End of Time?!

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Genre Infiltration, Adventure
Mode Single player, Multiplayer
Platform Nintendo Switch
Developer(s) Fantendo
ESRB Rating
Violence, Blood, Language, Use of Tobacco

End of Time?! is a turn-based tactics stealth video game incorporating elements of adventure gameplay, developed by Fantendo and, as a crossover, primarily features characters from various franchises of theirs.

In the game, the player acts as the remote operator for an operative teams that needs to steal and infiltrate all-mighty livings' apartments to prevent them to put all universes to an end. The player has to direct agents in covert missions, acquiring resources and support within a limited amount of time.

The main story mode follows the story of, you, the player who has been called by the seductive Angelita to save the universes from the Judges who wants to end them once for all.


See the complete Gameplay here

Fantendo's End of Time?! consists of two primary segments:

Infiltration phases

This phase is a turn-based tactics based-gameplay, with a top-down perspective, with emphasis on stealth and espionage

During a Infiltration phase, the player have to complete a given mission. The objective of a mission varies a lot during the game but usually requiring the player to retrieve a specific item from a secure location and escape, stealing as much money and items as possible along the way.

To complete their mission, the player can chose until 4 agents that they will command on the 18 available. Each agents has a type (Nimble, Hitter, Lookout, Undercover, Charmer and Lucky) and unique Special Power.

Missions are played out in a turn-based manner between the player turn and the ennemy turn. Each agent under the player's control has a limited number of action points each turn that allow them to move, open/close doors, take out guards silently, or perform other covert tasks.

Levels can be completed in many ways based on the characters chosen by the player.

Many in-game items, including bombs, weapons and other items can be picked up. In-game money is also collectible during a mission but can be only use after a mission to buy upgrades.

To help his agents in the missions, the player can purchase, in the Adventures phases, upgrades or equipment, using collected in-game money. This upgrade can be new Specials, more Action points, new outfits.

Adventure phase

In the Adventure phases, the player has to convince the potential agents to work for him in the next mission but he also has to manage with their temper and his relationship with them to keep them in your team.

You can also buy upgrades to your agents during this phases.

The choices the player makes during certain sections of the Adventure phases will affect the development of the story line but also his team of agents, who can become more close to the player or, in contrary, more distant.

The game features multiple endings based on the route player takes.


Hi Sweetie!

EOT Angelia

My name is Angelita and Welcome to the Last Existential Fun Fair where all the universes intersect!!

How do you like this beautiful bistro? Really a terrace is the best place to meet new people, don't you think? But you can't enjoy this as much as me being behind your screen. How is it in your world right now? I don't come there often but last time you killed Kings or something.

Don't be that confused, I guess who thought you were playing a video game but let's be honest right there, that was a trick. The instant you open the game, you were chosen to be part of this... perilous matter.

Ok, I am starting to lost you so I will be concise. You are the only one from your universe with enough potential the stop the End of time. End of Time?! Yes, you hear right, soon enough the Judges, 9 all-mighty beings, will erase all the universes existing because, well..., they became bored of it and, honestly, it is a lot of responsibilities.

The only way to stop them, it's to annihilate their cosmic powers by stealing their power sources. Ohhh stop worrying about this interdimensional life or death scenario.... you won't even be in the battlefield! Your role is to stay behind your screen and operate with tactical strategies. You will be the agent handler for covert operations! You will be the Mastermind behind a team of outstanding agents!

Oh and I almost forgot the most important part Sweetie! You have 8 days to complete it. If I could put some tricks to prevent the Judges to use their omnipotence on us, I don't have enough power to maintain it more than that...

The agents? Oh yes! Who will you have to guide through what seems to be the most dangerous mission ever existed? I also have the answer, I, personally, selected various agents from various universe but, well... I don't have much talent in strategy so I did my part now it's your turn.

The only thing is that none of them know why they are here and it HAS TO stay this way. If you, sorry for that, are only a simple human and not particularly remarkable, the other chosen are strong heroes and villains from their respective universe and well-known form the Judges. If one of the agents learns the truth, the Judges, even if they are under my powers, will know what it's going on and will certainly speed up the End of Time.

The agents are all thinking being invited by myself to have fun in the Last Existential Fun Fair. So... You will be the one who proposes them some fun adventures with no high stakes at all... Just lie to them, they are not that clever...

Ok, I can feel that a lot of questions are coming but you now have to go see the other agents and invite them to their first mission. Just be yourself, everything will be fine and if you fail, well.. everyone will loose their existence so there will be no one to blame you sweetie.

