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Plumber? you there? Max2 Usually, the Founder makes the first article...

Yeah, but, I had a really rough day yesterday, DON'T fly on Friday the 13th, you won't die, only get super delayed. Plumber

^o^ and, don't ever, EVER, play Luigi's Mansion (in the graveyard area) at 11:59 PM, and expect to sleep... *Zzzz...* Max2

Mmk. Plumber


OK, who doesn't know what a Fanon Wiki is? Max2

Um... It's a wiki where you can put a bunch of fan stuff, right? By the way, I'm YellowYoshi398; that name was already taken here. (So I'm YellowYoshi399. LOLZ.) --YellowYoshi399 15:15, 14 April 2007 (UTC)

yup. Fan-Fics, articles about Fan-Fics, characters in the Fan-Fics, etc. Max2

See Wikipedia:Fanon (fiction) for a definition. The idea is to create stories around Nintendo characters and write about topics that are not "canon" or not official. Anything which is really from the Nintendo games should go on the main Nintendo wiki. Angela talk 01:58, 15 April 2007 (UTC)
Sounds deliciously cool. So... I can put up my Evil Of Kamek, and... make articles about all its introduced weirdos? AWESOME! --YellowYoshi399 15:25, 14 April 2007 (UTC)

I didn't check... but, we SHOULD have a PG-13 limit. (Of course, Mario can't get much higher) If it's below that, Feel Free to! use Template:Fan-Fic, though. Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP)

Oh... YES! Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP) Just, remember how to make the articles.

Project Namespace

Who's the genius that suggested "Fantendo - Nintendo Fanon Wiki" should be the project namespace? Wayoshi 17:12, 14 April 2007 (UTC)

Angela. Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP) Plumber wanted "Fantendo"

Yeah. I wish she didn't change it :(. Plumber (Talk)

Don't worry. It's only the sitetitle which will be this long. The project namespace will be changed to Fantendo very soon. Usually the subdomain of the wiki makes it obvious what the topic is. Since that isn't the case (and people might not guess what Fantendo means), I made a longer title to make it easier for people to understand what this is. It also means it'll show up in searches more easily when people search for Nintendo fanon. Angela talk

OK. Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP) Always trust Angela!

User Templates

Users! Make sure you make a special template to put at the top of articles, saying this work is by so-and-so and that s/he does want people to edit the page, or does not want people to edit the page. That way others users cannot change your fanfic without you permission. If you want to make an article about your own version of a character, please put your user name or some other identifier in paranteses in the title. For example, if I wrote a Mario article, I should name it Mario (Son of Suns) or something like that. -- Son of Suns

We have Template:Fan-Fic, and you should Make articles like, say, my article about Yoshi in my Fan-Fic, Mario 64. I put the article as Yoshi (Mario 64). Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP)

The Main Page

Hey, is there a way to change the banners on the front page? (you know..Mario and Link on one, Pokemoin snot on one, and finna;y kirby and deeddee...)

I think the lay up should be this:

Mario & Luigi
Yoshi & Bowser
Link & Ganon

If someone could do this that be great, cause personally Pokemon shouldn't be one their. It is a very popular series however, but it seems Mario & Link are much more popular.



PPP, the redirect I made, isnt working! Whats happening?!? Isyou 02:05, 25 April 2007 (UTC) Seacrh PPP RIGHT NOW.

..doesn't work with Ko either...


And creating a new page dont work either. Search for a page that hasent been created. It wont let you create one! Isyou 02:26, 25 April 2007 (UTC)

To Much Mario

We have to much Mario stuff. That's why I tried adding Kirby & Link in My Fan-Fiction. Come on people, we can do more than this! The wiki was made for NINTENDO Fanon. User:Max2/sig2

I'm making a Fan Game/Fan fic (haven't decided) about Star Fox. Xzelion

Everyone Read!

Everyone calm down, we have conteacted Angela of the Wiki Staff, and this will be over in no time. Please stay calm. Xzelion

Special:Listusers displays all users for the whole of Wikia. If you'd like to see just the ones that have edited Fantendo, please use Special:Activeusers instead. Angela talk 23:41, 30 April 2007 (UTC)
P Big scare no problem :P. Xzelion

You borrowed the main page from MarioWiki, and the logo from Nintendo wiki. I'm pretty sure we can do that, but should we? – Smiddle / talk 07:01, 29 April 2007 (UTC)

Creating an article

Until this Bug is fixed, I'm adding

to the Main Page. objections? Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP)

What bug? – Smiddle / talk 21:33, 30 April 2007 (UTC)

for some users, the Search Bar will not let them create articles. Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP)

Why not typing something in the address bar? – Smiddle / talk 21:35, 30 April 2007 (UTC)

look, I can't kill anybody to have this here. OK? Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP) Angela said they're working on it.

Main Pic

Main Pic, can soemone show me how to change the top pic. Cause its a rip off of Nintenopedia guys. Xzelion

Upload to Image:Wiki.png and, Plumber said that was intentianol... Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP)

Internatiol...SO? Its a real big ripoff another wiki/a its really lame too, Im changing it >_> Xzelion

I meant I knew it was a ripoff, not that I like it being a ripoff. I didn't have time. Plumber (Talk)

Fan fictions/Fan games (Closed Poll)

which is more important? I'm going with Fan Fiction, but I'm putting a poll here.

Fan Fiction

  1. Max2
  2. Xzelion

Fan Games


  1. 22:47, 18 May 2007 (UTC)

Also, we should have a different Fantendo:Featured Fan-Fiction and turn the Category into a page. I'm just trying to be even between the two.

Anyone else agree? Disagree? Max2

Well we could always have a Featured Fiction and Featured game. Xzelion

nah. Games count as articles. i'm making that new page now. Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP) Thx Gonzo.

Why must we vote on this? This wiki is about any kind of Fanon. Plumber (Talk) 22:47, 18 May 2007 (UTC)

Fan Games are what most users are focusing on. I'm trying to gwet more Fan fictions going. Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP)

Main Page Remake

Attention, I will be editing the main Page later on today, please no one else do so. Xzelion

Yeah, I'm tired of that look. teh Smiddler 18:53, 23 May 2007 (UTC)
I hope you guys will like the new look :D Xzelion

More Remakes

I'm going to *cough-learn how-cough* to change the Background color *cough-because I can't right now-cough*, and I'm taking a vote here to decide what color we use.


White (no change)


Light Gray

Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP) Those colors would look best, so I only added them.

What do you mean? Colours of what? The new main page? I can teach you how to change background colour. Are you using a table? teh Smiddler 19:41, 27 May 2007 (UTC)

no. The background of the site (like, on MarioWiki, where it says "mariowiki"). Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP)

Well, I have some stuff where it says "Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo Fantendo" et cetera. It's kinda annoying but I like it better than the other background. teh Smiddler 19:15, 20 August 2007 (UTC)

Fantendo:Fan-Fic Award

I say this should be deleted you leave the other writers in the dark and honor the other writers which could create competition. Delete! I'm deleteing this later tonight unless someone gives me a good reeason Not to.Xzelion


is actually better to use. If we move the article, it automatically shifts the name. Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP)

IMO It makes it look cheap, and how hard is retyping it and all? Xzelion

Well... OK. IMO it's easier and simpler. Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP) How about, its allowed, but not if you use it on EVERY page.

Yeah, like if you're unsure about the page's name or something. Carry on ;) Xzelion


AHHHHHHHH! The color! It burns my eyes! ARGH! I dont like it. :( LOLOMG 04:29, 5 June 2007 (UTC) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH IM NOT OCMING BACK TILL' THE HORROR IS FIXED! LOLOMG 04:30, 5 June 2007 (UTC)

Its the monobook i'll talk to plumber about it. Xzelion

Wah! Everything is Evil-Looking! I'm not staying here if I'm gonna be more depressed! Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP) leaves

I told Angela 'bout this. Nobody can fix it, so, I told her. LOLOMG 15:10, 5 June 2007 (UTC)

Its a little messed up :P Its a good thing I have my own monbook *Laughs Evily* :P. Any i'll get PLUMs to fix it. Xzelion

The only thing I think is annoying is the shared colour of unvisited existing pages and those which don't exist teh Smiddler 16:14, 5 June 2007 (UTC)

Main page Makeover

is awesome. no. calling it awesome is an insult. it's TOTALLY COMPLETELY AWESOME! Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP)

Thanks. Xzelion

Paper Games...-_-

Why do we have so many paper games its annoying overboard on one subject! Can't we Expand more and creating unique games like Nintendo Crossing? Xzelion

Or games like that electrical thing.... whoever made that is a genious!

Sprite Comics

This wiki needs a section for comics made from sprites from various video games. Just a thought, since I had a great idea for a Metroid sprite comic... -Uberninja1337 22:01, 22 June 2007 (UTC)

Umm... Anyone? -Uberninja1337 00:38, 26 June 2007 (UTC)
I'm probably the only other one here right now, so I say, go for it. I can't help, sorry, but just go for it. Pokemon DP
So... then... where should I put a link to it? Under "Fan Fiction"? It WILL follow a continuing story... So that'll work, for now... -Uberninja1337 00:57, 26 June 2007 (UTC)

Sprite comics count as Fan Fiction. Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP)

Be Realistic!

Seriously, it needs to stop. What? I've noticed on multiple fan games (I think...) the following, which is totally unrealistic. On The Legend of Zelda: restoration 64 page, for example, it claims it was released for the Gamecube, but in MAY 2007! You can tell the author of that page doesn't have a Wii, but, come ON. These games aren't real! Nintendo won't release anything more for the Gamecube! The GC is Dead! Deceased! Kaput! Gone! {insert another synonym of "Dead" here}! Someone needs to change all entries for GC to Wii, if the "release date" falls in the Wii era! -Uberninja1337 00:55, 26 June 2007 (UTC)

no. Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP) It's a FANON WIKI.

Umm... okay. Never mind. -Uberninja1337 14:22, 29 June 2007 (UTC)

What the !?

When I logged in, what was that thing about the Tails Doll?! Can someone fix that, or something? -Uberninja1337 14:23, 29 June 2007 (UTC)

No. It's media wiki. Lord. LOLOMG 18:13, 29 June 2007 (UTC)

What did it say? I can edit MediaWiki. Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP)

"You have successfully logged onto Fantendo - Nintendo Fanon Wiki without being attacked by the Tails Doll! Congrats!" Exactly that. -Uberninja1337 22:02, 29 June 2007 (UTC)

Ok. I'll try to find the MediaWiki page *Plumber is SO dead...* Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP)

Additionally, it now says "You have logged into Fantendo, 'Uberninja1337'. Make more pages about characters." -Uberninja1337 15:18, 30 June 2007 (UTC)

Thats stupid, lets become an angry mob XD Xzelion

AND, you now can't access characters, fanfics, fan games, etc. from the sidebar! What the HECK is going on?!? -Uberninja1337

Its on the main oage but not the sidebar. Xzelion

the login thing is supposed to be there, and Plumber took that section away. I'll add it back. Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP)

I took it away because it was too long. And I made the login a mini-site notice. Plumber (Talk)

Plums, for the 50th time, talk with us before doing any major MediaWiki edits! i've erased most of them, like, 3 times, Tails Doll is everywhere, NOT EVERYONE EVEN LIKES IT! You've made tons of mistakes, OK? Sorry. But, please bring this sort of thing up with the users first. Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP)

The Tails Doll fad is popular on the MarioWiki, but we aren't MarioWiki. We're Fantendo, and we'll continue be Fantendo. Tails Doll isn't here. Never. Uh... what did I just write...? teh Smiddler 08:33, 1 July 2007 (UTC)

And, nowadays, we actually have 2 or 3 users who AREN'T from MarioWiki. Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP) So they have no clue what a Tails Doll is.

And... I've only been a member of the MarioWiki for, like, a week. As "1337Yoshi".-Uberninja1337 15:09, 3 July 2007 (UTC)

Also the make Sysop text need to change, we need to have respect for Sysops or no-one else will. sure it mgith not be a joke, but not everyone will know. Xzelion

What the!?

um... WHAT HAPPENED TO THE MAIN PAGE?!?! Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP) sorry. But, What happened.

Looks fine to me. What do you mean? Plumber (Talk) 16:54, 2 July 2007 (UTC)


This is a sort of off-topic question, but how do you get those messages to appear at the top af every page? Like the one that says "Users now require listing their 3 (maximum) "Only I can edit pages" on their userpages."? I need to put one on Glitchipedia. -Uberninja1337

Mediawiki:sitenotice. Xzelion

Featured Article

What happened to the Featured Article? What is the one for July? ~ Extrasolar

Let me explain. Featured articles are on hiatus. We're hoping to get them up by next month. Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP)

No, we plan to have them up when we have better articles up. Plumber (Talk) 20:13, 11 July 2007 (UTC)

We need more Users

This might sound stupid, but, man, we need more Users. All day today, I only saw about 7 edits not made by me, and 4 of those were on User talk pages. It may sound stupid, but I think we need to get more people on this Wiki if we want to keep it completely alive. Just a suggestion. Sorry if it sounds stupid. :( MarioLinkPokémon DPKirby3DPikachu

It may be that most users are in the USA, which (I think) is way behind Australia. -Uberninja1337

Yeah, but, still, people could do more articles here. If you make a Fan-Game, make the articles. Simple as that. MarioLinkPokémon DPKirby3DPikachu

I mark my Litle P and Sandslash articles and edits as minor, sorry. Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP) I usually see about 7 edits to articles by other people, your right.

Stupid Idea

OK, this is a stupid idea, but, do you think that adding something similar to E3 is a good idea? People who want to reveal their games on Special Occasions can reveal their games here. This is a stupid idea, it probably wasn't even worth telling, but I asked it anyway. What does everyone else think? MarioLinkPokémon DPKirby3DPikachu

Man that is a great idea! I'm too lazy to sign in

You really think it is a good idea? I did it because my brother has this Star Fox game that I want to unveil on a Special Occasion. MarioLinkPokémon DPKirby3DPikachu

OK, if we are to do this, we have to work on a few things:

  • The name. (It is a Parody, so we can't use E3.)
  • How to choose the games. (How are we going to get the game ideas without others knowing.)
  • The presentation. (We need to discuss how to present the page.)
  • Working out a date. (We need to work out when we will hold this occasion.)
  • Getting more contributors. (We are struggling as it is, so we need more people on this Wiki, so we can get more ideas for our event.)

