#33 Where were you when...
Hosted By Metal Locked v3
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This episode contains mature content, you have been warned...

Last time on Fandemonium...

Locke v3 sent everyone to find and disarm a bomb, Xero eventually won, Steel was sliced in half and YoshiEgg Nook's memories of Tulip and Bloop were erased...

Meanwhile by the edge of the shield...

ML: Ohhh, my head...

ML: What the hell happended?

ML: Where's that other me?

Unten can be seen walking by the other side of the sheild.

Unten: (Walks off) Nob head...


Unten then raises two fingers aginst Locke.

ML: B@$***d...

MLv3: I wonder what I should do with Xero, he knows too much.

Xero: Oh do I?

MLv3: Whoa! How long were you standing there?

Xero: I'll be asking the questions around here.

MLv3: Ok...

Xero: I know you aren't who you say you are.

Xero: So I will test you.

Xero: In what year did the first Civil War start?

MLv3: I don't know!

Xero: Damn! Alright, When was the Neverworlder born?

MLv3: Enough of this foolishness!

Xero: Oh no you don't!

Xero then strikes Locke v3 down with his sword.

MLv3: I could have told you about your past...

Locke v3 then shuts himself off.

Xero: I knew you were an imposter!

Xero: Locke wouldn't have known about my past!

Xero: ...I-I don't think...

Xero: Ahh! The f**k with you!

Xero then walks off.

Meanwhile in the camera room...

Steel: I knew it! I bloody knew it!

Steel: I wonder why Henry had a mental breakdown and started talking to himself...

Steel then looks at the camera.

Steel: What? Don't look at me like that! I'm not crazy!

Pesh then walks in.

Pesh: Your totally mad!


Locke then makes his way back inside.

ML: Okay everyone I have a new challenge!

Clyde: Not bloody likely!

ML: And why not!?

Xero: Because your an imposter!

Xero: Time 'im up.

After a simultaneous rope tieing montage...

Locke and Locke v3 are both tied to chairs in an empty room.

ML: Where am I?

Clyde: You are in a bedroom.

Luz: What?

Clyde: Oh, I'm sorry Luz, I had to empty your room to make this nifty *coughs* torture *coughs* chamber.

Luz: Damn!

ML: This is all your fault!

Clyde: Tell you what, lets watch 'em.

several minutes later...


Tulip: I have wanted to do this since day one.

Will Locke v3 reveal the truth about Xero?

Will THE PLAN OF ACTION involve this magnificent torture room?

Will the almighty demon chief of the producers arise from his realm and take revenge?

And will we reach 50 episodes?

Find out next time on Fandemonium!

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