Fantasy Realm
Developer(s) Lunar Co.
Publisher(s) Lunar Co.
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS, Lunar Comet
Genre(s) Action/ RPG
Release Date(s) US- December 2, 2011

US-TBA (Lunar Comet)

PAL-December 10, 2011

PAL-TBA (Lunar Comet)

JP-November 30, 2011

JP-TBA (Lunar Comet)

Age Rating(s) E10+, A, 7+, PG
Media Included Nintendo 3DS Cartridge, Lunar Comet Disc
Fantasy Realm (Realm of Fantasy in Europe) is an upcoming video game by Lunar Co.. It will be an RPG for the Lunar Comet. It is suspected to be released in 2012.


(Note: * Means storyline for optional characters)

Long ago, in a peaceful land of Sprite Kingdom, a dark power was building up. The remains of an ancient Cosmos Sprite, Scar, was plotting revenge to avenge the loss of all but one Cosmos Sprite. His evil plan was finally unleased in early morning. Across the land, horrified Kings drew thier last breath, dragons shook in fright, and towers collasped. A young knight, Dexrey, was about to set off on the biggest adventure his life may ever see.

After a long, hard journey through the Grass Dragon's Feilds, Dexrey meets a lovely maiden by the name of Telila Jones. Telila wants to help Dexrey on his quest, but Dexrey disagrees and they debate until Telila wins. They set off into the Land of Harpies, unaware of the danger that lies before them.

About halfway through the Land of Harpies, Telila spots are harpie take off with a small fiqure squeling 'Help! Help me NOW!" Dexrey shoots down the half-bird, and they have to fight it to gain the liitle goblin, who hesitently joins the quest.

While entering Winter's Wood, a gruff claw slices a scar in Dexrey's hand. Angred, Dexrey, Telila, and Mzar attack the werewolf. After defeating the him, he introduces himself and against Telila's will, with debate, entered the quest to freedom.

In the Temple of Ruins, an old Gargolyle wants to join the cause, but needs to be paid five Δ Chips. After Ethyn joins, the quest moves on-with flying involved.*

Trapped in a cage, a litlle Sun Sprite wails. She says if you can free her, she will help on Dexrey's quest. After Tehilia frees her, they move on.*

The party enters the chamber to Scar's room. After defeating Scar, the Sprite Kingdom returns to it's former glory. All is well. Dexrey returns to being a knight-in-training, and Telila moves to Dexrey's town.


Fantasy Realm is an RPG with similar gameplay to the Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, World of Warcraft, and Earthbound. You roam around collecting items and + Chips to boost stats and to heal, or use as weapons. You then use your skills to fetch Δ Chips, which in turn unlock new party members and Realms. Battles with enemies are old-fashoined and turn-based. You can also use Might Attacks when your health is 5% or under.

(See this for Movesets)

Quest Party Members

(* means optional)

Image Name Personality Description Might Attack Race
Dexrey Spitz Outgoing, Brave A knight-in-training, Dexrey has a sense of adventure that cannot be said in words. Revenge of the Dragon Human
Telila Jones Sweet, Determined A young maiden whom just happens to have been the daughter of the last king of the land. She is good with words. Minotaur's Rage Human
Mzar Quizt Timid, Bashful As a young goblin, Mzar has a limited range of abilities, but an unlimited brain full of tactics. Rise of the Phoenix Goblin
Garth Rangers Angry, Not-Trustworthy Garth is a master hunter, his aim better than the aim of the best archer. The Breath of the Harpie Werewolf
Ethyn Kindle* Confident, Self-Centric Ethyn Kindle is a master, it's a surprise. His flying does the team well, though. Sweet Gargoyle's Revenge Gargoyle
Triffy* Spunky, Short-Tempered Triffy is a nice little Sprite who puts magic to the test! With the power of the Sun! Sprite Unite Sun Sprite

"Realms" of Scar's End

Realm Name Primary Type Sub Type(s) Accesablility Cost
Grass Dragon's Feilds Grass NA Free
Land of Harpies Air Earth, Grass 12 Δ Chips
Winter's Wood Ice Earth, Water

20 Δ Chips

Temple of Ruins Water NA 34 Δ Chips
Treerealm of Forest Magic Earth, Grass, Water 47 Δ Chips
Doom Castle Dark NA 65 Δ Chips
Freeform Ridge NA NA 1 Master Δ Chip


(Note: * means in Advanced Quest)

Name Description HP World(s)
Buzza Buzzas are the bane of evil in Grass Dragon's Feild. Beware of thier nasty stings and bites. 7, 15* Grass Dragon's Feilds, Treerealm of Forest
Bulbully The cries of a Bulbully light up the sky as well as it's eerie glow. Of, couse, being a bull, it is never in the sky. 21, 22* Grass Dragon's Feilds
Rodeath Welcome to the world of pain, the world of poison, the world of hurt. It's the world of the Rodeath! These mice are not nice. 14 Grass Dragon's Feilds, Temple of Ruins*
Grinn The Grinn look nice. The Grinn look creepy. Now, the Grinn looks weepy. Watch out and hit him when he lets all guard down. 26, 31* Grass Dragon's Feilds, Doom Castle
Harpie Harpies, harpies everywhere. They give Mzar the scare. Don't run into these bad birds. 50 Land of Harpies, Treerealm of Forest
Bizza-Buzza Buzza's return to haunt you as Bizza-Buzzas. Thier bite is worse than thier brak, you know. 45, 60* Land of Harpies, Doom Castle*
Mini-Harpie The Mini-Harpies are less a threat than normal ones, and are sometimes called Harpie Hatchlings. 12, 6* Land of Harpies
Jack the Rooter Watch out! It's Jack the Rooter, here to root up YOU!56, 65* Treerealm of Forest
Crazy Birdie Crazy Birdies are like fleas. Advice: Don't. Turn. Around.12, 15, 70, 81, 100* ALL


  • Dexrey has was called Prince Puffy at one of the development stages.
  • The Realms of the game were originaly called dungeons, but were renamed to add uniqueness.
  • In Winter's Wood, if you find a werewolf and hit is, it will mumble like when the characters are talking.
  • There are 2 Girl Party members and 4 Boy Party members.
  • The Δ Chips are a refrence to the Hybrid Δ, the system Fantasy Realms is for.
  • This game was inspired by Heroes of Ruin for Nintendo 3DS and WoW for PC.
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