Fang (Goru)
Fang in Dark Fungi: Warriors from Below.
Full Name Fang
Current Age 23
Gender Male
Location Darksire
Current Status Alive
Class Villain
Red Clan
Main Weapon(s) Katars
Vulnerable To Goru raw power
Latest Appearance Dark Fungi: Warriors from Below

Fang (Goru) is the main antagonist of the Dark Fungi series. He is a Red Goru and the leader, operator, and founder of the Red Clan.


Fang is a red colored Goru, aka an evil Goru. He has black whites, black hair and a black boil. He wears a black leather jacket, a yellow belt, black boots with orange at the end, and has yellow eyes.


Fang is very demanding and controlling. He is also know to try and manipulate people into doing things for them. He can also be very persuasive, and is known to make ultimatives for people. He is a very cruel person, often punishing people for the littlest things.

But at times, Fang can be caring, such as when he helped Gorge during the The Battle of Shady Cove.


Dark Fungi

Dark Fungi: Black Grotto

Tears in Darkness

Dark Fungi: Warriors from Below

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