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Fallout 4 New Frontiers is an upcoming Open-World RPG Remake of Fallout 4 for the PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. The game is a from the ground-up remake of the original Fallout 4 and includes many new features as well as a completely reworked plot from the original, expanding the scope of the game significantly and putting focus more so on the player's role within the post-apocalyptic wasteland to focus.

Plot Synopsis


The player, a Pre-War individual from a small area known as Sanctuary Hills had been accepted into the nearby Vault 111, a large underground structure intended for use in protecting the people of the United States against the threat of nuclear annihilation in the event of a war.

As it came to pass, on October 23rd 2077 the bombs fell across the United States, fortunately for those of Sanctuary Hills and the surrounding area had been prepped for the instance and were able to escape through a series of tunnels located across North-West Boston into Vault 111, though nearly 70% of the Vault's Population failed to make it to the Vault, the remaining 30% (approximately 360 people) successfully reached the vault where they were informed by the comparatively small security force of the vault they would need to undergo a cleansing check to remove any potential viruses they may have brought with them.

As the people of Vault 111 entered the supposed cleansing chambers the true purpose of the Vault, a Cryogenic Storage Facility, intended to keep pre-war survivors with the ideals and beliefs unique to a Pre-War environment alive to help protect future generations became apparent. Over the course of the next 210 years, the supercomputer that was instructed to maintain the Vault Dwellers would randomly select a Vault Dweller to be released from stasis, being prepped by the security force and their descendants as to the primary goal of the vault.

For many this goal was simple, go out into the wasteland and bring resources back to Vault 111 and enforce the Pre-War American ideology within the Post-Apocalyptic Settlements. For many this became their life's work, stories across the Commonwealth would tell of those dressed in the stark, blue jumpsuits emblazened with the numbers 111 on the back who'd attempt to assert themselves.

Unfortunately for the Security of Vault 111 however, they could not fully predict the dwellers within the Vault and in the year 2241 a Vault Dweller who'd uncovered the truth of the Vault prior to their cryogenesis was released, and after leaving the Vault, returned within a year with a band of raiders, killing the security force and stealing much of the technology within the vault.

This powerful Raider Faction, known as the Neutralizers became a dominant faction within the Boston Wastes, laying siege to the works of previous Vault Dwellers before eventually splintering after the death of the rogue Vault Dweller.


The year is now 2287, for the past 150 years, Vault 111 has awoken and sent out Vault Dwellers into the wastes, with various goals. You are the most resent in this line, known as Resident 150, the Vault has awoken you from cryogenesis although many of the systems no longer function due to the raids from the Neutralizers in 2241. However with time a faction arose within the Commonwealth comprised of those who had survived the wastes and established themselves within the communities of the Commonwealth as members of Vault 111. For the newly thawed, these survivors known as the Dweller's Sanctuary left a simple message for the player and other vault dwellers to follow;

"Come to Diamond City and find the Dweller's Sanctuary"

With little else to go on outside of some rationed supplies given by the Vault's supercomputer to the player the player wanders out into the wastes in search of Diamond City and the other Pre-War Vault Dwellers.

Act 1: The New World Dawn

During the first act of the game the player awakens from their cryo-stasis in Vault 111 and navigates their way through the Vault, finding a message left behind by other Vault Dwellers referring to themselves as the Dweller's Sanctuary and ask that anyone who escapes the Vault come meet them in a place called Diamond City. Exiting the Vault the player finds the world has changed considerably since the day they entered the vault, with little in the way of direction however the player wanders around, finding their way to Diamond City, the player is somewhat guided by powerful enemies into taking a certain path although a stealthy player or simply one well equipped to handle such enemies can take alternate routes. Along the way the player has the potential to meet the various factions of the Commonwealth who control different territories around the Boston area.

Eventually arriving in Diamond City the player tracks down and meets the Dweller's Sanctuary, gaining access to their location after proving themselves to be a real vault dweller, the player learns of the state of the Commonwealth and what the role of the Dweller's Sanctuary is, explaining that they can offer the player a reliable source of income by conducting various missions to help the locals. During this time helping the Dweller's Sanctuary the player learns more about the different factions and not only the members of the Dweller's Sanctuary's opinions on the factions but also the locals as well. Eventually the player proves their worth to the Dweller's Sanctuary who request the player to become their group's inter-faction representative noting either the player's combat prowess, intelligence, stealthiness or charisma in handling situations makes them a more effective individual for such a role than others. The player accepts this title and is informed that they will need to learn about the various Factions and informs the player of contact points they can make with the different factions allowing the player to get a foothold in each faction.

The player heads back out from Diamond City and to these various outposts, research centers, settlements and what not that the factions have established, learning about each faction and their stance on the Commonwealth and its inhabitants and also some of their philosophy. From here the player is able to take a number of quests which help one of two factions, the player sees the differences each faction has to a conflict showing how they differ from one another. Eventually after completing the quests helping the factions, the player will have the opportunity to speak once again with the Dweller's Sanctuary and suggest a faction they align themselves with. The player will need to complete five quests in favour of that faction so if the player has not accomplished that they can reach it by completing side-quests for that faction. Alternatively the player can suggest forging their own faction with the people of the commonwealth or even siding with raiders.

Act 2: Union of the Commonwealth

The story splits into seven ways at this point, the player can choose to side with five of the major factions (all but Sentinel Guards), forge an independent Commonwealth Faction or join with the Raiders. From this point forward the player's main goal is to help establish a unified community, by going to the various minor factions and other settlements across the Commonwealth, convincing them either through diplomacy, trade, intimidation, persuasion or destruction to join with the player's chosen faction, the way the different factions go about this varies and in addition each faction also has a secondary goal which the player helps to achieve along the way, using their connection to the rest of the Commonwealth as a means to achieve that goal.

The Institute is developing Second Generation Synths and needs to field test them, this has the player being assigned to protect and help research teams with the field testing of the Synths not only in their combat potential but also in their personal interactions as part of the advantage of Second Gens over First Gens is their more advanced AI. The Boston Enforcers meanwhile want to establish a wall of protection around the Boston city area, constructing various checkpoints which serve to help protect those within the area, the player's role in this goal is to clear out areas of hostiles so the construction teams can begin their work and to periodically check in and help the construction crews with any potential situations.

The Brotherhood of Steel's goal is to attain certain Pre-War technologies that they believe would pose a significant threat to the world if anyone else got their hands on it, this has the player sent on several operations and eventually earns them the rank of Knight with the final mission being to secure a large storage facility of nuclear weapons located in the Glowing Sea. The Beacon Alliance's main goal is to establish a network of trading between the various major settlements, something that had been attempted long ago but crumbled over the decades due to various factors. This is the most charisma heavy of the factions as the player needs to not only convince other factions to join the Beacon Alliance but also convince them to form a trading pact which often involves the player needing to find and establish potential resting areas and efficient trade routes.

The Iron Whale primarily seek retribution for the crimes committed against their ancestors during the Pre-War era, the player can achieve this by helping to establish a new town located along the Downtown Boston area, clearing out several of the buildings through demolition and constructing a monument to The Iron Whale's ancestors. If siding with the raiders, the player needs to unify the Raiders under a single banner, requiring the player to work with or destroy the various Raider factions and taking over the weaker settlements of the Commonwealth gradually building up the power of their forces.

Lastly if the player has chosen the Independent solution, they will find that the largest settlements want to improve the quality of life of their people and ask the player to hunt down a GECK and have its contents distributed between the major settlements, this has the player tracking down information about the GECKs from various groups, searching through old Pre-War buildings for information on the Vault locations and eventually activating and then tracking down a secluded Vault hidden somewhere in the Commonwealth.

