Wario is returning Wario City, to make some gold money, with his brother Waluigi.

It comes in October 27, 2009.

Platform: Wii and Nintendo DS.

Playable Characters


Wario was walking to Wario City, to see look is perfect, then he bump to Waluigi.

Then one day, they saw Mario and Luigi in there, then the Koopas kick off Mario and Luigi in night sky fall.

Meanwhile, Bowser was finding Wario City, to destroying Wario City, to get the gold money and gold jewels, stolen the giant Koopas.

The little King Koopa was in cage, but there's a poison crash landing in the cage, then the little king Koopa transform into King Giant Koopa.

Bowser and the koopas got a floating pirate ship to Wario City.


16 lands of Wario City, to discover the Koopas to defeat. To day and night to find out.
Finding the gold money to collect, and gold jewels. Wario to collect gold moneys, Waluigi to collect gold jewels.

There are 34 cut scenes in this game.

There are 13 weapons, expect guns in this game.

Use the Wii Remote to shake and spin to get gold money and jewels.

Battle Mode

Characters to be playable:



  1. Luigi
  2. Mario
  3. Bowser
  4. Bowser Jr.
  5. Bullet Bill
  6. Metal Mario
  7. Mini Koopa
  8. Paratroopa
  9. Shell Koopa
  10. Baby Giant Koopa
  11. Giant Koopa
  12. King Giant Koopa


  • Destroying Wario City! said Bowser.
  • Oh yes, yes, yes! said Wario.
  • Not so fast, Wario brothers! said Bowser Jr.
  • Oh no! It's King Giant Koopa said Bowser.
  • Yeah! said the Koopas and Bowser Jr.
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