Etrian Odyssey 3 Untold: The Labyrinth's Whispers is a 3DS remake of Etrian Odyssey III: The Drowned City and the third game in the "Etrian Odyssey Untold" series of remakes. Like its predecessors in the Untold series, it's set apart from other Etrian Odyssey games through Grimoire Stones and a Story Mode.



When outside of combat, most of the gameplay consists of exploring the maze-like Yggdrasil Labyrinth. This maze is viewed from a first-person perspective, and most of its detail comes from descriptive events. Certain points on the map can be used for gathering resources, while others are events that can rejuvenate the party. However, an accurate map of the maze is not automatically recorded. It is up to the player to build their map as they progress through each floor, adding notes for helpful events or secret passages.


While exploring, an indicator at the bottom-right corner of the screen will slowly change color, indicating how close the player is to the next enemy encounter. Once it's red, they will soon enter a random encounter with monsters. Combat is turn-based, and players can choose to Attack, Guard, use Skills or Items, or attempt to Flee the battle. There are two "rows" in combat - the front row, and the back row. Back-row fighters get damage penalties to their melee attacks, but also take less damage. Three fighters can be in one row at any time, but the player's party can only be five characters big. The remaining sixth slot is sometimes used for the skills of the Ninja and Wildling classes.


Not all battles are random encounters. Often, the player will encounter F.O.E.s - monsters powerful enough to warrant being visible on the map. Running into an F.O.E. means fighting them, but each one has a movement pattern that allows them to be avoided if proper precautions are taken.


As you progress through a maze, your bag will slowly fill with seemingly useless resources. By returning to the shop and selling these resources, however, you can make a quick buck while simultaneously unlocking the ability to purchase new gear at the shop.


Each party member starts off with three skill points and gains one more skill point when they level up. These skill points can be spent to purchase new abilities, including passive boons, permanent stat buffs, and Skills that can be used to make the game just a little bit easier. Each party member has access to the same set of common skills (HP Up, TP Up, Bandage, etc) as well as a set of skills that are unique to that character's class (Kagerou, Lullaby, Bodyguard, etc).


Immediately after completing the first quest of the game, the player will obtain a boat which they can use to sail from the port in town in search of a new for traders to use to get to the hub. You can also explore in search of interesting events and side-adventures, or go fishing to make quick money. Voyages play a slightly more prominent role in the Story Mode.

Story Mode

The Story Mode of EO3U differentiates itself from the previous two Untold titles by not having a player avatar; instead, it focuses on a Highlander named Marlis who has been called to Armoroad to delve into the Yggdrasil Labyrinth and solve some minor issues, but quickly finds herself delving deeper and deeper to answer some questions of her own.

A stiff Hoplite who ends up acting more like a heavily armored maid than a bodyguard.
A withdrawn Kishi girl with an odd connection to Armoroad's Yggdrasil Labyrinth.
A Monk pilgrim whose journey of self-discovery brought him to the Yggdrasil Labyrinth.
A savage Wildling islander who never goes anywhere without her shapeshifting pet, Nalani.
An Arbalist from the Midgard Library with an unhealthy interest in studying F.O.E.s.

Classic Mode

With new maps and an updated game engine, Classic Mode will be a fun dose of nostalgia for veteran Etrian Odyssey players. Unlike previous Untold titles, however, the original's two unlockable classes are actually still unlockable.

Sovereign Gladiator Hoplite Buccaneer Ninja Monk
Zodiac Wildling Arbalist Farmer
Shogun Kishi Yggdroid
Highlander Fafnir

The Labyrinth

The Yggdrasil Labyrinth is the main setting of the game - a sprawling underground maze inhabited by hostile monsters. It is divided into six "Stratums," nearly all of which consist of four floors.

First Stratum
Waterfall Wood

The verdant entrance to the Yggdrasil Labyrinth, and the only Stratum where one can still see the sky above. This Stratum is filled with ancient ruins, suggesting an old civilization that lived here before the people of Armoroad...
Second Stratum
Undersea Grotto

Despite appearing to be deep underwater, both the aquatic wildlife and explorers from Armoroad are able to breathe just fine. There are rumors of some great secret waiting between the grotto and the next Stratum, but nobody knows what...
Third Stratum
Molten Caves

A ferociously hot network of volcanic caves, where basalt flows in abundance and the floor may sometimes become too hot to safely walk upon. Though its incredible heat seems like it should burn plantlife to a crisp, yellow shrubs line the walls...
Fourth Stratum
Abyssal Shrine

This gigantic temple used to be part of Armoroad, but during the natural disaster known as the Calamity, it was flooded and pulled deep underwater. It is now home to the Deep Ones - a race of fish-like humanoids that feed off of human corruption...
Fifth Stratum
Porcelain Forest
Last Stratum
Cyclopean Haunt


Like previous Untold titles, the player can go into the settings at any time and choose between the original synthesized tracks and a set of totally new orchestral tracks.

Name Synthesized Orchestra
That's the Beginning of the Adventure
Intro Cuscene
Waterfall Woodlands
Theme of Waterfall Wood
Water Woods of the Submarine Ridge
Theme of Undersea Grotto
Cavern of Splendor
Theme of Molten Caves
The Blue Sea Temple of Ritual
Theme of Abyssal Shrine
Chalky Woods
Theme of Porcelain Forest
The Vengeful God in the Dark Ocean Abyss
Theme of Cyclopean Haunt
Great Voyage
Theme of sea exploration
The First Campaign
Battle theme for enemies
Those That Slay and Fall
Battle theme for advanced enemies
Is That Blood Thine or the Enemy's
Battle theme for F.O.E.s
Hoist the Sword with Pride in the Heart
Battle theme for bosses
Their Own Brand of Justice
Battle theme for the final boss
Calling That Detestable Name
Battle theme for the true final boss
Scatter About
Battle theme for optional bosses
The End of the Raging Waves
Battle theme on the sea
Victory Anthem
Between the Azure Skies and Seas
Theme of Armoroad (day)
The City on the Deep Blue Sea
Theme of Deep City (day)
The Port City Bathed in Twilight
Theme of Armoroad (night)
The Ancient Capital Enveloped by the Great Tree
Theme of Deep City (night)


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