AGE 140
HEIGHT Average
WEIGHT Average lbs
ALIGNMENT Chaotic Good
Celthoz (brother)
OCCUPATION(S) Military commander
WEAPONS Shockblades, shoulder-mounted blaster cannon
Ethros was the main antagonist of the game Champions of Ascerth. A powerful krexxon commander, he seeks to claim the superweapon beneath Ascerth for the krexxon empire.


Ethros is a ruthless, yet cunning military leader. He utilizes all of his forces where they are most effective, and makes sure to study his opponents.

On a personal level, Ethros desires nothing more than to advance through the krexxon military's rankings so he can appease his emperor. Yet, he can get enraged when others get credit for his achievements.


Early Years

Ethros was born the son of a Commandax, and was raised a soldier. He would quickly rise through the krexxon ranks due to his willingness to go to any length to achieve victory, and rose to a commanding position. His brother Celthoz would also join the military, and the two of them had a close bond. Ethros also immensely admired the first krexxon emperor, known as Grand Imperator Por'naz. He'd often use Por'naz's battle strategies to achieve victory.

Studying the Zalvosh

Ethros would later hear about the zalvosh, and while disgusted by their methods, he was intrigued. Studying their tech, he discovered databases that referred to an abandoned superweapon in the middle of space, which enraged him. If others were to secure the weapon, then the zalvosh tech's disgusting methods of combat would be utilized once again. Ethros sought to ensure that this would never happen again, so he began a mad hunt for the weapon.

Invasion of Ascerth

Eventually, Ethros found the weapon, though it was now surrounded by a planet known as Ascerth. While enraged, Ethros knew that invasion was necessary and he would look good in front of the emperor for leading this campaign. He was granted a sizeable force to invade, as most military leaders didn't know if the weapon had any surprise functions. With this army at the helm, Ethros commenced the invasion of Ascerth with one purpose: kill all of the residents, and prevent the weapon from falling into the wrong hands.

Ethros was later confronted by a group of six of Ascerth's heroes. Rather than act menacingly, he fought them to test their strength and see if his people were necessary to defend the weapon. Ethros was slain in the process, but died knowing that Ascerth's people would be able to defend the weapon.


Ethros's body was given a proper burial on Krexxak by Celthoz, who saw him as a proud, loyal warrior.


  • Ethros, despite being a strong-willed, violent commander, treated most of his soldiers with respect and compassion, as he believes that having them feel good about themselves leads to greater combat strength.
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