Once the player has completed their faction's main goal and helped establish a more unified Commonwealth, the player can return to Diamond City where the city is in celebration over the union, this however is cut short as the player had during their travels dealt with encounters from the Sentinel Guards who are heavily opposed to the union and fought the player repeatedly either through words or combat. Once again the Sentinel Guards attack, now striking Diamond City itself, the player if they have high enough stats can convince them to leave however in most circumstances the player will need to fight alongside their chosen faction and the Diamond City Guards to ward off the Sentinel Guards from taking over the city. After defeating them, the Sentienl Guards swear vengeance against the player and retreat concluding the second act.


The gameplay of Fallout 4 New Frontiers is changed from Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas, Fallout 4 and Fallout 76. Focusing more on encouraging a more role-playing experience. As with the previous games in the series, Fallout 4 New Frontiers uses the SPECIAL (Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility & Luck) system as a means of designating the major governing stats of gameplay.

The player selects these stats at the beginning of the game and is able to collect special collectibles called Bostonian Emblems to increase each SPECIAL stat by a maximum of 1, in addition there is a You're SPECIAL book located in the world which the player can use to increase any of the SPECIAL stats by 1. Unlike in the original the player cannot upgrade their SPECIAL Stats through other means, this was done to encourage replaying the game with different SPECIAL stat distributions for different experiences.

  • Strength - Governs Health and Carry Weight, influences Melee Damage, Damage Threshold & Intimidation
  • Perception - Governs VATS and Accuracy, influences Crit Hit Ratio, Scrapping Items & Looting Rewards
  • Endurance - Governs Health and Stamina, influences Resistances of all forms
  • Charisma - Governs Dialogue Checks and Bartering, influences Hip Fire Accuracy and Effect Activation
  • Intelligence - Governs Experience and Puzzles, influences Persuasion and Skill Boosts
  • Agility - Governs Stamina and Running Speed, influences Evasion
  • Luck - Effects probability of events being in the player's favour

Skills also see a return in Fallout 4 New Frontiers, being absent from the previous two games. Skills unlike in earlier games influence the player's ability to perform certain actions, not outright restricting the player although tasks are made much more difficult as a result. Also like in previous games, Skills count towards a general overall experience, allowing the player to increase their Skills as they level up.

More TBA

Perks also make a return, functioning much like they did in previous games giving the player bonuses and effects that can alter their stats or give them new tools to use in combat, problem solving and exploration. Perks are unlocked through a tree system rather than the previous list formats of prior games, as such the individual requirements of perks is generally easier to attain and the player can check what the requirements are by hovering over a perk on the tree however perks further from the start will require the perks below them to be unlocked as well.

In addition non-player Perks, those caused by Companions, Faction association, Disease and Injuries can be acquired, the former two being permanent perks given to the player while the latter will go away after some time or if the player visits one of the games medical experts.


Combat was overhauled in Fallout 4 New Frontiers, focusing on continuing to improve the experience for players but also making combat in general more dangerous as both the player and enemies have dramatically less health making non-combat options more enticing to the player. One major addition to Combat is destructible environments, much of the environment can be damaged during a fight from both the player and enemies, some structures being completely destructible while others can have their protective walls knocked out.

Weapons come in several types; Guns, Melee Weapons, Explosives & Thrown Weapons.

Finesse FO3


Guns work similarly to Fallout 4 and Fallout 76 with the player able to aim via both Hip Fire and Iron Sights/Scopes on most weapons allowing the player either greater mobility (Hip Fire) or greater accuracy (Iron Sights/Scopes) although some weapons such as Rocket Launchers and Grenade Rifles do not have this option. The player can also hide behind cover and use the environment to their advantage, firing from cover without fully exposing the character, this is done by using the Iron Sights/Scope when near a wall allowing the palyer to peak out of cover.

Elijahs Ramblings


Demolition Expert


Heave-Ho FO


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Like in Fallout: New Vegas, Factions play an important role in Fallout 4 New Frontiers, having the player's actions influence their stance with the various factions. The player can improve their reputation with a faction by helping that faction in combat, completing their quests or perform certain behaviours that the faction finds admirable.

The player's reputation with some factions also influences others so the player can't simply be friends with every faction and the factions will balance themselves out leaving it up to the player to make the conscious decision of who they're going to side with, side against, maintain peace with or even outright destroy.

It should be noted that many factions throughout the game can be befriended, from the major factions and minor friendly factions, even raiders and creatures like Ghouls can be befriended.


Bartering has a pretty significant change in Fallout 4 New Frontiers, the player will find that along with the stationary merchants of the game there are also a number of travelling merchants who exchange goods with the player. The player's actions both in terms of how they progress through the story as well as the quests they complete and what they buy and sell to the merchants will impact what the merchants sell, often trying to push the player into experimenting with new approaches to combat, dialogue, etc. by making the items they're more used to buying (excluding important items like Stimpaks) more expensive and less common.


Radiance is a unique system that appears in Fallout 4 New Frontiers, the system bears resemblance to the Radiant System from previous Bethesda Games, however is able to be toggled on and off. The system allows the player to take on Radiant Quests which are randomly generated quests which earn the player infamy and glory in the Commonwealth, as the player completes these Radiant Quests they'll not only be able to earn money and rewards from the quests but also acquire unique Radiant Weapons which have added effects unique to that weapon specifically.



Settlements received a major overhaul in Fallout 4 New Frontiers, the aim being to make the Settlements more self-sufficient allowing the player to take a more backseat approach if they're not as interested in the system, at the same time a greater degree of customizability was added to encourage players who're more interested in Settlements to spend more time customizing them.

Settlements now have a more Management Sim style of gameplay when it comes to handling them. The player is able to choose Buildings from selections and customize the rooms of those buildings with different set styles and if they're so inclined can personally go in and edit the buildings specific qualities including individual details.

The main focus of the Settlements now comes in managing their input and output of products, the player needs to ensure that basic necessities (Food, Water & Shelter) are maintained while also catering to luxury resources (Electricity, Leisure, Security & Environment) to improve settler happiness. The player is will receive reminders via their Pip-Boy if a Settlement lacks a certain basic necessity or if the Settlers are unhappy, the player is able to now remotely edit their settlements from anywhere in the game ensuring that once a player has established a settlement or had the settlement agree to join the player's faction that they don't need to travel to the settlement constantly to check up on things.

The player can also set Settlements to Auto-Pilot which will ensure that the basic necessities are maintained and that the minimum Settler Happiness is maintained, the player can also set whether a Settlement accepts of rejects new settlers although Settlements need to achieve a base minimum happiness for new Settlers to want to join. In addition when the player wants to build new buildings they need to ensure they have the necessary amount of materials, some resources can be slowly accumulated simply by settlers existing but others particularly metals and plastics require dedicated workers.

Settler Types

Settlers come in a variety of types, the type of settler will dictate what jobs they excel at although the player can train Settlers to become more proficient in other areas. The following are the general groups of settlers;

  • Basic (Food, Water, Shelter) - Farmer, Rancher, Water Collector, Builder
  • Secondary (Lumber, Minerals, Machines) - Logger, Miner, Foreman, Mechanic, Engineer
  • Luxury (Electricity, Leisure, Security, Environment) - Electrician, Technican, Host, Manager, Security, Soldier, Ranger
  • Advanced (Advanced Materials, Computers, Research) - Teacher, Smith, Programmer
  • Infra-Settlement - Scavenger, Mayor, Hunter, Trader

Skill Acquisition

As many settlers lack the skills necessary for the more complex jobs in Settlements, the player is able to have them acquire these jobs through gaining education. This comes in two parts, the first requires the player to either have an individual who possesses that skill (which is extremely rare) or to find a Pre-War collection of Books on that particular skill, the second part comes from having a Teacher (who themselves needs to possess the Teaching Skill, which is uncommon but not rare) and an Education Building.

