#9 I'll be back...drunk Part 2
Hosted By ML
Eliminated Hiro the Echidna
Challenge N/A
Winner N/A
Writer of Episode YoshiEgg

This episode of Fandemonium contains mature content such as medium Coarse Language.

This is also a very short episode. You have been warned...

Last time on Fandemonium...

Flame and Hiro were sent to the guillotine and ML and Steel might not be getting paid!

ML: Well, contestants, this is it...

Steel: We're gonna' make this short so that we can talk to the producers about our payday. (Which we deserve more than anything, thank you very much...)

ML: Flame, you have been called by the other contestants rude, crude, stiff, unpleasant, immoral, un-

Flame: Oh, get on with it, you git!

Steel: Hiro, your drinking problems have gotten way out of hand.

Hiro: (Drunk) F***k, f***kity, f***k, f***k, f***k!! Too cold out here! Flame, I (burps loudly) think you're drunk...

Flame: Will you just say who's going home already? I bloody want to go back to bloody England!!

ML: And, the loser is... (Dramatic pause)... Hiro. Pack your bags, buddy. You're goin' home.... Forever...

Flame: Oh, bloody 'ell! I want to get out of this bloody mansion!! That's all I bloody want!!!

Hiro: I don't (burps) deserve this!! And I'll tell ya' why I've been drinkin' so (burps) much!! Y'know Sauron? Y'know? The one who died in Ultimate f***king End? Yeah? Well, she (burps) died, OK? And, I kinda' loved her! And now, I'm (burps) drinkin' to keep down that sadness!! So, you can all (burps) go to hell for all I care!!! (Gets bags and gets in car. Car drives away.)

Steel: Wow... We probably shouldn't have voted him off and offended him like that...

ML: Yeah... Even as a cold-hearted reality TV show host who likes watching his contestants endure physical and emotional pain, I feel bad for the guy...

Flame: Yes! Yes! Let's let the s**t-colored echidna come back and let the English Yoshi go home to his caviar and Big Ben and all that!

ML: Well, he can never come back EVER, according to the rules, so, Flame, you're safe!

Flame: Bloody... Oh, forget it! But, you'll see! I'm going to make everybody in this mansion's lives a living 'ell!! (Stomps away angriliy)

Will Hiro ever come back to the show?

Will Flame go through with his dastardly plot?

Will ML and Steel ever get paid?

Find out next time on Fandemonium/Eps.10!!

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