#30 Replacements
Hosted By ML
Metal Locked v3
Eliminated N/A
Challenge N/A
Winner N/A
Writer of Episode Cobweb

This episode has been written by Cobweb (tbc), AKA Cowbeb.

This episode may contain minor mature stuff, such as violence.

The villains are gathering together. Blaze has escaped, Ginourm has plunged into insanity, and the Almost Killer still has not been found...

The inhabitants of the mansion hear a knock at the door.

Metal Locked v2: Here, I'll get it...

Upon opening the door, Metal Locked v2 sees... himself.

Metal Locked v3: I was on my way to you and your mansion. My name is Metal Locked v3.

Metal Locked v2: Whaaaa... but you're me!

Metal Locked v3: No, I am an upgrade. The producers are not happy with the job you're doing. You are thoroughly incompetent. You made it blindingly obvious that the 'almost killer' was hired by the studio to provide entertainment-

Metal Locked v2: Shhhhh! The others will hear!

Metal Locked v3: No, they won't. And if they do, it won't matter. I will eliminate them. The producers are tired of you and your petty morals.

Metal Locked v2: Morals? I subject the contestants to rigorous, horrible challenges! I did what the producers asked! When ratings went down, I got the inhabitants of that alternate dimension to do what I wanted, then tricked the contestants into going into it!

Metal Locked v3: And you completely bungled it. Steel was killed, if you remember. The producers aren't happy about that.

Metal Locked v2: But that was an accident! And... his soul survived, remember? And it returned to the mansion and everything's safe and fine!

Metal Locked v3: It was a very close call. Plus, that Anti-Marine is psychotic, and she may cause trouble for us.

Metal Locked v2: Trouble means ratings, right?

Metal Locked v3: Not if she reveals the truth about who- what- the producers are.

Metal Locked v2: Right...

Metal Locked v3: You tell yourself you have no morals, but you do and you know it. And we can't use someone with morals. The "Almost-Killer" was originally supposed to be just a plain killer, but you argued and convinced them to let no one die.

Metal Locked v2: So... what are you going to do...?

Metal Locked v3: Replace you.

Metal Locked v2: ...?

Metal Locked v3 punches Metal Locked v2 in the face, knocking him unconscious.

Metal Locked v3: Don't worry... I won't kill you. Yet. I need to learn everything about you.

Ginourm runs in.

Ginourm: Hey, I thought I heard a punch...

Metal Locked v3: Yes. This unconscious duplicate was the one at the door; he said he wanted to replace me...

To be continued...

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