Main Protagonists

See the complete Character section here

The Player


Look! It's you. Yes, you behind your screen! You were chosen by Angelita to save the world because you seem to have the sufficient skills to direct her agents and save the universes but also because your life is pretty insignificant so the Judges won't remark you... Still now you are the most important person in the universes because all the worlds futures depend on you! Please don't be nervous...


EOT Angelia

She works as a Judges representative, she worked for them since the beginning of time but now she feels anxious about their decision to reboot all the universes and she establishes in secret a plan to stop them: finding the best of all universes to steal in secret the Judges' powers. Angelita will be your guide during the game, she is also the one you keep you safe by preventing the Judge to see you.


EOT Demonio

Like Angelita, he is a Judges representative but he is also the Angelita's rival. Demonio will appears later in the game to stir the pot and to throw you up roadblocks. He's a really pain in neck, to stay polite, but you have no choice to endure him and be more clever than he is.

The Agents

There is twenty agents available during the game:


Nimble has powers which help to tamper with doors, safes or security system.

EOT Bunea


Bunea is a cool and confident thief who, one time, had the courage to stole her own world from the hands of the interplanetary colonizer the Mistress of Weird. Despite a difficult start the two enemies will become closer until revealing a surprising love for each other.



Bunea will transform herself in her Regal form for 2 rounds. In this form when she is working on tampering something, she will summon a Reflect Bubble making her less visible and invincible during the time of the tampering. There is 1 chance on 10 that she transforms herself into Vulpea instead, in this form, any enemy who approaches her during a tampering will be knocked out.

Bunea invokes the three Oak Faeries. This pixies will, each of them, go to a different object to tamper giving the possibility for Bunea to tamper three objects for one action.

EOT 314


3.14 is the first Artificial Intelligence to be transferred out of the digital realm through A22 Entreprise. He escaped and decided to hide away, living in harmony with nature. 3.14 is a naive but incredibly good-hearted person who uses his electrical power to help others pacifically.



3.14 can input himself into an object to tamper. As he did that, he becomes invisible to the enemy. If 3.14 uses this power on a moving object, he can move in it during 2 rounds.

3.14 glows and can succeed immediately to tamper any objects in his vision range. During the use of this power, he becomes more visible for the enemies so beware.


Hitter can knock-out opponents.

EOT Bowie
BowieQuest New Logo


Despite his hard-cold face, Bowie is a caring Teddy Bear who loves his family. As the Sheriff of the Western Village, Bowie is armed with his loyal whip which he can use with exceptional abilities.



Bowie make a big jump toward an enemies to knock him out. As a jump, the movement won't be blocked by low obstacle.

Bowie launches his Sheriff Star. The star will hit three enemies in a row as long as they are in the same open space.

EOT Tigzon
Tigzon logo design (2019ver)


From the country of Azahara comes Tai Z Takara who can transform himself into Tigzon the TigerStar using the power of the Zonantix. As a fire-type Zon spirit, Tigzon is highly recognized for his agility, high speed and fire fist. With his strengths, Tai Z chooses to take action against the evil ANTIX Corporations.



Tigzon warms up and then runs and jumps everywhere in the area, knocking all the enemies in the same room (as long as they have a defense inferior to Tigzon's strenght).

Tigzon is contacted by Ani and her robot Spinx. In the next round, they will make an apparition and drop bombs randomly through the area knocking out all the enemies, but also allies, touched by a bomb. This power alerts all the opponents.


Lookout can have a bigger understanding of the surrounding.

EOT Redd Helloon
Vermilion Scrap user logo - Mirai Moon

Redd and Helloon

Redd is a young orphan, in a fox costume, who holds, all the times, a demonic red balloon, Helloon, who is not less that the king of the underworld. Helloon, as the demon he is, love to corrupt the child's mind, and the two remain inseparable despite their often-conflicting ideals.



During 1 round, when Redd is in a dark zone, you can see this zone like any other normal zones.

During 2 rounds, Helloon becomes his own agent with a 5x5 vision zone, you can move him separately from Redd. After 2 rounds, it will float above the area and reappears in the hand of Redd.

EOT Giselle


Giselle is a giggly transgender woman who left Japan to live in New York. When she appears to be one of the primary suspects of a murder, she became close friend with the a noted detective, Alyssa, who was working undercover. In the company of Alyssa, Giselle upgraded her already efficient detective skills, she is known to notice small details that others might overlook very easily.



Giselle calls her detective friend, Alyssa. Alyssa will tell you how many enemies and hidden items are left in the area.

Giselle will slap her hand fan into the air summoning a wind of Sakura petals. The petals will float randomly during 2 rounds in the area revealing what it's around them in a 2x3 zone.

