Fantendo vs Fantendo II Part 2 is an sequel to underground classic Fantendo vs Fantendo II. It features new characters and environments. Authors include Cobweb, Stelios7, Gabriel, and Sorastitch.

Chapter 1

Unten meets Blue Soup and they declare war on each other. Unten grabs Blue Soup's back and tears out his spine then stabs his head with it and then kicks him off the cliff.

The War begins.

Zak summons a sword and kills a bunch of shark people and some members of Monica's gang. However, to do this, he stabs one person in the chest and then starting doing this over and over until the sword is covered with dead people hanging one the sword. He then gives it a large jolt and they fly everywhere, making a bloody mess.

Chapter 2

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Monica tries to kill Unten with his bunny but Hooly grabs her and kicks her off a cliff but a Decepticon saves her, but bitches don't know about Unten's ponies. Monica tries to kill Unten but Hooly grabs her and kicks her off a cliff but a Decepticon saves her, but bitches don't know about Unten's ponies. So Fluttershy and Twilight Sprinkles and Derpy Hooves and all their friends slam the Decepticon in the chest, grabbed his still beating heart and Monica's heart too and swapped them and they both have heart attacks. Then Derpy Hooves grab their puts their dead bodies in her mailbag and dumps them in a lake.

Chapter 3

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Ella Metals arrived with her friends at the battle field and allowed Andy to use his powers to square off with a Bowl of Soup. "FINALLY"? He shouted, "I CAN USE THEM IN BATTLE!" *gunshot* Samuel shot his head off and bowled the bowl of soup over with it. Pete the Blaziken threw Lexi, but she boomeranged for some reason and hit him in the face. Leila metals had expierence in killing so she got one of Zelmo's's many clones and kicked him where it hurts.


Who fainted and fell on Zelmo and died simeltaniously wow big word "Gees, this is boring" Yawned Ella, she was finding a way back to VineVille when Auntie Sceptile said, Hawllo Awnser me yo go showa, Ella looked shocked, "no I meen do you want to come and drink tea and knit, dear?"

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Chapter 4

Eliza Koopa faced down Smile in a fighting arena with tons of engines that flies through the air. The arena was about to crash into the sun. Smile was badly weakened, though; the extreme heat of the sun could hurt even a ghost. They fought for a while and Eliza threw Smile out of the arena and he was incinerated by the sun. Victoriously, Eliza radio'd her Fantendo II superiors to let them know she had triumphed. But she was suddenly cut off, for Smile had summoned reinforcements! Sunnyscythe (wielding two machine guns), riding Rainbow Dash (who had a flamethrower), crashed into the arena and it blew apart. Eliza Koopa was knocked unconscious and left out in space orbiting the sun, while Sunnyscythe and Rainbow Dash returned to Fantendo for the next round of fighting.

Chapter 4.5

Unten and Fluttershy took some plans from Blue Soup and saw that they were to a teleportation device. It used 5 pillars and Blue Soup has them in his base. Rainbow Dash and Hooly went off on the mission.

Chapter 5

The full moon illuminated a soft meadow of heather, swaying almost imperceptibly one moment, billowing in great wave-like surges the next. Hooly and Rainbow Dash (who had split up with Sunnyscythe earlier) had made it to night fall and were about to sneak into Blue Soup's fortress for the secret weapon... when suddenly Hooly was stabbed in the head, and then the knife went in and out, making a carving in his skull. Rainbow Dash flew inside and hid in a suit of armor. Hooly's skull fragements went onto the man's knife, carefully placed on with super glue. Rainbow Dash grabbed the pillars, and made a Sonic Rainboom and killed the man who killed Hooly.

Chapter 5.5

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Rainbow Dash with Hooly's lifeless body went over to Unten and gave him the Pillars and Hooly. Unten wept and then told Rainbow Dash to go take a rest. He needed to take one too.

Chapter 6: Communist Ruler Rises

Blue Soup has been revived and turned into a cyborg by his minions! He goes on a rampage, obliterating parts of Fantendo and having his minions enslave the inhabitants.
He is confronted once more by Unten, but Blue Soup's newfound powers allow him to easily defeat Fantendo's mascot.
Blue Soup then proceeds to unleash a deadly nanovirus that begins to assimilate all of Fantendo, making those infected into his slaves. Sunnyscythe and RainbowDash come together once again to face him down, but he easily infects both of them and marches on...

