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Fake Warp Pipes are a pipe-like creature that roams the Mushroom Kingdom in the Mario series, first debuting in Super Mario Expeditions. These appear as "uncommon" creatures, only as Shadlings or any other creature that can shapeshift disguised as normal warp pipes.


They seem like normal warp pipes at first. However, when near approach, they show a creepy face of yellow eyes and two sharp teeth at the bottom and top. Some fake warp pipes have different color palettes of the pipe and eyes to blend in with the landscape.

Main Mechanics

They act like normal warp pipes at first. However, when stepping on top of them or approaching them, they will instantly eat the player, chew it for a few seconds, and then will spit out Mario and eat his powerup if he has equipped one. Otherwise, he would be swallowed up, deleting a life.

Game Appearances

Super Mario Expeditions

This is the game in which these enemies debut in, first appearing in 2-4 Forbidden Woods, where they would spawn near the entrance of the forest and then in 4-1 Koopa's Dangerland.


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