EOT Aingeru
GalactianBattle of Bracelets


Aingeru woke up one morning with a bracelet with a green gem on his arm, since then he became the Green Golden Bracelets with the aim of balance the power of the gods against the Chaos Guardians. In his role, Aingeru gains a legendary sword, the Chaos Sword, and wings to fly. In the game, Aingeru starts as a Centurion but can be recruited by the player.



A dazzling feather flies through the level to reveal , an agent hidden outside the agents' and the player's vision. After two turns, the feather disappears and the power stop.

Until you re-use this power to deactivate it, Aingeru becomes his dark self and use his sword as a weapon (making him able to knock out enemies like a Hitter agent), in this form Aingeru looses his Look-out abilities.


Undercover can be less detectable by the enemies.

EOT Smile


Smile is a Ghostborn, meaning that he died at birth but returned as a ghost. He is something of a outgoing bookworm. As he never could live his mortal life, he fought the ruthless Mythic for the Mortality Crystal, the only thing with the power to allow a ghost to live life as a human. He succeeded but was forced to return to ghosthood to fight Mythic again.



Smile puts the area in an alternative dimension for 1 round. In this ghostly dimension, all your team members gains the Undercovers' constant ability.

During 2 rounds, Smile can move and stay unseen by the enemies.

EOT Zpyrus


Zpyrus is a masked being pretending to be a fighter from another dimension unknown even for the Judges. Zpyrus has a warping power as he can teleport himself and the others.



Zpyrus summons an Aggro Ring which will stay at the feet of a target (an ally, enemy or even himself) in his Vision Area. When Zpyrus summons another Aggro Ring by using this power a second times, the two Aggro Rings will become warps and the two targets will switch their place.

Zpyrus summons a warp for himself, you can teleport in any zone visible for the player.


Charmer can manipulate the enemies.

EOT Madame Mothana
Stolen Worlds logo

Madame Mothana

Madame Mothana is a massive moth lady living in the Mass World as its self-proclaimed empress. During a long time, to prevent her tyranny, mages stuck her in an inoffensive form. She eventually regains her nearly all-powerful form but with a very notable weakness, light will attract her no matter what.

Madame Mothana is a strange choice for the mission, how can we use such a gigantic being for a heist? She owns 4 squares (instead of one like other agents) making her more visible and hard to move.



Madame Mothana takes her floofillar form, comparable to a caterpillar; where she has a normal size (owning 1 square instead of 4). In this form she can't use Soft Spores. She can return to her initial form by using a second time this same power.

Madame Mothana invades all the room where she's in and all the adjacent open spaces with spores as she flaps her wings. All the enemy targeted by the spores will lost their alert status as if they have never seen one of your agent or hear an alarm.

EOT Mons
Paradigm Logo Final


Mons is a demigod with a very headstrong personality using his magma rock arms to hit what it's on his way. One day, he was dropped without any belonging in the land of Grimmore where he leaned to survive by himself. Despite his violent nature, he found himself being quite a catch with other peoples around him, some would say that he's kind of hot.



Mons expand his charm area for one square (for example to 4x4 to 5x5) the effect last three turns but he can each turn, add another square making him able to have a charm area of 7x7.

With the help of a sparkle, Mons can move an enemy attracted to him outside his Charm area. The sparkle lasts two turns after the that the agent will be uncharmed.


The Lucky can increase your chance to find more valuable items or money.

EOT Unten


Unten is a joyful dreamer who comes from the nearly extinct race of Beorn from the Zeon planet. Being separated from his family, Unten chosen despite his lack of courage to go to find them and free them from the evil Doomulus Grimes who wanted to stole their electric Beorn power.



Every items and money that the player can see will be doubled.

You can use this power only once in a mission. If you win during the same turn that you used this Specialty you will receive a double amount of victory money.

Wild Cards

The Wild Cards are temporary agents that you can only have for one mission after buying them in the Market. They are powerful agents with particular strategies.

EOT Alec


Alec is an impulsive man with a playful way to fight. He was born as a Heirs, a human with the power to transform himself into ancient gods. Alec can transform himself to become Apollo or Helios. As he lost her mother from an evil organization, the Eighth Seal, Alec becomes one of the most fierce fighter to defend the world against them.



Alec transforms himself into Apollo for 1 round. In this form, Alec will knock out any enemy attacking him.

Alec transforms himself into Helios and start to charge his sun power, taking one complete round. When it's finished, for the next turn, all the enemies will be twice as vulnerable to a knock-out and will stay unconscious 4 rounds instead of 2.

Tayshaun & Amy logo


Amy Jackson is a heroic martian cyborg from a very dark and distant future. She has with her various things from the future, including a fight suit and a car. Her technology makes her very powerful as she has psychic powers that she can use to predict the future, controlling living beings and machines.