Chapter 6.5: What has tobe Done

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Fluttershy goes up to Rainbow Dash and takes the Pillars off her back and activates them. Her and Bambi go through and go onto the Moon where they meet Wheatly and Space Core and Rick! They go back to Fantendo and make Wheatly in control of Cyborg Blue Soup! Wheatly then gets replaced with Space Core and can no longer do any harm. But the Angry Video Game Nerd kills Blue Soup by taking out his stomach and spilling the stomach acids over him, which kills Space Core.

Chapter 7: The Confusion

Monica wakes up and starts to be angry and run and uses Samson the bunny to hits any characters in the way. Monica go to Fantendo II and Fluttershy and Bambi come and attack her with machine guns. Bambi starts eating away at Monica's gruesome remains. Bambi comes back after his meal is done and Fluttershy and Applejack find a cure for the infected people. They feed it to Rainbow Dash and Sunnyscythe. Ready for battle once more.

Chapter 7.5: Steve Handjobs

Steve Handjobs and his squadron of P-51 Mustangs were escorting a formation of American bombers back from a mission to wipe out some aircraft factories near Berlin. While still over Germany, Nazi fighter planes attacked the American formation, and Steve, along with the other escorts, swooped in to defend the bombers. After a short battle, all of the German fighters were either driven off or shot down, but Steve found himself alone, separated from the rest of his squadron. He then ate a sandwich, crashed and saw Monica's dead body and puked all over it.

Chapter 8

Auntie Sceptile, still staring at Ella, used leaf blade, with a cup of tea on it. The cup was made of metal and Ella splashed the leaf in the Tea into Auntie Sceptile's face, but all of a sudden, Ella's sword turned into a baseball bat. So she still whacked, Auntie Sceptile with it anyway! Who was on the floor covering her face. "You Have No Bottle", and Sceptile got sucked into a hole and came out next to a dead Zelmo and The Cookie Monster.

Chapter 8.5

Hooly came back to life when Applejack and Rainbow Dash fed him the anti-virus potion. Twilight Sparkle got into a P-15 Mustang along with Rarity. Suddenly a scary ass Decepticon starts eating the planes and looks doomed from here but Epps along with several disbanded NEST team members save them and kill the Decepticon.

Chapter 9

Blue Soup comes back in full armor now and so does Unten. They are fighting on MCD's Furniture Store. Unten and Blue Soup begin fighting and Unten's arm gets knocked off. While Blue Soup is laughing, Unten cuts off his head and eats him and the rest of his body. Tina Chicken finds the pillars and uses them to revive Blue Soup and uses a voodoo doll on Unten! Oh no! Rainbow Dash knocks off Tina Chicken but Tina Chicken starts beating up Rainbow Dash and they crash in to the store which is 50 stories wide, and Unten and Blue Soup run for it, battling each other as they are running. Twilight and Spike fight off Mr. Chicken and Bub Hey. When all hope seems lost, Steve Handjobs shuts the pillars off, but Monica comes back to turn them back on!

Chapter 9.5

Steathy Slueth Sloth starts attacking Derpy and all the rest of the ponies. Unten jumps down and kills him, and then he starts attacking Blue Soup again. Monica and Steve Handjobs start fighting and break the Pillars, and then Hooly and the Hooligans start taking over the city. Since stepping to Hooly meant they were probably about to die anyway, they saw no harm in teaming up to stop him. Lucy began tricking Charlie Brown and Charlie Brown hit her and she flew into a building.

Chapter 10

There, Unten and Hooly reveal that they were still working together and butchers Blue Soup and his fellow communists and seize the means of production. This is pretty grim, as they tear flesh faithfully. The effect is harrowing, as is the chilling audio track, the whole scene played out to the sound of the Fantendo citizens and Ponies themselves singing "Winter Wrap-Up". Finally, as the slaughter is won, and the whistling fades out, the camera pans across streets slick with blood, soup, and crap finally stopping on a shot of Unten and Hooly. They stares directly into the dead bodies with unblinking eyes, and after eight seconds, commands the rest of the group to "Go home." Snap cut to black, then "Winter Wrap-Up" plays again, this time distant, echoey and ever so slightly off key. It's truly distressing.

This scene was reported to have caused nightmares in roughly 73% of players.


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