Fan-Zero is a crossover futuristic racing game being developed by Sactown Studios. It is a spin-off of Nintendo's F-Zero Series of futuristic racing games. As such, characters from the F-Zero franchise such as Captain Falcon do not make any appearances in the game. Instead the game's roster is made up of various Fantendoverse characters from various Fantendo companies. The game will be available exclusively for both the Storybook, and the Wii U, making it the first Sactown title to be released for two systems simultaneously.


600 years into the future, the Fantendoverse has been discovered by the planet Earth, and is now a part of the Galatic Space Federation. Because of the discovery of the Fantendoverse, various Earth merchants became super wealthy. However, with this wealth came boredom, and the super wealthy needed something exciting in their lives, therefore leading to the creation of the Fan-Zero races. In order to get people to risk their lives in the dangerous races, the wealthy offer 1 billion space credits for anybody that can finish the Grand Prix in one piece. Now the various members of the Fantendoverse join in the races to fufill their own goals and dreams! Who will win the Fan-Zero races?




The game features many of the same modes as F-Zero U. However the Story Mode is not present, and is instead replaced by a new mode known as Assaination.

Grand Prix

Starting Pilots

Various characters from many different Fantendo games appear as the pilots. As the player progresses through the game, more pilots become playable.

Name Machine Name Stats Description
UntenArend Unten BlueBeron Logo

Body: B

Boost: B

Grip: B

Mcbooreal McBoo

Body: D

Boost: A

Grip: C

HenryFHPO Henry the Moose
3.14NvF3D 3.14
PalmMan PalmMan
Clyde Clyde
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