With these two requirements met the player is able to have settlers develop the skill specified allowing them to perform that task.

Building Types

Building Type Buildings
Shack | House | Apartment | Power Tower
Mansion | High Rise Apt. | Farm House FoodF4NF | Barracks SecurityF4NF
Garden | Grove | Crop Field | Vineyard ShelterF4NF
Shed | Silo | Shipping Container | Tool Shed LoggingF4NF
Woodcutter's Camp | Lumber Yard | Sawmill
Mining Pit | Quarry | Vein Mine | Surface Mine
Vertical Shaft | Strip Mine
Forge MiningF4NF | Refinery | Factory | Assembly Line
Depot StorageF4NF | Mineral Mill
Solar Farm | Wind Rotor | Hydraulic Generator
Power Grid | Circuits Workshop | CPU Grid
Community Center | Mini-Golf Course | Bowling Alley | Tennis Court
Bar | Sports Yard | Swimming Pool
Lookout Tower | Sentry Post | Guards Bunker | Auto-Turret
Park LeisureF4NF | Sapling Farm | Greenhouse FoodF4NF | Green Wall
Library | Museum LeisureF4NF


One of the major components of the buildings & decorations is their designs, different designs have different attributes and effects some allowing for an increased capacity of the relevant output of that building, others effect comfort or the speed of output of the building in question. When the player starts out they'll have access to three basic design types; Pre-War Suburbia, Post-War Scrapheap and Post-War Wooden. As the player progresses through the game they can track down a large variety of new styles to use, some of which are dependant on which faction the player joins as well as the player's relationship with certain minor factions. Others meanwhile can simply be found in catalogues scattered across the Commonwealth.

Bubble Pop
Super Struts
Radio Color
Neon Sky
New World
Power Plant
The Institute
Glass Circuit
Boston Enforcers
Castle Power
Cape Street
Brotherhood of Steel
Metallic Monks
Midwest Journeymen
Prydwen Proper
Beacon Alliance
Coast Resort High Luxury Blood Money
Iron Whale
Maritime Dome Nest Bounty Bay


As with Fallout 4, the main plot centralizes around the conflict of several factions with each vying for power over the Wasteland. It's up to the player who they side with as each faction has its own interests and beliefs, in the game there are six major factions of which the player can join five of them with the sixth serving as the antagonist faction.

In addition there are also a large number of minor factions, some with interconnected relationships with one another. Depending on the player's decisions throughout the game their relationships with both the major and minor factions can change and whether the player decides to ally, maintain peace or destroy the lesser factions can be affected by which major faction's the player sides with and to what degree they side with them.

Major Factions

Faction Description
The Institute

Survivors who resided in the underground sections of the Boston Massachusetts Institute of Technology, their descendants currently operate out of the area, now known as the Institute. They want to bring technological advancement to the Commonwealth although their approach to research has become questionable over the generations.

The Institute also control areas around Malden, Greygarden, South Dorchester and North Salem.

Boston Enforcers

A military faction born from the survivors within Boston City itself, the faction believes in a military rule where the people have many freedoms but accept a more aggressive form of leadership where it's believed that destroying one's enemy is often a better solution than simply maintaining peace. They primarily operate within Boston City itself.

Boston Enforcers also control areas around North End, Constitution Docks, Chelsea & Everett.

Brotherhood of Steel

A para-military organiztion established on the West Coast that has expanded eastward and then northward. The Brotherhood of Steel believe in using technology in a very controlled manner seeing the Great War as a warning for the dangers of technology above all else and so believe in only permitting the existences of technologies they deem safe, they also regard abominations as the unfortunate victims of such technology and so have at best a tolerance and at worst seek to exterminate these beings.

The Brotherhood of Steel is established primarily in East Boston around the Airport but also control areas around West Cambridge, North Dorchester and Quincy.

Beacon Alliance

A faction that was founded by traders who believe in the exchange of goods between people regardless of their position. The Beacon Alliance was originally established at Bunker Hill although was eventually forced out and now controls areas south of Boston, they have a more friendly demeanour towards Raiders than other factions.

Beacon Alliance also control areas around Suffolk, Brigadeer's Coast and Jamaica Plain.

The Iron Whale

Originating from Canada, the Iron Whale is a descendant group from Canadian Rebels who were able to secure a large military bunker in the area surviving out the war, they have an extreme distrust of the native Bostonians due to the stories from their ancestors and mainly situate themselves along the Coast, they believe in retribution above all else.

The Iron Whale also control areas around Warwick, South Salem and Lynn Woods.

Sentinel Guards

A military organization founded from the Pre-War military force occupying the Boston area, they have a distrust towards the vaults, seeing the greed of the companies that established them as having driven many to their deaths even before the war and so believe those who benefitted from Vaults are just as guilty as those that had them built.

The Sentinel Guards control areas around Parsons, Oberland, Forest Grove, Greygarden and Walden.

Minor Factions

Faction Description
Diamond City

The largest settlement in the Commonwealth, Diamond City is a non-aligned location that acts as the major trading hub for the game and is where many factions congregate to make agreements and exchange goods. Diamond City was originally aligned with the Boston Enforcers before splitting from them decades ago.

Dweller's Sanctuary

Formed by survivors of Vault 111, the group are mercenaries for hire who do all sorts of jobs for the right price. Some adhere to a moral code whereas others simply take what pays the best, they also maintain a strong relationship with the major factions although do not usually takes sides in conflicts.


Regarded by many as the heart of debauchery in Boston, Goodneighbour is a place for the rejects of Diamond City, the city was carved out from the ruins of East Boston and has a reputation for a strong belief in freedom but also a very lax justice system, as such the city is sometimes compared to an old western from the Pre-War era with the mayor acting like a bit of a Sheriff to dish out justice through combat rather than laws.

Bunker Hill

A trading hub located a bit further north of the Boston City area, the area is heavily guarded and unlike the Beacon of Alliance which also originated from the area, the people of Bunker Hill have a strong belief in security and are distrusting of strangers and particularly raiders believing many who attempt to contact them are working undercover.


A settlement built out from the ruins of the old town of Covenant, pre-war survivalists established the people believing much of the wastes had become uninhabitable and dangerous and so closed themselves off. Many of the people of Covenant are suspicious and overly cautious around outsiders and although try to have a friendly demeanour are often suspicious of anyone not part of the Covenant and are outright discriminatory towards Ghouls. 


A Pre-War community that was initially run during the Post-War solely by the robotic survivors of the community, over the years humans have created a settlement around the gardens, selling the unique produce to other settlements. The area is however often accosted by raiders due to its distance from other settlements and although has some powerful artillery due to a nearby military installation, is rarely used due to the exceedingly rare ammo.

Vault 81

The denizens of Vault 81 are a cautious group, although more friendly to outsiders than most factions, they prefer an arms-distance relationship and many mistake this for an air of pompousness. The residents of Vault 81 are generally quite compassionate and are even known to be willing to trade with the less aggressive Raider gangs. Due to their Vault as well as advanced pre-war weapons they're rarely attacked.


Considered by Raiders to be a traitorous and ruthless settlement, Northpeak has a strong military presence thanks to military installations in the area being raided by them several decades ago. Although Northpeak doesn't export much, many of its residents bring in money via clearing raiders and performing guard jobs. The settlement has a history of getting into repeated conflicts with raiders often indirectly helping in keeping the raiders in check for other settlements.


