Eyerok SM64S
Artwork by Ziegs (tbc)
BIRTHPLACE Shifting Sand Land
CLASS Villain
WEAPONS His fists, controlling earth, rocks and sand

Eyerok are two golem-like entities that are built of stone in the shape of hands with an eyeball on each palm that first appeared in Super Mario 64 and in the remake Super Mario 64 DS as well as a boss in Mario Kart DS. They attack by trying to bang or crush Mario, but also smashing or pushing him.

Eyerok's weak point is that when he's about to attack, he leaves his palm open and thus his eyeball defenseless, which it's the opportunity for Mario to attack on the eye. Usually Mario has to punch three times in the eye, to destroy the hand-shaped golem. Then Mario has to punch three times again with the other eyeball to destroy and defeat it.


Super Mario Galaxy 2.5

Eyerok reappears in Super Mario Galaxy 2.5. The boss battle is identical to that of Super Mario 64, only his appearance is slightly changed. He is battled twice in Retro Rumble Galaxy and is the second boss fought in that galaxy, after Big Bob-omb.

Super Mario and the 8 Elemental Crystals

Eyerok reappears in this game as the boss of Brick Climb Tower, in World 2: Desert Dunes.

Super Princess Peach: The Dark Heart

Eyerok, after a long absence, once again appears as a boss in the second World: Sunflower Sands. Eyerok seems to have caught Bowser for entering his territory. Peach and her friends fight against Eyerok in a similar manner to that of Super Mario 64 and after defeating the entity Bowser is accidentally rescued. Eyerok's defeat leads Peach to obtai another Dark Heart Piece.

Super Mario Spikers

Eyerok makes their first playable appearance in Super Mario Spikers, appearing as a Power-type captain. Rather than being constructed out of Brick Blocks, they are now constructed out if Moon Rocks from Super Mario Odyssey to deal more effective damage to opponents. Their emblem is a Brick Block and their theme in Hindustani Classical.

==Mario Tennis Deuce In Mario Tennis Deuce Eyerok appears as a boss.


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