The odds are agaisnt us
The game's slogan

Eye of the Spacestorm is an exploration-based First-person shooter made by Pigware games for the Nintendo Switch, Xbox one, and the Playstation 4. The game is mostly about the alien creatures that live within an earth-like planet located in the Starlight galaxy.


The game first takes place on planet Coldstone, an earth-like planet where technology is somewhat advanced, and alien creatures live in place of humans.

Snipeshade, a Soulweaver sniper, has been dealing with the problems that have occurred around Stormleaf city before the game has begun, taking down undead bats, killer robots, and giant mutants bent on the destruction of the city. 1 year after defending the city, a mysterious person requested him to meet them in a nearby alley. The moment he went there, he was gone, rendering the city defenseless. Years passed, and the place was abandoned, flooded with killer robots and undead bats. Due to this catastrophe, the former inhabitants were relocated to various cities and towns. The player, along with a few other characters, were transported to Atmos village, the first area in the game.


The game has vaguely similar gameplay to modern Fallout games and Destiny 2, along with varius other shooters and exploration games in mind.


The player has two slots for weapons, plus an extra slot for heavy and melee class weapons. Weapons are dropped from enemies, bought from shops, looted from chests, crafted at a workbench, and earned from completing certain side-tasks. Each weapon has their own class, traits, stats, and upgrade requirements.

list of weapons seen in the game can be found here.


The avatar, along with every other playable character, has access to various powers. There's only three slots for powers, but these powers are interchangeable so the player can mix and match to suit their strategy. These consist of Power, magic, tech, and finesse class powers.

Power class powers consume stamina, and are built up of abilites that focus on damaging the opponent, although some inflict statuses as well.

Magic class powers consume mana, and is formed of abilities that do ranged elemental damage, status effects, game-changing arena spells, and various other abilites. Out of all of the ability trees, this one has the most variety.

Tech classes consume energy(Mana if the character also uses magic powers), and is formed up of supportive and defensive abilities. Some are capable of damage, but don't do as much as Power or Magic. However, it makes up for it by being mostly used by medics and defenders, allowing them to change the tide of the battle when they're needed most.

Finesse powers consume stamina, and consist of maneuvers that chance the enemy or user's stance. This includes flesh hooks, hiding in plain sight, and night vision. Unike other ability trees, this one consumes little to no stamina, as there isn't as much powers that are centered in finesse as there are in other trees.

Decision making

An important mechanic in the game is desicion making. When talking to an NPC, there will be several options that can be selected, much like the games made by Telltale games. Similarly to those games, when the player selects a response (ex: "How's your day?"), the player's current character will say a variation of the response selected, depending on who the character is(ex: "So... How's life?). Afterwards, the character being talked to will respond to it(ex: "It could've been worse.")

Depending on the scenario, it could greatly impact the story, or the character's point of view on the player's current character.



Eye of the Spacestorm/Story


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Eye of the Spacestorm/characters


  • The characters in the game will be fully voiced by various different people.
    • Unlike skyrim, it won't use the same voice actor twice.
  • Earth is in the year 2043 in this game, suggesting it takes places in the future.
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