Those are the key points on how to do this. MarioLinkPokémon DPKirby3DPikachu

Why don't we open a forum thread or something? -Uberninja1337

Not a bad idea. That could really help us with this, but at the moment, we are waiting for more contributors. MarioLinkPokémon DPKirby3DPikachu

How about if we make it an event? And, we could use the Thread as a sign-up sort of. As well, you should make a seprate section of the page for Fan-Fiction, as those are best to be revealed. The name could be something like FCC (Fantendo Community Convention)

So? Good ideas? Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP)

The name is already F3 (forget what it stands for), but that seems to be a good idea. Plumber (Talk) 16:16, 11 August 2007 (UTC)

OK. Just wondering, since you'll need a 'Crat helping... Can I help with sonme stuff? I mean, If that's fine... Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP)

Now, what date? Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP)

Well, Plumber said he wanted to wait until we are more active. Additionally, F3 stands for: Fantendo Fanon Federation. I think I should play a part in this, as it was my idea (Sorry if that sounded like bragging). There should be a seperate section for differant series: Mario, Pokemon, Legend of Zelda. A seperate section for Fan-Fictions as well. Maybe we can make it similar to the Shroom on MarioWiki. Yes, the Forum Thread should be Sign-Up. We should discuss the rest when we become more active. MarioLinkPokémon DPKirby3DPikachu

Maybe like this:


  • Mario/Yoshi/DK/Wario
  • Pokemon
  • Zelda/Fire Emblem (If we have any Fire Emblem)
  • Kirby
  • Smash Bros.
  • Pikmin/Animal Crossing (Maybe)
  • NES/SNES Classics (Balloon Fight, Duck Hunt...)
  • Star Fox/Metroid
  • Earthbound (Mother in Japan)
  • Other/3rd Party

Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP)

As well, Yes, you will be in charge. I'm just saying, I volunteer to be the Bureacrat in charge. (so we don't have all of us focusing on this). Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP) Basically, you will need a Bureacrat to run this, I volunteer to help. If you're not a 'crat yourself by then ;)

Nah, DP can do it now since he's a sysop already. Plumber (Talk) 01:18, 12 August 2007 (UTC)

OK, I like how you split the series. We'll go with that, but, add Wario to the Mario section as well. Additionally, I would like a 'Crat to assist me. It would help out a lot, as, I've never organized something like this. Also, we are starting to get more active, but, I don't think we are active enough. I probably won't be a 'Crat by then. Also, what about Third Party stuff? I could help with screenshots as well. I have a big SSB project coming up, and that will have a lot of screenshots :P OK, those are some of my thoughts. You guys all have really good ideas as well ;) MarioLinkPokémon DPKirby3DPikachu I might do an Earthbound game and a Star Fox game soon, so we need two sections for those two series as well. (Put it as Star Fox/Metroid :P)

There. Added the most popular topics. As for the Bureacrat thing: I'll do it! Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP)

OK. Thanks :) But, remember, we have to become more active. Hmm... Maybe advertise on MarioWiki to get more Users :P MarioLinkPokémon DPKirby3DPikachu


Why's everything BLACK? Unless a Crat or somweone else gives me a reason, I believe I have the right to revert it. It's an eyesore. Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP)

Because it was improved via consensus. You missed the deadline. Plumber (Talk) 01:19, 12 August 2007 (UTC)

OK... Didn't see that coming. Whatever. I thought it was another crazy antic. Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP)

Nope. Plumber (Talk) 04:20, 16 August 2007 (UTC)

"Quick Changes"

I removed it from the main page, 1:It looks sloppy and annoying, 2: Streches the page and again makes it look sloppy but someone *cough*Plumber*cough* added it back in for now reason (basically cause he thinks it looks cool or something retarded). Any thoughts Xzelion

Well XZ, it's Plumber. Whadaya expect? Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP)

It does not look good. teh Smiddler 19:12, 20 August 2007 (UTC)

Great job, guys

Today, August 20th, has been our most active day in like 2 weeks, and it's only half-way over.. Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP)


shouldn't we use artwork that's not from the Smash Bros. Series? It would make sense. Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP) Anyone agree?

I do. Plumber (Talk) 03:05, 5 September 2007 (UTC)

Black background

Just thought you should know - the "Welcome to Fantendo" part of this page appears as black text on a black background in the new skin. Is anyone able to fix that? Angela@fandom (talk) 16:15, 5 September 2007 (UTC)

Fixed. Plumber (Talk) 22:14, 5 September 2007 (UTC)

Major Mess-Up

In the skin Wow, which i believe is based on the New Skin, the most Popular Page list shows This, page, which is strangly a redirect page as numbers one through 20. Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP) At least for me. Anyone else having this issue?

Looks fine to me. Plumber (Talk)

Hm... oh well. I don't use that skin anyways. Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP)

It shows up fine on FireFox, but on some browsers, the logo shows a Poke Ball when highlighted, Link when clicked, and other complications. Should the logo be changed to just one to avoid this? Plumber (Talk) 22:34, 9 September 2007 (UTC)

Yes. Make it all 3 of them. Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP)

It is on FireFox -_- Plumber (Talk)

I meant, put the Pokeball, Link, and Mario on the same one. Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP)

Oh. Plumber (Talk) 23:53, 14 September 2007 (UTC)

Wikia Gaming footer

I went ahead and added a Wikia Gaming footer to the bottom of the Main Page. We're trying to get Wikia's gaming wikis more linked with each other. It's not mandatory, so you can remove it if you really hate it, but it would be appreciated if you didn't :). You can change the links to point to any other wikia wikis you like or cooperate with. Ausir 17:12, 10 September 2007 (UTC)

No, I like it a lot in fact ;) Plumber (Talk) 22:44, 13 September 2007 (UTC)

"Fanon" vs "Fanfic"

This is a generic notification to wikis listed in the Fanon wikis Hub. I have started a discussion suggesting renaming the Hub to "Fanfic wikis". This discussion does NOT affect the name of this wiki whatsoever. While on Wikia many people have been using "fanfic" and "fanon" interchangably, "Fanon" to the world in general actually means something else, with a "notibility" implication (widly-accepted facts/things among fans but are not from the canon, and may have originated in fan fiction or inferred from what's left unsaid in the canon). If you are interested in the discussion, you may go to w:Talk:Fanon wikis. Again, this is only a discussion to rename the hub, I am not trying to rename your wiki.

As this is a generic notification, unless you ping me on my talk page, I probably won't notice any replies right here. If I did not post this notification at the appropriate place that would reach the most of your users, please help spread the awareness of the discussion. Thank you. -Afker 20:36, 15 September 2007 (UTC)

Thanks for the message. I may join in on the discussion Plumber (Talk)

Fan Games

Should the page be a redirect to the category? Not nearly as many pages are on there as the category, but if redirected, we lose the genre and the series. Maybe someone could do something with DPL.... Plumber (Talk) 03:12, 17 September 2007 (UTC)

No it shouldn't. Instead, users should update the Fan Games page more. Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP)


I request all ".com" pages be moved to another name, ex ".fan". These ".com" website can interfere with search engines. I am not making any "you have .5 seconds to do so", but we should really try to help out other websites. Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP)

The animated logo is really annoying. The old one was cool, but the animated one is just annoying >_> Who else thinks it should be removed? (Uniju's Talk, and Contributions)


Agree. Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP)

YES!!!Wiismartey 22:46, 31 October 2007 (UTC)

Main page unreadable

This is what i see and it's pretty low contrast and unreadable :
­­­— TulipVorlax 01:49, 28 October 2007 (UTC)

that's troublesome. Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP)

Hum i had forgot to put a size in the image code. — TulipVorlax


I want to know if I should make a template. Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP) Yes, I remember I'm not a 'crat anymore.

Feel free. Plumber (Talk) 23:58, 1 November 2007 (UTC)

K. Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP)

Expert templates

Well, we could make a template saying "This user has great knowledge of the ____ series", adding them to a category, and there could be another template working the opposite "This user seeks people having great knowledge of the ____, ____, and ____ series".Agree'd? teh Smiddler 23:19, 1 November 2007 (UTC)

Sounds like a plan. Make them userboxes. Plumber (Talk) 23:46, 1 November 2007 (UTC)
Being templates of their own is the best, I think. For example, {{expert Zelda}} makes it easier to find people than using {{userbox|This user is a Zelda expert blah blah blah}}, since one can look in Special:Whatlinkshere/Template:Expert Zelda. teh Smiddler 09:05, 3 November 2007 (UTC)

I say do it! Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP) But, I would only make basic ones for now. Like:

  • Mario
  • Zelda
  • Pokemon
  • SSB

Or, make them Templates ion the STYLE of Userboxes. Like make a userbox on the template. Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP)


I think we should have a newspaper like The 'Shroom from mariowiki SHROOBARIOShroobariotalk SHROOBARIO

no. We would need more users. Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP)

Why? ShroobyrightShroobarioMessage!Shroobyleft

Because we only have about 8. Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP)

O: Really? ShroobyrightShroobarioMessage!Shroobyleft

Wait... We have about 34.... ShroobyrightShroobarioMessage!Shroobyleft

He meant 8 active ones. teh Smiddler 20:27, 5 November 2007 (UTC)


Am I allowed to simply chat to a user? Or do I have to only talk about fan-games? Wiismarts Inc 14:23, 7 November 2007 (UTC)

On a user talk page you can talk abou whatever you want! SHROOBARIOShroobariotalk SHROOBARIO

First Paper Games...

First we had too many paper games, now we have alot of Smash Bros game and they're are rip-offs of Pokemon DP's one! Is it too much to ask for a little originality? -_- Xzelion

you don't even edit here anymorez so don't complain. Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP)

Still, why not just copy all the content from DP's page and make 10,000,000 articles with the exact same content, it'll save us some time. Xzelion

Why do you even come on if all you do is complain about us? Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP)

Complaining or trying to make the wiki better? If I remember when we first started you were the one complaining about too many paper games. Heck you wanted to delete Murzon's one. And now you're one of the ones ripping off DP's. Xzelion

Regardless, I do believe the DP gave us permission. Also the site's tagline is "Let you imagination run wild", meaning: Do what ever you can think up, regardless of originality. If people like SSB games or Paper Games, they can make them. Also they not as similliar as you seem to make them sound. They are different games, made by different people, with different tastes. That's what I think at least. Are you going to get mad because there are too many Mario games? Or that Lanky Kong always mikes DK games? Wiismarts Inc 02:27, 9 November 2007 (UTC)

While the tagline does say "let your imagination run wild" , but it doesn't really mean do whatever you can think up, say the third Party rule, you can only use a third party character if they appeared in a Nintendo game. Anyways, fine do whatever you want, forget originality Xzelion
Agreed, Xzelion. Why don't everybody just help each other with one game? Imagine that all Fantendo games were real. There would be 6 active SSB games at the same time. And that is just ridiculous. Use some originality; try to check up if there is any genre without games. If I had ripped off everybody, I could never be able to make up Nintendo Wars, the first RTS game here. Some people has helped me making that, in stead of making up games of their own. Sew your ideas together and get some result. BTW, those ".com" style update blogs are getting too many. teh Smiddler 13:44, 9 November 2007 (UTC)

Can't you just let us do our games!?! Merging games doesn't really work, because we are not all working together, just explaining what we want done to the other people. For example, if me and DP wanted to do a game, the only way we can contact is through this, and it's hard doing something like that over the internet. My impression of this site was that you can make games, regardless of how original or creative they are. Most people (ok I'll speak for myself actully) don't do games because there arn't any, I do them because I like them. Can't we just let everybody do what they want??? Let's just have fun! Wiismarts Inc 16:37, 9 November 2007 (UTC)

Agreed. I'll give an example. Me and DP were arguing over me adding some stages and such to SSBR, but he didn't like that. So I decided if I had a game I could, well, let my imagination run wild. The point of the wiki is for users to express themselves, not create some kinda "One-game-a-genre" rule as you disire, Xz. DP let us (ok, some of us) use his box design, we're happy, he's happy, and no one minds. Ok, so they might be abundant. You can't force people to work with users they don't even like. Teamwork on articles is good sometimes, but can turn out bad in some cases. I just think we should go by what is fun for us, and enjoyable, instead of being forced to create games of other Genres/Series we don't even like. The whole point of this Wiki was for imagination. So take this as a good reason or 6. Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP)

Well mine came before DP's and it was supposed to be the second one with a site. My plan was to start the site when the f3 came. But then everybody start copying DP and my now will be the last... At least I asked permission to him to create a dojo... long ago... SHROOBARIOShroobariotalk SHROOBARIO

Couldn't of said it better myself. Wiismarts Inc 19:41, 9 November 2007 (UTC)


Whats with the teddy bear/panda as the logo??!?!? Master Beef 18:36, 9 November 2007 (UTC)

-_- that's our mascot, Unten. Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP)

Zelda experts

Are there any such here? teh Smiddler 14:47, 11 November 2007 (UTC)

I geuss I kinda am one (plus my bro knows tons more, so if I dunno then he will) Wiismartey 15:51, 15 November 2007 (UTC)

Active Users

How does one qualify as an active user and get added to the list? Wiismartey 00:41, 15 November 2007 (UTC)

Edit once. Not a very good list. Plumber (Talk)


Is it ok it make a personality section on a article (or anything that doesn't specificly talk about his role in a certain game)? Because I notices that all there mostly are on articles like Mario, Gannondorf and Ness. Wiismartey 22:20, 15 November 2007 (UTC)

Super Smash Games in F3

ok, it's getting freaking ridiculous the number of SSB games in F3. I can understand like a few, but at least 1/3 of the games are Smash Bros. Style, with an update page. Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP) I'm even ashamed of my own game.

Yep. I even got a list

Super Smash Bros. Adventure Super Smash Bros. Clash Super Smash Bros. Crash Super Smash Bros. DS Super Smash Bros. Evolution Super Smash Bros. Forever Super Smash Bros. GameCube Edition Super Smash Bros. Revolution Super Smash Bros. Strike Super Smash Bros. Battle Super Smash Bros. War!

Which comes down to....11 games. Can't anyone think of anything original. My first game had never been thought of and my second game came out before all other DK games.~ Peach

I know this is extreme, it drives me mad too. But we have to consider: People are doing this for their own fun, if they like SSB, let them make SSB. However, I do think this needs to be restricted, maybe saying F3 will no longer except SSB games or something. Wiismartey 04:44, 28 November 2007 (UTC)

I can cancel SuperSmash Bros. Clash if you want me to, it's not like I was actully building it, I need the full version of game maker, which is expensive and hard to get. Wiismartey 12:48, 30 November 2007 (UTC)

Messed Up

Whats with the bottom of the page being in the middle, if you know what I mean. Or is that my comp being lame? H-ToadHiya, it's Wiismartey | Long Live Fantendo!HeathJoker

It's me too. Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP)

I thought it would stop today, but it hasn't, to covers up some of the recent changes. Also, there are now two toolbars above the editing window, and pages here take FOREVER to load. H-ToadHiya, it's Wiismartey | Long Live Fantendo!HeathJoker Plumber, do you know what's going on?!?

Featured Articles

This might be a bad time to bring this up(Since both 'crats are inactive), but I think we should bring back the Featured Articles(With both Featured Games, and Featured Fan-Fictions). We would most likely just use the same Voting system that is used on MarioWiki(We need more users that didn't just come here from MarioWiki, btw). On an article's talk page, we would put a new section for a voting on if it should be a Featured Game/Fan-Fiction. Of course, we would want people to decide based on several factors of the Game/Fan-Fiction; Creativity, Quality, Length, and a few other things. Since Fantendo seems to be getting a bit more active lately, I think we should bring back the Featured Articles, mostly to try to get the community of Fantendo less of just going around doing their own stuff, and not really looking at the rest of the wiki. I really just want to know what other people think. (Uniju's Talk, and Contributions)

I really agree, but the promblem is, we REALLY need more members, and Max seems to have not really been here much. I advertised by posting a link in my userpedia sig, but it didn't work. Like, I said, I like the idea, but we really only have you, me, MML10, and Max "active" here, as DP won't be updating SSBR for a month. We also really need to get Plumber back here! H-ToadHiya, it's Wiismartey | Long Live Fantendo!HeathJoker

Active Users

Um... why has a large number of New Users/MWiki Immigrants shown up? I'm not complaining... but it's sorta sudden. We had 4 users join from Mwiki on one day! Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP)

We did? I only knew of MML10. H-ToadHiya, it's Wiismartey | Why does it matter?HeathJoker

I'm just wondering if something happened becasue a lot of the users state they "left Mariowiki". Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP)

Well MML10 came cuz I told him too, he's one of my friends. And the other person and DB just came to talk to you. Nobody (to my knowlage) left MarioWiki. H-ToadHiya, it's Wiismartey | Long Live Fantendo!HeathJoker

Nope. I joined cause I wanted to see what exactly this place was like. I pictured it kinda bad, but it's really awesome :D Minimariolover10 02:40, 26 January 2008 (UTC)


I know it makes us unquie (however it's spelled), but why does it have to be COMPLETELY BLACK! It's REALLY gloomy here, although white would be boring. Can't we have a different color, cuz I really think it's too gloomy. H-ToadHiya, it's Wiismartey | Long Live Fantendo!HeathJoker

I kinda like it though...Minimariolover10 02:38, 26 January 2008 (UTC)

But it's fricken gloomy!!!11!1 H-ToadHiya, it's Wiismartey | I don't come here very often because it's so gloomy.HeathJoker

Um... now it shouldn't be.

I'm good now. User:Wiismartey

Main Page design

Hullo! I'm Kirkburn, a Wikia Gaming Helper, and I have a suggestion to make regarding the Main Page. You may be interested in stealing some code from the Wikia Starter wiki which is the current new wiki base design. It makes content a bit easier to add and is easily expanded.

