Class Divide
Official logo for FORTUNE FURY 2K18: Class Divide.
Developer RoseRed White RoseRed
Platforms Steam
Nintendo Switch
Nintendo DSGo
Release Date March 1, 2019 (worldwide)
Age Ratings
ESRB2013M 16Rating CERO C
Genre Two-dimensional fighting
Included Media Digital download
Input Methods
Kbam Xboicon Ext3 12a Ext3 12c

FORTUNE FURY 2K18: Class Divide is the first expansion pack to be released for the critically acclaimed FORTUNE FURY 2K18. The title will introduce four new playable characters as well as countless enhancements to the gameplay experience. The most notable addition to the gameplay in the expansion is the addition of Assist Characters who may be summoned in certain gameplay modes. Class Divide was revealed at RoseRed's preview for F3 2018 and is slated to release in March of 2019.


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The Class Divide expansion introduces several tweaks to the gameplay of FORTUNE FURY 2K18.


Assist Characters are the most notable change to the gameplay formula in Class Divide. In all battle modes (unless assists are turned off in the options menu), both players must choose three Assist Characters before the battle begins. Each Assist Character has a single powerful move that they will use in battle, and will be summoned when the player presses Ext3 0a4 or Ext3 0a5 and a direction on Ext3 0d0 corresponding to one of their Assists. In Campaign Mode, the player begins with no Assist Characters and they will be recruited throughout a game.


Dan Gertler Dan Gertler shines bright!
Queen Elizabeth Queen Elizabeth reclaims the throne!
Kylie Jenner Kylie Jenner
Arthur Blank Arthur Blank



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