This page shows all the weapons in Eye of the Spacestorm

Weapon Image/name Weapon class info Stats Attatchments


Pistol A basic gun used by anyone who just wants some form of firepower.
  • Ammo per clip: 8
  • Base damage: Moderate
  • Fire rate: Semi-auto
  • Elemental damage: N/A
  • Accuracy: Moderate
  • Iron sight: Accuracy is raised to Moderately high
  • Extra fuel: Ammo per clip is increased to 16.
  • Ion releaser: Elemental damage is electric.
  • Quad barrels: Fire rate is increased to 4 round burst.


SMG Most defenders start with this weapon. The ones who didn't get this weapon probably died during training or lost their lives to a big bald man with a pointy nose.
  • Ammo per clip: 30
  • Base damage: low
  • Fire rate: Full-auto
  • Elemental damage: Metal
  • Accuracy: somewhat low
  • Scope: Raises accuracy to moderate
  • Sten-pod: Increases ammo per clip to 60.
  • Barrel: Increases ammo per clip to 120. Slows down reload time by 3 seconds.


Shotgun "The spreadpest used to belong to a synthetic race. However, they have been terminated, so we decided to use their guns to our advantage" - ST-3-LL4
  • Ammo per clip: 10
  • Base damage: High
  • Fire rate: Pump action
  • Elemental damage: Metal
  • Accuracy: insanely low
  • Thermal shots: Elemental damage is fire
  • Bigger barrel: Ammo per clip is 24.
  • Barrel-shaped barrel: Ammo per clip is 32.
  • Slugs: Shoots one slug instead of 5 bullets. Accuracy is raised to moderate.


Rifle Beginning snipers would home in on this thing like a lock-on missle aimed at their robotic neighbor.
  • Ammo per clip: 1
  • Base damage: Great
  • Fire rate: Slow
  • Elemental damage: Metal
  • Accuracy: High
  • Power scope: Scope can zoom in farther than the stock scope. Accuracy is set to Great.
  • Repeater: Ammo per clip is set to 2. Weapon fires twice per shot, wasting both bullets.
  • Laser ammo: Elemental damage set to Mech.


Heavy The weapon's weight is too heavy to shoot above eye-level. Pfft, yeah right. We can aim upwards just fine!
  • Ammo per clip: 1
  • Base damage: Great
  • Fire rate: Slow
  • Elemental damage: Light
  • Accuracy: moderate
  • Special: No reload
  • Laser minigun: Expensive, but there's no clip, and fire rate is set to insanely fast Full-auto.
  • Dragon laser: Expensive, and the weapon's shots charge slowly, but damage increases to Insane.
  • Flamethrower: Expensive, but there's no clip, the elemental damage is fire, and fire rate is set to full-auto. However, the weapon's accuracy is set to low, making it operate similarly to a flamethrower.

Coffin crusher

Melee Given to those who like cutting skulls like sparrow eggs between their thighs... or dancing near coffins.
  • Ammo per clip: Infinite
  • Base damage: High
  • Fire rate: Fast
  • Elemental damage: Metal
  • Accuracy: Melee
  • Double edge: Allows for additional types of sword swings.
  • Security gate: Elemental damage is Electric.
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