Fantasy 4 (Fantaji Yon in Japan) is a RPG developed and published by Scarce Gaming for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System on November 15, 1996, and re-released on the Sega Dreamcast, along with it's predecessors in Japan under the name Fantaji Korekushon on September 27, 1999. The game follows the story of Eguhara's attempts to defeat an insane syndicate known as The Edohoho Gang.


  • Eguhara (Male) - A man living in the town of Corona. One night, his house is burnt down by The Edohoho Gang. Demanding revenge, he goes through the world in an attempt to defeat them. He can use Blades, Guns, Custom Weapons, and Batons.
  • Sigo (Female) - A girl living at Blood Canyon. She knows magic, and is blind. She can use Guns, Blades, Batons, and Magic.
  • Skala (Male) - A werewolf that is imprisoned in the town of Galamonte for brutally murdering his family. He can use Guns, Custom Weapons, Blades, and magic while human, and Berserk while in werewolf form.
  • Eala (None) - A Siren who never speaks, living in Dead Valley. He can use Blades, Guns, Custom Weapons, and Magic while in normal form, and Enchant while transformed. He is the only party member that can fly.
  • Goboi (Male) - A travelling jester who performs death magic. He can use any weapon. To cause him to join the party, the player must go backstage after Goboi's performance in the Corona Dome, and talk to him.

Eala's transformations

  • An eggplant
  • A random enemy
  • Spikeyfruit
  • Corona
  • Rei

Magic Abilities

  • Flames - Level 1 Fire Magic.
  • Super Flames - Level 2 Fire Magic.
  • Frost - Level 1 Ice Magic.
  • Super Frost - Level 2 Ice Magic.
  • Electro - Level 1 Electric Magic.
  • Super Electro - Level 2 Electric Magic.
  • Wave - Level 1 Water Magic.
  • Super Wave - Level 2 Water Magic.
  • Iron - Level 1 Metal Magic.
  • Super Iron - Level 2 Metal Magic.
  • Fly - Flight Magic.
  • Fake Wound - Disguise Magic.
  • Flash - Level 1 Blinding Magic.
  • Super Flash - Level 2 Blinding Magic.
  • Chaos - Level 1 Death Magic.
  • Super Chaos - Level 2 Death Magic.
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