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Writer of Episode YoshiEgg

This episode of Fandemonium is being written by YoshiEgg (tbc) (creator of the YoshiEgg (series) and the Archipeligo (series)) and Cobweb (tbc). It contains slight language and violence. You have been warned...


Dramatic violence took place and the producers promoted ML. (Oddly enough...)


ML: Well, everybody, not to brag, but I got promoted!!! (Dances around)

Steel: (B**chslaps ML) Get ahold of yourself, man...

ML: Yeah. I'm OK.

Clyde: I'm not...

Henry: Me neither...

Bloop: Well, I don't know about you guys, but I'm just fine! Apparently, the memory-wipe thing was just temporary, so YoshiEgg got his memory back and now he's all mutey again!

YE: (Smiles) Yup!!

Clyde: (Whispering to Henry) I think we should stick together for these next few challenges. We witnessed some bloody crazy stuff back there...

Henry: (Whispering to Clyde) I'm with ya' all the way. I've had military experience before, and this'll be the best way...

ML: And now that all this dramatic violence is over, we can get back to the REAL show! Your challenge today is...

Steel: ...To find the golden duck!!

All Challengers: Golden Duck?!

Steel: Yes! The golden duck! Because the producers gave ML his big promotion, we've gotten this HUGE budget, giving us the ability to buy really expensive and material things!

ML: Now, the duck is hidden in the Fandemo Woods. You have to go through the woods and find each hint, which is on a piece of paper. You have to find as many hints as you can so that you can find the duck more easily.

Steel: You'll get to pick your own teams of two, this time. So, choose up!

Clyde: You and me, Henry.

Henry: Yeah.

Pashie: Pesh, I choose you!!

Pesh: Pika, Pikapesh!

Pashie: ...What...?

Pesh: You didn't get the Pokemon reference, there?

Pashie: (Shakes head)

Pesh: Nevermind...

Tulip: Let's team up, YE!

YE: (Gives a happy "Yup!")

Heart: Let's get together, baby...

PKB: O-OK...

Bloop: Vulcan, wanna' team up?

Vulcan: (Slashes wings in excitement)

McBoo: Nightwolf, you and me. Let's get rollin'.

Nightwolf: Yeah! Let's get that duck!

McBoo: (Laughs)

Nightwolf: What?! It's the challenge!!

ML: Well, looks like the only one left is Fire Master...

Fire Master: I hate you all...

ML: ...So, I guess you'll be teaming up with Steel...

Steel: Woah, woah, woah!! Hold up!! Why do I always have to compete in these challenges?! I signed up to be a host, not a dead man - I mean competitor!!

ML: Sorry, Steel. That's just the way it's gotta' be...

Steel: NO! Y'know what? NO!! YOU are doing this challenge!!

ML: No!!! I'm a producer, Steel! I could have you fired for...

(Steel pushes ML into Fire Master and everybody leaves)

In the Fandemo Woods...

Heart: Wanna' make out?

PKB: (Lightly pushes Heart away) I would, baby, but we've gotta' win a challenge for once. Making out can wait.

(They both pause and look at each other for about 10 seconds, then start laughing really hard)

PKB: (Laughing) Hahahahaahahahaahaah!!! NOT making out during a challenge!! Hahahahahahahahaha!!!

Heart: (Also laughing) Haahahahahaahahaah!!! You're funny, babe! Haha!! C'mere...

(PKB and Heart go into a hollow part of a nearby tree and start making out)

Where YE and Tulip are...

Tulip: Alright, babe, time to find that golden duck!

YE: Yup!

(Tulip & YE run through the woods until stumbling upon an envelope nailed to a tree)

YE: (Picks the note up)

Tulip: (Reading it aloud) The duck lies in the muck.

Tulip: Oh! They must mean that the duck is in the old marsh! C'mon!

(The two run to the old marsh)

Tulip: I, uh, don't see anything... except lots of mud.

(YE turns and wades into the marsh.)

YE: Yup!

(YE picks up the duck, and turns around.)

(Tulip is nowhere to be seen.)

YE: ...yup?

(Tulip walks out from behind a bush.)

Tulip: I'm, uh. Right here. Oh, good... you found it.

(YE and Tulip walk back to the edge of the forest.)

Tulip: We found it!

YE: Yup!

(The others are wandering out of the forest, looking disappointed.)

Steel: Good job. Let's head back to the mansion.

Pesh: You're forgetting something.

Steel: Mmm?

Pesh: The Almost-Killer. That yellow eyed man gave ML his location, but no one's done anything about it!

ML: *yawn* Too lazy.

Pesh: ...DUDE.


(dramatic music)

To be continued!

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