A settlement founded in the Post-War at an old summer camp area in the West area of the Commonwealth, the facilities at the camp made it very easy for the faction to develop chems and as a result have become a thorn in the side of many other factions due to the addiction their people get from the chems. Sunshine does however have popularity with the Raiders who almost seem to defend the settlement from the aggression of other settlements, likely due to a similar addiction to chems.

Rat King

The Rat King is an underground faction which has some questionable ethics, they're effectively a lawless mercenary group that roams the underground areas of Boston, sometimes cropping up on the surface from time to time to dish out their version of justice on Raiders. Some regard the Rat King as saviours of the Commonwealth while others believe they're simply blood-thirsty murderers who only kill Raiders because if they targeted anyone else they'd be wiped out. It's also known that the group is non-centralized with each den having its own leader.

Observers The observers are a small faction on Spectacle Island, quite passive in nature they prefer their quiet lifestyle and although friendly to outsiders do not conduct much in the way of trade, preferring to be more self-sufficient. They also tend to avoid using technology where not necessary, believing that eventually all machines will break down and people will have to revert back to a pre-industrial lifestyle.
Glowpoint A settlement located on the edge of the Glowing Sea, Glowpoint is a large farming community that uses the danger of the Glowing Sea as a deterrent for Raiders, it is one of the more secluded factions, although friendly, the people often have a hardy attitude, the settlement is a mixture of Humans and Ghouls although they also keep some mutated creatures to ward off raiders and would be hostiles.
Apexia A faction located in the Quannapowitt Highlands, Apexia is a bit of an unusual faction, appearing shortly after the Great War, they were fortunate survivors who had managed to evade nuclear irradiation, over time forming a tribal lifestyle as their old homes have been destroyed in the collapse of Wilmington. They're one of the last truly tribal factions in the Commonwealth having an extremely strong cultural tie to their past and preferring to live in more rudimentary environments.
Ghoul Reserve Ghoul Reserve is a very old faction in the Commonwealth, originally a powerhouse thanks in part to their high population, over time the faction has dwindled as more powerful factions rose up. The Ghoul Reserve is a location in the North-East quadrant of the Commonwealth that was where many Ghouls congregated after the Great War who hadn't turned feral. Due to their interactions with non-Ghouls, the faction is often hesitant to trade with most other factions due to previous injustices against them.
Cabot Family The Cabot Family is a small but very powerful Faction in the Commonwealth, one of the only Pre-War factions, the family is believed to have had access to extremely advanced technology possibly of either Alien origin of similar origin to technology found in the Big Empty. The family is reported to be several hundred years old although are not Ghouls, they're very secretive and tend to keep a master and servant relationship with their subordinates.
Yangtz'town A coastal town founded by Chinese submariners who'd been spying on the Boston area prior to the Great War, the survivors were protected by their submarine's lead alloy inner layers and over time interspersed with the Bostonian survivors using their submarine as a base of operation. Other factions often suspect the Yangtz'town people of conspiring against them believing the descendants harbour resentment towards the Americans in spite of their mixed race heritage.
Charlestown Traders Originating from the area South-East of Bunker Hill, the Charlestown Traders are generally considered to be exiles who were either found to have stolen from Bunker Hill or conspired against them. The faction is somewhat nomadic with members travelling the wastes, they deal in all sorts of products including Food, Weapons, Chems and Information and are considered to be distrustworthy by most and regarded as vermin.
Dorchester Commune The Dorchester Commune is a faction that controls the around around Dorchester, a fairly powerful and indepedent faction they are often sought after by the larger factions for alliances. The Dorchester Commune has shown to be very resourceful, often cooperating with whomever they deem the most worthwhile to their existence.
Roxbury Colosseum The Roxbury Colosseum is an unconvential faction, neither raider nor settler, the faction believes in a might makes right mentality, the colosseum for which the group is named after often hosts fights between contenders for the positions of power within the faction. The faction is extremely strict on its rules and those that cannot abide by them are immediately killed, as such many find the faction to actually be a safe haven as the rules help to severely reduce violent behaviour.
Pilot's Club Pilot's Club is a small faction based out at Outpost Radio-Echo, the group run one of the various radio stations across the Commonwealth but are also professional hunters, hunting creatures from across the wasteland and hanging their skins, heads and what not as trophies. The group supposedly originated from survivors who'd bunkered down in an abandoned plane in the nearby area.
Gunners One of the most powerful raider factions in the wastes, the Gunners are an experience group of raiders who are believed to originate from rogue pre-war anarchists, whose philosophies carried over through generations into their descendants, becoming twisted from their original pre-war context. The Gunners control large areas of land across West and Central parts of the Commonwealth, they have many sub-divisions so there has never been an effort to eliminate them.
The Forged The Forged are a group of extremely dangerous Raiders found along the Eastern areas of the Commonwealth, they're known for use fiery weapons and having ferocious looking facegear which spouts flames from them, they often attack at night on caravans and are regarded as extremely hostile, they seem to develop their culture around that of predatory animals, picking weak targets instead of going for large herds.
Triggermen Perhaps the closest to a civilized group of raiders, the Triggermen are believed to originate from a single crime family that had fortunately survived the war in an underground, unfinished Vault. They're the most open raiders to trading and allows Caravans safe passage through their territory although are known to kidnap settlers and sell them off as slaves to other Raiders, using a strict but foul code in determining who they kidnap.
Brighton Bludgers An insane group of Raiders who seem to have originated from beyond the Commonwealth, they appeared one day as a great force, washing over the South areas of the Commonwealth, nearly destroying several of the settlements there, they're considered extremely chaotic and seem to get into fights not only with other raider groups but even amongst their ranks, their main strength being their unpredictability and the sheer determination of some of their numbers, some also believe they habitually use chems to improve their combat capabilities.
Neutralizers The most secretive of the Raider Gangs, the Neutralizers have no known base of operations, they have two fronts, eliminators who will often appear to weakened settlements and wipe them out and contractors who work as undercover hitmen who can be hired. It's not known how many members the raider group has but it's believed to be very low and that most are related by blood to make betrayal less likely.



Fallout 4 New Frontiers takes place in Boston like Fallout 4, however unlike the original, New Frontier's version of Boston in the Post-War is a bit more developed, with more distinct cities having been built over the years as humanity has recovered more conisderably in this version of events, in addition plant life has returned to much of the Commonwealth. The Map can be generally viewed as being controlled by the six major factions; The Institute (Blue), Boston Enforcers (Green), Brotherhood of Steel (Red), Beacon Alliance (Yellow), Iron Whale (Indigo) and Sentinel Guard (Pink).


Environment Areas
Urban Sanctuary Hills | Abernathy Farmlands | Town of Concord | Northpeak
Covenant | City of Lexington | Greygarden Farmlands | Sunshine Tidings Ridge
City of Fort Hagen | Town of Forest Grove | Town of Vault 81 | Diamond City
Beacon Hill | Boston Citadel | Trinity District | Boston Commons
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Like with all Fallout games there is a variety of equipment the player can come across, as with Fallout 4 the player is able to customize their equipment adding some additional variety. It should be noted that some changes were made to reduce the impact of equipment modding making it so the player could freely customize the appearance of their equipment without having to be as focused on the statistics of their equipment, as such when modding equipment it is split between Mechanical and Aesthetic.

Another major change is the probability of finding useful equipment, unlike in Fallout 4, weapons especially anything larger than a Sub-Machine Gun is rare and weapons like the Fat Man and Missile Launcher have been made exceptionally difficult to come across to help balance out the game, this also applies to Power Armour which has been made extremely rare with even the Brotherhood of Steel not commonly using the equipment.

