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Game Information
Developer NewStardustCitadelLogo.png Stardust Citadel
Publisher NewStardustCitadelLogo.png Stardust Citadel
Genre Fighting game
Platform NintendoSwitchLogoRed.png Nintendo Switch
Steam Icon.png Steam
V2LogoSmallglow.png The V²
Release Dates
Flag of USA.png USA February 11, 2019
Flag of Japan.png Japan February 11, 2019
Flag of Australia.png Australia February 11, 2019
Flag of Europe.png Europe February 11, 2019

Eternika is a 2019 2D fighting game developed and published by Stardust Citadel Studios, set to be released for PCs (through Steam), Nintendo Switch and The V². The game features an all-female cast of characters, hailing from different parts of the world. Amidst the arrival of an ancient demon, they must rekindle the power of their ancestors, whom managed to defeat the beast in the past, by unlocking the strength of their Crest, a special mark bestowed upon the descendants of those heroes, which unlock their true potential if they are deemed a worthy descendant.

Inspired by Capcom's JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Heritage for the Future and Lab Zero's Skullgirls, the game features a diverse cast of characters, having very distinct designs and playstyles from one another. The game features a simplified four-button system, meant to be easy for newcomers yet still complex enough to peek the interest of more experienced players.

In 2019, Toroko took the publishing right for the game upon Stardust Citadel's closure.


As it is with 2D fighting games, the game revolves around the battle between two or four characters, of which the winner is the one that manages to deplete the other's health bar. The game features a simplified input system, which only utilizes four buttons. Three for attacks and one special button, meant for defensive plays, which works differently depending of how it is used:

  • Pressing the button once will trigger the Block, which leaves the character motionless and make them take less damage from attacks. The damage reduction effect wears off after time, if the block is still on, it will eventually reach the point where it is meaningless and return the character to it's neutral position. To cancel the Block stance, simply press any other button, besides the one used to go into the Block stance.
  • Tapping the button quickly will trigger the Parry. The Parry is a difficult manuever, which can only be executed during the moment slightly before an opponent attack actually connects with the player. This will cancel out the opponent's move and make the player not take any damage.
  • Holding the button will trigger the Dodge. Simply holding it won't do anything, although when used with combination with a direction, it will make the character either dodge roll (if the directions are left or right) or do a Standing Dodge (if the directions are up or down).

The three attacking buttons correspond to High Attack, Medium Attack and Low Attack. A combination of the buttons, as well combinations utilizing the directional inputs, turns them into a special attack. The combination depends of the playable character the players are using.

Like with other traditional 2D fighters, each character also has a super special move, usually flashier and stronger than a normal attack. In Eternika, these moves are referred as a "Secret Art". In order to use these Secret Arts, the player must successfully perform attack, blocks and parries against the opponent in order to fill up a bar. The bar fills up faster depending on the difficulty of the action the player successfully performed. The bar can go up to Level 3, and each character has at least one Secret Art per level. In order to use these, a combination of inputs must be performed.

  • Level 1: Press two attack buttons at the same time.
  • Level 2: Press all three attack buttons at the same time.
  • Level 3: Press the attack buttons, one slightly after the other.

Eternika's focus is on balance, and said focus is featured within two mechanics. The first is the Counter Move: if the player finds themselves in a situation where they are unable to escape from an opponent combo, at the cost of one Secret Art Bar, they can perform a Counter Move, an unblockable move. A counter is not a powerful move, but it can lead to a combo by the opponent player. This is to ensure that both players have a chance in the battle and to ensure more creative tactics in combat.

The second mechanic is Adrenaline, which affects both players. Adrenaline is a mechanic that affects the power, speed and priority of each players moves. For a player that is doing a combo, their power and speed is slowly increasing as they continue on with it, but their attack priority is decreasing. For the player that is taking the combo, their power and speed is also increasing, alongside their attack priority. The combo player's boost is temporary, should they stop their combo, they will keep the boost for a while. The other player's boost is instant and it only applies for their next move.

Knowing this is important for having a strategy in battle. Going into a long combo can be dangerous, as the opponent can strike for huge damage if you let down your guard once and getting into a long combo is not as big as a deal as the player can turn around the battle in an instant, even their weaker attack is deadly in the hands of an Adrenaline boosted player. The Adrenaline boost wears off if either player misses an attack or if they don't perform an attack for a short period of time. Adrenaline does not affect Counters.


