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Official boxart for FORTUNE FURY 2K18.
Developer RoseRed White RoseRed
Platforms Steam
Nintendo Switch
Nintendo DSGo
Release Date December 1, 2018 (worldwide)
Age Ratings
ESRB2013M 16Rating CERO C
Genre Two-dimensional fighting
Included Media Digital download
Nintendo Switch game card
Nintendo DSGo game card
Input Methods
Kbam Xboicon Ext3 12a Ext3 12c

FORTUNE FURY 2K18 is an upcoming fighting game in development by RoseRed. The game is slated for a release in 2018 for the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo DSGo, and Steam. FORTUNE FURY 2K18 is a one-on-one fighting game featuring many of the world's most recognizable billionaires pitted against one another in battle. The developers of the game intend to expand upon the content of the game periodically after its release with both paid and free expansions.

The game is being followed by a sequel set to release in 2020, FORTUNE FURY 2K20.


The gameplay of FORTUNE FURY 2K18 is inspired heavily by that of two-dimensional Dragon Ball Z fighting games such as Dragon Ball FighterZ. It also mimics elements from the Super Smash Bros. series such as much more simple controls for a fighting game. Characters' strength is determined by how much energy they have charged up, and as such their attacks are dependent on charging up energy. The characters' energy slowly increases as they are attacked, but it also may be recharged by manual input from the player.

Apart from energy, each character also has health. Simple enough, the character is defeated when their health runs out. Each character has an independent weight and speed and may have different benefits and hindrances based simply on their character. When a character has fully charged their energy gauge, they may do a finisher attack which does a great amount of damage on the opponent. However, finisher moves are hard to land and thus must be used strategically.


  • Ext3 0a0 or Ext3 0a2 - Attack - This is a simple attack such as a punch or a kick. This can be done in a combo by hitting the button in a rhythm, or can be charged up by holding the button. Regular attacks will do no knockback, but a charged attack will.
  • Ext3 0a1 or Ext3 0a3 - Special - The neutral special is the same for every character: they will shoot a small projectile attack at their opponent which will take up a very small amount of the gauge. This attack is primarily done to stun the target shortly, as it does not deal much damage.
    • Ext3 0d1+Ext3 0a1 - Range Special - The range special is, as the name implies, ranged. Dodging a ranged attack is considerably easy, so these must of course be used strategically. Ranged specials are, for most characters, the strongest type of special.
    • Ext3 0d2+Ext3 0a1 - Buffer Special - Buffer specials do not do much damage. They do, however, have a great amount of knockback. The main purpose of the buffer special is to create distance between the player and the opponent.
    • Ext3 0d6+Ext3 0a1 - Rush Special - The rush special is the opposite of the buffer special. The purpose of this attack is to close the gap between the player and the opponent through a high-speed attack. This does a decent amount of damage and may be easy to avoid.
    • Ext3 0a4+Ext3 0a1 - Finisher - The finisher move intends to use the character's full power to unleash a very powerful attack on the opponent. This attack will vary greatly based on which character uses it. It is quite easy to dodge a finisher attack as well, so timing for this attack is crucial.
  • Ext3 0a4 or Ext3 0a5 - Recharge - This command will simply recharge the character's energy gauge as long as the button is held. The player may not move or use any type of attack while they are recharging, thus it is ideal to recharge when there is great distance between the player and opponent.
  • Ext3 0a6 - Grab - The player will grab the opponent which will stun them, then any type of attack may be used against them. Grabbing the opponent is quite difficult as it requires complete close contact with the opponent which could be risky for a long enough time.
  • Ext3 0a7 - Block - The player will block all attacks for as long as the button is held. This reduces damage taken by attacks by 90%. The player may not move or attack while they are blocking, but their block may easily be broken by a powerful enough attack.
  • Ext3 102 - Dodge - The player can dodge by moving the right stick in the direction of which they wish to dodge. The dodge is quite brief but the player cannot dodge again for another 2 seconds after they last dodged. Thus, dodges must be used strategically.