There are some new pieces of equipment added in the game that mostly serve as new equipment for the various factions to use.

More TBA


Weapons are split into several categories in Fallout 4 New Frontiers, Guns, Melee, Explosives & Thrown. Guns function much like they did in Fallout 4 with high customizability and scoped sights as wlel as the player being able to peer out from cover to shoot targets. Melee meanwhile sees a major overhaul as outlined in the Melee System section of Gameplay and includes any weapon that is used solely for inflicting direct damage through close quarters combat. Explosives are third and includes Grenades, Mines and other weapons that can be activated by proximity, laser tripwires or simply a timer to detonate dealing heavy, often explosive damage. Lastly are Thrown Weapons which are a type not present in Fallout 4 and returning instead from Fallout: New Vegas, Thrown Weapons are useful due to their applicability in stealth and also being often high damage weapons.


Semi-Auto Pistol Revolver Pistol Laser Pistol
Institute Refractor Enforcer One-Shot BoS Pershing Gun Plasma Pistol
Canadian Pin Gun Mr. Handy Firespitter Luger Pistol Flare Revolver
Hunting Rifle Carbine Submachine Gun Combat Rifle
Combat Shotgun Raider Boomstick Laser Musket Laser Rifle
Plasma Blaster Institute Laser Gatling Enforcer Super Caliber Rifle BoS Sherman Gun
Beacon Thermo-Plasma Beacon Cryo-Plasma Canadian Rebel Musket Assault Rifle
Sniper Rifle Bolt Gun Double-Barrel Shotgun Raider Light Machine Gun
Laser Piercer Plasma Grenadier Institute Laser Sniper Rifle Enforcer Hand-Cannon
BoS MacArthur Gun Beacon Plasma Launcher Canadian Spin-Barrel Gauss Rifle
Radium Injector Rail Spike Cannon Syringer Harpoon Gun
Grenade Launcher Institute EMP Cannon Enforcer Auto-Gun BoS Washington Gun
Beacon Red Flare Canadian Rebel Heat Flamer Junk Jet
Minigun Missile Launcher Fat Man


Kitchen Knife Cleaver Walking Cane Shovel
Shiv Brass Knuckles Switchblade Board
Lead Pipe Fire Axe Baseball Bat Rolling Pin
Tire Iron Pipe Wrench Power Drill Machete
Spear Pool Cue Boxing glove Baton
Cattle Prod Crowbar Combat Knife 9 Iron
Sledgehammer Mr. Handy Buzz Blade Ripper Shishkebab
Chinese Sword Auto Axe Grognak's Axe Power Fist
Super Sledge Deathclaw Gauntlet


Molotov Cocktail Tin Grenade Incendiary Grenade Frag Mine
Plastic Explosive Dynamite Acid Grenade Pulse Mine
Flare Frag Grenade Pulse Grenade Smoke Grenade
Plasma Mine Plasma Grenade Cryo Grenade Cryo Mine
Blast Mine


Throwing Knife Sharpened Rocks Throwing Darts Throwing Spear
Sharpened Pole Tomahawk Thrown Axe Javelin
Rope Dart


Gear is attire worn by the player and other characters as a means of protecting themselves from danger and the environment in general, gear comes in several varieties; Clothing, Armour and Power Armour. All three can be worn simultaneously and offer generally different levels of protection.


Pre-War Bathrobe Post-War Rags Post-War Farmer Pre-War Worker's Harness
Raider Rags Raider Leather Rat King Rags Triggermen Slacks
Bludgers Uniform Pre-War Slacks Pre-War Checkered Pre-War Dress
Pre-War Mechanic Pre-War Summer Shorts Diamond Dodgers Uniform Post-War Commoner
Post-War Miner Post-War Logger Post-War Traveller Beacon Trader
Gunner Leather Gunner Harness Forged Leather Rat King Leather
Rat King Beast Attire Triggermen Suit Bludgers Leather Pre-War Leather
Pre-War Bomber Pilot Pre-War Sweater Vest Post-War Gambler Post-War Trader
Post-War Chemist Minutemen Attire Institute Resident BoS Initiate Uniform
BoS Scribe Uniform Enforcer Bodyguard Beacon Journeyman Forged Ironhelm
Forged Welder Bludgers Sportsmaster Neutralizer Leather Pre-War Army Fatigues
Pre-War Canadian Rebel Pre-War Tourist Attire Pre-War Lab Coat Post-War Canadian Rebel
Post-War Hazmat Suit Institute Synthetic Institute Scientist BoS Tactician Uniform
BoS Helmsman Uniform Enforcer Soldier Beacon Diplomat Forged Gladiator
Neutralizer Elite Pre-War Suit Pre-War Chinese Army Fatigues Pre-War Chinese Citizen
Pre-War Sci-Fi Hero Pre-War Bug-Eyed Alien Pre-War Trenchcoat Pre-War Hazmat Suit
Minutemen Duster Vault Jumpsuit Institute Courser


Pre-War Security Mariner Light Raider Armoured Leather
Studded Leather Heavy Raider Institute Field Agent Enforcer Scout
Beacon Security Canadian Rebel Colosseum Gladiator Forged Scrap
Bludger Batsman Metal Plate Post-War Combat Recycled Protectron
Institute Infiltrator Enforcer Soldier BoS A-12 Inititate Beacon Captain
Beacon Commander Canadian Justiciar Canadian Liberator Covenant Defender
Gunner Commander Forged Smith Triggermen Reinforced Suit Bludger Captain
Neutralizer Elite Pre-War Combat Recycled Sentry Bot Institute Controller
Institute Courser Enforcer Beserker BoS A-31 Knight BoS A-28 Scribe
Beacon General Canadian Explorer DC Guard Casino Bodyguard
Gunner Overlord Neutralizer One-Man-Army Pre-War Superhero Pre-War Supervillain
Pre-War Vault-Tec Sanctuary Wanderer

Power Armour

T-45 Power Armour Raider Makeshift Armour C-01 Light Power Armour T-47 Non-Combat Armour
T-45 Reinforced Enforcer Armour T-51 Power Armour X-01 Enclave Power Armour X-03 Enclave Tesla Armour
X-06 Enclave Hellfire Armour I-02 Institute Power Armour I-03 Institute Chemical Armour T-60 BoS Enhanced Power Armour
C-04 Ultra-Heavy Power Armour


As with previous Fallout games there are a large number of enemies the player can come across during their travels, enemies vary in tactics, strengths and weaknesses. Some despite appearing similar can even behave quite differently and so the player must keep a keen eye out for the enemy they're facing.

Enemy Variants Description
Rat Bloodfever Rat, Infected Rat, Electrified Rat

A common rat, though the radiation lead to a mutation of a significant percentage of the population into the larger, Giant Rat, regular sized rats are still found across the Commonwealth, typically living in underground environments and in areas where Giant Rats have trouble accessing.

Bloodfever Rats are those that have been infected with Bloodfever causing them heightened aggression and a distinctive red-bloodshot eyes, they're more susceptible to damage and can easily be crippled.

Infected Rats are infected with a number of viruses and can be especially dangerous as those viruses can be passed on to humans, they're generally distinguishable by their molted hair and starved appearance.

Electrified Rats appear to be rats that have eaten pre-war cabling, due to the nature of the pre-war technology, some cabling contains self-electrifying circuits to maintain energy production, these rats appear to have eaten those components as well as a result the circuit flows through the rat which causes its hair to stand on ends.