I should note that on the Quartz skins the Main Page is still pretty unreadable due to the similarity in link colours and small fonts sizes. I think this could be fixed by moving some of the CSS code to MediaWiki:Common.css which should apply to all skins, not just the monobook one. In any case, keep up the good work! Kirkburn (talk) 17:05, 5 February 2008 (UTC)

Hey, that looks really nice. We'll see what we can do. teh Smiddler 16:54, 8 February 2008 (UTC)


Recntly, I've seen ALOT of poorly-puncuated, non-categorize/poorly categorized, short, pages that I'd mark as sapm. We need to do something about these. For example, see Super Mario Brothers 7-Mario gets arrested, and that new MariovsSonic "website". Plus there's some m.o. thing that has nothing to do with Nintendo. Also, there's Lego Pirates of the Carribean: The Video Game which HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH NINTENDO. We HAVE to fix all this, I suggest everybody keeps on using the randompage feture and fixing articles soon! User:Wiismartey

Those certainly are weird... well, good idea. Randompage to teh rescue! teh Smiddler 16:56, 8 February 2008 (UTC)


Um... people? I've already alerted Angela about the "spam" pages, seeing as Smiddle (no offense) is our only Sysop/Crat. If she agrees to the message, I've asked if I can become a Bureacrat again to fix up the wiki since we have NO 'crats on the Wiki.

Basically, you can stop panicking now. Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP)

I asked Plumber with I could be a sysop, he probably would get it before I die. User:Wiismartey

Plumber left. Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP) He doesn't even check on the site anymore.

If you become a 'crat, can you make me a sysop? Also, why did you get demoted before? User:Wiismartey

Maybe. Friend factor is not included. Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP) And I chose too.

Of course. H-ToadHiya, it's Wiismartey | Long Live Fantendo!HeathJoker

Notes To All

  1. Please add templates needed, such as stub and image. This includes fan-game templates.
  2. Please, if you see any spam or not-needed pages; discuss, delete, or mark of deltion and then tell a admin. (Smiddle, Max2, or Myself) quickly.
  3. Please categorize.
  4. Please add any images to articles, ESPICALLY to ones that have the template.
  5. Do not only add articles about you're own games, but please make articles on other characters. (For example, we still have no Captain Falcon article).
  6. Please, no more Super Smash Bros. Games, and try to not make too many for one series either.

Furthermore, anybody know HOW exactly we can get Fetured Articles here? Does one have to be a 'crat to do so? C'mon people, let' get this wiki in shape. H-ToadHiya, it's Wiismartey | Sorry if I'm being bossy here.HeathJoker

Nicely said. I also think we should have Featured Articles, and a few other sections, including:

  • News (On the Wiki)
  • A "Problem" Page (where people request changes to the wiki)
  • A Trouble Center of some kind

Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP)

Argeed. How exactly do we get FA here? User:Wiismartey

let's wait, shall we? Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP) Anyways, go to my talk for this, k?

How to do sig that places a template

always that I put my signature on my preferences and I use it with ~~~ It puts the whole coding of the template (if you click edit you'll be able to see) instead of the template Example: ShroobyrightShroobariotalk

Yes, but with sig that have a lot of coding, it can clutter up the text space like this H-ToadHiya, it's Wiismartey | Long Live Fantendo! H-Toad 19:33, 15 February 2008 (UTC)

Default skin

I have properly set the default site skin to monobook (on MediaWiki:AdminSkin), since that it what you're mainly designed on. However, I would strongly suggest moving to the new Monaco skin. You can customize it just like you've done with monobook - you can find a guide on w:c:inside:Monaco Skin Customization! Kirkburn (talk) 07:58, 19 March 2008 (UTC)

Well... thanks for helping. And I don't know about changing the skin, some people are more confortable with this one, but it may be just me. Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP) That'll be a project for the near future.

I know I'm more comfortable with the curren skin. *shivers* Hinnom, TX - In the first of light.
Me too... I don't like this new skin much... and wikis that have set this skin as default make me obligated to use. I can't just set the skin I want. That happens to me at SmashWiki... the only thing good about this new sking is shoutbox... ShroobyrightShroobarioMessage!Shroobyleft


WE DID IT! The 999th page was Janie Twice, the 1000 was R.O.B. Attack! and the 1001st was Nintendo Civil War: Aftermath. No one cares about the early one and the late one, but still. -Cobweb

According to the recent changes, Janie Twice was the 1,000th. Though the system is probably off by one or two numbers. Plumber (Talk) 00:02, 27 March 2008 (UTC)

Nice! Sooner034 *Tries to remember who made the first article*
It was me! Uh... or maybe Max... Plumber (Talk) 01:15, 11 April 2008 (UTC)

Edits Without Permission

Um, IP Number*cough* Mametchi lover *cough* has been editing people's fanfics and gameswithout permission. Max2 has told him to stop but he ignored him saying "What are you doing Stop that angrey thought! I Don't like that I'm sorry! I don't want to do this again! or else I'll hate you!"
. . . Is it just me or is this guy a wierdo? Hinnom, TX - In the first of light.

I'm deciding on a block already. This was sort of unnessesary, but it's good to know I'm not insane. Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP)

Wikia Gaming IRC channel

Hullo! I am Kirkburn, your friendly local Wikia Gaming Helper!

You may be interested to know there is a Wikia gaming IRC channel, #wikia-gaming on, where you can hop on, ask for help from users of other gaming wikis, or offer your own experiences. If you are not familiar with IRC clients, you can access it from

Different people may be on sporadically, but we organize weekly chats at a fixed time so we can get the most number of people online at the same time to ask and answer questions, or just to hang out. The admins of some of Wikia's biggest gaming wikis (e.g. WoW, Halo) often attend them. You can find the time for the next chat by following this link.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me! Kirkburn (talk) 10:54, 10 April 2008 (UTC)

Spam Alert!

Spammer. Hinnom, TX - In the first of light.

Thanks. Blocked. Plumber (Talk) 22:18, 13 April 2008 (UTC)

Um... There's Spam article in here. StarGissyStar

Thanks. Plumber (Talk) 22:26, 15 April 2008 (UTC)

Spammer. Isyou changed someone elses pge to "wtf". Hinnom, TX - In the first of light.

Trouble... they're the same person! I can't say whether it's a bad call or not! Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP)

I thought Isyou was blocked on all wikias anyways :| Plumber (Talk) 22:13, 25 April 2008 (UTC)

A "Self-Spammer?"  :O What is the world coming to? Hinnom, TX - In the first of light.

One Year

Huzzah! We're one years old as of this day, April 13th! Plumber (Talk) 22:18, 13 April 2008 (UTC)

I missed it by a few, but what the heck. HUZZAH! Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP)


Ugh... I hate Monaco, or whatever this new skin's called. It's impossible to navigate and it really doesn't go well with the theme of Fantendo. Please, please change it back. Hinnom, TX - In the first of light.

Others seem to dislike it too, including myself, and so it is reverted back to classico monobooko. Plumber (Talk) 22:08, 15 April 2008 (UTC)


as you probably don't know, I'm making new Forums based on Fantendo. Anyways, before I open them to the public, I just needed to ask, What's the Wiki's colors? Like, the 2-3 colors most used around the site.

Isn't it Blue, Purple, and White? (White instead of Black) Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP)

Cyan, Navy, Black. Not that it matters since this has been canceled, but whatever. Plumber (Talk) 03:56, 20 May 2008 (UTC)

Dead ;_;

Is this Wikia like dead? We get like 2 edits per hour!

Th DryBonesBanana DB Dry Bones Rulez

I don't think it's really dead, there are new edits every time I log in(every day, although I never really do anything), it might be a little slow, but it's certainly not dead. In fact it's rather active compared to a lot of wikis. (Uniju's Talk, and Contributions)

... not dead. Far from it. Check out like the other failed Wikias and tell me this one's dead. We've got over 1000 pages, so at least it's something. Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP) And, 2 hours an edit is a little off. 1 hour maybe.

Well, it's actually pretty allive since users not from mariowiki joined ... ShroobyrightShroobarioMessage!Shroobyleft

yes. Exactly. We don't have much of a community, cause of... I dunno, but we do have editors. Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP)

TML Dry Bones or whatever you want to be called, ever since I joined, theres been more activeness! Hi it is I 1337doom! 20:14, 2 July 2008 (UTC)

Ok... What just happened?

not like it's a bad thing, but i've noticed a few more of our old MarioWiki users have become active again lately. Just wondering, is there like a reason everyone came back so suddenly? Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP) We haven't been this active since most of you left.

Yes. DBTML made a Smash Bros. game which me and DP are helping to "pwn all the others". Most of the other games are just lists with no good storylines ect.~ PeachPeach

Inactive, stupid games many fan games are made by inactive users or IP's, then never worked on for...who knows how long. I propose we delete fan games. The game must of only been edited the time it was made, and the user who did it must have made only that game. The game itself must be a stub. I think this will stop...article wasting.~ PeachPeach

I support this action. Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP) But, I'm sorta busy... can you try to get a list?

Hmm... instead of deleted they should be sorted on a list if the user ever wants to resurrect them... Plumber (Talk) 03:58, 20 May 2008 (UTC)

big question

Is it possible to upload sound files? If so, is it done the same way as uploading images? And also if so, how do you place it in a page? I asked this on the help desk but no one responded. XXXXX 16:52, 7 May 2008 (UTC)

Special:Upload lets you upload images and sound files, but I think the sound files have to be in .ogg format. You link with [[Media:FileNameHere.ogg]] in an article, but I don't know very much about this since I never upload sound files. Also, the reason that no one replied on the Help Desk is that the forum here is dead/canceled. Plumber (Talk) 23:04, 9 May 2008 (UTC)

Well, you can upload thise file types: png, gif, jpg, jpeg, ico, ogg, pdf, xcf, svg, mid, jl, odt, ods, odp, odg, odc, odf, odi, odm. You can upload other sound files as well, such as mids. ShroobyrightShroobarioMessage!Shroobyleft

Project: Weblog

I had an idea, a while ago. I thought that there should be a Fantendo blog. I have a blog on my userpage, and Max has a blog on his userpage, and other people have blogs on their userpages, but I thought that if you wanted to get information out there, why bother having seperate blogs? Of course, only admins could post on it, but it would be a good way to release plans about the site, and... well, look at this. I know it sounds snotty and exclusive to allow only sysops to post, but otherwise EVERYONE would be posting on it. In my opinion, it would be a good idea.

  • How To Post
  1. Press the edit button (duh)
  2. Type {{Template:Blog/your name here|Post title here}}

For example, if I were to post on the blog, I would type {{Template:blog/cobweb|First Post W00t}}
It would come out like this:

...and I would type my post beneath it. I'm making one of those blog templates for each sysop.

Thank you for considering my proposal. That's all for now. Hinnom, TX - In the first of light.

considered. Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP)

Accepted. But maybe normal users could sign up if they REALLY wished to join (probably would be a limited number of spots available) Plumber (Talk) 03:20, 20 May 2008 (UTC)

Random thought, this might be able to be integrated with Fantendo Power. Plumber (Talk) 03:53, 20 May 2008 (UTC)

Plumber! You spilled the beans! D: And Bean is your sister! ShroobyrightShroobarioAnd I didn't like muuuch the idea of put it together with Fanendo Power.Shroobyleft

I spilled the beans ON PURPOSE. o: Plumber (Talk) 22:07, 20 May 2008 (UTC)

Poor beans D: ShroobyrightShroobarioMessage!Shroobyleft

They were moldy, anyways. Plumber (Talk) 23:18, 23 May 2008 (UTC)

Project Fantendo

I'd like to help this Wiki as much as I am able to, so I'm offering part of Project Fantendo (my project) below. I know this isn't exactly the most populus Wiki on the wide, wide, interweb, but we should make the Wiki we have better, always better.

Each idea needs 3 supports, and then I will start working on it.

Spam Patrol

This is relativly simple. The users of the wiki can report spam pages/vandalism/other rule-breakers on one page, to make the wiki less spam-filled. This will save Sysops some work, and help make the wiki less spammy.


  1. Partial support - Users should revert the vandalism, but notify a sysop on their talk page since it gets the notice and they are more likely to notice. Plumber (Talk) 03:52, 20 May 2008 (UTC)


More Community... Community-ness?

No clue what to call this, but I have ideas for a "project" that could help make the community closer, and possibly get more users. I can't really go into detail, but the project, if accepted, will staert soon after F3, and will include a few of the F3 Events, only scaled-down to not make it so noticable like F3 will be.


  1. Plumber (Talk) 03:52, 20 May 2008 (UTC)
  2. ~

PeachPeach - This wiki needs to join together. Right now it's a bunch of people editing and not caring for other games.

  1. Hinnom, TX - In the first of light.



I hope somebody supports at least one of these plans. I think they would be great for the Wiki. Sorry if it seems like I'm going a little overboard for a small wiki like this, but... Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP)

Hm. Sounds like a good project to me. Hinnom, TX - In the first of light.

Userboxes is accepted. I'll get started! Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP) Opening another one.

...userboxes were always okay.... Isn't there a rule that says if it isn't forbidden, it's ok? Plumber (Talk) 03:52, 20 May 2008 (UTC)

... you made the rules, and you forgot them? Yeah... that might need some work too. Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP) But if you say so, Userboxes aren't part of Project Fantendo as of this post.

Well, asking us to support something whenever there's no infomation is rather pointless IMO. H-ToadHiya, it's Wiismartey | Long Live Fantendo! H-Toad

I totally agree ;/ That's why I did not support. ShroobyrightShroobarioMessage!Shroobyleft

Rewriting, Pokemon articles and other things

Hey peoples. Anyway, I was going around here the other day and noticed a few badly written pages (9-Volt and Goowzer), which I rewrote. Then I made by game PokeSmash, and noticed almost every single Pokemon was missing an article. As such, I am going to go and rewrite badly written articles and write Pokemon articles. However, I need help discovering which pages are badly written. If you have any bad pages, put a link here and I'll try and rewrite it. JesseRoo

Coding question

Is it possible to put images in the background of pages? H-ToadHiya, it's Wiismartey | Long Live Fantendo!HeathJoker Userpages, of course.

Yes. ShroobyrightShroobarioMessage!Shroobyleft

How? H-ToadHiya, it's Wiismartey | Long Live Fantendo!HeathJoker

You must do it in the site's monobook, an example is shown below.

.example[name] { background:url(URLOFIMAGE) repeat[or no-repeat if you don't want it to be repeated]; padding:0.3em; color:black[font color here] And then doing <div class="example"> will have your image, however, it is far harder to position and stuff than doing your average images in the article. Plumber (Talk) 19:02, 11 July 2008 (UTC)

Is there a way to make it only on one pages, and visible to others? H-ToadHiya, it's Wiismartey | Long Live Fantendo!HeathJoker

Yeah, just do <div class="example"> on that one page. Plumber (Talk) 00:47, 14 July 2008 (UTC)

Guest Games

As you may already have seen, there are lotsa spaghetti fan games made by guests (IPs), I don't think here should have games made by people that aren't users. There are guest games in F3! It just doesn't makes sense. IPs change from time to time, making it somewhat impossible to know if somebody edited some other guy's fan game. I propose the following:

  • Please note that...
    • Sometimes users unlog (for several reasons) while editing, but usually they'll put their user edit template or something saying that, that game is his or he'll edit many times after, making it possible that it's his fan game.
    • If somebody edited a guest game, that doesn't mean the game is his, many times, sysops and normal users edit fan games to add categories and correct spelling.
  • What should we do about guest games?
    • Add a guest game template to the top of the page. (Read the "The game should be deleted if..." section)
    • Add a guest game warning template to the IP talk of the creator after 15 days of the game creation. (Since IP changes, maybe the creator doesn't read it)
    • Delete the game after 30 days (a month).
  • The game should be deleted if...
    • If after 15 days of the warning pass (a month from the game creation) without the creator being identified.
  • The game shouldn't be deleted if...
    • There's the creator's name in the page.
    • If the creator makes an account.
  • What about the ones that already exist?
    • Should be deleted after 30 days of this proposal being accepted, the first day is like the day that it was created, and all rules above apply.



