FR-33 is a Sci-fi 2D Platformer created and published by Scarce Gaming for the AtHome Disc on March 4th,


1996. It focused on the slave robot FR-33's quest for sentience and freedom.

Main Characters

  • FR-33 - The main and titular character. A slave robot who is on a quest for sentience and freedom. He has 4 different moves - Jump (Button 1), Attack (Button 2), Kick Attack (Left or Right on D-Pad + Button 2), & Drop Kick (Down on D-Pad + Button 2).
  • KI-11 - FR-33's enemy, who shares his hard drive, memory, and Model No. with FR-33. However, KI-11 is more of a military robot than FR-33's slave purpose.
  • RU-13 - The robotic overlord of the slave robots, and overseer of the Saturn Mine Operation. He has every attack that FR-33 has, along with an electrocution attack and a Laser Gun Implant.


Episode I

  1. Processing Plant - The slave's work area.
  2. Descent - The shaft down to Saturn's surface.
  3. Atmospheric City - A flying city in the atmosphere of Saturn.
  4. Boss - Saturn Five - A battle against a giant, tentacled humanoid creature.

Episode II

  1. To The Surface! - A descent to Saturn's surface.
  2. Surface Tension - Saturn's surface.
  3. Mega Drive - A race across Saturn on a Hoverbike.
  4. Boss - Scrapper - A battle against a scrap metal salesman.

Episode III

  1. Opposites Attract - A magnetic pull level across Saturn's ocean.
  2. Any Titles? Na - An explosion based level about bouncing off the ocean surface.
  3. Sea It? - A stealth level on a boat.
  4. Boss - Pirate Leader - A battle against a Spice Pirate.

Episode IV

  1. Ascent - A climb up Episode 1-2's shaft.
  2. Nucleus - The core of the Saturn Mine.
  3. On the Offensive - A trek to RU-13's computer station. Has KI-11 as a miniboss.
  4. Open Your Heart - A boss fight against RU-13. The level name can only be seen in Level Select.
  5. Rush Track - A run down the shaft from Episode 1-2 while the Saturn Mine also slides down it.

Graphics & Easter Eggs

The game functioned as Scarce's competition against Donkey Kong Country and Vectorman. It had pre-rendered 3D graphics, and all the robot characters have vibrating text whenever they speak.

Easter Eggs

If the player waits long enough on the title screen, the game will say, "What? Don't you want to play?" and display a preview screen, where the opening credits are displayed.

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