The block appeal process gives currently banned users (who meet the specific criteria) an attempt integrate back into the community with a deserved fresh start/second chance.


Blocked users are able to appeal under the following conditions:

  • At one point in time, they contributed positively to the wiki.
  • Their current ban is for at least 6 months and they have already served half of the sentence from the ban.
    • 6 Month ban - Must wait 3 Months before appealing.
    • 1 Year to Infinite bans - Must wait 6 Months before appealing.

Basic Procedures and Guidelines

  1. Blocked user requests appeal. If the criteria previously mentioned are met, administration will begin the appeal process.
  2. A written statement from the blocked user must be submitted to the administration via email (the email address will be provided in a later section).
  3. From this, administration will review the statement and are able to ask for any clarification within the statement and take a vote on whether or not the block should be appealed.
  4. Given the result from voting, the appealing user will either have the block completely lifted, given a temporary unblock with a trial period, or remain blocked.

NOTE: For blocks with a specific time length (i.e. 6 months or 1 year): if the appeal process fails, the user cannot appeal again and must serve out the rest of their ban.
For permanent bans: If the appeal process fails, the user will be able to appeal again after 6 months has passed.

Written Statement

The written statement must include the following:

  • Username
    • This is so we can easily look for the banned user in ban logs.
  • Reason for ban
  • Explanation/Reflections
    • Why did they do it? What did they learn from being banned? What makes them want to reintegrate with the wiki? It's pretty cheesy, but they need to understand that what they did was wrong.
  • Clear intention of reformation
    • The most important part. If they’re unbanned, they must prove that they will contribute positively to the wiki again. What steps have they already taken to improve their behavior? Why should the community trust them again?

Contacting Us

Please email us at to request an appeal.

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