  1. ShroobyrightShroobarioMessage!Shroobyleft
  2. Hinnom, TX - In the first of light.
  3. Henrydamoose
  4. YellowYoshi398 – Per Shrooby.
  5. Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP) W'ever.

I agrees too! Hi it is I 1337doom! 20:07, 2 July 2008 (UTC)


  1. Solar flute


If you take too long making an article you get unloged by Wikia, reasons of many guest games, luckly now Wikia doesn't save the article, but warns you about you have been unlogged, than you copy what you have done, log in, and paste again. What just happened to me making this proposal :P ShroobyrightShroobarioMessage!Shroobyleft

5 supports, 0 opposes, i think I can start. ShroobyrightShroobarioMessage!Shroobyleft

I'll begin on going through the F3 Games. Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP)

Nu, nu, no, IP games are open to edit by everyone, don't delete them. Some of the are great ideas (others, not so much, but still). However, I don't think IP games should be F3 games... seriously, if you want your game to be in F3 just make an account, it's free and takes less than a minute. Plumber (Talk) 18:51, 11 July 2008 (UTC)

Cobweb's Blog Post

Yes, Yes, and Yes. H-ToadHiya, it's Wiismartey | Long Live Fantendo!HeathJoker

The one of "How To Make a Good Game"? Well, a tutorial with one sentence? "You must have Wario in your Fan-game" XP ShroobyrightShroobarioMessage!Shroobyleft

A tutorial? Sounds like a step towards strict rules and admins telling you how to write everything. But anyway, there are plenty of good games on this site... Just a lot of them aren't very actively edited(although I don't check recent changes very often anymore). I think if you want t improve this site at all you should make people start editing talk pages and coming on the Babblecoaster more. :| And by talk pages, I don't mean user talks and the community portal, I mean game talks and fan-fiction talks. (Uniju's Talk, and Contributions)


how can i upgrade to mod status? What should i do? Mcbowser 23:14, 21 July 2008 (UTC)

Go here often, help out people, propose ideas, act like you would to get an "O" in citizenship in a classroom, etc. Though I must warn you, being a mod is pretty boring. Plumber (Talk) 23:59, 21 July 2008 (UTC)
Alright, it doesn't matter to me how i get to that position as long as i can get there, hopefully i can help without getting in the way. thank you Mcbowser 03:14, 22 July 2008 (UTC)

Trouble Center

I'm pretty sure Max brought this up a few times, but any way we could geta Trouble Center? Like for if you need sprites to make a game or something. H-ToadHiya, it's Wiismartey | Long Live Fantendo!HeathJoker Any takers?

Who cares about the Trouble Center, I want featured articles! --CobwebcObWebCobweba_better_class_of_criminal

I have. 3 to be exact. Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP) Cobweb, we're not making Featured Articles. We've tried it like 4 times and they always fail.

Why is that Max? I'd really like featured articles. H-ToadHiya, it's Wiismartey | Long Live Fantendo!HeathJoker

Ya, I remember when I came first to Fantendo. There were Featured Games and Featured Pics. Peach's Nastasia's Story, which is very good. A featuredvery good featured game was Xzelion's (now Sooner034) Super Paper Bros.. It was very good also, and it was what inspired me to join here the most. And than, some months after, there was no more Featured Games, only fics, and than, no more Featured fics, nothing... Why did it fail? ShroobyrightShroobarioMessage!Shroobyleft

Because the articles got worse. But we've got some good games and fanfics here now. --CobwebcObWebCobweba_better_class_of_criminal

Well I think we should try them again, like Cobweb said we've some good one's now. Not to brag, but I'd say This article is good. H-ToadHiya, it's Wiismartey | Long Live Fantendo!HeathJoker

Meh, if you have a "trouble", just post it here. Also, I don't think we should wait until most articles on this wiki are solid before bringing back FAs... we might be able to have Featured Fan-Fiction though... provided it doesn't create hostile competition :P Plumber (Talk) 01:05, 27 July 2008 (UTC)


Hey I just got this great idea for a character that looks similar to Unten. His name... Netnu! People like it? Tell me what you think!Hi it is I 1337doom! 00:29, 17 August 2008 (UTC)

Um, okay? Hinnom, TX - In the first of light.


OK, now I've seen people make Sonic games. Is it really allowed to make a third party fan game? If it has Nintendo characters in it, it's fine, but what about the plain Sonic games. They should belong at FanSega.~ PeachPeach

Rule 6 states;

"You may make games about Third-Party Characters if they are "released" on a Nintendo console or have Nintendo characters in them. You may even make up the console. "

(Uniju's Talk, and Contributions)

Can somebody make one pose of a Sonic Adavanced/Battle Tails with a black cloke on. I need it for a F3 screenshot. Please help. H-ToadHiya, it's Wiismartey | Long Live Fantendo!HeathJoker

Forgive me if this is the wrong place for this to go, but maybe this Wiki should cover machinima made using Nintendo games (like Brawl or Melee).

Proposition: Babblecoaster™ Bot

Earlier today, I went to chat. Shrooby kindly invited me to his chatroom, #shroobs (which you can't join unless you have the password). What I saw there gave me an idea.
In his chatroom, he has his own custom bot.
His name is Shroid.
He's different from other bots. By typing \eulogy, he compliments you. By typing [battle], he lets you fight other users in an RPG style. If you say his name, he says hi back. Saying "Jorge" or "Bean" prompts him to say THE MUFFIN MAN and ALL HAIL!, respectively. And if you say Shrooby Sucks, he kicks you, saying how rude that was.
We just HAVE to have one for the Babblecoaster™.
Maybe when someone says "Cobweb" "Max2" "Shrooby' or "Henrydamoose" would make him say "A BETTER CLASS OF CRIMINAL", "FANTENDO FTW", "SHROOBY RULEZ" or "I LIEK MOOSES". Or... something.
So! Vote whether you want one for the Babblecoaster™ below. If it is decided that we should have one, I'll ask Shrooby to contact whoever made him Shroid.
Oh, and our bot should be named Litle P. (Named after The character.) Unten

YES! YES! WE MUST HAVE A BOT!!!!!oneone!!!

  1. Hinnom, TX - In the first of light.
  2. Mcoolister (tbc) Woot! Not sure if Jdrow will make it that fast though.
  3. Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP)
  4. Mr.Vruet Not sure about it beingnamed Litle P though, that seems a little biased, perhaps FanBot or something would be better
  5. Uniju I'm all for a bot... But calling it Litle P... I find it hard to state how stupid that would be.
  6. ShroobyrightShroobarioMessage!Shroobyleft Lol, I bet most people in MarioWiki are voting because they can't have access to #shroobs xP Well Mcool can.... And, it should be named Unten, after the character which is our mascot.
  7. H-ToadHiya, it's Wiismartey | Long Live Fantendo!HeathJoker I'm all for it. True the Babblecoaster is inactive, but this might actually encourage bored users to go in.
  8. When was the last time someone did something with Unten? In my book, Litle P is the mascot.
  9. Plumber (Talk) I would prefer it to be named Unten, but I need to go get Jdrowlands (who I presume will design the bot) to ask Suicidolt about editing bots to add a certain deluxe feature before it is created.
  10. KB99 Is in Da House!!
  11. Hi it is I 1337doom! 00:25, 17 August 2008 (UTC) I dont use babblecoaster but who cares its awesome!

WTF this sucks we don't need a bot!!!1!!1!!

  1. I know it would be cool to have a bot, but is it seriously nessesary? I thought not many people use the babblecoaster.~ PeachPeach


Wait, if he is named Litle P, can he have the Speech Impendment, or would that be to hard... Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP) I could do it for you guys if needed...

Hey Peach, now the Babblecoaster is getting more active... And ya, the bot should be named "Unten". ShroobyrightShroobarioMessage!Shroobyleft

Litle P would be very biased towards a certain series, and we don't need that. Anyways, before a bot is created, our bot maker will have to go ask Suicidolt a question from me... Plumber (Talk) 01:07, 6 August 2008 (UTC)

Sorry. I didn't know everyone would say it was biased :( You're right, Plumber, Unten would be better. I'd forgotten about him. Hinnom, TX - In the first of light.

He's undercover :P Because he's hiding from a debt collector. Plumber (Talk) 02:49, 27 August 2008 (UTC)


So, what does everyone think of F3? Plumber (Talk) 01:07, 6 August 2008 (UTC)

It'll be awsome as soon as the pages have their info. Untill then we can't do much. H-ToadHiya, it's Wiismartey | Long Live Fantendo!HeathJoker But so far so good.

I'm waiting for at least 3/4 of the pages to be made before F3 even starts. It hasn't started yet. Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP)

Ah. So it seems to be going rather badly, then? Plumber (Talk) 21:24, 6 August 2008 (UTC)

really. Looks at *WiiSmartey and Cobweb* Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP)

Sorry. I have a life and a video game to obsessivly play. I'm working on it, k? Argh. H-ToadHiya, it's Wiismartey | Long Live Fantendo!HeathJoker

Okay. All of my games are done aside from joint-projects are done. Also, Shrooby's internet has been down for a week. Also, I think we should of told everyone to add the info to pages eariler. Did dyou really expect many games to get info in one day? H-ToadHiya, it's Wiismartey | Long Live Fantendo!HeathJoker

Ok, design flaw. Anyways, F3 is starting, Shrooby or no Shrooby. Everybody else shouldn't suffer because of him. Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP)

What happened!

The sitenotice and most of the sidebar is gone! And that thing on the recent changes is gone too! Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP)

Seriously! How did this happend? BTW, I made my own F-Zero fanon wiki =D.

was the random advertizement really nessessary.

Back on the point. PLUMBER!!!!!!!!! What happened!!!!!! Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP)

Looks fine ta moi. Plumber (Talk) 17:52, 9 August 2008 (UTC)

Main page layout

Hullo! I am Kirkburn, your friendly local Wikia Gaming Helper!

Hopefully you have read about the skin and ad changes at Wikia's New Style on Central Wikia. If not, I hope you'll have a look.

One of the changes is a block of two ads on each main page. It's possible that they won't always show up, but to ensure your main page continues to work properly when they do, you need to update your main page column formatting code with new column tags.

I have drafted a main page using the new tags on User:Kirkburn/Dev which I hope you can take a look at - feel free to make a copy and edit it. Though the layout may seem restrictive at first, there really is a fair amount you can do with them - for example see these customized main pages - Muppet Wiki, WoWWiki, FFXIclopedia. You may want to chat with your wiki community about what direction to take with a new main page.

If you encounter any problems with the new tags, please let us know.

My apologies for any inconvenience these changes bring.
Thank you for your time, Kirkburn (talk) 17:13, 15 August 2008 (UTC)

Ah, thank you for that. I'll update the main page when this wiki is transferred to monaco. Also, I may need help updating the monobook, er skin now since I don't know how to use a monaco skin at all (that's right, I roll OLD school). Plumber (Talk) 07:45, 16 August 2008 (UTC)
No! Don't change the skin/main page please, I hate monaco and I hate this layout. Click on the links to the wikis with that layout- it looks horrible. Hinnom, TX - In the first of light.
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Monaco is way to hard to use and it's way to confusing. Max2 (Talk - Contibutions - LP)
Cool! BTW, Max, if you hate Monaco, why is your wiki's skin monaco?
Guys, the only thing changing is that guests will now see all wikis in monaco, but you will still be able to see Fantendo in monobook if it's set like that in your preferences. I hate it too, but there's nothing I can do. Plumber (Talk) 22:35, 16 August 2008 (UTC)
I will see what I can do about transferring the skin design over to Monaco. In the meantime, you can find out more about it on w:c:help:Help:Customizing Monaco and w:c:help:Help:Customizing Monaco/Dark skin. Monaco is not all that different to Monobook. Kirkburn (talk) 16:06, 18 August 2008 (UTC)
Sorry, Kirkburn, you're wrong. Monaco is incredibly aggravating. Why can't you just leave Fantendo as it is, monaco is nothing but an inconvinience. Hinnom, TX - In the first of light.
What aspects do you not like? Remember, you can still choose monobook as a personal option. The change is not specific to Fantendo - it is something we are asking of all wikis, in order to ensure Wikia can continue giving the level of support it does. However, we do want the change to be as beneficial to you as possible, so it's important to get feedback. Kirkburn (talk) 17:14, 20 August 2008 (UTC)

I appreciate you're trying to help, but Monaco has...

  1. no special:Recentchanges button
  2. more useless buttons, less useful ones
  3. and quite a lot more, but my computer is freezing up on me right now so I have to go... Hinnom, TX - In the first of light.

Yes it does have RC button. In the start, its hard to find, but you get used to it. ShroobyrightShroobarioMessage!Shroobyleft

Fine. Monaco is really incconvenient, and if you enjoy searching for the "edit" button every time, okay with me. Kirkburn, I'm sorry I lost my temper. Hinnom, TX - In the first of light.

I'm not entirely sure we're talking about the same skin. The sidebar is almost identical to normal monobook, except the "tools" section comes directly under the main menu, and it has widgets below. The edit button is always top-left of the article area and prominent. Indeed, one of the goals of the skin is to make that link more prominent, rather than some minor link amongst the article links.
Page on monobook -
Page on monaco -
Now, going by the monobook version, I understand why things may be a little unfamiliar at first. This is because you have a custom monobook skin, whereas the monaco default is based off the default monobook.
In short, if Monaco is customized like Monobook has been, you'll be fine. Kirkburn (talk) 19:03, 21 August 2008 (UTC)

Hmmm... you're right, it's not so bad. I was thinking of something else, I guess... sorry. Hinnom, TX - In the first of light.

Thanks Kirkburn, the main reason I didn't like Monaco was because I didn't know how to customize it, it's rather warming up to me now. Also, Kirkburn, I was wondering if you could help me design the Monaco version of Fantendo. I thought the a slightly tweaked version of Monaco Gaming version would do (with cyan instead of yellow), and I was also wondering if I could get rid of the "more" next to the log out and simply list them like in monobook. I also would like page bar/tabs and sidebar to have a more monobook-look, [as seen here. I have some other things I would like to change, but I don't know where the source of Monaco gaming is located so I can't make any changes.

Plumber (Talk) 06:02, 23 August 2008 (UTC)

That is indeed feasible - you can find out info on customizing monobook on w:c:Help:Customizing Monaco and w:c:Help:Customizing Monaco/Dark skin. I will see if I can make some time to help out. Kirkburn (talk) 05:20, 27 August 2008 (UTC)

Okay, I've made a start on a custom skin, in MediaWiki:Monaco.css. You can test it by adding ?useskin=monaco&usetheme=custom to any URL. For example:
What do you think? Kirkburn (talk) 12:39, 4 September 2008 (UTC)

Anyone taken a look at the custom Monaco skin? Eventually I will need to update the main page design with or without the monaco skin. Kirkburn (talk) 16:12, 9 September 2008 (UTC)

The Monaco skin features tools which make it much easier for visitors to find content and edit it. You can read all about Monaco here. As you can read on that page, while you will still be able to select Monobook (this wiki's current default skin) as the skin you personally use to view the site (via Special:Preferences), we are no longer able to support Monobook as a default skin for anonymous visitors. So, we need to change the default skin to Monaco.

There are a number of pre-built themes for Monaco. Check out how the homepage looks in Sapphire, Jade, Slate, Smoke, Beach, and Brick, and let me know which one you like best. In addition to those pre-built themes, you can build your own custom themes as well. Check out the custom themes on the Shaiya Wiki and the Diablo Wiki. You can learn about customizing the theme, menus and other aspects of Monaco here.

