Fandemonium is a collaboration project, started by Metal Locked (not to be confused with the character of the same name) and ended by Cobweb. It began fairly upbeat, slowly evolving into a very, very grim parody of reality TV shows.


  • Book Ends - Unintentionally done. Early on in Episode 1, Heart and 3.14 walk into Fandemonium mansion, which is bustling with activity. Episode 50 ends with MLv2 walking out of the mansion, which is empty.
  • Bolivian Army Ending - Kind of. Metal Locked v2 sets off into the world to solve the mysteries presented to him by the author, his fate unknown.
  • Character Derailment - Clyde stabbing Flame in the back in episode 23.
  • Canon Discontinuity - The Blaze story arc, the episodes with Marine in them... pretty much every single episode that crosses over with Nintendo or SEGA.
  • Cerebus Syndrome - Practically defines this trope. Your mileage may vary on whether or not it worked.
  • DeadFic - Fandemonium nearly became this, but was revived.
  • Discontinuity - Your mileage may vary, but HalerN's episodes qualify as this for some.
    • Although nothing really happens in them, so it doesn't really matter.
      • Except the character's reactions to Nightwolf's death. It seems weird without that happening.
  • Disney Death - Played with. Literally all of the characters who die in the last few episodes reappear, perfectly healthy, in the "future" that the author shows MLv2. It is unknown if the events that occur during the "future" segments are really happening or if it's all a ploy by the author to made MLv2 get out of the portal.
  • Gainax Ending - Episode 50. At some point in the future, Heart will be alive and married to PKB. PKB himself will have become human for some reason that even he does not understand. He will be in contact with the Yellow Eyed Man, who somehow survived his fall. At another point in time, Hiro will have become human as well, and an alcoholic once more. In the present, The Black Haired Man is revealed to have manipulated all of the events that occurred throughout the series, and the Super Hound is alive and working for him. All of this is being shown to Metal Locked v2 by the author (who has become a physical character) in order to convince MLv2 not to give up on life.
  • Lighter And Fluffier - The Arend episodes.
  • Sequel Hook - Episode 50 is practically made of these.
  • Trippy Finale Syndrome - Oh yes.
  • What Could Have Been - Arend has stated that if his version of Fandemonium had been allowed to continue, it would have led to the Yellow Eyed Man being arrested and Metal Locked v2 taking down the producers just in time for the final results of Fandemonium to come in- all in all, a considerably more cheerful ending than the one released.
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