Fant Icarus: Editing
Producer(s) Alange95 (tbc)
Distributor(s) Walange Corporation
Broadcaster(s) Element TV
Genre(s) comedy
First Air Date(s)
August 18th, 2012
Last Air Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
Country of Origin Spain
Original Language English
Season(s) 1
Episodes 3 (filming more)
Fant Icarus: Editing is the new TV anime that makes the parody of Kid Icarus: Uprising, with a Fantendo touch. In this adventure, Pitgeru is based off Pit and Ellatena based off Palutena. The mission of Pitgeru is helping Ellatena, Goddess of Metal, to defeat the Trollworld Army that is controlled by Masdusa, Queen of the Trollworld.


Masdusa has decided to destroy all the humanity and own the Human World with the help of the Trollworld army. Ellatena, Godess of Metal, who is defending the humans, doesn't want that humans are killed and faces Masdusa. Ellatena sends Pitgeru to stop the Trollworld army and defeat Masdusa, who had sent one of her beast trolls to destroy Vine City.

When Pitgeru arrives there, he meets Cobnus, a human that was serving the Trollworld army but has decided to fight against the trolls. The WikiCruishbellows is the creature sent by Masdusa to destroy everything . But Cobnus beated it to help Pitgeru.

more coming soon...


Pitgeru Pit He is an angel, without the power of flight. He's the main warrior of the Goddess of Metal, Ellatena. #1 Lady Ellatena
Ellatena Palutena She is the Goddess of Metal and the one that looks after humans. Now she has to defend them again if she wants to buy a new car. #1 Lady Ellatena
Masdusa Medusa She is the antagonist of Fant Icarus. She is the Queen of the Trollworld and can petrify people with her eyes. #1 Lady Ellatena
Cobnus Magnus He's a human that was an ally of the Trollworld Army long ago. He usually uses a big sword. #2 The Return of Ellatena
Angel - He's the narrator of this story and Pitgeru usually argue with him for how he's treated in the story. #3 Hard to unite
Dark Lord Spaurk Dark Lord Gaol He is the king of that castel and a general of the Trollworld Army. It's supposed that Cobnus and he have some kind of relatioship. #4 Assault to Spaurk Castle


#1 Lady Ellatena Masdusa has started the war against humans and sent a lot of weird creatures to destroy humans. Ellatena, Goddess of Metal, has sent Pitgeru to fight the Trollworld Army and win the war.
#2 The Return of Ellatena Pitgeru and Ellatena arrived to the Vine City after a long argument and love talk. They find there Cobnus, a human that is destroying Trolls. They finally decide to attack together the WikiCrushbellows.
#3 Hard to Unite Pitgeru and Cobnus work "together" now and are going to defeat WikiCruishbellows. They can't work together despite they try to destroy the same objective. It's the first round of a war against Masdusa.
#4 Assault to Spaurk Castle Ellatena and Pitgeru are going to attack one of the most important places of the Trollworld. But they discover in there that Cobnus is also attacking the castle. They know there the Dark Lord Spaurk.
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