The Evolution universe is a universe comprised of interlinked reimaginings of various Cartoon Network shows, and is named after the series responsible for its establishment, Ben 10: Evolution.


The chronology of the series is partially established by Ben 10, and so everything prior to Ben 10: Evolution in the series is mostly canon, albeit with several differences, such as the existence of the Nanite Project in the small monarchy of Abysus.

Three's a Crowd (Ben 10: Evolution)

During the events of these three episodes, Ben Tennyson, a young man wielding the alien Omnitrix, discovers the existence of the cryptids, as well as their sole remaining protectors, the Saturday family. In addition, Rex Salazar, the youngest son of some scientists working on the Nanite Project, is saved from a fatal accident by an infusion of nanomachines. The lab is attacked, and Rex is separated from his family. During the conflict between the lab's attackers and a team consisting of Ben Tennyson, Zak Saturday, and Rex Salazar, the Saturdays learn of the vicious intent of television host V.V. Argost, V.V. Argost learns of an ancient super-kryptid called the Kur with the help of Doctor Aloysius James Animo, and an explosion later known as the Nanite Event infuses a good chunk of the world's population with dormant nanites. By the end of the episode, Animo and Argost escape to seek out the Kur, and Rex decides to run away after blaming the Nanite Event on himself.

Prominent Characters

  • Ben 10: Evolution
    • Ben Tennyson: Wielder of the Omnitrix, a wrist-mounted database for extraterrestrial DNA. Immature, thick-skulled, and incredibly force-oriented.
    • Gwen Tennyson: Ben's cousin. A bit of a nerd, and a talented magic-user. She and Ben tend towards petty squabbles, but work together well.
  • Unnamed Generator Rex series
    • Rex Salazar: A nanite-wielding runaway who finds himself being chased down by a pair of organizations. An unmotivated genius, too laidback to use his amazing intellect.
    • Bobo Haha: A baby chimpanzee who is also in use of nanites. He's currently developing human-level intellect, as well as a rude and careless attitude.
  • Unnamed Secret Saturdays series
    • Zak Saturday: The youngest member of the Saturday family, gifted with a unique telepathic empathy. A total taxonomy nerd, and his archnemesis' biggest fan.
    • Fiskerton: The sole remaining Fiskerton Phantom, and the adopted brother of Zak. Incredibly clever, but occasionally clumsy and a bit of a coward.

List of Series

  • Ben 10: Evolution
  • Unnamed Generator Rex reboot
  • Unnamed Secret Saturdays reboot
  • Unnamed Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy reboot
  • Unnamed Megas XLR reboot

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