Giant Rat Irradiated Giant Rat, Infected Giant Rat, Atom Burned Giant Rat

The result of a large percentage of the population of rats across the United States being exposed to high levels of Radiation and the slight influence of FEV strains in the air, Giant Rats are roughly the size of a medium dog and are considerably more dangerous than their unmutated counterparts. They generally will attack in the same manner although are large enough that some will resort to using their claws to attack instead. In addition due to their increased size unlike their smaller counterparts, Giant Rats cannot climb on pipes to ambush the player and so will more often try to hide behind objects or within trash piles to ambush the player.

Irradiated Giant Rats are a result of an unusually high level of radiation that remains present within the Giant Rat's body, giving them a green glow and causing them to deal constant radiation damage to nearby entities which can passively heal other Giant Rats and other enemies that resulted from radiation.

Infected Giant Rats like their smaller counterparts are infected with a number of viruses which can be spread to humans, they not only completely lack hair, something distinct from other Giant Rats but also appear to have patchy skin with some degree of necrosis of the skin tissue as a result.

Atom Burned Giant Rats are unfortunate victims who were exposed to a burst of radiation, either due to being close enough to a detonation or from one of the various mini-nuclear explosions from various pre-war radioactive appliances. These Giant Rats are easily distinguishable by their burned skin which forms a hard, crusted protective layer giving them some resistance to physical damage as well as an immunity to fire damage.

Giant Rat Matriarch Irradiated Giant Rat Matriarch

The den mother of Giant Rats, the hierarchy they form leads to a dominant female who leads the pack and is often the parent of most of the other Giant Rats. They're easily distinguishable by their larger size and denser build, they also are generally slower than their regular counterparts although can be tougher to take down as a result. They can use a series of high pitched sounds to organize the other Giant Rats, instructing them on how to attack.

Irradiated Giant Rat Matriarchs similar to their non-matriarchal counterparts have a large dose of radiation that constantly deals radiation damage, interestingly their offspring do not inherit this irradiated feature. They're often more passive than a regular matriarch however as they will attempt to stay away from combat to provide healing for the other Giant Rats.

Radroach Irradiated Radroach, Sandicker Radroach, Nuka-Radraoch

A fairly common post-war creature, once just a common cockroach species that was common across the continental US, the radiation caused gigantism within the species leading to a larger and more aggressive species.Despite their increased size they're generally regarded as one of the least dangerous creatures in the Wasteland by travellers.

The Irradiated Radroach is one exposed to a high dose of radiation, their chitinous shell keeps the radiation within however if it is broken by a blunt weapon or pierced by a sharp weapon or bullet then the creature explodes in a radioactive cloud.

Sandkicker Radroaches are capable of burying themselves underground and can easily ambush wanderers as a result. They also has a much lighter colour tone which helps them blend in with beaches where they can sometimes be found stealing Mirelurk Eggs.

Nuka-Radroaches are a rather odd mutation that is believed to be caused by ingestion of concentrated Nuka-Cola Quantum. They glow a distinct blue colouration and like Irradiated Radroaches can explode due to internal radiation build up.

Bloatfly Cannibal Bloatfly, Larval Carrier Bloatfly, Chitinous Bloatfly

A weak and common creature found in the post-apocalyptic wastes. Bloatflies are one of the most universal post-war creatures as their retention of flight allowed them to spread rapidly across many areas of the Wasteland. They are generally fairly weak and pose little threat to humans however as they have a very weak bite and their only other means of attack is flinging their larvae which can poison their enemy.

Cannibal Bloatflies, are those that have resorted to cannibalism, they're much more aggressive than regular bloatflies attacking faster and focusing much more on biting as their larval sac is destroyed. They're also capable of attacking other Bloatflies to regain health.

Larval Carrier Bloatflies are a unique mutation that results in a much larger larval sac than the regular bloatfly, this allows them to more rapidly fire out larvae and their larvae have a sticky residue which allows them to latch onto their target for longer making them more dangerous. The parent is however slower than a regular bloatfly and periodically has to land to recover stamina.

The Chitinous Bloatfly is a rare variant that has a hardened exoskeleton due to its mutations. As a result they're very difficult to properly attack as they're more resistant to bullet damage and nearly immune to energy damage, they do however have a severa fire damage weakness.

Bloodbug Acidic Bloodbug, Infected Bloodbug, Flamespitter Bloodbug

The Bloodbug is a post-apocalyptic mutated Mosquito that like most post-war arthropods lead to a degree of gigantism. The species still retains their parasitic behaviour, attacking various animals including humans to suck their blood, however their large size means they pose a serious threat to any creature. Bloodbugs will typically attack by jabbing with their proboscis or slashing with their arms, once they've had their fill however they'll typically leave, shooting a Bloodbug that's had its fill can cause it to explode which can distract other Bloodbugs.

Acidic Bloodbugs have an unusual chemical mutation that leads to the anti-coagulant they inject into their prey have acidic properties causing serious damage, they're distinguishable by the strange yellow-green glow their abdomens emit.

Infected Bloodbugs carry a number of diseases, despite the name they themselves are generally not negatively affected by the diseases they carry. They're often seen around the corpses of rodents and humans.

Flamespitter Bloodbugs are one of the most unusual mutations of the Bloodbug species, for an unknown reason this mutation lost its ability to suck blood, however retains a degree of aggression, as such although they are obligate herbivores they can still pose a threat to humans and brahmin, their main targets. They can spit a flammable liquid from their proboscis as a projectile which ignites on contact with the air and leads to burns.

Leafhopper Serrated Leafhopper, Scraphopper, Resonance Leafhopper

The leafhopper is a mutated variant of the Boston Red-Banded Leafhopper, an extremely colourful animal that's normally fairly passive even in its mutated state. They're quite large and because of their colourful colouration are easy to identify. Their rigid exoskeleton makes them incredibly resistant to damage of all kinds although Raiders will often attempt to hunt them as fashioning a shield out of their shells is often seen as a mark of pride among the Raiders and shows one's power.

In combat however these creatures are a whole different kind of monster, able to generate ear piercing soundwaves that can cause internal bleeding due to the high frequency they're difficult to approach, in addition their strong mandibles which are able to chew through tree bark can make quick work of a person whithout armour.

Serrated Leafhoppers are denoted by the serrated edges of their wings which gives them a more dangerous look and their back often looks like a fanged beast, they're somewhat weaker than the regular Leafhopper although will also attack more often and will sometimes even chase their enemy.

Scraphoppers are often found in scrapheaps and lack the bright colouration of their cousins instead having evolved and mutated a pattern that mimicks the trash they hide amongst. They often can be found eating fungi and are very territorial attacking anyone who attempts to steal from their trash piles including other Scraphoppers.

The Resonance Leafhopper is the most dangerous of all Leafhoppers, their vibrational sound not only can cause damage but they can even cause the crystals in energy weapons to break forcing them to be repaired, they're the largest of the species although are fortunately solitary so never are found in groups, however have a reputation among the Commonwealth for taking out entire groups of wastelanders.

Assassin Bug Leatherback Assassin Bug, Ruined Assassin Bug

A very dangerous predatory insect that's found in Post-War Commonwealth, the Assassin Bug is a creature that due to mutations became gigantic in the wastelands, becoming similar in size to Pre-War Bears. It is an obligate predator that attacks with large fang-like mandibles and sharpened claw-like arms.

The actual size varies due to the nymphal instars being more common than the adults so the size range can be from as small as a cat to as large as the aformentioned bears. They attack with extreme aggression and will typically tear into their targets trying to kill them before they can take too much damage. They're known to even go after some of the larger creatures of the Commonwealth like the abominations and even the Gan-Suva.

