#14 Scavenger Hark
Hosted By ML
Eliminated N/A
Challenge A scavenger hunt
Winner N/A
Writer of Episode SonicWiki

This episode was witten by SonicWiki (tbc), from Outer Inc..

Warning, this episode contains some mature language, it is also kind of short, you have been warned.

Last time, on Fandemonium.

Hark recieved his 902 pizzas, and some misterious person almost killed Pashie.

Hark: 877 pizzas for me, alright!!

ML: That many.....

Hark: What? (burps in ML's face)

ML: Stop burping.

Hark: No

ML: Yes

Hark: No, I don't hav...

Pesh: Would you too SHUT UP ALREADY!!!!!!!!

ML: Yes, Pesh is right, we should stop. And you should stop burp...

Hark: (Burps in ML's face, again) STOP!!

PKB: That's it, I lost my appitite.

Clyde: Me too.

YE Nook: Yup!

Bloop: He says, he has too, and that your fighting is annoying.

Pesh: Diddo.

ML: Well, tell Mr. Burpity that.

Hark: Don't look at me.

PKB: Oh, we will.

Hark: What!?! (burps in PKB's face)

PKB: (Stomps away, angrily)

Clyde: (Leaves room as well)

Steel: Well.... that was, a, gross, fight.

ML: Diddo.

Later, in the living room

ML and Steel: Meeting, now.

ML: Well, we have another competition for you.

Steel: You will be paired up, in groups of two, on a...

ML and Steel: Scavenger Hunt

Steel: So the pairs are

YE Nook and Heart...

Flame: (Whispering to himself) If I get paired with Clyde, I w...

Steel: Flame and Clyde...

Flame: Bloody 'ell!!!!


PKB and Bloop

Hark and Pesh

Pashie and Ginourm

Moyan and Fire Master

3.14 and Tulip Nook

Chaos 12 and Ybrik

Vulcan and McBoo

Nightwolf and Henry

Wait, were unev...

ML: And the last pair, Luz and Steel.

Steel: What?!?!

ML: Yup, that is how it was planned, it would have been Luz and Hiro, if he wasn't voted of.

Steel: I will kill somebody if I have to go on a scavenger hunt with a lightbulb!!

Luz: Um, what... WANH, ANH ANH, WANH!!!

Clyde: Don't cry, Luz

PKB:Yeah he doesn't mean it.

Moyan: You sure?

PKB: I don't think, he is just pissed, that is all.

Will Steel really kill someone?

Will Luz quit of sadness?

Will Hark continue burping in people's faces?

Will the Hunt ever start?

Will I write another episode?

Find out next time on Fandemonium/Eps.15.

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