Versus Mode is the very basic multiplayer fighting mode. The player can choose any character and any stage and simply fight it out. This can be played with either local or online multiplayer. Versus mode can be played as a simple 1-on-1 fighting mode or using tag team mode. Tag team mode allows the player to choose 4 characters to be on a team who can be tagged in or out. A tag team game ends when all of one player's characters have been defeated.


Campaign Mode is the main story mode for FORTUNE FURY 2K18. In this story, the billionaire of the player's choice wishes to accumulate enough wealth to become the single richest person alive. They set out on a quest to do so through campaigning across the world and laying the roots for businesses in various locations. However, other billionaires seem to have the same idea and are completely willing to use violence to defend their territory. Thus, the billionaire the player controls must defeat all of the other billionaires in battle in order to be the One True Wealthiest Person Alive.

The campaign mode functions like a board game similar to Smash Tour in Super Smash Bros. 4 but mainly draws inspiration from Monopoly. At the beginning of the turn, all of the billionaires on the board roll a dice from 1-10. The player will move across the board however many spaces they roll. When they land on a space, they have the option of setting up a factory here. Factories are specialized; they will accumulate wealth for a player but they will also increase a single stat of a player. Other billionaires can set up factories on the same space as other billionaires, and the more money that is invested in each factory will translate into other players' factories decreasing in size.

There are eight players in each campaign mode game. If a player crosses paths with another player on the board, they will both be stopped in their tracks and go to battle at the end of the turn. If a player does not cross paths with another, they will simply fight a generic opponent at the end of the turn. If a player is defeated three times, they are out of the game. When a player is defeated, the players that contributed to their defeat will inherit a portion of their wealth. The goal of the game is to be the last player standing. When there are only two players remaining, regardless of how many times they have lost, they will have one final battle against each other. Whoever wins this battle is the ultimate victor of the game.

Campaign Mode may be played through multiplayer online, but not locally.


Throughout the course of a campaign, various types of activists will gradually spring up and rally against the billionaires. The federal government, at this point, can place heavy regulations on their business practices if the rallying crowd becomes large enough. In the game, this translates to the decreasing of the player's stats. The best way to avoid this is to invest in lobbyists. This can be done at the start of every turn and will cost a percentage of the player's fortune. Once done, these lobbyists will funnel your money into politics and either slow or prevent legislation from being passed. However, since, the lobbying business is quite shady, some lobbyists will take much or all of the fortune for themselves. Thus, the player has to gauge their benefits versus their losses when investing in potential lobbyists.


Slowly but surely, the exploited denizens of the places players have placed their factories upon will grow tired of it. Revolts will spring up periodically throughout the game, and they can only be quelled by expending huge sums of money to silence them. However, they can also be stopped if two or more billionaires cooperate to fight the revolutionaries. As more players are removed from the game, revolts grow more and more likely. When only two players remain, the game enters "permanent revolution" mode.

Revolts at a factory will prevent a player from gaining any benefits from the factory in question. If a revolt is not silenced, they will easily spread to bordering factories. If a battle between two billionaires takes place at a location in rebellion, they will take twice the environmental damage from stage obstacles. Furthermore, the battle timer will be turned on, to 100 seconds.


The following includes all of the playable characters in the initial release of FORTUNE FURY 2K18. The roster includes the very richest people in the world as well as a few of the most recognizable faces of billionaires who do not fall into the very richest group. Eight characters from the start are hidden and only may be unlocked through defeating them in Campaign Mode.

Jeff Bezos It's Prime time for... Jeff Bezos

Jeffery "Jeff" Bezos was, in 2018, the richest man in the world thanks to his massive corporation. Jeff went into labor in 1994 and disgustingly gave birth to the Internet retailer company of Amazon. Since then, he's expanded his company about a million times further to serve countless purposes. Now, if you dare, you can put Jeffary's personal listening device in your very home and give it full reign over everything! All defiers will be sent to the nearest Amazon Fulfillment Center.

Bill Gates Bill Gates has got an update for you!