The Leatherback Assassin Bug is notorious as it retains the behaviour of piling corpses on its back, they primarily target mammals and so have this foul odour of dead animals they carry around which is described as one of the most putrid and foul smells. It can often attract Bloatflies to the insect which are an easy prey for the Assassin Bug although can also paralyze a human with fear from the sight.

Ruined Assassin Bugs are a rarer variant commonly found among the rubble of buildings, they hide by covering themselves with rubble and use a sticky residue they secret from their mouths to bind it to their back. Due to the sheer weight they are noticeably slower however this also makes them particularly difficult to damage as they can use the rubble as a sort of shield to protect them from damage.

Shellamark Swamp Shellamark, Urban Shellamark

The Shellamark is a mutated group of Turtle Species once found across the Commonwealth in the Pre-War era. Since then the species has become a menace to wastelanders and traders alike as they're ambush predators who'll often attack unwary travellers. They're also a surprisingly dominant species as they are one of the main driving forces that keeps Mirelurks to the coastal regions of Boston.

The Shellamark attacks with its jaw similar to snapping turtles, the bite strength is enough to immediately cripple an individual's leg if they get caught and can leave significant damage even if they're just grazed. They can also attack by spitting a high pressure jet of water from their stomach at their target. They're a very defensive creature however so if their first hit fails to land then they'll often retreat into their shell or try to burrow back underground.

The Swamp Shellamark more common in the areas South of Boston are notable for their unusually high mobility, this is due to them adapting to the more aquatic environment of the area allowing them to almost swim through land, their body remains constantly drenched in water due to a unique adaptation to their shell's tissue which helps them with movement, this does however make them susceptible to electrical damage.

The Urban Shellamark is commonly seen in Boston itself typically around the old pre-war parks and ponds where the species likely originated from. They're distinguishable for their pearly-white shells which are a result of them eating many of the old statues to create Gastroliths to help them digest food more easily. They're the largest of the species due to them primarily feasting on Feral Ghouls.

Demon Snake Irradiated Demon Snake, Maneater Demon Snake

The Demon Snakes are mutated Redbelly Snakes, whose gigantism lead to them becoming a dangerous predator of the Post-War wastes. They're one of the largest creatures on the East Coast, being over two feet in diameter, they are known to eat almost anything including large creatures like Brahmin and Mirelurk Kings and even go toe-to-toe with Radscorpions on occassion.

Their main means of attack is a powerful bite and to use their massive tail to slam and disorientate their targets leaving their prey vulnerable to further attack. Some will also attempt intimidation tactics by flashing their underside which mutated resulting in unique markings that resemble screaming faces.

The Irradiated Demon Snake is a variant that was exposed to a concentrated dose of radiation, their underbelly glows green and they can release a concentrated blast of radiation from their mouth in a spray, they also like other irradiated enemies emit a constant radiation effect.

Maneater Demon Snakes are an unusually large variant of the creatures that are named as such because they're so massive they can eat a person whole, fortunately they have extreme difficulty with Power Armour and so Power Armour equipped people can often avoid this fate, their behaviour is otherwise the same as regular Demon Snakes.

Mongrel Alpha Mongrel

Mongrels are mutated dogs that are common across the Post-War landscape, similar to Feral Ghouls not all mutated dogs become Mongrels, it is more so a deteriation of the mind that leads to them being designated as such.

Mongrels typically attack in packs and will lunge and bite their targets or attempt to tear into their flesh, they're highly aggressive and will attack anything regardless of size or threat.

Packs are typically lead by an Alpha Mongrel which is notably larger than its brethren and also has a mane, the Alpha Mongrel will heighten the aggression of other Mongrels however if it is killed this can often cause the other Mongrels to run away in fear.

Radstag Doe Radstag, Buck Radstag, Albino Radstag, Erratic Radstag

Radstags are the mutated deer of the Wasteland, originally migrating from the North due to the freezing nuclear winters that had become prominent in Post-War Canada, the Radstags are a generally more passive mutated creature although will not hesitate to attack humans that threaten their herd or get close to them if they have young.

Radstags can attack with their hooves by kicking or stomping, they can also charge at high speeds and strike with their antlers to deal serious damage, notably being able to pierce armour. On their own a single Radstag is typically not too much of an issue and people are known to hunt them, however in larger herds they can be extremely dangerous even to someone in Power Armour.

Doe & Buck Radstags are typically the dominant Female and Male of a herd, the Doe is typically the largest of a single herd and will often have several young following closely to her. The Buck is roughly the same height although leaner and has the most complex horns, both are more dangerous than the regular Radstags and will often attack with extreme aggression, in particular hurting the young of a herd can send a Doe or Buck into a blind rage attacking rapidly at anything.

Albino Radstags are a bit of an oddity, a rare sight they are unusually alert, it's believed they have unique mutations that make them albino in large enough populations. Sometimes an Albino herd of Radstags can be found although because of their alertness they'll typically flee before an individual can get close.

The Erratic Radstag is an aggressive variant that is commonly found in the West areas of the Commonwealth and originated from the Mid-West of the USA, they're distinguishable for having grown fang-like canines that protrude from their upper jaw and lack any antlers. They will more often attack by biting and it's believed that due to mutations in their brains they will innately attack almost anything hence why they're never seen in groups.

Coyote Bonesplitter Coyote, Blooded Coyote, Infected Coyote, Dustdevil Coyote

Originally hailing from the West Coast, large packs of Coyotes moved eastward during the great Desert Storms of the 2190s, which created temporary bodies of water which allowed the species to move across the barren wastes. They are typically bulkier and more dangerous than mongrels although because of their behaviour move in smaller packs meaning the two are typically kept on equal footing due to the numbers of Mongrels and the power of the Coyotes.

Coyotes attack with their razor sharp teeth, long claws and powerful lunges, they're also able to use howls to allow for a co-ordinated attack from multiple Coyotes. If a fight gets unfavourable however the Coyotes are smart enough to try and make a run for it and won't engage with animals significantly larger than them like the Gan-Suva.

The Bonesplitter Coyote is a variant that cropped up in the Glowing Sea and is an incredibly dangerous variant, the high dosage of radiation lead to gigantism in the species and their teeth became somewhat blunter leading to them being able to crush bones. This results in them being more scavengers than pack hunters and they typically live in solitary.

The Blooded Coyotes are those trained by Raiders, they're typically used in the place of hounds as their easiness in getting them to attack a target makes them more useful for defensive purposes, they're often marked by that Raider group and will often be starved resulting in heightened aggression.

Infected Coyotes typically carry a number of diseases and can be distngiushed by their matted fur and diseased appearance including pustules and tumorous growths on their body, they typically are infected after eating an infected rodent although are also uniquely the sole carriers of Post-War Rabies.

Dustdevil Coyotes are a species that had originally spent a long time in the Mid-West before eventually migrating eastward, they adapted to the drier environment and are distinguishable for having longer claws and a generally taller but leaner build as well as a much ligher coat of fur. These Coyotes are excellent at digging and can often kick up dust clouds to blind their prey before going in for surprise attacks making them menaces of the West Commonwealth where they typically reside along with near abandoned construction sites.

Gan-Suva Alpha Gan-Suva, Boreal Gan-Suva, Albino Gan-Suva, FEV Gan-Suva

Gan-Suva are Post-War mutated Bobcats, they are the apex predator of the Commonwealth and one of the largest creatures in the Post-War USA, being approximately nine feet tall from foot to shoulder, they are incredibly aggressive and territorial, the Gan-Suva of the Commonwealth are well documented and maps have been made denoting all the nests of these massive predators.

