F-Zero Adrenaline
The boxart for F-Zero: Adrenaline
Developer(s) Amuza
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) WiiULogo
Genre(s) Racing
Series F-Zero (series)
Release Date(s) Flag of Japan August 25, 2014
25px-Flag of USA August 25, 2013
Flag of European Union August 26, 2014
25px-Flag of Australia August 27, 2014
Mode(s) Single Player


Age Rating(s) TBA
Media Included Wii U:

Media CD icon Optical Disk
Media DL icon Digital Download

F-Zero: Adrenaline is an upcoming futuristic racer game, developed by Amuza. The game is set to be exclusive for the Wii U.

The game follows after the F-Zero X Grand Prixs when the Federal Congress redesigned the laws for F-Zero Grand Prix, equipping every car with a Speed of Light boost. The new feature of the game is the Adrenaline Meter which replaces the Boost Meter from previous games.


The game handles much similar to that of past installments in the F-Zero franchise. Each player picks a racer and competes in four different cups, each consisting of five different tracks. Each race consists of 30 different racers like in previous installments.

F-Zero: Adrenaline retains the series' difficulty, high-speed racing, and the basic gameplay and control system from the Gamecube title, F-Zero GX.

The new mechanic of the game is the Adrenaline Meter, which essentially replaces the Boost Meter from previous games. The Adrenaline Meter acts as the players boost left and their energy left, meaning that timing your boosts becomes strategic so you don't use to much of it and crash partway through tracks. To build up the Adrenaline Meter, the player will have to perform stunts such as performing flips in the air, weaving between other racers or having a near miss with other racers.

New Modes

There is also a few new modes including Kamikaze, where half the cars go one way and half the cars go the other and the last car not demolished wins, as well as Running Man, where one player is designated and will get points when being designated but being tagged will change the designation, Last Man Standing and Team Last Man Standing, where the last car not destroyed wins, Assassination, where one player is designated to be destroyed and players will earn points for damaging the designated car.


Captain Falcon Blue Falcon An accomplished F-Zero pilot and renowned bounty hunter.
Samurai Goroh Fire Stingray Boss of a group of bandits who reside in Red Canyon.
Pico Wild Goose Rumored to be a notorious contract killer who aggressively drives around the circuits.
Dr. Stewart Golden Fox Respected M.D. who participated in the races after the death of his father.
Jody Summer White Cat Summer dedicated her F-Zero career to her father, who died.
Octoman Deep Claw An alien from a world that are required to watch his races.
Mr. EAD Great Star Created by the organization, this cyborg participates in the F-Zero races to test his IQ.
James McCloud Little Wyvern Participates to win enough funds in order to keep the organization he is part of afloat.
Kate Alen Super Piranha A singer and dancer who decided to fulfill her desire to take part in the F-Zero racing.
Mighty Gazelle Red Gazelle Talented racer who wiped out his vehicle, ended up hospitalized and then was later revived as a cyborg.
Zoda Death Anchor Seeks revenge on the Arrows and Captain Falcon after 26 of his men were turned in.
Jack Levin Astro Robin The F-Zero committee was looking for someone who could attend to the new, younger demographic. Levin was selected and now sends back money to his poor family gained from his popularity.
Bio Rex Big Fang A genetically-engineered mixture of man and dinosaur who races to prove bioengineered species are superior to all other natural species.
The Skull Sonic Phantom Former pilot of the old days of F-Zero who was resurrected from the dead by science and black magic to race again.
Antonio Guster Green Panther Former partner and friend of Samurai Goroh, that was later betrayed and abandoned by him.
Beastman Hyper Speedster Beastman participates in the races to relieve himself of the mental torment he suffered after being mauled by an alligator at age 7.
Leon Space Angler Introduced to F-Zero racing after impressing the Arrows on his home planet.
Super Arrow King Meteor A superhero who defends peace on Earth.
Mrs. Arrow Queen Meteor Pursued a career in F-Zero racing at the age of 14 where she eventually befriended and married Super Arrow .
Gomar & Shioh Twin Norrita Aliens who come from a species that live in pairs.
Silver Neeson Night Thunder Holds the record for most F-Zero races entered, but has yet to win a Grand Prix .
Michael Chain Wild Boar An orphan who was accepted by a gang then later took part in the F-Zero tournaments due to his addictive hobby to racing.
Blood Falcon Blood Hawk A nearly identical clone of Captain Falcon who was created by Black Shadow in order to ruin the Captain's reputation.
John Tanaka Wonder Wasp Vows to protect Jody Summer in the F-Zero tournaments after the death of a professor who was very influential in Tanaka's life and who was also Jody's father.
Draq Mighty Typhoon An alien who had deep aspirations of entering the Grand Prix which happened after stealing vehicles with Roger Buster from a delivery service the two work together in.
Rodger Buster Mighty Hurricane Had aspirations of entering the Grand Prix which happened after stealing vehicles with Draq from a delivery service the two work together in.
Dr. Clash Crazy Bear Scientist who created numerous F-Zero vehicles then decided to enter himself for the fame
Black Shadow Black Bull The "King of Evil" who wants revenge on Captain Falcon for arresting a witch doctor who is said to have given Shadow his abilities
Novela Mean Dove An alien from a planet that hated the world so they isolated themselves from the world. Novela however liked other people.
Kick Bu Great Buck The alias Black Shadow used to get into the F-Zero Adrenaline GP.
Hans Gold Golden Booster One of the richest men on Earth. Decided to join racing so people could see his looks.
Deathborn Dark Schneider A human who has died three times, only to resurrect himself with bionic organs. Seeks to harness the combined forces of light and dark to conquer the universe.


# Jack Cup Queen Cup King Cup Joker Cup Master Cup

Mute City
Mute City FZA

Difficulty: *

Port TownPort Town FZA

Difficulty: ***


Crook FZX

Difficulty: ****

Chomp Valley
FZA ChompValley
Difficulty: ****
Randomly Generated

G-Force FZA

Difficulty: *


Digital Way FZA

Difficulty: **

Flame Field
Fire FieldFZX

Difficulty: ***

FZA Lightning

Difficulty: ****

Randomly Generated

Sand Ocean
Sand Ocean FZA

Difficulty: *

Big Blue

Big Blue FZA

Difficulty: **

Twisted TransistorTwisted TransistorFZX

Difficulty: ****

Spiral Sprawl
FZA Spiral Sprawl

Difficulty: *****

Randomly Generated

Neo Bortim
Neo Bortim FZA

Difficulty: **

Treble C

Treble C FZA

Difficulty: **

AeropolisAeropolis FZX

Difficulty: ***

Red Canyon
FZA Red Canyon

Difficulty: *****

Randomly Generated

Casino Palace
Casino Palace FZA

Difficulty: **

Green Plant

Green Plant FZA

Difficulty: ****

Ground ChillGround ChillFZX

Difficulty: *****

Phantom Road

FZA Phantom Road
Difficulty: *****
Randomly Generated



  • The new modes; Kamikaze, Running Man, Last Man Standing, Team Last Man Standing and Assassination are all modes the appeared in the PS2 game, Crash 'n' Burn.
  • The cup names are the same as they were in F-Zero X except for the Master Cup
    • The last cup, Master Cup also is the same as the last cup from F-Zero X in which each track is randomly generated.
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