Take a look at that information, and let me know which theme you think might work best. I can also help you customize menus or even help create a custom theme if you have an idea that you think would look cool. Just let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks! --KyleH@fandom (talk) 22:59, 28 October 2008 (UTC)

Ugh I hate Monaco. It's really hard to get used to.
I understand that, which is why we will continue to allow you to select Monobook as your personal skin by selecting it in the skin tab of Special:Preferences and unchecking the box that says "Let admins override my skin choice." --KyleH@fandom (talk) 17:34, 29 October 2008 (UTC)
I set the theme to Gaming for now. If you would like to change it to something else, an admin can do that via the option at the bottom of the Skin tab in Special:Preferences. --KyleH@fandom (talk) 19:02, 31 October 2008 (UTC)

Sysop Nominations

All of the users below are great at what they do, but only one can become sysop! If you wish to nominate someone for sysop, put their stats below. They'll be... considered. Hinnom, TX - In the first of light.

  • JesseRoo (Official Nomination)
    • Focus: Size of articles
    • Medals: Basic Medal, Friendly Medal, 10/10 Game Medal
    • Trophies: None
    • Strengths: Nice person, disciplined, trustworthy
    • Weaknesses: May go hard on lawbreakers (but who am I to talk?), often stubborn.
  • DryGuy (Offcial Nomination)
    • Focus: Artwork
    • Medals: Basic Medal, Artists Medal, Friendly Medal, 10/10 Game Medal
    • Trophies: None
    • Strengths: Willing to learn, friendly personality, good with artwork
    • Weaknesses: Inexperienced with syntax, may go too easy on rulebreakers.
  • Superluigi821/Paper Jorge (Official Nomination)
    • Focus: Humor in articles
    • Medals: Basic Medal, Friendly Medal
    • Trophies: None
    • Strengths: Good at helping to run wikis, best sense of humor this side of the equator.
    • Weaknesses: INACTIVE.
  • Peach/PY (Official Nomination)
    • Focus: Fan-fic
    • Medals: Basic Medal, Friendly Medal
    • Trophies: None
    • Strengths: Helpful, smart
    • Weaknesses: Very strict sometimes

Aww, thanks. I have been here for....a year or so without being considered. (Why am I strict....oh, I understand why.)~ PeachPeach

Wow... this is interesting. JesseRoo

Hehehe... Me and Cobweb had a hard time picking this candidates. Peach was the missing piece of the puzzle that was hidden under the carpet, but I found it while cleaning up the room. Than I gave it to Cobweb who placed it in our now-complete puzzle. ShroobyrightShroobarioGah, analogies...Shroobyleft


I know it may take a while to do so, but can someone please do me the favor of deleting all of the things i uploaded/created, it's not like i'm going to update it any longer. this is a very fine wiki but i feel that i will not be coming back any more.

This includes images, comments and articles, i'd do it myself but my power is limited here, thanks for everything, Please and Thank you Mcbowser 14:36, 7 September 2008 (UTC)

Awww... We'll miss you! ShroobyrightShroobarioMessage!Shroobyleft

Project PokeDex

I've come up with an idea for a project which I am working on, and other people could help with. This project would involve creating articles for every Pokemon there is, starting with Bulbusaur, ending with Arceus. Also included would be all of the fan Pokemon people have created. We also need to have a base setup for the Pokemon pages, because it's really bad if every Pokemon page is set up different. Take Bulbapedia for example. It has every Pokemon page with the same layout. For more information, see User:JesseRoo/Project. Thanks for reading, JesseRoo

What? Why would you do that? You can make articles for fan pokemon, but real ones? Unless they're a major one impacting the storyline, it's a waste of articles. We aren't Bulbapedia. Anyway, it's much easier to make a "List of Pokemon" page.~ PeachPeach

I presonally argee we don't need them ALL, but some would be good. Either Pokemon from games or major Pokemon (e.g. Squirtle). H-ToadHiya, it's Wiismartey | Long Live Fantendo!HeathJoker

Update the Chatroom

I've upgraded Java on my computer, and now the Chatroom won't work. Can someone PLEASE fix it already. I'm gettin' bored of not bein' able to access the chatroom. And lemme tell you, I've been trying to entertain myself with AM radio, and I just lost reception at my house. Now I have to deal with AM radio, which is all crap except for 3 stations. Plus, there's other users that can't access the chatroom. And maybe we could have a "Chatathon", where we try to see who can type the most characters in the chatroom in one month. Okay, I'm getting too off track. Anyways, we need a better chatroom, and we need it now!!! -KP Blue!

We're not changing the chatroom for you. Hinnom, TX - In the first of light.

I'm nice nao :)

Sorry about all... that. Honestly though, what do you guys need me to do? I'll be glad to help. H-ToadHiya, it's Wiismartey | Long Live Fantendo!HeathJoker

We need you to be the third member of Sysop Squad- without Henry, we're like a tripod missing a leg. THUD. Hinnom, TX - In the first of light.

I get that. But... what do I do? Just patrol and rewrite? H-ToadHiya, it's Wiismartey | Long Live Fantendo!HeathJoker

Not just that. Help the n00bs, come on the babblecoaster a lot... etc etc etc. Hinnom, TX - In the first of light.


I think we need to have all the medals posted on one page to show them. H-ToadHiya, it's Wiismartey | Long Live Fantendo!HeathJoker

Good idea. I'll do that. Hinnom, TX - In the first of light.

Pokemon Pages

Hey, have any of you guys noticed the differences we have in some of our Pokemon pages: Burrozer (my fan Pokemon), Mewtwo and Stonie (1337doom's one). Look at the difference. I think it might be a good idea to do something about that, such as I've ATTEMPTED to do with Project PokeDex. JesseRoo ~ "hot damn girl dont tie your shoelaces"

Hey, Mewteo deserves to have a list of appearances. Although there could be a Mewtwo/List of Appearances page..... I guess I'll try to help with the Organization, I guess.Aye, the sun sets, and over the mountin is User:1337doom User talk:1337doom 23:11, 20 December 2008 (UTC)

Whatever happened to the Babblecoaster?

If we got rid of it, how come, and why isn't anyone doing something about it revive it?-KP Blue!

The Babblecoaster is a breeding ground for tumbleweeds... Plumber (Talk)

It's still here, in fact I go on it all the time but not many other people do. Plus I'm in the Australian timezone. JesseRoo ~ "hot damn girl dont tie your shoelaces"

Then where's the link to it?-KP Blue likes tang!

It's not registered anymore. someone re-register it -KP Blue

Never mind, I re-registered it-KP Blue!

Box Art Hall of Fame

I have an idea for certain box art images. The ones that have 7 supports and less than 3 opposes will be placed a Fantedo's Box Art Hall of Fame page. The support/oppose/comments could be on the talk page of the image. Anyone liking this idea?

Great idea Henrey. Do they have to have a back round because my box arts have a white back round. Mcboo-idle-MLMcBooMcboo-idle-ML

How do you even MAKE box art!? 405COKEMAN11 (Talk)405

1. Yes, boxes cannot have just one color backgrounds to make it in the HoF.

2. I'll post a tutorial up.

How About

How about a Fantendo news section on the main page like on Tell me if you like it. Mcboo-idle-MLMcBooMcboo-idle-ML

Needs moar active users.

Right, but we could have a sign up list. I would need you Henrey to make it though. P.S. I am very active Mcboo-idle-MLMcBooMcboo-idle-ML

So am I, being a member of the Extended Fantendo Sysop Council (the Extended Fantendo Sysop Council consists entirely of users who are only sysops on at least one of Fantendo's Sub-wikis), I HAVE to be at least 75% active.-KP Blue has to be active, being a Usertendo Admin.

Same here, KP Blue. - 405COKEMAN11 (Talk)405 is a Usertendo Sysop!

Template help

Could someone help teach me how to make templates and stuff? Its so CONFUSING and MIND BOGGLING!

Sign up to help me:

  1. KP Blue

I will only need five people but if someone doesn't help or is inactive I might ask them to leave so more people can help.

Aye, the sun sets, and over the mountin is User:1337doom User talk:1337doom 20:06, 1 January 2009 (UTC)

Templates here are the same as on Mario Wiki.-KP Blue 01:21, 2 January 2009 (UTC)

Actually, this is the only wiki I am on. So yeah, thanks though!Aye, the sun sets, and over the mountin is User:1337doom User talk:1337doom 01:40, 3 January 2009 (UTC)

Sorry, I mistook you for 1337Yoshi.-KP Blue 01:47, 3 January 2009 (UTC)


Y'know, we should have a podcast. Many users who don't check the blog could use it to get info on what's going on in the wiki, and Plumber, Cobweb gave me permission to post in the blog, and you deleted my post!!!. But anyways, a different user could cover a different topic or topics. Cobweb could cover Role-Playing Games. Plumber could cover promotions and demotions. I could cover Usertendo and the impact of real-world events on the wiki. JesseRoo could cover... something (I don't know what, though). Henry could cover news about the wiki. Last, but not least, McQueenMario could cover Fangames and Fan Fiction.-KP Blue 21:56, 2 January 2009 (UTC)

What about ME??? 405COKEMAN11 (Talk)405

Great idea KP Blue! Thanks for adding me!!! Mcboo-idle-MLMcBooMcboo-idle-ML

COKEMAN11,you could cover info on trolls and wiki hackers, and maybe you could also work on a Slingerland's Corner-style e-mail answering segment. Now excuse me while I complain about how the problems with Sonic Arena 2 are pissing me off.-KP Blue is pissed off by Sonic Arena 2's lack of consideration for Windows Vista users.

EPIC IDEA, KP! --CobwebCobwebCobweb Good Cop - Bad Cop - Worse Cop

first of all, stop being sarcastic, second of all, the podcast could be successful, third of all, If you have Windows Vista, don't download Sonic Arena 2, and fourth of all, the more you insult Bill Gates, or even Microsoft in general, the better your life will be in the long run.-KP Blue 16:48, 3 January 2009 (UTC)

First of all, a podcast would be incredible difficult to do- not to mention simply an excuse for you to advertise Usertendo and/or yourself. Second of all, that may be true, but unlikely. Third, WTF does Sonic arena have to do with a Fantendo Podcast. Fourth, you are making no sense whatsoever. --CobwebCobwebCobweb Good Cop - Bad Cop - Worse Cop

A podcast would be an interesting project but (a) there's not enough audience, (b) we're too lazy, (c) it would be difficult to set up since most people don't have Skype and I don't have AudioHijack Pro, (d) I'm afraid it might be boring. Plumber (Talk) 08:33, 9 January 2009 (UTC)


Just issuing a warning to all users... clean up the quality of your games, or let them be deleted. --COBWEB IS BACK, AND MEANER THAN EVER. All n00bs shall be exterminated.

Just because you're a sysop and you're back doesn't mean you can just be a bully. Think about new users who make their first game. They go on Fantendo hoping to improve their game and it's deleted! 405COKEMAN11 (Talk)405

Shut the f*ring collect noise* up. If you don't like sh*Sonic game 1-up noise*y games, then get the f*Sonic series jump noise* out of here.-KP Blue likes spoofing Slingerland's corner.

On a slightly related note, my unfinished Punch-Out!! remake is now a reality :) Plumber (Talk) 08:29, 9 January 2009 (UTC)

BAHoF Vote

Ok, I know I already brought this up but I now want to start a proposal to avoid controversy. 7 supports is all I need. But first I'm going to ask Plums.....

  • Support the Box Art Hall of Fame
  1. KP Blue - I LIEK PIE :3
  2. Mcboo-idle-MLMcBooMcboo-idle-ML - Go Henreh!
  3. JesseRoo ~ "hot damn girl dont tie your shoelaces"
  4. We'll try it.405COKEMAN11 (Talk)405
  5. Plumber (Talk) 01:50, 12 January 2009 (UTC)
  6. YESYESYES! Awesome idea, love boxart. Aye, the sun sets, and over the mountin is User:1337doom User talk:1337doom 02:33, 12 January 2009 (UTC)
  7. Vined (Talk)


Just to let you know, I'm entering in the final World Spriter's Tournament. If I make it in, let's all hope that I make it past the first round. I'm gonna enter as sort of a team between BlueYoshter and I. It's called "Team Usertendo". I'm using a sprite sheet consisting of one of my sonic forms, and BY's new sonic form.-KP Blue wants to be in the final World Spriter's Tournament

Why on Earth should we care? --COBWEB IS BACK, AND MEANER THAN EVER. All n00bs shall be exterminated.

Well, there's a chance that it'll get more people to come to Fantendo and it's Sub-Wiki. and I don't just mean MG Comics forumers. I mean MG Comics Staff Member. If word gets out that a Usertendo admin was in the World Spriter's Tournament, Usertendo'd have a ton of users.-KP Blue

And a lot of spammers. Whatever. What exactly does that have to do with anything? --COBWEB IS BACK, AND MEANER THAN EVER. All n00bs shall be exterminated.
...World Spriter's Tournament? Plumber (Talk)

This is the WORLD SPRITER'S TOURNAMENT I'm talking about. It's being run by an affilate of a major Sonic Fansite. Do you know how many users MG Comics (the site that hosts the World Spriter's Tournament) has?? Tons. It's like the sonic series version of BooMansion, only with webcomics instead of cards and flash media. -KP Blue

KP Blue, I'm sorry to tell you, but I could seriously not care less about this tournament of yours. If it were all that big of a deal, I would have heard about it before you started telling everyone. I'm on a dozen websites and not once have I heard about this tournament. Trust me, KP, advertising the tournament will not make you popular. I once over-advertised something and lost quite a bit of credibility because of it. I'm sorry about this, too- you are not that good a spriter. I am very sorry, I really am, but you just aren't. You are not going to win the tournament. If it were really that big, then there would be hundreds, thousands of people entering. What makes you so special that you will be the winner? --COBWEB IS BACK, AND MEANER THAN EVER. All n00bs shall be exterminated.

I'm doing it to get help for Usertendo. If it wasn't for me, article production would screech to a halt!! We gotta get more users. So, after you read this, go to Usertendo and start creating articles. If you have Internet Explorer 7, FireFox, or Opera, open a new tab and GO DIRECTLY TO USERTENDO!!! DO NOT PASS WOOKIEEPEDIA!!! DO NOT COLLECT PATROLLER RANK!!! IT NEADZ MOAR USERS (Internet joke reference)!!! -KP Blue

Usertendo is a spin-off wiki of Fantendo. It's Fantendo that matters, it's Fantendo that I put first when it comes to wikis, and it's Fantendo that will remain popular long after Usertendo fades into obscurity. In a short while, there will be no need to advertise Usertendo. Do not worry, we're not going to get rid of it, but the decisions Henry and I have been considering will be extremely controversial and I expect you'll be one of the ones against us. You're a smart person, KP, and I understand you more than you think. --COBWEB IS BACK, AND MEANER THAN EVER. All n00bs shall be exterminated.

Well, what changes will make?-KP Blue

We're still working on it, but the main thing is that a bulk of Usertendo's articles will be ASSIMILATED --COBWEB IS BACK, AND MEANER THAN EVER. All n00bs shall be exterminated.

Even my comic and upcoming comic?-KP Blue

Probably. Dunno yet. --DOKTOR KOBWEB I HAS A FLAVR (plez don eet meh)

Well, Too bad. You may be boss of usertendo, but you can't just assimilate it into fantendo. That's just plain wrong. If you don't cease, I will be forced to ban you. And BTW, what IS Operation Usertendo Shutdown, anyways?-It's-a me, KP Blue!! Wish me luck in the final WST

"Plain wrong?" Yes, I suppose it's right up there with murder and torture, isn't it? Shutting down a wiki. And how is that admin abuse? It's still going to be usertendo, just moved into Fantendo. It's gonna be basically the same.

Wait, wut? Edit: How about this. Instead of assimilating Usertendo into Fantendo, why don't we just add the articles that we need on usertendo?-It's-a me, KP Blue!! Wish me luck in the final WST and also, I have a f****** good point here

Because Usertendo is filled with crap and Fantendo is what really should matters, and Usertendo does nothing but give you a chance to stroke your ego... hmm. I'll think about it, KP, but OpUS has already moved into Stage 1... --DOKTOR KOBWEB I HAS A FLAVR (plez don eet meh)

Cobweb and I have made our decision. KP, just because you have power on a sub-wiki doesn't give you authority over the ACTUAL sysops and crats, who WORKED HARD to get to their position. Cobweb only let you have Usertendo because he felt sorry for you. Wise up KP, or you're outta here.

