This page contains all of the characters in Eye of the Spacestorm

Playable characters

These characters are who the player can play as. All the characters listed here besides the avatar can be called in to help the player in battle, in which they will be controlled by the computer until the player switches to one of them.

Playable Characters
Name species Personality Weapons/abilities Playable conditions
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Player dependent Player dependent Player dependent N/A


Unknown Magnus doesn't like being close to people, often stepping away from them when they get too close. He's silent and observant, but will speak when nessicary.
  • Base Weapon: Leatherback(Rifle)
  • Secondary weapon: Spitfire(SMG)
  • Ability 1: Eagle eye(Boosts weaopn focus for a short amount of time. Consumes 5 stamina)
  • Ability 2: Grappling hook(Grapples at the aimed surface, and is pulled towards it. Consumes 2 stamina)
  • Ability 3: Night vision(Lights up the room for the player without benefiting other players, letting the player see in the dark. Consumes no stamina. Toggleable)
Complete the first mission


Dragon Voidheart is cold and emotionless at first, not giving any remorse for anything she has done. However, when left alone with someone else, she will start showing her true colors, feeling bad for all the death and destruction she has caused.
  • Base Weapon: Spreadpest(Shotgun)
  • Secondary weapon: Blaster(Pistol)
  • Ability 1: Void flames(Shoots a stream of purple flames that do dark damage over time. Consumes 30 mana)
  • Ability 2: Void wall(Makes a barrier that can be passed through. Enemies that pass through take heavy dark damage. Consumes 45 mana)
  • Ability 3: Flight(Leaps up into the air, and glides until she hits the ground. Consumes 25 stamina)
Complete the third mission


DLC characters are formed up of third-party characters, although some are characters that don't normally appear in the base game.

Name species Personality Weapons/abilities First seen

Non-player characters

Non-player Characters
Name species Personality


Giant mechanical dragon Steelwing is tough, yet wise. He will come down and help anyone when nessicary. Problem is, he's quite slow, and might end up arriving too late.


Name First seen Behavior Loot Abilities

Hijacked Soldier

Atmos village outskirts Wanders around until it sees a friendly character. Once it sees one, it'll attack with any weapon it has in its loot table. If it has a weapon, it'll stick to it, and will droo it when defeated
  • Spitfire
  • Spreadpest
  • Coffin basher
  • Stake cannon


Atmos village outskirts Wanders until it sees anything besides another gutmob. Will run at the target and bite them.
  • Ivory tooth(Can be used for making melee weapons)
  • Bite(Simple melee ability)


Name Type Behavior Abilites Loot


Mechanical worm Digs underground, and flies into the air, lunging at the player or their allies. At half HP, it will begin flying around without needing to burrow, and lunging at the farthest target every 15 seconds.
  • Lunge: The only ability it ever uses on stage one, but also used on stage 2. Lunges at the farthest target fighting the boss.
  • Eye lasers: Only on stage 2. Shoots lasers out of its eyes every 2 seconds at a random target.
  • Gears ×20: Can be smelted into iron, which can then be sold for a higher price.
  • Psuedo-worm hide ×10: This hide looks artificial. Whatever that worm was, someone must've built it.
  • Worm Motherboard(1/3 chance): Can be used to make a mechanical worm.
  • Laser eye ×2 (1/3 chance): An eye that's made for shooting, not seeing. It's an important part for the railgun.
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