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Starting Characters

Hinata von Brandt

Hinata is the last remaining member of the Draconian species, half-human, half-reptilian with the ability to shapeshift into a humanoid form or into a draconic one. Her species were extinct after a grueling war against the Clepysdrian kingdom, a similar race that lived underwater instead of land. After the decimation of the Draconians, Hinata started living as an assassin for hire, utilizing her unique abilities to leave assassinations without traces. Despite her appearance, she is at least a century old, which for her species, is considered to be a young adult.

She is arrogant, brash and sarcastic, initially being dismissive of anyone that attempts to approach her. Despite her harsh outlook, she showcases amazing intelligence, which shows in her careful planning against her targets. She prioritizes in quick kills, seeking to do her job and leave as quickly as possible.

This translates in her gameplay style, a character focused on speed and strength, but without many defensive options. Her attacks can be easily linked with another one and her Secret Arts deal massive damage, making them perfect finishers. Her playstyle is to finish the opponent before they can do anything. Should an opponent able to dodge or outplay Hinata, her major weakness is exposed. Her defensive options are non-existent, although Counters are a mechanic, she has no way to stop a combo from starting against her. Her health is one of the lowest of the game.

A strategy to play as Hinata is to explore the first opening the opponent lets up. When it happens, Hinata can easily punish them, from full health to zero, even to the sturdier of characters. Hinata can utilize some of her combo starters, such as the Flame Grenades, as a funky defensive tech, taking advantage of the start up time of the grenade to make it explode when the opponent has her trapped in a combo, although this requires the player to properly plan ahead and predict the opponent.
HinataIcon.png Hinata von Brandt's Moveset
Blazing Fist
A short ranged punch powered up by flames.
Draconic Rush
Hinata unleashes a flurry of punches. When the move starts, it cannot be stopped unless the opponent counter attacks.
Uppercut Combo
Hinata hits with a hard punch, then proceeds with a uppercut.
Draconic Catch
Hinata jumps in the air or leaps forward, grabbing the opponent and throwing them on the ground.
Meteor Kick
Hinata jumps in the air and then proceeds to do a kick downwards. When it lands, it spreads fire around, which can inflict more damage on the opponent.
Flame Grenade
Hinata throws a small orb-like projectile with fire inside it. She can choose when the orb shatters, which allows her to set up for later.
Flaming Strike
Hinata throws a arrow-shaped fire projectile. It's direction changes in the air, aiming in a downward direction.
Flame Blast
Hinata shoots fire and then concentrates its energy. Holding down the input will allow the player to move the projectile around, releasing it will make the fireball explode.
Hinata punches the ground, causing a pillar of fire to sprout from it, completely surrounding her.
Flame Illusion
Hinata creates a version of herself made out of flames, which initially looks just like her but shortly after the illusion fades. If the opponent attacks the illusion, they get temporarily stunned.
Blast Off
Secret Art Lv.1
Hinata prepares a flame blast, only to the opponent to predict it. She tells them to turn around, and they notice a series of concentrated fireballs, ready to blast off, as they do shortly after, one after the other.
Goddess of Hellfire
Secret Art Lv.2
Hinata releases a big burst of fire, which can hurt the opponent. She then proceeds to surround herself with the flames, creating a flaming armor around her. This gives her more attack and defense for a temporary time.
Dragon Wrath
Secret Art Lv.3
Hinata throws the opponent in the air and then turns herself into her Draconic form. The camera shifts to the opponent's POV, as they see the Draconic Hinata smirking as she proceeds to grab them with her mouth and then launching them upwards, flying to catch them and then slamming back down to the ground.

Lynna Mercury

Lynna is the lead singer of an underground punk rock band named the Dragonmark Killers. A girl with a sharp interest in the occult, her curiosity led her to find an ancient demon summoning book that she had never heard about before. After reading it, she decided to try out the ritual - which, much to her surprise, it actually works, releasing a demon known as Thellia, a creature that appears to look like a skeleton. Despite the scary appearance, Thellia doesn't seek to do chaos, instead, it is a demon that is curious about human life, who decided to tag with Lynna for a while it studies all it can about humanity.

