Clyde, the guy from Flame Games, is writing this - swearing means only peeps with the age of 1 second and over can read this.

#26 - Hark and Flame of England? Part 2
Hosted By ML
Eliminated N/A
Challenge Height jump wins
Winner Clyde
Writer of Episode Clyde1998

Fire Master went to see where Hark and Flame was.
Banana Jr. Came down to the Mansion.

(Clyde turns on news)
Reporter: Flame is planning a surprise attack on Scotland, with Hark.
Clyde: Fire Master's not going to get there in time.
Reporter: Fire Master is reportedly going to join them.
Banana Jr.: Traitor!
Clyde: I'll turn on Sky Sports News.
McBoo: Don't tell me it's a rubbish Scottish Sports TV Channel I've never heard of.
Clyde: No, UK and Ireland
Jeff Sterling: Breaking News, regarding England v Scotland fans. England and Scotland will be playing at Wembley, next year. This comes after England launch attack on Scotland.
Clyde: What should we do?
Banana Jr.: Tell "Richy" and "Soap" to lead the Army without us.
Clyde: Can't trust anyone on TV - might not be ture.
(Clyde and Banana Jr. rings "Soap" and "Richy" on Conference call)
"Soap": Hi Clyde - have you heard Sky, not ture though.
Clyde: Good! There only fae England anyway.
Banana Jr.: Yeah! Also is the friendly happening?
(Clyde cuts out to ring SFA)
"Richy": Who knows...
McBoo: Who's this?
"Soap": High Ranked Tartan Army Members.

(Back with Clyde)
Clyde: Hi, is the England v Scotland game real?
SFA Services: Sorry, but no.
Clyde: OK...

(5 minutes later)
ML: Where is everyone?
Lockie: Who cares?
Nightwolf: Who the f*ck cares about what?
ML: Nothing. CHALLENGE! Highest jump of the building wins.
Clyde: Easy, Easy!
Banana Jr.: Easy - we're Scottish.
ML: And...
Clyde: We do this stuff all the time! 6 feet to jump. Peice of Cake!
ML: Only Clyde.
Clyde: Can I go anyway?
ML: No.
(Clyde jumps awayway)
ML: What the F*ck?
(Clyde lands on both feet and walks back towards the building)
Clyde: See...
YE: Wow.
Bloop: Teach me.
Clyde: I'm not a teacher - ask "Soap" tae teach you after the end of this hell.
Bloop: OK.
McBoo: You're not dead?
Clyde: No.
Pesh: Well why'd you do that?
Clyde: I donno.
Pashie: You're stupider than Flame.
Pesh: Easy.

To be continued in Fandemonium/Eps.27

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