Okay, I'll just see how it turns out, and decide if I wanna help.-It's-a me, KP Blue!! Wish me luck in the final WST Don't let Cobweb shut down Usertendo Oh, and terrorism = EPIC PHAIL (just a bit of randomness

KP Blue, why are you opposed to OpUS? Mah sig2DRYGUY talk Mah sig

Isn't it obvious by now?-It's-a me, KP Blue!! Wish me luck in the final WST Don't let Cobweb shut down Usertendo
You mean you want to remain a 'crat? Or do ya just like the website? Mah sig2DRYGUY talk Mah sig

Hi. I just want to be sure that people on both this wiki and Usertendo want to merge wikis. Please let me know -- sannse@fandom (talk) 19:18, 20 January 2009 (UTC)

Well, I want the wikis to be merged, and I think everyone else does, but I'm not sure. DryGuy(talk)

No. If Usertendo's merging with anything, it'll be Userpedia... Plumber (Talk) 01:37, 21 January 2009 (UTC)

First, why? Second, why should you make this decision, when you are retired and incredibly inactive? (No offense at that, srsly, just wondering). Third, if you really don't want it to merge with Fantendo, then okay, we'll merge it with Userpedia. I'd rather not, but :/ you're the boss I suppose... --DOKTOR KOBWEB I HAS A FLAVR (plez don eet meh)

Because Usertendo is much more related to Userpedia than it is related to here. Plumber (Talk) 13:48, 21 January 2009 (UTC)

Well, then we'll have to wait 'til I'm unbanned on userpedia, or convince 1337Yoshi to unban me there.-It's-a me, KP Blue!! Wish me luck in the final WST Don't let Cobweb shut down Usertendo Userpedia has some outdated info, too.

Plums: Meh, good point. KP Blue: 1337 will probably never ban you there. Ehhh, mostly I just want to get rid of Usertendo. It's mostly crap anyway, and it's done nothing but draw some of our best users away... :( But, there's no way I'll ever convince anyone to just destroy it :/ --DOKTOR KOBWEB I HAS A FLAVR (plez don eet meh)

If you really want to destroy it, then have it done. It's your decision, not anyone else's. I would probably just merge a few of the good articles into Userpedia and be done with it though... Plumber (Talk) 01:41, 22 January 2009 (UTC)
But, just to be fair to those who were on Usertendo but are banned on Userpedia, I think we should move it here. Just a suggestion, but if we move Usertendo to Userpedia, I wanna negotiate with 1337Yoshi first.-It's-a me, KP Blue!! Wish me luck in the final WST Don't let Cobweb shut down Usertendo

Feel free... on your own time and of matters of your business. Plumber (Talk) 01:32, 23 January 2009 (UTC)

Yeah, RapidRocker demands that you stop Operation Usertendo Shutdown immediately or he'll make you "suck the d**** of old guys for 40 years straight".-It's-a me, KP Blue!! Wish me luck in the final WST Don't let Cobweb shut down Usertendo

Wtf, where did he say that? --DOKTOR KOBWEB I HAS A FLAVR (plez don eet meh)

He said it in chat-It's-a me, KP Blue!! Wish me luck in the final WST Don't let Cobweb shut down Usertendo

So? Plumber (Talk) 20:02, 24 January 2009 (UTC)

He means buisness.-It's-a me, KP Blue!! Wish me luck in the final WST Don't let Cobweb shut down Usertendo

Rapidrocker can have Usertendo. --DOKTOR KOBWEB I HAS A FLAVR (plez don eet meh)

If he has it, then Usertendo shall not be advertised here, do you understand KP? Plumber (Talk) 17:39, 25 January 2009 (UTC)

Wait, Usertendo isn't a sub-wiki of Fantendo anymore? Rapidrocker just wants to update his fanfic. :(-It's-a me, KP Blue!! Wish me luck in the final WST Don't let Cobweb shut down Usertendo

Usertendo is still fanon about users from Fantendo and such, but aside from that Fantendo has no affiliation with it anymore. --DOKTOR KOBWEB I HAS A FLAVR (plez don eet meh)

What? Why? I really belive that Usertendo should remain part of Fantendo. By eliminating Usertendo, we're pretty much destroying part of the Fantendo Community. I say we either merge Usertendo with this wiki, or keep it affilated with this wiki.-It's-a me, KP Blue!! Wish me luck in the final WST Usertendo should remain affilated with Fantendo

We're not staying with Usertendo because it's stupid and full of your cheesy OMG BEN 10 THAT MEANS THIS GAME IS GOOD games, and the fact that nobody from the actual wiki wants to go there since all the games suck, the administrator (you) knows nothing about Fantendo's history or it's users and the fact it's not a good idea JesseRoo ~ "hot damn girl dont tie your shoelaces"

Dang! Someone call 911, 'cause KP got burned! XP

Well, I'm bringin change to the wiki. Just give me a page describing Fantendo's history, and some suggestions, and Usertendo will be a hell of a lot better. BlueYoshter's active again, and she'll be second in command. I'm promoting her to 'crat, just in case I end up killing myself (I'm going to watch a youtube video of the Cursed Video Tape from The Ring series).-It's-a me, KP Blue!! Wish me luck in the final WST Usertendo should remain affilated with Fantendo

You just go through, look at every user's contributions and make a page about them, read every talk page and talk page archive and add the information you gather to Usertendo. I'll even help with some of the pages. JesseRoo ~ "hot damn girl dont tie your shoelaces"

A simple request, KP. Shut up about Usertendo here. And stop making your hee-haw-hilarious internet references. You are getting incredibly annoying. Put it through your head, Usertendo is not going to reconnected to Fantendo! And you say we're destroying part of the Fantendo community, which is crap. You're the only person who gives a dang about the place. Usertendo has a community of three. And btw, BY is nice- I'm her friend, pretty much everyone is- but the only reason you promoted her is because of your stalkery obsession with her :/ --CobWEB is here. pUt oN yOuR HAPPY FACE

Well, actually, I only promoted her because I didn't wanna make us look like a bunch of chauvanists. What? It's true!!-It's-a me, KP Blue!! Wish me luck in the final WST Usertendo should remain affilated with Fantendo

Riiiiiiiiiight... then how come you keep trying to force BY into doing a Sprite Omgzorz World Tournament, said she was the most beautiful girl in the world, and talk about her every other post in the chat if you aren't obsessed with her? Btw, you didn't respond to any of my other accusations, KP- you know, the whole community-of-three thing. --CobWEB is here. pUt oN yOuR HAPPY FACE

Okay, well... for the 3 user thing, at least those 3 users remain loyal. For the Usertendo being just crap thing, really, with the improvements JesseRoo has in mind, it could be quite successful. For the obsession with BY thing, well, despite most people's claims, it's not an obsession. I just have a tendency to make sick jokes about various topics, so yeah.-It's-a me, KP Blue!! Wish me luck in the final WST Usertendo should remain affilated with Fantendo

Not rly. None of them are loyal. Mah sig2DRYGUY talk Mah sig

Wtf, KP, whatdoes making sick jokes have to do with being obsessed with BlueYoshter? Or do you know something I don't o.O --CobWEB is here. pUt oN yOuR HAPPY FACE

KP Blue, Usertendo is not affiliated with Fantendo at all, and if you continue to advertise it you will suffer the consequences. Plumber (Talk) 23:50, 31 January 2009 (UTC)

I just looked at Usertendo, and was looking to see if anyone wrote about me. I searched for 1337doom, and it came up with a game with users in hedgehog form. The bad guy was "Doctor 1337doom." There are 2 things I want to say about this....

  1. The D after 1337 isn't shouldn't be capitalized.
  2. Should I count it as good because someone finally put me in a User-based Fan Game, or bad because I'm a bad guy? I DO have a sonic form, I just never introduced it to Fantendo or Usertendo before.....

Aye, the sun sets, and over the mountin is User:1337doom User talk:1337doom 20:18, 15 February 2009 (UTC)

I say, it's neither and both.-Hi, this is KP Blue(talk) Tang is good.

Folks, this is a good example of what the Community Portal is not for. Plumber (Talk) 23:43, 16 February 2009 (UTC)

F3 09

When should we start it? I thought it was a great idea and we should definatly bring it back. Vined (Talk)

Defiantly? as in rebelliously?? you've got issues.-Hi, this is KP Blue(talk) Tang is good.

He said definately, which is still spelt wrong but he meant definitely. Anyway the reason F3 failed is because nobody really knew they were supposed to write info on their pages. I reckon we shouldn't have a set page design, but allow for people to have booths which basically would be one page with lots of stuff explaining the game on it as well as new announcements. JesseRoo ~ "hot damn girl dont tie your shoelaces"

There are no plans for an F3 09. The only one interested in leading it was Wiismartey, and look what happened to him. Plumber (Talk) Actually, I have no idea where is. 23:49, 16 February 2009 (UTC)

Blogging Rights

Recently, I have thought about the idea of users not needing permission to blog. I hope that this would increase our community, and have constructed few temporary ideas to limit this so complete chaos would not be created.
  • To post on the blog the user must have been active on Fantendo for at least a week.
  • Posts on the blog must be significant for the blog, not a trivial little question (that's what the community portal is for)
  • Cobweb (tbc), Henrydamoose (tbc) and Plumber (tbc) reserve the right to ban a user from blogging if they blog improperly (e.g. blog too much, blog about trivial/inappropriate things, etc.).
  • To post, the user must not have been banned previously unless Cobweb (tbc) or Henrydamoose (tbc) allows them to.

Note that this is currently an idea and I implore you to make any suggestions, comments, criticisms, on it in this section. I need feedback from regular users and sysops alike. Currently, normal users still must have permission to blog.

Plumber (tbc), 21:09, 24 January 2009 (UTC)

Plumber (Talk) 21:09, 24 January 2009 (UTC)

I would really like to blog so I thought that maybe normal users can blog but they must be active, non-blocked or spammers, and no swears or anything like that. McQueenMario 21:58, 24 January 2009 (UTC)

Yeah, that pretty much goes without saying. I'm not sure if the one-week limit would be too long or short though... Plumber (Talk) 21:55, 24 January 2009 (UTC)
I think more like two or three weeks at the most. McQueenMario 21:58, 24 January 2009 (UTC)

How about we split the Fantendo blog into two blogs- the Sysops-Only blog, which is where important stuff related to Fantendo itself would be put, and the Users Blog, which would be where users and sysops alike would make announcements about their games or blog about stuff etc etc... --DOKTOR KOBWEB I HAS A FLAVR (plez don eet meh)

I agree with Cobweb! 405COKEMAN11 (Talk)405

Me too! Mah sig2DRYGUY talk Mah sig

But the regular users would become addicted to posting to the User Blog and no one would pay attention to the Sysop Blog. Honestly Cobweb, I think its a good idea, but no one would pay attention to the more important ones.

I think Cobweb is right but we could have (like Mario Wiki like I said before) a news section on the main page that anyone can edit like the blog but smaller. McQueenMario 01:37, 25 January 2009 (UTC)

I think that there should be more user blogging rights on the blog.-It's-a me, KP Blue!! Wish me luck in the final WST Don't let Cobweb shut down Usertendo

I like the system that Cobweb implemented with users who are active, ask or have a lot of medals get a certain amount of blog posts that way users get to use the blog but it doesn't become flooded with rubbish so important messages from sysops and admins can still be posted. Vined (Talk)

Why thank you Vined. And KP, what do you think we've been talking about? I would prefer that we use the "only-very-active-users-with-medals-can-post-on-the-blog" system, come to think of it, but I'll be lynched by an angry mob of users. --DOKTOR KOBWEB I HAS A FLAVR (plez don eet meh)

Speaking of medals, is there a list of medals anywhere? There should be. To restrict some blog floods, maybe normal users should have a restriction of how often they post, but this probably won't be met with a lot of enthusiasm by you guys, so speak your mind. Plumber (Talk) 17:43, 25 January 2009 (UTC)

SPeaking more of medals, shouldn't only sysops be able to give them out? People shouldn't be able to give them to themselves, especially like with the SMash medal "make a good Super SMash Bros. game" and only McQueenMario, Vined (although his is actually pretty good) and maybe a few others have them. No offence, McQueen, but your game is basically a list of chracters. Not worhty of a medal. Also with the 10/10 medal, we should have official ratings by the sysops so people don't brag about having a 10/10 game even though they rated it that. JesseRoo ~ "hot damn girl dont tie your shoelaces"

A list of all of the medals I could find, Image:Foundermedal.png

Image:Adminmedal.png Image:Sysopmedal.png Image:Quickmedal.png Image:Friendlymedal.png Image:Crazycreativemedal.png Image:Basicmedal.png Image:Gamemedal.png Image:Artistsmedal.jpg Image:Retiredmedal.png Image:Smashmedal.png Image:Companymedal.PNG Image:Reformedmedal.png

Vined (Talk)

Users should be allowed to give themselves medals like Company Medal, or Reformed Medal, because no one can deny that they deserve the medals when they do, or that they don't when they do not. DryGuy(talk)

Well, based on what I have read, my opinion is: Keep the Fantendo Blog, and make a Bonus Blog for normal users, (They should be allowed to edit if they were blocked but have the reformed medal) but users can still get blocked from the Bonus Blog if they post spam or anything. Hope it helps. Aye, the sun sets, and over the mountin is User:1337doom User talk:1337doom 02:43, 31 January 2009 (UTC)

Based on these comments, this is what I have in mind now and will be put into effect immediately:
  • To post on the blog the user must have been active on Fantendo for at least two weeks or have obtained at least one Medal.
  • Posts on the blog must be significant for the blog, not a trivial little question (that's what the community portal is for). More minor things, such as a daily routine or something like that can be posted on a user's private blog.
  • The sysops shall have their own blog section and users shall have their own section.
  • Cobweb (tbc) and administrators reserve the right to ban a user from blogging if they blog improperly (e.g. blog too much about trivial things, blog about trivial/inappropriate things, etc.) or restrict the number of times they can blog at a time.
  • To post, the user must not have been banned previously even if they have received the Reformed Medal unless Cobweb (tbc) or an administrator allows them to.

Plumber (tbc), 00:55, 1 February 2009 (UTC)

EDIT: Since the Blog probably won't get too crowded due to our community, you may blog as much as they want :)
EDIT: Users with a last warning must also ask admins to be able to blog.
Plumber (Talk)


As you can see on the Fantendo:Blog, I am working on a crossover game in Game Maker. So, anyway, everyone could you please take a look? Also I put messages on a couple of you guy's talk pages asking for permission to use characters or asking for you to help. Anyway what I need is somebody who could think of a good name. For inspiration, the basic plot is at my blog. JesseRoo ~ "hot damn girl dont tie your shoelaces"

Well, for the "one-per-world" collectibles, you could use Chaos Emerald Shards. Also, I think that Ashura the Hedgehog should be playable.-It's-a me, KP Blue!! Wish me luck in the final WST Don't let Cobweb shut down Usertendo

Yes, because everybody knows that Chaos Emerald Shards are the most suitable thing to use in a Nintendo crossover game. And, I wn't do Sonic so the best Ashura would ever get would be possessed boss (if I knew who Ashura was) or maybe NPC/helper. JesseRoo ~ "hot damn girl dont tie your shoelaces"

Got 2.
Evil force name - Styx Unlimited
One-per-world collectibles - Parts of a generator factions of Styx Unlimited want that would be powerful enough to power weapons that can decimate their opponents, utterly, etc. Plumber (Talk) 06:30, 28 January 2009 (UTC)

By factions, do you mean factions of his army? Yeah anyway awesome idea let's see if Cobweb can do any better. JesseRoo ~ "hot damn girl dont tie your shoelaces"

I meant the competing fragments of the remnants of his army (Styx Unlimited) Plumber (Talk)

Do you have any sprites for the evil force? If not, I'd be glad to make some. In fact, I'll make/find any sprites you want! I'll do anything I can to help with Fantendo:Silence. Mah sig2DRYGUY talk Mah sig

Ashura is a glitch character from Sonic 2.-It's-a me, KP Blue!! Wish me luck in the final WST Don't let Cobweb shut down Usertendo

Be assured that he (?) will get a spot. ALso, does anyone want to help me make logos for the worlds? I also need 120x120 mugshots of characters, with various facial expressions. I need a shocked face for Peach and an angry face for Mario currently,but I'll probably need more. JesseRoo ~ "hot damn girl dont tie your shoelaces"

This website is good for making logos. Try it! Mah sig2DRYGUY talk Mah sig

He's right: It IS good for making logos! Evil force should be ummm.... Robot guys who can create more robots and possess stuff! One per mission items should be Fallen Stars: Dead stars that help unlock the key to the bad guys world! 3 per world are Ancient Skulls, and SECRET items should be the ummm..... strange mechanical parts that hold a letter: when you find them all you put them together and you get the password to samething..... maybe the dark world? Aye, the sun sets, and over the mountin is User:1337doom User talk:1337doom 18:50, 1 February 2009 (UTC)

Maybe the one-per-world items could be scrolls, and they'd unlock an alternate, Street Fighter version of Earth.-It's-a me, KP Blue!! Wish me luck in the final WST 16:55, 2 February 2009 (UTC)

Fantendo Improvement Drive

Okay so I've been thoinking and I saw an article on Wikipedia and it said: This article about a German scientist is a stub and I was like, that gives me an idea, and like, I say type like too much sometimes.

