Fallen Crest is a 2013 Nintendo 3DS 3D action-adventure/MMO, formely of Hybrid Co. but not operated by Twenty-Second Choice.


Gameplay The gameplay is similar to The Legend of Zelda games, with a free roam environment and weapons in inventories. Up to 4 characters can be held in one party as a "Justice Group". Some will have better chemistry than others, totalling 100.

On the touch screen, 5 attack moves will be listed with how to execute the move below.

The world is one big MMO-style hub so areas have to be walked to and stages automatically appear when reached. There is also a online mode where you can play a hero vs. Villain war as your current character, this was a added expansion for the game as DLC.



In total their are 4 playable characters in the game. The party can be interchangeable though once online.

Image Name Description Weapon


Image Name Description Weapon
Parkinson Titania's loyal butler, entertainer and magician.
Tori She was the supergirl that everyone admired, she could fly, she had it all. And she'll do anything to get it back.
Janine Titania's best friend is a magic user, love to Martin and is fighting to stop Jacob's forces to get her love back.
Yuki The courageous ninja has his agile moves and his Samurai Sword. Ninja Leap


Enemies can easily be defeated with your characters weapon.

Image Name Description
Henchman A noble knight with a sword.


These are the larger "Justice of Evil" lead by Jacob, these are fought in a ladder tournament so one loss means your fighting the previous again with another character as they are revived when Jacob uses his portal.

Image Name Description How to Defeat
Angel A former henchman of the Queen, forced to turn evil when Jacob took over The Empire. He attacks with his igneous spear and controling some elements of time. He and his Chaos Vortex never meant any harm. A coward for betraying Titania, he is fought outside her castle.
Sectorus A robot built to cause destruction by a unknown rouge scientist, something went wrong and unleashed a huge monster. Attack his gearbox when exposed at the back.
Rex A disgruntled let down pet, now a ravishing beast and Jacob's pet. This dog wants more than just bones. Pull on his lead if you press A near him to latch on, it will strangle him.
Martin Split up from his love Janine after being captured for Jacob's Army. He is a budding soldier who never loses spirit. He is now forced evil and is unrecognisable apart from his armour as hens covered in knights armour to keep Janine unaware.


  • The game's title is a reference to the collapse of Superheroes.
  • The game in Europe is known as Empire Heroes.
  • Copies bought after the expansion features a option to play the normal game as your custom character.
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