Fantasy 64 (Fantaji 64 in Japan) is an RPG developed and published by Scarce Gaming for the Nintendo 64 on November 30, 1997. It features Larvae, a knight, fighting against his home kingdom in the world of Vanda.

Main Characters


  • Larvae (Duel Knight) - Larvae is a knight who excels both in Melee Weapons, Ranged Weapons, and Magic. He can also Suplex enemies.
  • Foal (Horseback Archer) - Foal is an archer who excels in Ranged Weapons. She can not only use Bows, but guns as well.
  • Young (Martial Artist) - Young is a martial artist who excels in Physical Combat. He can not equip weapons or use magic of any kind.
  • Birth (Wizard) - Birth is a Wizard who excels in magic. He can also use weapons, but tends to misuse them, causing him to hit allies and miss constantly.


  • King Famine - The king of Larvae's hometown. He is usually a kind ruler, but at the start of the game, it is revealed that he has been more aggressive for a few days. It turns out that he is being controlled by Death.
  • Death - The reaper of souls. Jokingly referred to by Birth as, "The Reaper of Soles," Death has many offensive magic attacks and can cause an instant death attack, which the warning is, "The Grim Reaper Cometh." Death can also deal major damaging physical attacks, and has a fast dodge rate.
  • Rei - The main villain of Fantasy 3 before his death. Rei is a thief with a large, robotic arm. Rei appears in the final battle rarely, and is invincible. Upon the defeat of Death, the Warped Fabric that Death causes destroys Rei, setting the stage for Fantasy 3.


  • Conquest - Larvae's Hometown. Named for the King's brother. It is also where the final battle takes place.
  • Battlegrounds - Battle Area/War Area.
  • Ichi - A field where Foal is found.
  • Ni - A classic Japanese town. Young's hometown. When Larvae comes, it is under siege.
  • San - A snowy mountain where Birth lives. Magic Power is multiplied here, and most enemies use magic.
  • Yon - A pitch-black area where Death was banished to. Many monsters with instant-death attacks reside here, and damage by anything, to anything, is tripled.
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