ANYWAY I have come up with a few ideas, which are basically to continue from what Plumber did with the blogging and userboxes, to give this wiki a more modern and pleasant feel. First of all: differnt stub templates. This would be a nice addition, and sort all the stubs from each other.If this gets the green light I would personally go through and change every stub to what it should be, unless someone helps of course but yeah. Second thing: forums. Wikia now has a forum extension, and I beleive we should either use that or get a seperate forum hosted on a website (I have a good idea where we could, and it would have loads of extra features as a bonus such as user wars, an arcade, a shop, downloads, etc.) so yeah. Also if the forum doesn't make i, I found out that you can upload the arcade seperately. I might bring this up to the Wikia staff and ask if they could add support, meaning arcades might be implemented into Wikia. So if you bothered reading that be aware I rushed typing it, which explains why it might sound cheesy or stupid. JesseRoo ~ "hot damn girl dont tie your shoelaces"

If we get a new forum, I wanna get the same hosting that the MG Comics forums have.-Hi, this is KP Blue(talk) Little B. is a ripoff of Litle P, so therefore, I must kill it with fire.

I don't even have any idea what MG Comics is, and if it was as popular as you say it is I would have heard about it. Anyway, where I'd want to host it would be JCINK. JesseRoo ~ "hot damn girl dont tie your shoelaces"

I've been wondering wtf MG Comics is too, and why KP keeeps referencing it :/ Also... the hosting for Fantendo Forums on Jcink is officially done. Follow teh link. I have to go now, but I'll promoted JesseRoo and teh others when I get back.--CobWEB is here. Omgzorz. I MADE A "Omgzorz" SOUND EFFECT :O

There's a link to MG Comics on my userpage.-Hi, this is KP Blue(talk) Mucinex DM makes me hallucinate

MG Comics doesn't use hosting, KP. Do you have any idea about the internet? Wwe ain't gonna spend a $50 just for some forums that only a small amount of people will go to. Also, when you said disconnecting with Usertendo was destroying a chunk of the community it doesn't matter because now we have the forums. JesseRoo ~ "hot damn girl dont tie your shoelaces"

Fine by me.-Hi, this is KP Blue(talk)

New Mainpage design?

What's with it? I was just walking along and minding my own business when I decided to walk into Fantendo for a bit, and I see a mainpage that hardly works. Why did you get rid of the old one? The old one worked, this one doesn't. :( Jumbled Urchin 23:20, 9 February 2009 (UTC)

Works fine for me and if you're talking about the style I like it. Vined (Talk)
I mean how it's arranged. It's arranged in a horrible sloppy and inconvenient way. Why the hell did we get rid of the old arrangement? Jumbled Urchin 03:41, 12 February 2009 (UTC)

I think that it's fine how it is, better than before if anything because it links to all the main features like the BAHOF, FA and the Blog it has everything new on there. I like it anyway. Vined (Talk)

It's good to have variations in opinion. Plumber (Talk) 01:13, 18 February 2009 (UTC)

Maybe we should make the main page larger...-Hi, this is KP Blue(talk) Tang is good. g2g 20:48, 18 February 2009 (UTC)

Switching to the new parser

We are currently making preparations for the next wiki software upgrade. While we expect this to have little or no effect on most wikis, it may cause some pages on this wiki to render poorly. To help reduce or eliminate these issues, please see the Central Forums for more details. Thanks - sannse@fandom (talk) 10:36, 11 February 2009 (UTC)

Yeah, let's just hope Plumber doesn't sue you guys.-Hi, this is KP Blue(talk) Tang is good.

Ignore KP, Sannse. He's a little wierd --CobWEB is here. Lol. I MADE A "Lol" SOUND EFFECT :O

Thank you for the information, and I apologize for KP Blue's behavior. Plumber (Talk) 01:13, 18 February 2009 (UTC)

Featured Images

I will be brief. The Boxart Hall of Fame seems a bit limited in potential. By making it into a Featured Images page, excellent artwork and screenshots will also be able to be nominated. Thoughts? Plumber (Talk) 07:54, 7 February 2009 (UTC)

I like that idea with only one Featured Article (which needs to be updated btw...) and then one for the BAHOF but if we included screenshots and artwork the name would have to be changed to like the Image hall of Fame. Vined (Talk)

I like Vined's idea. {[user:COKEMAN11/sig}}

Boxarts and images are two DIFFERENT things. Why can't we keep the BAHOF and make the Featured Image separate. And taking BAHOF is probably going to tick me off because y'know, I love making boxarts.
Boxarts would still be in the Image Hall of Fame, the only difference is that other kinds of pictures will be able to be selected. Also, all BHOFs nominees and BHOFs will immediately become part of the Image Hall of Fame. Plumber (Talk) 19:12, 7 February 2009 (UTC)

I still need more opinion on this.. Plumber (Talk) 04:13, 9 February 2009 (UTC)

It's a good idea.-Hi, this is KP Blue(talk) Tang is good.

Yes it's gooooooooood! Mcboo-idle-MLMcBooMcboo-idle-ML

What about you Henreh? Plumber (Talk) 22:20, 9 February 2009 (UTC)

The problem is... for this and the BAHOF is that all the nominated boxarts were made in the past 2 months. Nobody is paying attention to anything else except the new stuff. I end up nominating old articles and boxarts.
I don't see how that would be different if the BHOF was an Image Hall of Fame. People just need to look at good old pictures more. Plumber (Talk)
I agree with Plumber.-Hi, this is KP Blue(talk) Tang is good.

F3 09

I propose that we bring it back however it would be different than last time, instead of being like somewhere where you reveal games (Which would still be an element) the main focus could be on giving out awards for games in various fields such as Best Adventure game, Best sports game etc. which would have a medal going along with it for that person's userpage and possibly something for the articles page too.

There would still be the part where we reveal new games however instead of having games that nobody bothers to finish they just start and then ignore once F3 is done (which happened last time a fair bit) they would have to be updated within a month, not completed just updated or otherwise it would get the deleted template. That would encourage people to keep working not to mention the prospect of winning awards would make people want to make great articles, not just average articles.

There could also be a sort of F3 Hall of Fame which would keep a list of all of the winners of the F3 for 2009 and the winner of the "Best Game of 09" would be on the main page along with the Featured Article for a few weeks then it would be removed and then the other awards could be put on in rotation before the thing would be removed after about six months or something and the front page would go back to normal or we could have it twice a year. Vined (Talk)

Good idea.-Hi, this is KP Blue(talk) Tang is good.Yeah, I gotta be ready if the commies attack tonight!!

Hey guys I don't mean to push my own idea but I really do need comments on my ideas for a new F3, Please guys and I need a bit more than good idea KP though thanks for responding, if we do agree to do this we need to do it soon. Vined (Talk)

Well as one of the admins I'd say this is a great idea. We need to organize when to have it though; I'd suggest sometime around Easter. JesseRoo ~ "hot damn girl dont tie your shoelaces"

I agree with JesseRoo. Mcboo-idle-MLMcBooMcboo-idle-ML

One admin and two sysops agree; somebody want to ask Plumber? We can start registering booths in March and start actually adding content to them a month/two weeks/something before Easter, then we can do the contents during the week's before and after Easter. Sound good? JesseRoo ~ "hot damn girl dont tie your shoelaces"

Actually I'd like to suggest something else as well. Could maybe group games get their own booth like Fantendo Silence because I couldn't fit all of my other games in my booth if Fantendo Silence was taking up all the room. Also I came up with this idea a while back but maybe we should have a themed game competition where somebody has to make the best game to a certain theme. JesseRoo ~ "hot damn girl dont tie your shoelaces"

The way I was thinking was that each company would have one booth for a game created specifically for F3 any other games that were started before F3 like Fantendo Silence that you want to show more progress for could be used anyway. And I really like the themes idea but keep it away from the Mario series maybe because it is way overrepresented and the other series (aside from Pokemon) don't really have any games there are very few Zelda games and there aren't any Fire Emblem ones. Vined (Talk)

My suggestion for a theme would be classics, and by that I mean Excitebike, Duck Hunt, Punch Out, Balloon Fighter and all those ones. Not Ice Climbers because they became really popular with Melee and Brawl and not Kid Icarus because his series became immesnly popular after Brawl. JesseRoo ~ "hot damn girl dont tie your shoelaces"

I like that idea however I also think that we should possibly make this some sort of long running like done every month not just restrict it to F3. But I also think we could use series like Kirby because I can't find any Kirby games at all on this wiki, the only reason he has an article is because of all of the Smash Bros games which includes him, also Fire Emblem, Metroid and other huge series as well because they aren't used much. It's mainly Mario, Smash Bros and Pokemon. Vined (Talk)

We could just have a Series of the Month and get everyone to make games for that for that month... but for F3 let's make it classics. A little bit of love for the retro. JesseRoo ~ "hot damn girl dont tie your shoelaces"

Yeah the retro games do need some lovin which is why I am super pumped for the new Punch Out game IRL Vined (Talk)

As you and JesseRoo are both directors of F3-09, look at this and add your ideas. F3-09 will hopefully be more successful than F3-08. --Cobby Good Cop Bad Cop Worse Cop Good Cop Bad Cop Worse Cop

Guys you can start adding your stuff to Category:F3 2009 Games and Category:F3 2009 Fan-Fiction tomorrow. JesseRoo ~ "hot damn girl dont tie your shoelaces"

Oh noes!

Some guys messed up the main page!Fix it now!

I tried to fix it but I can`t change the nonsense on the featured article,the news,and the top topic.

Arend,can you help?

If you can`t do it,let someone else revert the page to it was in the morning.

Oh,it was about Grammar Nazi Day,what holiday is that?lulz.


Thanks Stellios7,for that freaking wonderful comment!

Fantendo Power

Shroobario said he wants to Revive Fantendo Power --Hemu 16:29, 20 June 2009 (UTC)

Sounds good. JesseRoo ~ "hot damn girl dont tie your shoelaces"

That Sounds like a really good idea, filled with stuff like cheats, previews, reviews and more, sounds really good. FlameKamekYayFlame

View Deleted Dojos?

I, for one, would like to view some of the deleted Smash Bros. Dojo's here. Let's see, Clash, and Max2's old one, whatever that is... I wish I knew. I was wondering if someone could create them (with nothing on it, of course) so I could check the history, then delete them at the end of the day. Prefferably July 3rd. Can anyone do this?

1337doom, also known as... Sporty Popper - I made a signature and a wiki, and your reading it! (the signature not the wiki)

Fortune: Your fortune is not ready at this time. . Fortunes are Fantendo Time. They may not be correct.

Hahaha, that wouldn't work. A sysop would have to restore it. ShroobyrightShroobarioMessage!Shroobyleft

How do ya create sigs?