If you use this power near of a electronic machine, Amy will use the machine to construct her high-tech sword. If you do this power three times, she will finish her sword and the sword will become a new Hitter agent on your team. As Amy will control the sword with her power, when Amy is out of the mission the sword will follow her.

When you use this power you can move all the electronic objects in the same room than Amy as they were your agents.

Mains modes


A playable mode where you follow the adventures of you, the player, manipulating a bunch of powerful agent to save the universes from the Judges.

To complete the mode, the player will have to succeed 30 missions with predetermined map layouts but randomly generated enemy placements.

In the Story Mode, through the adventure phases, the player will be able to make narrative choices, giving to them access to multiple storylines and endings.

Progressing through the story will unlock new fighters, items, levels that you will be able to re-use in other game modes.

The Story Mode is divided in 8 acts each of them having 2 to 4 missions and one boss (with the exception of the first act and the secret act) for a total of 30 missions.

Between each mission, you will enter in the Adventure mode with the goal to prepare at best the next mission by talking to the agents and managing them.



In the Arcade mode, the player chooses his first two agents and have to complete a series of 5 missions, with randomly generated map layouts and enemy placements.

This mode has four levels of difficulty:

  • Easy
  • Normal
  • Hard
  • Hellfire

Between the mission, the player will have access to the Eggplant Bazaar to buy new equipment.

The player can also unlock new agent, as each mission will hide a masked agent that the player can free. At the end of the level, the player will change the masked agent into one of the available agents and now can use them in the following missions.

Boss Rush

This mode is only accessible once you finish the Story mode.

In Boss Rush, you have to fight once again all 8 bosses from the Story Mode (plus a secret one).

This time, it will be closer to the Arcade Mode, as each boss level will follows each other and between them the player can only go to the Eggplant Bazaar to buy new items.

At the beginning of the mode, the player can have two agents.

The player can also unlock new agent, as each mission will hide a masked agent that the player can free. At the end of the level, the player will change the masked agent into one of the available agents and now can use them in the following missions.


Ultimate Boss Rush is a sub mode to the Boss Rush, unlockable if the player finishes the original mdoe.

In this version, the gameplay stays the same as the player has to defeat a series of 8 bosses (plus one) but this time with restrictive rules, like limited items, a predetermined team of agents, new map layout...

It's supposed to be a real challenge for the best players.

The Enemies

See the complete Enemy list here

During the infiltration phase, your agents will come across various enemies, most of the time it will be basic bad agents who are only a threat if they see you. But sometimes, you will see more powerful enemies necessitating a particular strategy to knock out.



The Puppets are the default enemies in the game, they mostly immobile until they are alerted. When they are alerted, they will search through the level for your agents.

When an agent is within a Puppet's fire range, he has to move in a hidden area in one movement, if not the Puppet will attack them and knock them out.

Puppets change their uniforms to correspond at a level theme. For example, in the Act 4, they were typical suburban clothes from a 50's family, as well, in the Act 6 they wear traditional Asian clothes.



Nitropedes are strange looking and enormous caterpillar made of explosive silver balls. When they see an agent they launch an explosive which will knocked out any of your agent in a range of 4 squares.

If killed, the Nitropede explodes.

One-Eyed Jack


The One-Eyed Jack move themselves from room to room each turn. When they arrive in a room they scan by rotating on themselves. To keep an agent to be seen by a One-Eyed Jack you have to be sure to be hidden in a place that won't be in the One-Eyed Jack's vision range when it will turn on itself.



DATA_S5.s are robotic enemy with more movements than a normal enemy but it also has the faculty to become suspicious as soon as one of your agent enters in a 4-squares range around them (even if the agent is behind a wall or an obstacle).

They are powerful enemy but with a great weakness, you can tamper them and make them for a limited amount of time one of your agent.



The Invidias are a intimidating enemy as he always knows where is the nearest of your agent and will always walk towards them.

If the Invidias are slower than regular guard (only 5-squares movement maximum), they always go to the right direction.

Prismatic Mirage


The Prismatic Mirages are invincible and powerful enemies that fly above the map looking for any suspiscious activity.

As most of the enemies, they can knock you out once they see your agent, making them really dangerous. Be careful!

The Centurions


The Centurions are 8 unique enemies that you will come across through the missions. They can be seen as the anti-agent as each of them has a power resembling to one of the different type of agents.

They are considered as the most powerful enemies beside the bosses and can be very challenging to win against.

In the story, the Centurions are also characters from other universes and like your agents they don't know what they are doing, they just think they are participating to a competition and that you and your agents are the rival team.


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