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Photoshop has a plethora of preset text fonts you can use for your logos. However, if you want your logo to look cool, you don't need those preset text fonts, you will need the other fonts that you can install and use. Which is why I'm here today; so you can make your own logo look cool like this:


even if it took, like 2 minutes for me to make it lmao

Step 1: Finding text fonts

There are lots, and I mean, lots of text font download sites you can find. The one I use mostly to find fonts to make my own game logos is and, out of all the sites I could find, DeviantArt. You can find loads of fonts made by other people in one of those sites, but I prefer using dafont than DeviantArt.

Step 2: Downloading text fonts

For dafont, if you click/find on the text of your choice, you will see a download button on the side, click on that to download the .rar file for the font. For DeviantArt, click on the font deviation that you want and click the download link in the description OR you can look at the download button from the side and click on it so you can download the .rar file for the font.
Now that you downloaded the file, you want to extract/archive that file. A must from me, get. WinRAR. I'm sure you already heard of it, but it's great from archiving or extracting .rar files. Since I can't send links for the WinRAR download, just search it up on Google, FireFox, Microsoft Edge, etc.
After doing that, you will see a .ttf (TrueType font) file in the archive file, click on that to see the file, when you do, you will open up the tab with the sentence "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" in the text font in multiple sizes, ignore that. What you want to focus on is to find the installation button. It is next to the "Print" button near the top of the tab. Click on it to install the font.

Step 3: Using the font in Photoshop

Before I get on this step, you probably don't have Photoshop, but hold your horses; don't even bother buying the full version, multiple people have pirated the full version and you might want to download that instead of buying the full version with real money. Same procedure with the WinRAR download, just Google it or something.
Now that you downloaded Photoshop, you want to use that text font you downloaded. You would want to find the text tool (the "T" symbol in the toolbar) so you can get started. Click on that tool and click on the canvas you are working with. Oh, and make sure the canvas size is at least big enough for the logo you are making.
Now that you clicked on the canvas, you are ready to type out the text for your logo. Before you do though, make sure you that you have the text font wanted. You may find a slider tab seen on the top of the Photoshop tab, those are the options to change the fontof text. Click on the one that shows the font and find the font you want to use (example, if you have the Blade II font downloaded, try to find that font; note the fonts are listed in alphabetical order) and click on it.

Now that you got your font ready, time to type. Before you do though, make sure you want the text to be at least the size you want it to be, and the color you want it to show. For the text size, same procedure with the text font, find the slider tab for it and you can change the size of the text by deleting the number of the size and put it your own number for the size. For the color of the text, find a colored rectangle, and you can change the color of the text with it. Note you must highlight the text for any of the changes to occur to the text.
If you want your logo to be simple, then that's the end of the tutorial, but for the logo to looks amazing, find the "fx" symbol on the bottom of the layer bar. When you click on it, you will find loads of options. Use the gradient overlay, bevel and emboss and stroke options, they are my go-to options for making my text look awesome.
Gradient overlay is what you'd expect, the gradient tool for the text. You can change the opacity of the color and all that stuff. I recommend to choose the top, white opacity button and change the opacity to 0% to see the text color. Stroke is to make the outline of the text. You can change its color and size. Bevel and emboss is to change the texture of the text. Use the inner bevel texture, but if you want, you can change the texture to something else.

And that's pretty much it, Crtl + S to save your logo. That's it for the tutorial. Hoped this helped you guys out a ton!

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