Lynna, by herself, is not a fighter, but thanks to Thellia, she is able to stand up against the other fighters. They fight together, sharing the same life bar. Lynna gives commands to Thellia through musical notes from her guitar and Thellia is the one that attacks the opponent. The player controls both at the same time, but the player can choose to take control of either one - controlling Lynna allows the player to perform the Special Moves and reposition Thellia while controlling Thellia makes it easier to attack. If Lynna is attacked, both are stunned, if only Thellia is attacked, only Thellia is stunned - so it is important to protect Lynna no matter who you control.

An unique fighter, Lynna & Thellia are perhaps frustating to play as at the first time thanks to her unusual playstyle. Getting the hang of her playstyle can reward the player with a fighter with many unique combo potentials. It takes a while to play as her properly.
LynnaIcon.png Lynna Mercury & Thellia's Moveset
Lynna's moveset changes depending if Thellia has been summoned or not. Moves with [L] refers to moves with Lynna alone, while moves with [T] refers to moves with Lynna and Thellia.
[L] Awaken, My Demon!
Lynna summons out Thellia. Performing the input again makes Thellia go away.
[L] Guitar Bash
Lynna hits the opponent with her guitar. She will be unable to perform any guitar-related moves for a short time.
[L] Mind Charge
Lynna meditates for a while. If she is uninterrupted for a short time, she goes back to normal, gaining a temporary boost in attack and defense.
[L] Thellia Takeover
Lynna lets Thellia take over over her body. This will allow the player to fully take control of Thellia, at the cost of taking twice the damage while in this form.
[T] Demon Bash
Lynna plays a short chord, which makes Thellia charge up a punch. Shortly after she is finished playing, Thellia releases out a powerful punch.
[T] Road Demon
Lynna plays a short tune, turning Thellia into a motorcycle, which proceds to try to ram itself against the opponent.
[T] Hell Circle
Lynna plays a short tune, which makes Thellia release a circle of flames around the opponent. After Lynna is done, Thellia directs the flames towards the opponent.
[T] Torment
Lynna plays a short tune, which makes Thellia to go inside the opponent and attack them from the inside for a short time, before leaving their body.
[T] Demonic Fury
Lynna plays a guitar solo, which causes Thellia to go berserk and rushing down at the opponent.
[T] Sinful Guilt
Thellia stuns down the opponent by revealing one of their sins and creating a literal lock caused by their guilt.
To Hell and Back
Secret Art Lv.1
Lynna throws out her guitar and draws a salt pentagram on the ground, which releases a portal to hell. Thellia throws the opponent into it, where other demons like Thellia start piling up on the opponent, before a giant version of Thellia smashes them down and throw the opponent back to the normal world.
Secret Art Lv.2
Lynna starts to play one of the Dragonmark songs, which orders Thellia to grab the opponent and perform a "purification", which involves Thellia staring down at the opponent's soul and tormenting them from the inside.
Killer Solo
Secret Art Lv.3
Lynna plays a note in her guitar which makes Thellia flight out to grab the opponent by the throat. Lynna smirks and tells the opponent "Let's rock.", as she lets out a guitar solo, which causes Thellia to go berserk and rush the opponent with a series of attacks. Slowly getting to the end of the solo, Lynna whistles, which causes Thellia to grab the opponent and throw them at Thellia, which she responds by hitting the flying opponent with her guitar.

Inula Hailwic

Inula was a girl that grew up in the woods, away from civilization. She is unable to talk with other humans and unable to properly talk with others. She is protective of nature and it's animals, protecting them from wild hunters. Thanks to her dedication to protecting nature, she was chosen as the host of the Spirit of Nature, a deity that controls the natural flow. The Spirit has a holier-than-thou personality and is the one that communicates with the other fighters, while Inula is the one that battles against others.

As a natural fighter, Inula is a fighter that utilizes her knowledge of the arena for her benefit. She has a trap-based playstyle, where she can set up traps to be utilized later, be it to disrupt the opponent or to continue the combo. Her moves can be charged and if they are, they become more powerful and complex, although the more charged they are, the slower they come out. Inula likes to keep the distance from her opponents since most of her moves fail at a close range. Not that she is unable to counteract these, as Inula has the variety of options to protect herself, including a unique shield that takes longer to break but makes Inula take more damage than a normal shield.

