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Due to a lack of up-to-date information in the existing Tutorials section, we're currently planning to revamp it!

Any new tutorials will be listed here until we figure things out.

Editing the Wiki

Some Basics . . . click for tutorial

You can't make a good game without knowing this stuff, so click the link and learn a lot!

Resizing an image . . . click for tutorial

At Fantendo, we have images that are perhaps a bit too big for the your page. Or perhaps you've made an image that is a large one? With the magic of wikicode, this does not matter!

Editing Tables . . . click for tutorial

Learn how to make excellent tables that suit your needs.

Making Templates . . . click for tutorial

This guide teaches how templates work, how to use them, and how to make them.

Infoboxes . . . click for tutorial

Artwork and Image Editing

Tutorials on Adobe Photoshop

Follow tutorials on how to make art in one of the most renowned image programs known!

Tutorials on Paint Tool SAI

Learn how to utilize a program solely made for artwork making!

Tutorials on GIMP

Learn how to utilize the most well known powerful free image manipulation program!

Tutorials on Paint.NET

Tutorials on a widely versatile, easy-to-use program that is best of all- free!

Tutorials on MS Paint

The tried and true program, the default for most computer users. Don't underestimate its potential!


Introduction to HTML and Basic Wikicode . . . click for tutorial

HTML is the main programming language used, and although it is not wikicode, it is used in wikicode extensively.

Introduction to CSS . . . click for tutorial

CSS works with HTML (introduced in the Editing Tables guide) to allow users to customize their personal CSS.

Introduction to JavaScript . . . click for tutorial

Along with CSS, JavaScript (or JS) allows users to customize their personal JavaScript.


Understanding the Skins . . . click for tutorial

What are skins? Are there more? If you want to understand the differences between "MonoBook" and "Wikia", look no further than here.

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Some BasicsResizing an ImageEditing TablesMaking TemplatesUnderstanding the Skins
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