizing an Image

At Fantendo, we have images that are perhaps a bit too big for your page. Or perhaps you've made an image that is a large one? With the magic of wikicode, this does not matter!

Step 1

Open the page editor and add your image in the way you know how to. If you are using the Visual Editor, set the image to full size, not thumbnail.

Note: If you still set it to thumbnail, this can be removed in Step 3.
Tip: Remember your image's file name, as this will be important in Step 3!

Step 2

WOAH! That image is huge! Locate and click on the Source tab in the editor. This will bring you to the more advanced of the two editor modes. But don't be scared! We're only here to make a tiny edit.

Step 3

Locate the file name of the image in your page. It will be enclosed by double brackets and also have the three-letter file extension on the end, as well as "File:" before the name. [[File:example]]

Note: If you see "|thumb", "|left", or "|right" after the file extension, remove these.

Step 4

After the three-letter extension, add an "|" (Hold SHIFT and press the key above the Enter key).

Here's where you should be at: [[File:example|]]. Now, let's say you want to set your image to "250px". This is a common sizing. Simply add "250px" after the "|".

Now, you see [[File:example|250px]]. You're done! Open a preview or the Visual Editor. Notice your image is on the small side lately?

Tip: You can change the px number! Lower numbers make your image smaller, and higher numbers make your image bigger. Examples: "300px", "500px", "80px"
Fantendo Help Logo (Tutorials)
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