Inula is a fighter that does not fight an opponent directly, since her options to do as such are unable to damage the opponent with enough power. It is thanks to her traps that she can even hope to defeat the strongest of fighters, but that requires the player to properly set up them. In order to make up for that, Inula's defenses are through the roof, but those are only useful when Inula is not perfoming anything else. Should a trap by Inula fail, she is left open to be punished.
InulaIcon.png Inula Hailwic's Moveset
Seed of Hope
Inula plants a seed. Performing the input again will cause the seed to sprout into a tree and if the opponent is standing on top of it or near it, they will be trapped inside.
Bear Trap
Inula throws a piece of meat towards the opponent. If it hits, a bear will appear and try to maul down the opponent.
Grabby Viney
Inula whistles, which makes a couple of vines to appear in front of her, which will try and grab whatever it is there.
Audrey the XIIIth
Inula plants a small flytrap. Using the input again will make Inula try to water down. If she water downs the flytrap again, it will try to eat the opponent nearby, then spitting them out.
Birb Trap
Inula whistles out, which causes birds to fly to her arms. She can use these birds to temporarily stay in the air or, by doing the input again, make the birds peck the opponent.
Natural Instinct
Inula makes the ground rise, creating a shield made out of whatever material is there.
Inula spreads her roots on the ground, which will heal her for a short time. She will be unable to move while she is utilizing this move.
Inula goes to sleep, creating a small dome of wood around her. She heals during the process, but if the dome is broken, the heal she recieved will be negated.
Butterfly Wings
Inula spreads butterfly wings and creates a gust of wind making it difficult to the opponent to reach her and making projectiles useless.
Bamboo Stun
Inula stuns the opponent by blocking their melee move with a bamboo. It can be used to stop projectiles but the stun won't affect the opponent.
The Pit
Special Art Lv.1
Inula lures the opponent in her direction. After a short time, she will lure them away to a hole covered with leaves, and the opponent will fall into it, which makes them fall into a dark hole, where only the eyes of the monsters living inside it are seen before the attack the opponent and throw them back into the stage. Meanwhile, Inula watches and laughs at the opponent.
Easy Prey
Special Art Lv.2
Inula shoves the opponent into the middle of a forest which suddenly appears out of nowhere. The opponent tries to get away from it but they don't see an exit, and as they try to run they attract the attention of predators. At the end, they find themselves back at where they started, only a bunch of predators are there looking to bite off the easy prey. Which they do.
Blessings from the Sun
Special Art Lv.3
Inula looks up at the sun, which proceeds to beam down sunlight directly towards her. As it does, the Guardian Spirit of Nature, which has took over Inula's body, slowly leaves. With the concentrated sunlight in her, the Spirit shoots out a powerful beam of sunlight against the opponent.

Reneé Keanna

An interexchange student from Britain, Reneé is a reclused, anti-social student of the Good Manners School. She holds a deep anger inside herself, thanks to the events of her past, which no one knows for sure, but it is a common rumor gossip for her schoolmates. She deals with it by seeking to become a mixed martial arts fighter, managing her anger in combat. She speaks quietly and succinctly, to make sure her message gets across as clear as possible.

Reneé is a melee-based fighter, having a varied moveset based on many different martial arts. She has a unique meter for herself, named the Berserker Meter, which increases by performing attacks successfully or taking damage from the opponent. The higher the meter, the stronger her attacks get, the weaker her defenses become. When the meter is full, the player loses control of Reneé and she enters a short Berserker mode, where the CPU takes control of her and will rush down the opponent recklessly. There are ways to lower the Berserker Mode, going into defense, missing attacks or performing a Counter. Berserker Mode can either benefit the player or ruin an ongoing combo.