I need one. -sorastitch

~~~ gives you a generic link to your userpage like so: Max2. For a complex one, ask somebody else.

Thanks! - Sorastitch.

BYE! - Sorastitch.

KP's ban

KP asked me to unban him, and i've seen that he has reformed, but this would be his last chance, and if he disobeys, Perma-ban with no going back, I would've unbanned him, but I don't wanna go against Cobby, and KP even said we should discuss his unban before it's done --000GHemmy Talk!Blog!000G I wanna donut! ~ James 23:20, October 4, 2009 (UTC)

I support. DryGuy(talk) Oh, and my bro just told me he approves too

I agree because seriously, people just don't like him because he's a bit more outgoing and doesn't care if he says stupid stuff that he thinks is funny but actually isn't, therefore causing everybody to hate him and therefore act a lot more harsh on him and look for the worst in his work *deep breath* Oh, and I don't really think that his Usertendo fanfic was as bad as everybody thought it was; when a child gets scared at night, he goes into his mother's bed doesn't he? KP was implying the same thing but due to the previously mentioned reasons, everybody took it wrong. JesseRoo ~ "hot damn girl dont tie your shoelaces"

actually, it was "which one had a lower chance of resulting in me being removed from the gene pool in a painfull and/or embarassing manner, sleeping with Toto, or sleeping with her pokemon" and I went with the former, which had, well, to put it in Troper Terms, unfortunate implications. - KP Blue(talk) is back and ready to roll

Travix Man

Hi I am Travix Man and I just got here yesterday. Can someone please tell me how to do a bubble template here and put it on my wiki? Oh and Can anybody tell me where a character infobox Template is? And If I could make a character. Thanks ^_^ Travix M. Travix Man as a hedgehog 14:23, December 28, 2009 (UTC)


Hey It's me Micool26. I was wondering how to make userboxes. I thought it would be under templates but I can't seem to find them. Can anybody help me? Mick coolMicool26The sword isn't for showingNew Micool 00:24, February 19, 2010 (UTC)


Hi, I'm Yugijak. I kinda need HEEEEEELP! I want to put my Star Fox: Desperado game in the Fan Games category but I don't know how! I tried reading the instructions but they confuse me! And I'm supposed to be smart! T_T HEEEEEEEEEELP!


Yugijak 15:52, February 22, 2010 (UTC)

Hey, Travix Man!

Hey, Travix Man, what's your wiki? I'm jst curious so I might get inspiration for my Star Fox: Desperado game. If you can't remember, that's cool! Bye!

Yugijak 15:37, February 23, 2010 (UTC)

New wiki!!!

Hey, everyone, guess who's got a new wiki! I wanna know what you guys (and gals) can do to help improve it. This is the link:


Yugijak 15:38, February 26, 2010 (UTC)


Anyone know how I can get in touch with him? Dinner Squadron

Anybody? Dinner Squadron
He left Fantendo, as far as I know. What do you need with him, anyhow? There are some good admins here willing to help you (Shroobario, Cobweb, etc.). Dksig1Dksig2

Um... Next section...

Does anyone else think it's about time to change the featured article? -Mariothemovie

I have an inquiry!

Hello Fantendo! I was wondering, do I need to ask if I can create a new character/page, or if I could just, as you say, help myself?

-Reggie Koopa Jr. 18:25, July 2, 2010 (UTC)

Help yourself, but be aware. Look at the featured articles first before you make something. Try to make it in that style. We have too many pages that need to be rewritten. Other than that, have fun!

Can People please stop making Fantendo Kart (series) without permission!

You need to ask to make a game in someone else's series. So, could people please stop making Fantendo Kart (series) without permission!!! Thanks, Stelios7Ani424MSTalk To Me...!!!

Oh noes!

Some guys messed up the main page!Fix it now!

I tried to fix it but I can`t change the nonsense on the featured article,the news,and the top topic.

Arend,can you help?

If you can`t do it,let someone else revert the page to it was in the morning.

Oh,it was about Grammar Nazi Day,what holiday is that?lulz.


Thanks Stellios7,for that freaking wonderful comment!

Way to go,this should now be archived.

What the 3.14? That wasn't me that was anon! Look in the pages history! I only make contribs' anonymous if I was timed out, but I wasn't, my grammar isn't as poor as that! Stelios7Ani424MSTalk To Me....

Oops. :O 16:06, August 8, 2010 (UTC)


WE FORGOT THE NEW POLL! Mcboo-idle-MLMcBooMcboo-idle-ML

Can someone teack me how to create a picture please

I need to know how to create a picture! Degenerator 05:40, August 2, 2010 (UTC)Degenerator

Just letting People know that a Vandal Attack is headed to the Sonic Fanon Wiki and maybe here so you all might want to prepare your selfs Temporal the Cat 41px 04:55, August 6, 2010 (UTC)

No more deleters!

I hate internet people! I just found out some guy named Yoshi360 or something in that nature deleted 3 of my articles!He had no right to just say "This is retarded im deletin it".He deleted my first 2 ideas which were both based of of the Bone comic series cause they were lego games!He claimed "I love Bone but it wouldn't work in lego." My 3rd idea was about zombies and he said it was too "graphic".Hell!Why didn't he delete all other zombie games? (there were about 100 of em) This really got me POed! Please agree with me!

I'm sorry, but he has every right to delete your games except your Lego Bone games. Hooly3D If you were intelgent you'd vote for me Kooltana

Yoshi360 is not even a user here! and only Sysops and admins can delete articles. This means either you're asking at the wrong wiki, or you just fabled this whole cr*p and want some friends. Arend (tbc)

You're thinking of YoshiEgg C. Coleman 12:30, July 1, 2011 (UTC)TDC

I need your help!

I'am creating Super Smash Bros. Online but honestly, I need your help to finish it!

You can add anything but Giygas and memes, as he is too disturbing, creepy and scary, and is so ungaming, respectively.

Will you please help me? All you have to do is to expend my page, add new Chapters, make certain thing better, and give Charecter/Boss suggestion. You can also make description of each Chapters.

Without you, I cannot complete myself, so please help me! If you do, you will be respected. ;)

Respected? For completing a game you didn't even think you could complete? I don't know. To be quite honest, you need to look around. People are busy.

But, I'll help with a chapter or two. Hooly3D If you were intelgent you'd vote for me Kooltana

Thanks, well I think I can complete it anyway, after all you're right.

WTF the "linked" Ads

Some pages have "green-links" to various ads like the words plant or walking. These ads are really annoying and I think we should block them. The green links seem to only appear when a user is not logged, therefore rendered an IP/Contributor account. But, I will have to check that.Holyromanemperortatan 22:40, November 19, 2010 (UTC)

Get Adblocker. And we can't really change the ads that we have... at least it's not like those ads they had at MarioWiki that one time. JesseRoo ~ "hot damn girl dont tie your shoelaces"

Can Fantendo use your video game idea to make a video game?

I was wondering if Fantendo can use your video game idea to make a video game, because I have this cool Wario brothers game idea.

I hope so.

Heeeey, hello.

Ooooh, I've been like one day here... but I've never sayed "hello". Well, I'm Half-blood2000. I love games, books, art... And so. That's enough? Well, see you later.Halfblood2000


i need help i'm new here and i don't know how to create links for anything!!! can sombody help me? thanks.and one more thing, can sombody help me for creating links in gallery captions? double thanks. -unsigned

Here's what you need. Fantendo:Help. -leety

Thanks for promoting Fantendo Help, leety, but I don't think we have something to help (with gallery links) there. Don't worry newbie, we'll update it for gallery links soon! User:Dk64rules/sig3

Hello. May I ask something?

I've seen a lot of fan games here, and I'm under the impression that these are somewhat legit (as in people are actually attempting them). Is it ok if I put pages about the "game" (its really a story, but it's intended as a M&L RPG game) itself, even if I have no intention of that "game" ever being playable/real (unless one of these days Nintendo comes upon me and offers, but like that'll happen)? I've created this -in my opinion- awesome story about these two princesses, Princess Star and Princess Jane, who do this whole Mario & Luigi thing and they first kick Bowser's butt, but then they kick Cierra (Cackletta's daughter)'s butt too, and save everything and everyone. Also, as I meant to say at the beginning, HELLO! LuminousHeart8 19:38, June 5, 2011 (UTC)

Yeah, your allowed to. Welcome to Fantendo. Hooly3D If you were intelgent you'd vote for me Kooltana

Delete Anything That Ferdinando is involved in!

Title says it all. I retired Ferdinando yesterday and there are still some pages that have his name on it! Please delete any of those! C. Coleman 12:28, July 1, 2011 (UTC)TDC

There aren't any pages using his name anymore: [1] .

Fire Luigi~Fire-Luigi~Paper Fire Luigi


When building good things like the Wall of Shame and such, remember to link them to other pages! Frex, I linked the FA Page to the Wall of Shame page. These things can't exist in a vacuum, you know. Plumber (Talk) 09:00, July 9, 2011 (UTC)

Wait, you're back!? EgbertTom NookAnimal Crossing LeaderTwirpJack

He's not back, that's from 2011. :/ And if the founder of the whole website likes the wall of shame, we keep the wall of shame.
LumaICONML hopes we are carrying on an intelligent conversation.Flipluma

WIE, stop, how stupid-ass-funny articles make Fantendo a sad place? It is like Nintendo removing all the bad games from the market because it makes Nintendo looks bad, no they don't to that, they just let it there, it is for fun! 373px-Sonic pose 97 I'm the Knight of the wind 373px-Sonic pose 97

...okay. WIE

Sysop Elections

A poll says if there should be one or not. Hasn't there been one this year? I saw a blog about it and it happened in March 2011. Jello Rabbit 23:11, August 5, 2011 (UTC)

Can I

Can I borrow some enemie and items and area ideas for some mario games that I will be making, I will say that it is borrowedKirbydude4488 (talk) 19:40, April 19, 2013 (UTC)

Coming through the pipe

Heres My Story. I Was Really Mad One Day. Why couldn't Mario characters be real? All the cool people don't exist. I suddenly heard the Mario Song Playing. It got louder, and louder, and louder. It was blasting throughout my room untill it stopped. and I went to my window to see what happened. I was on a Tree outside Peaches Castle. I went through the Mario Portal, the legendary mystery, The impossible possible, the gateway to heaven.

That was my dream. I became so fascinated by Mario from that, I have started created mario stuff. I create Custom mario characters. And uhh hi.

Bai, Ace the Sledge Bro

What the... hell...? Dude, what kind of drugs were you on that day?

TheswordIforgefromstupidcomments I TheswordIforgefromstupidcomments HAVE TheswordIforgefromstupidcomments EXCLAIMATOR AND HOPEFULLY YOUR VOTE TheswordIforgefromstupidcomments


Because of our rising standards on fantendo and Featured articles slowly depleting into normal ones. I propose a feature which will let you unfeature articles too low of a standard on the Featured Articles. I want this featured to be implemented because of the fact that some articles at regular standards yet remain on the FAs. TheFM1911 Gun goes bang, Bullet comes outTheFCheytakSniper

Super mushrooms 2

Super Mushrooms

hey guys I just wanted to share a photo you all might like... here is a pic to enjoy.

leave a comment if u like it.

I like the Apple Mushroom.

TUT: Which Apple Mushroom?

Main page redesign

Hi! I'm Paweł from the Wikia Content Team. I'm here about your main page design, which, unfortunately, currently violates the Wikia policies regarding ads, as it does not allow the ad to be displayed in the wiki's right column. If you don't mind, I will redesign the main page slightly, to use Wikia's current column tags instead of it being one big table. Visually, it won't really be much different aside from a single ad being displayed in the right column. You can see the tags being used e.g. at Nintendo Wiki. Please let me know if you have any questions regarding this.

If you'd like, we could also design a more attractive skin for the wiki. You can see examples of our work here. Ausir(talk) @fandom 21:45, September 27, 2011 (UTC)

Sure, whatevs. I'm pretty sure if it's violating any policies that's an accident, so feel free to fix that. In general, the wiki is alright with the skin we have so don't worry about that. Sparky (Talk)

  1. No, thanks, we like our skin as it is.
  2. Wikia has shown a while ago that they don't really care what we think, so there's no use objecting. I know that's not your fault, Ausir, and I appreciate you going about this politely and at least consulting us first. Please don't alter it too heavily.

Empire Ants - Working the machine... Read the Fandemonium 2 premier!

Could you please undo your edits to the main page (or fix them)? for users of the monobook skin the formatting is messed up Sparky (Talk)

I reverted it because it was kind of broken even on NWS... and because I can still see the ads on the old format. If you must really edit it, please try to fix it and give more of a highlight to the Latest Blogs box. ShroobyrightShroobarioMessage!Shroobyleft 02:09, October 3, 2011 (UTC)

Because the main page is different now, can you switch the Weekly Poll section with the Recent Blog section, just so it won't look as cluttered.

Happy Halloween everyone. Its almost here finally. Me and my friends are going as mario characters. Im going as waluigi, my other friend dennis is going as wario, ernesto as mario, and another we don't know yet. Have fun and enjoy this boo pic i made myself.

The Wikia guy has a point. Look at a place like The Sims Wiki and you'll see why our main page is one of the lacking parts of Fantendo, in my opinion.


Apparently nobody even checks the main page that often, they spend most of their time on the recent activity (which is why I put a copy of our latest blogs thing in the community message, to make it easier for newer blogs to end up being recognized). JesseRoo ~ "hot damn girl dont tie your shoelaces"

@Jesse, I check the Main Page alot. Also, I think we should add this to it:

Other Fantendos Around the World

{| style="padding:0.5em; margin-top:1em; width:100%; font-variant:small-caps;-moz-border-radius:20px; background-color:navy; border:2px dotted #C6C9DD;" cellspacing="2" cellpadding="5"
|| <center> <div class="plainlinks">[]  </div></center>
| style="text-align:right;" valign="top" | 
'''Other Fantendos Around the World'''<br />
<small>[ Portuguese]
Mirai Moon 


On the main page ToC (Table of Contents) we should add a Petitions section. Mirai Moon 

A Question

How do you redirect a page because I wanted to redirect some of my pages but I don't know how to. I didn't find any pages on here about redirecting. Can someone help?Poison Mushroom SM3DWYoshiGo99Meragon SM3DL 18:00, January 2, 2012 (UTC)

add language

Hello my name and I am a Fabcan Italian user.

I would ask you if you add a new version of the hypothesis Fantendo in Italian.

Thank you in advance.


Ciao mi chiamo Fabcan e sono un utente italiano.

Vorrei chiedervi se potesete aggiungere una nuova versione di Fantendo in lingua italiana.

Vi ringrazio in anticipo.



How do you add a photo to a page? Cause I just made Ring Kirby and can't upload the photo to it. PLEASE HELP!


Yusheng02 here!

Hi! 你好! Yusheng02 here! I am a fan of Mario, Sonic, Mickey Mouse, Ni Hao Kai-lan and Digimon!

~Hi, I'm Pikafan2123, I'm a Nintendo fan.

Typhlosion ish da best! 02:15, April 1, 2012 (UTC)

I'm 15 and a High schooler.

The first Nintendo game I ever played was Super Mario 64 on a friend's N64, that made me catch interest in the Mario series, I've been searching for emulators, I found alot cool Mario games to play. Paper Mario, Super Mario Land, Super Mario Bros. 2, 3, etc.

The game that introduced me to more games was Super Smash Bros.

New Star Fox game for your systems?

So, the new game I just recently finished, Star Fox: Unite is for the Nintendo DS only. I'm wondering if there are any 32-bit systems who would like this to be for their system Artonix 08:03, April 16, 2012 (UTC)

Posting Content

Hello, just found your website for the first time. Looks really cool! Quick question though: is the purpose of this site to post your game ideas and the content of those games, or is it to be a wiki for game ideas posted on other websites? Thanks in advance for the clarity.

- The Sherwinator ("SmashBroRazz")

Master Clyde Super - Mario fire flower Check out Pete!
TALK - 14:39, July 23, 2012 (UTC)
The first. Infact, you can't do the last (against the rules)

I must protest against the usage of the phrase "better than" to describe browsers other than Internet Explorer on the main page. IE is a good browser, really it is, but nobody will look at the good things about it. It just recieves too much needless hate. I therefore must request that this text be changed. I mean, come on. Updating should have stopped with the current version of Firefox and IE8. Imadoofus (talk) 19:56, August 2, 2012 (UTC)

...IE is really slow and sucks IMO. You should get a faster browser like Chrome/Firefox. Just sayin' and I'm not trying to cause a war, but everyone has their own opinions so we shouldn't fight about that, Shadow2-1All hail Shadow! Heroes rise again!Shadow the Hedgehog

@IP: Stop putting those images, put them on the Sandbox or something, this isn't the place for them.

And the sandbox isn't really either.


Image Names

I have an issue with many of the images here on this site. On my other wikia where I have page setups and tables ready to add here, I have different names than the ones here. I know I changed quite a few on mine, but Mario.png isn't even Mario on this site. I really think we should start deleting a lot of the unused and irrelevant files and at least change pictures of Mario to Mario.png, Mario 2.png, Mario 3.png etc.

It'll be much easier. -- Webkinz ManiaTalkBlogsContributionsEditcount 23:35, August 16, 2012 (UTC)

We won't change any file to File:Mario <insert number here>.png. First of all, that would be so much work that we're definitely being busy over in a year (especially since many files get uploaded per day). Second, many Wikis don't do this. We usually use the character name and its pose, or the character name and the game it appears in (fully, partly or abbreviated) as the filename. An to be honest, I find that last thing easier instead of numbered files, because you could see what game it comes from by just reading the file name.
Alrighty. -- Webkinz ManiaTalkBlogsContributionsEditcount 13:54, August 17, 2012 (UTC)

Resources and Expanded Navigation

I think we should split up the Super Mario resources page. It is defiantly getting a bit big with all the items, enemies and heroes.

Also, I think we should do the expanded navigation, through Wiki Labs, because we can put the Fantendo Resources in there and more fan-created games. -- Webkinz ManiaTalkBlogsContributionsEditcountMario Baseball 3Mario Kart 8Mario Party 10Mario Sports Mix 2 14:00, August 22, 2012 (UTC)

I have to agree there, maybe seprate for Mario Kart, Party and Paper. It freezes computers for Pete's sakes! EllaFOCStelios7ChilliFDesperation(talk)Padge

A question on Filenames

I was wondering is it possible to rename files without deleting them? I want to rename some files I made that still have SMG3 MKW2 and NSMBW2:BB which are now my deleted and old games. I want to rename them so the still don't belong to those deleted games. 4-Legged Koopa TroopaYoshiGo99Snifit YG99

hey pepole who go on fantendo why not make vidio game sytems istead of using real ones?


 I just realized that the Koopalings (excluding Bowser Jr.) have NOT appeared lately. WHY!? They were SOOOOOOO epic! WhydidNintendoreplacethemandneverthoughtofbringingtheminMariogamesasmuchlately!? 

IM SO SAD!!! I think I'm gonna lose my SANITY like Iggy if THIS keeps on going...

"hey pepole who go on fantendo why not make vidio game sytems istead of using real ones?


 I just realized that the Koopalings (excluding Bowser Jr.) have NOT appeared lately. WHY!? They were SOOOOOOO epic! WhydidNintendoreplacethemandneverthoughtofbringingtheminMariogamesasmuchlately!? 

IM SO SAD!!! I think I'm gonna lose my SANITY like Iggy if THIS keeps on going..."

Are you an IP? --Why Is Every User Name Used? (talk) 20:02, July 6, 2013 (UTC)

Main Page Sections

You might want to make the disclaimer not go into the right bar so that the ads don't make huge gaps at the top. :/


Hello, I'm new to Fantendo!

Hi, saw this Wiki and thought, "why not?" (I'm gonna have to get used to the Wikia format, though)

I'm actually already working on a Pikmin Fanon Game and came here to see what other people are making.

Amphituber (talk) 01:53, January 5, 2013 (UTC)

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