Gan-Suva attack with ferocious bites and slashes, they can bounce and stomp their prey and can let out an ear-piercing roar that can stagger any biological target. They can also grab prey in their mouth and throw them into the air dealing serious damage as a result. Even in Power Armour they are one of the most dangerous creatures in the Wasteland and are known to have taken out entire squads of Brotherhood of Steel in the past.

The Alpha Gan-Suva is an incredibly rare variant which is distinguished by having a large golden mane, they are even larger than the regular variants and are just as aggressive. Uniquely they're accompanied by regular Gan-Suva and can use distinct roars to co-ordinate attacks. To date only one Alpha Gan-Suva has been killed by a human in the known history of the Commonwealth, the founder of Diamond City General Fenway.

The Boreal Gan-Suva is a smaller variant of the creature that dwells in the wilds of the North and North-West regions of the Commonwealth, although a rare sight they're able to climb trees and can pounce from above making them devastating ambush predators. Their territory is typically distinguished by massive clusters of bones.

The Albino Gan-Suva is a rare variant that has mutated albinism from radiation exposure, they're uniquely deaf so they're one of the easiest of the creature to deal with and can be snuck around. If detected however the Albino Gan-Suva goes into a blind rage, that is even more dangerous than a regular or Alpha Gan-Suva and can quickly wipe out an individual as their powerful claws can shred through armour and even break weapons by smashing them.

FEV Gan-Suva is a variant that was exposed to a significant dosage of FEV, this resulted in unusual mutations including the development of vestigial limbs which it uses to attack, the creature is able to attack multiple times in a single strike as a result and can even attack multiple targets simultaneously if they're in close range.

Feral Ghoul Feral Ghoul Seeker, Feral Ghoul Reaver, Feral Born-Ghoul, Feral Ghoul Stalker

The Feral Ghoul is the result of a human who's undergone Ghoulification and over time lost their mind. It's believed that the process of becoming a Feral Ghoul will eventually happen to all Ghouls although some Pre-War Ghouls still exist to this day and aren't Feral, so it is possible it does not affect all of them, however the number of Non-Feral Pre-War Ghouls is extremely low.

Feral Ghouls attack with strikes from their arms, lunges and biting with their teeth, some will also headbutt or attempt to kick and others simply flail about. Even when their limbs are severed a Feral Ghoul will keep trying to attack, biting with its jaw or crawling with its arms if its legs were blown off.

Feral Ghoul Seekers are an unusual mutation that can occur where the Ghoul's eyes become extremely well-developed and bulge out of their eye sockets. Their advanced sight allows them nightvision and they can more easily detect humans and other creatures. They're generally seen as scouts among herds of Feral Ghouls.

Feral Ghoul Reavers are hardened Feral Ghouls who's body's have adapted to constant fighting becoming tougher and more durable. They have hardened skin particularly on their arms, torso and legs giving them a sort of natural armour. They can ram the player to attack and can even knock the player over if they're not in Power Armour.

Feral Born-Ghouls are the result of a Born-Ghoul becoming Feral, they're very rare due to the naturally small population of Born-Ghouls that exist, however they display a heightened intelligence even in a feral state and can often use a series of grunts and wails to co-ordinate attacks, they have a more aquamarine coloured skin tone which is believed to be a result of their bodies being more capable of dealing with radiation than first generation Ghouls.

Feral Ghoul Stalkers are a unique variant of Ghouls that through mutation have grown elongated legs with bones that protrude through their skin, as such they have a hunched appearance and walk similar to that of a Raptor (e.g. Ostriches, Emus and Cassowaries). Their increased leg span makes them incredibly dangerous as they can chase down the player far more easily than regular Ghouls and have powerful stomps which can stagger the player.

Glowing One Bloated Glowing One, Festering Glowing One, Plutonium Glowing One

Glowing Ones are a rare variant of Feral Ghouls that exude natural radiation that expels from their body, though their attacks are generally shared with Feral Ghouls their behaviour is far more passive and they will typically hide behind their pack of Ghouls healing them through bursts of radiation and damaging the player with radiation damage.

Bloated Glowing Ones are Glowing Ones that have mutated in such a way that they develop irradiated blood that pools in their body forming weird pustules that have a bruised appearance and glow green from the radiation, they're slower moving than regular Glowing Ones however are quite dangerous in close range as their pustules can erupt spilling irradiated blood in the surrounding area which is not only radioactive but also corrosive.

Festering Glowing Ones are the oldest of all Glowing Ones, their bodies have rotted and mutated from the radiation for such a long period of time that some of their bones are exposed as a result. They're very feeble and weak but also dangerous as their bodies have adapted to the normally high levels of radiation meaning the radiation output they produce is far greater than that of regular Glowing Ones. Killing them also typically requires complete annihilation of the body as they can be decapitated and still fight.

Plutonium Glowing Ones are an unusual variant of Glowing Ones that are found around the Glowing Sea, due to their pre-war occupation as Power Plant workers their bodies got exposed to Plutonium Rods which became embedded in their bodies due to the detonation in the area. The Plutonium gives them a sickly turquoise coloured glow as opposed to the regular green colouration and the rod appears to protrude from their back, through their chest or through one of their arms. Typically resulting in massive tumorous growths around the entry and exit points. They are highly aggressive unlike most Glowing Ones and will physically go in to attack rather than staying back, this can make them extremely dangerous to those without proper radiation protection.

Dover Demon Fogwalker Dover Demon, Subterranean Dover Demon

A true nightmare of the wastes, believed to be once human, these creatures have a twisted and demented appearance, having a large bulbous head, gangly limbs with long, boney digits on each limb. They're a nocturnal mutant that attack at night and typically in small packs.

Almost silent, they attack by unleashing blasts of radiation from their eyes and scratching their victims in a rapid flurry, they make no noise so can often get the drop before anyone notices. They are however unarmoured and so several well-aimed shots can make them flee or even put them down although that is rare since the second they detect they're in danger they flee.

The Fogwalker Dover Demon is the only variant that appears during the day, when dense fog rolls in, these creatures are sure to follow. They move around in the fog picking off prey usually trying to separate the prey from their groups.

Subterranean Dover Demons live underground and are a constant concern for those exploring old abandoned caverns and even the underground transit systems of the pre-war. They move in much larger groups and are generally larger and more muscular, they're the reason so few people dare to explore the underground train stations of Boston and why most of them are sealed up.

Ursasquatch Speckled Ursasquatch, Mother Ursasquatch

Tales speak of the half-man half-bear creatures that roam the more mountainous areas of the West Commonwealth, over ten feet tall and covered in a thick coat of fur that obscures their face excluding a small protruding snout with a snarled showing of sharp teeth. They're very aggressive and very predatory, some people believe that when a person disappears into the mountains they become an Ursasquatch, others believe the creatures simply feast on their bones.

Ursasquatches attack with an unbridled rage, they're never put-off by weapons fire and will target the thing making the most noise, the attack with gnashing teeth and claws, lunging and tackling their enemies with powerful arms described to feel like one's hit by a log. They have a unique immunity to fire, the post-war mutation lead to a development of an flame retardant oil that baffles people to this day.

The Speckled Ursasquatches are easily distinguishable by their bizarre matted fur, they're believed to have been exposed to a greater dose of radiation. They will often be found rubbing against trees, possibly to relieve themselves of the pain of the exposed flesh, their spit is particularly dangerous as it carries many viruses the creatures pick up over their life and so when they roar it's best to keep one's distance.

The Mother Ursasquatch is one of the meanest creatures in all of the Commonwealth, very protective of their young they're true giants standing taller than regular Ursasquatches and with surprising dexterity as they can grab and throw a human and can even attempt to crush their skull with their massive arms.

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