Reneé is a fighter that requires proper management of the Berserker Meter. Although her moveset is varied and allows for many strong combos, activating Berserker Mode at the wrong time can turn the battle against her and as such, the player needs to take in consideration how full the Meter is at all times.
ReneeIcon.png Reneé Keanna's Moveset
Roundhouse Kick
Renee kicks the opponent in a semicircular angle.
Thrust Kick
Renee leaps forward with one of her legs up, striking the opponent with a kick.
Axe Kick
Renee rises one of her legs and then strikes down the opponent.
Low Kick
Renee strikes the opponent with a low kick.
Scorpion Kick
Renee rises one of her legs up her back, while standing on a single leg. This can be used to hit upcoming attacks from the air.
Knife Hand Strike
Renee strikes the opponent with her arm.
Jab & Hook
Renee strikes the opponent with a series of jabs, before finishing them off with a hook.
Superman Punch
Renee leaps forward and punches down the opponent.
Gut Punch
Renee hits the opponent in the gut, temporarily stunning them.
Berserker Mode
When Renee's Berserker Meter is filled, she can trigger Berserker mode, which increases the power and speed of her moves for a temporary time.
KO Punch
Secret Art Lv.1
Renee deals out a powerful strike, which deals out massive damage.
Improsived Weapon
Secret Art Lv.2
Renee unleashes a flurry of punches, before hitting the opponent with a Superman punch. Then she rips out an iron bar and strikes the opponent with it.
Secret Art Lv.3
Reneé smirks, saying "You're done.". As the screen fades to black and only the silhouttes of the fighters are seen, with Reneé unleashing a series of powerful strikes. The screen goes back to normal. If Reneé finishes off the opponent with this, an ambulance appears and Reneé prepares a check for the medical bills.

Abigail Ainsworth

Abigail seeks to continue the Ainsworth family legacy of performance arts, seeking to become a stage magician just like her ancestors. Taking the name of the Mistress of Mystery, she travels the country, performing many of the Ainsworth's famous and infamous tricks. One day, Abigail discovered her family was actual magicians at one point in history, after discovering an ancient staff by one of her ancestors. A Staff of Light, which allows her to control the light sources around her, allowing her to control where the light hits or even modifying the light to become solid.

Abigail is an eccentric and energetic performer - which extends to her personality outside of the stage. In battle, Abigail's moveset is varied between close range, long range, and projectiles. Her main gimmick is the Staff of Light, which has a meter of its own, which starts out as full. The Staff of Light can be utilized in different manners, it can be used to make attacks invisible, blind the opponent temporarily, attack the opponent with a solid beam of light or make Abigail go invisible temporarily. Each one of these abilities drains the meter and in order to recharge, Abigail needs to stand still and perform the Light Charge. The opponent can, however, break the Staff of Light, make it unusable for the rest of the battle.

Abigail doesn't specialize in a specific playstyle and thanks to her varied moveset, the players can create unique strategies with her moveset and thanks to her Staff of Light, she gets even more options. But her lack of a focused playstyle is both a blessing and a curse, since a bad choice of moves can hurt the player than benefit them - it is a fighter that requires a bit of training before jumping in online.

Mihaela Elanor

Mihaela Eleanor is the creation of the Sigma Corporation, which started to create a new breed of cyborgs known as the Autonomous Patrol Units. Despite being branded as a generic creation, Mihaela's AI is based on the memories of the daughter of Michael Eleanor, the leading scientist in the APU Program whose daughter Mihaela died in a police chase. As a result of this, Mihaela's AI is more advanced than the other models, having the ability to perform complex emotions and thoughts.

As a fighter, Mihaela is slow and bulky. She has a playstyle focused on stunning and locking down the opponent. Her Shock Baton and Long Range Taser allow her to stun an opponent for a short time, allowing her to disrupt the opponent in a blink of an eye. But her slow speed makes her an easy target for faster opponents. Her bulk is all she has for defense, she takes way longer to be stunned or knockdown, which if the opponent tries to attack her at close range, she will be able to counter them with a powerful strike.

Mihaela exceeds in the ground and only in the ground, her aerial skills are almost non-existant. She can float in the air with a jetpack for a while, which can be used to dodge an incoming attack or try to attack an opponent rushing down from above. Mihaela lacks in defense and in aerial combat, but in the ground, she can be a deadly threat with the ability to take total control of the battle with her stunning options.

