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Type of Company Video Games Company
Founder(s) OrchidSomnium (tbc)
Founded at/in 2011
Owner(s) OrchidSomnium (tbc)

Existence Software, Ltd. is a company founded by Jake. They are well-known for not finishing any games they make.


The company was originally known as Leading Games before being changed in 2011, and then known as Orange Productions until mid-2014. In July 2011, Orange Productions created a joint company alongside Subarashii, known as Q Entertainment. Q Entertainment only developed a single game (Va Mades) before being closed.

In early 2014, they merged with sockpuppet company Alpha Generations, Inc., and acquired all of their intellectual properties. Later that same week, they created Orangutang Pizza, which is the company that will handle all of the games published by Fantendo Publishing Ltd..

In March 2014, Orange Productions announced that they will attend their first video game expo, the Fantendo 7th Anniversary Showcase in April of the same year. During the showcase, they spoke about many of their new IP's, including Twogether and Time Souls, the latter of which would eventually come to be scrapped.

In May 2014, the company joined together with the creator of the Bowie series, Athena Hawkins, to create the umbrella fighter-shooter Tamashī. This was the company's first collaboration project since their remodelling, with their previous one, Fantendo Kart: Helden, being developed during 2012 alongside Zwölf Elf Sieben. Later that same week, the company was also approached by Dark Gaming Studios to help them, and a group of select others, on their new umbrella fighter Malign Quarantine. On May 12, they announced that they would be attending Exotoro Entertainment Exclusive, and the next day they revealed to be changing their name from Orange Productions to their third name: Mind's Eye Productions.

In July 2014, their subsidiary, Soul Split Gaming, was shut down and re-merged with Mind's Eye Productions. The company was renamed to "Existence Software".

Existence Software's Lapis subsidiary is known as "Blackout Software", and they create many of the similar products that Existence does, but does not carry over any of the original IP's carried on Fantendo. On April 15, 2015, Jake, the founder of both Existence and Blackout, was confirmed to be working alongside eight other developers on the game The Mysterious Nine Project (M9P).

List of games

The company has been recreated twice from its founding in 2008. Among some of the old games the company made were Mario Kart: Christmas Dash!!, Animal-Crossing Racing! and PokéQuest, with the first of them being the most popular. All were abandoned in early 2010 or so. The company was once again redone in 2014, dropping some of their old games, including Mario & Sonic: All-Stars Racing, Mario Party X, Super Mario Strikers: X League and the entirety of the Spy'd series.

Jake's Reimaginings

Rule 404 of Fantendo: if it exists, Jake will make his own version of it.

Gaming systems

Existence Software has created three consoles during their production history. All three of their consoles—two home consoles and one handheld—were released to rival the Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 (home consoles), and the Nintendo 3DS and Playstation Vita (handheld). Existence Software later worked with Nintendo on their ninth generation console.

Seventh generation:

LG Kex

Ninth generation:

Nintendo Chrome


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Until January 2016, Existence Software did not have a true mascot. They often used some of their major characters from their titles (Jake, Kid Kiba, Yang, Blacklight, Tucker Palli and Lee Koroshi-Ya, specifically) as "mascot" characters, and were considered to be their main representatives. Other times, the head of Orange Yoda or (more in the case of when the company was named "Orange Productions") a silhouette of an orange were also used in promotional material for the company. As of 2017, Cardinal has since been decided to be the company's first "true" mascot.


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