William "Billiam" Gates is most likely the man who invented the computer. Gates was formerly known for years and years as the richest man in the world thanks to his booming corporation Microsoft, but he lost that title to Jeff Bezos in 2018. Bill, however, wants revenge-- he longs to take back the throne, and now he's armed and ready to get at 'em. Definitely not covering anything up, Bill Gates likes to be remembered more for his charity work than for his massive corporation that dominates our technology and is practically unavoidable.

Donald Trump Donald Trump colludes with the competition!

Donald J. Trump is the 45th, 46th, and 50th president of the United States, being the first billionaire to hold this position. When Trump learned that he may have to use violence to defend his wealth, he refrained from training because Fox News reported that he is "the most powerful man in the world." Donald Trump is most remembered for the time that he made America great again within 24 hours of becoming president. If you must know anything about Trump, just know-- and believe me-- this man is not afraid to throw a punch.

Mark Zuckerberg Mark Zuckerberg ain't here to make friends!

After America's soft and sweaty boy, Mark Zuckerberg, lost most of his wealth following Facebook controversies and two failed campaigns for president, he found his true calling-- kayaking. Mark sold Facebook to Google following his fall from grace, and now he's on the greatest quest of reclamation. Zuckerberg wants revenge on the system that failed to protect him when he was at the lowest of the low, and as such he's been going to the gym every Monday and Thursday. 

Elon Musk Elon Musk launches into battle!

Put your hands together for America's "most correct" man, Elon Musk! This guy is the CEO of both Tesla and SpaceX, and reached worldwide fame when he established a colony on Mars. He named it Muskylvania after his hard work, and his given title is the "Head Director." Elon Musk decided he did not actually want this colony to be a democracy, because it was too annoying to deal with the people complaining for better working conditions. Established as the "state newspaper," Musk distributes Pravda to his colony, which is his daily release of him dunking on the critics.

Warren Buffett Warren Buffett is waging war!

While he got rich off of being an investor, Warren Buffett is best known for being a military general during the heart of the Class War. In 2006 he seemed quite proud of his accomplishments, saying "There's class warfare, all right, but it's my class, the rich class, that's making war, and we're winning." Thank you for your service, General Buffett. Mr. Buffett was dishonorably discharged from the military in 2008. Now he has the great goal of redistributing his wealth to the masses, which is something he definitely does fairly, because Obama said so.

Larry Page Larry Page searches for opponents!

Larry Page invented Google and simplified browsing the web. He would later oversee the expansion of his company to where it now does pretty much has a monopoly on everything there is to be done. For example, you're almost definitely reading this with Google Chrome. Here you can see Page equipped with his cool, stylish, trendy Google Glass, which has a patented technology to read his brainwaves and give him psychokinetic powers. The "reading brainwaves" thing wasn't actually broadcasted to the masses when Google released this design.

Koch Brothers The Koch Brothers
Oprah Winfrey Oprah Winfrey brings the truth!
Mark Cuban Mark Cuban
Michael Bloomberg Michael Bloomberg
Carlos Slim Carlos Slim capitalizes on the chaos!

Now here's someone who truly did nothing to get this much money. Carlos Slim accumulated ridiculous amounts of money through holding shares in countless corporations in the Mexican stock market. From 2010 to 2013, he was the richest man in the whole world just from doing this and his net worth is equal to 6% of the entire country of Mexico's wealth. Slim fights using material based around the stock market.


George Soros George Soros starts a revolution!

George Soros got rich off of being an investor. With this tremendous, insurmountable wealth he decided he was going to create left of center politics. When the USSR dissolved, insider sources tell that Soros could be heard somberly singing the Soviet National Anthem in his bedroom. Soros is the reason the UK voted to stay in the EU and furthermore he's the reason Hillary Clinton is president. If you ever in your daily strides meet someone who voted for Hillary Clinton, don't engage. Just remember-- Soros is in there somewhere.

Bernard Arnault Bernard Arnault
Naruto Uzumaki Naruto Uzumaki is on his way!

When Naruto's manga finally came to an end in 2015, he struggled to get back on his feet. He received unemployment checks for several months until he one day he had the noble goal of becoming a shareholder. After striking gold, Naruto opened his own humble little megacorporation in Silicon Valley. Soon, he's going to be running for president! Naruto is a prime example of the American Dream in action! If Naruto could do it, why can't you?

Rupert Murdoch Rupert Murdoch conquers the medium!

Rupert Murdoch is an Australian guy particularly known for his massive media empire (it was actually recognized as sovereign by the United Nations in 2021). He's both loved and hated for this-- he controls media broadcasters that champion right-wing causes such as Fox News and The Sun. Now, you may be wondering, how is Murdoch not dead yet? Well, back in 1990, Murdoch met a demon who told him he could live forever as long as he drains the livelihood of every developed nation in the world.

George Lucas George Lucas strikes back!
Karl Marx Karl Marx makes the ruling class tremble!

Karl Marx was brought back to life after the seven Dragon Balls were gathered, and he was eager to learn the legacy of Communism. Soon enough he was able to get a sick book deal with the Communist Manifesto and Das Kapital. Soon after, Marx earned billions of dollars in revenue off of their sales. After arming the working class with class consciousness and very large weapons, Karl Marx realized that he thought money was actually pretty cool.

Notch Notch joined the game!

Markus "People Against Straight Pride Day Deserve to be Shot" Perrson, better known by his internet handle Notch, created Minecraft a while back then sold out for a couple billion dollars. Since then, he's taken to the noble goal of getting absolutely livid at The Libs over on Twitter. The other billionaires have expressed that they feel admittedly uncomfortable competing with him as they don't want to lay a finger on his greasy skin.

JK Rowling 2 Potterheads, grab your wands for... J.K. Rowling

J.K. Rowling wrote the Harry Potter series of books throughout the 1990's and 2000's, and since then she's been making bank off of millions of teenagers' parents. Now that she's rich and has a lot of spare time, she's in direct competition with Notch to see who can make the dumbest tweet of all time. By the way, if you've read this much of the article, you're probably wondering... is Bill Gates gay? The answer is yes! Ol' Billy has always has been gay. Homophobes BTFO! #Resist!


The playing field on all of these stages is simply a flat straight line, though the camera angle may be changed with considerable action. Stages are made unique by the fact that they have background obstacles that can interfere in the battle and deal damage or hinder a character's stats. Players can choose to turn off stage obstacles, however, even in Campaign Mode.

There are thirty stages included in FORTUNE FURY 2K18. However, ten stages are secret and must be unlocked through winning Campaign Mode while having a Megafactory at said stage. As such, only one stage can be unlocked per campaign.

Amazon FactoryMicrosoft StageTrump TowerWall StreetDemocratic National ConventionPrivate JetSpaceX Sea PlatformApple StoreMavericks ArenaTED Talk StageISSHogwartsWhite HouseBurj Khalifa 2Fox & FriendsGoogle Server RoomMonaco FFMos EisleyMinecraft WorldEllen Show Stage


Bill Gates Smart CityMuskylvaniaShark TankAmazon goFacebook LiveOprah StageThe NetherCongress HearingDeath StarThe Revolution


Class Divide

Class Divide

In 2019, FORTUNE FURY 2K18 will receive its first expansion pack, titled Class Divide. It has been confirmed that the expansion will introduce new gameplay and story elements alongside new characters and stages. Much more information is to be revealed at RoseRed's presentation for Fantendo Fanon Feature 2018.

Character Ballot

The character ballot can be found here.

With a rapidly growing fanbase, the developers of FORTUNE FURY 2K18 found that they must appease their fans in order to make a profit off of their video game. Above is a link to the character ballot, which gives players an opportunity to vote on what characters they would like to be added into future expansions to the game.


  • About 97.5% of the budget of FORTUNE FURY 2K18 was directed to acquiring the rights to use the names of megacorporations and CEO's.
  • In the Russian Revolution stage, all instances of a flag with a hammer and sickle have been replaced with a red flag showing an Amazon logo.
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