Gladys Renea

Gladys was once a psychology student that got convicted as the main suspect in a heinous crime. After coming out of prison, she was adopted by a criminal underground known as Midnight Blue. Initially considered to be an expandable member, Gladys grew to become of one of the most effective members of the group and eventually it's new leader. Her rise to the top was thanks to her knowledge of psychology, which led her to manipulate others to her will. One of the most wanted criminals worldwide, Gladys's skills allowed her to hide in plain sight.

Her psychology skills extend to her gimmick in battle. A diamond-shaped icon appears above Gladys's super bar, which is named the Emotion Alert. Depending on which moves Gladys use in battle, it will influence the Emotion Alert, which alerts Gladys of which emotion the opponent is feeling at the moment. She can influence the opponent to feel a certain emotion, temporarily affecting the opponent: Sadness weakens Attack and Defense, but it is the most difficult to inflict; Anger increases Attack but lowers Defense and the range of attacks; Surprise randomizes the opponent's moveset; Fear disables some of the opponent's moves randomly.

Her playstyle is entirely revolved around countering the opponent and weakening them, but if she is unable to get a got read on the opponent, then she is screwed.

Fortunata Bonaventura

Fortunata is the world's #1 jockey, winning more races than any other jockey in history. Her victories have been questioned by others, especially considering how close some of them were and how basically she won by sheer luck. Nevertheless, her status has led Fortunata to have a confident, humblebragging personality, which has led to rumors that it would affect her performance in races, but it never came to fruition, as she kept an absurd winning streak.

Fortunata's luck plays in her playstyle. Her main gimmick is the Luck Coin, which she can flip at any time, depending on the side, the moveset will change. The player can try and guess the coin side if done correctly, they will get an extra boost in battle and if done incorrectly, they will receive a random debuff. When the coin side is Heads, she has a moveset based around close range slow but strong attacks, when the coin side is Tails, her moveset based around long range fast but weak attacks.

Fortunata relies entirely in luck. The coin side is always random at the start of the battle and her moves on the own are just decent. A player that is not good with one moveset may be unable to change to the other due to them being unlucky in the coin toss and if they are on the right coin side, they may need the boost in order to finish the battle before the opponent manages to turn the battle around.

Artelle Évelyne

Artelle is a reclusive, perfectionist artist. She spends days, alone in a room, trying to finish her next masterpiece. Her appearance is a mystery even to her biggest fans. Artelle is not alone as people think, as she has a mysterious ability to bring a painting to life, leaving her to create a group of fantastical creatures around her. She had a traumatic event early in her life, which led her to become a shut-in, afraid of the outside world.

Artelle's playstyle is similar to Lynna's. Artelle fights alongside one of the fantastical creatures she has drawn and the player can control both or either one of them at any point in the battle. The difference for Artelle is that she can combine herself with the creature or create more creatures to help her. If she does either one of those abilities, she will take more damage from battles, but it will allow her to extend her combo abilities. She also has the option to paint an opponent projectile and use it against them.

Artelle's painted creatures are a dragon, a fluffy giant bear, a moth with wheels and a mermaid with a harp. Each one of those has a different movesets, playstyles and weaknesses. Artelle can combine herself with up to two different creatures, allowing her to mix up their abilities, at the cost of leaving her unable to draw for the rest of the round.

Natara Aniika

Natara was the princess of the Clepysdrian Kingdom, where half-fish, half-human creatures lived. They had a long-standing rivalry with the Draconians, which led to a war that almost made both species extinct. The Clepysdrians had more survivors than the Draconians and managed to reconstruct their kingdom in a remote location in the sea. Natara was once one of Hinata's assassination targets, and despite being struck with a fatal blow, she managed to survive through it and create an intense hatred for her. Natara has an unique gameplay style, where it changes depending on the state of water. As a Clepysdrian, Natara has the ability to control water, no matter it's state. Liquid water provides fast strike attacks, solid water provides powerful blows and vapor allows her to give the opponent debuffs or even disable some of their attacks. It also changes herself, liquid Natara is her fastest form, but it makes her take more damage, solid Natara is her slowest form, but she takes less damage and vapor Natara is a temporary form that makes her invincible for a short time.

Stella Sidney

Stella Sidney is a rising star in the boxing scene. Going by the nickname of Swift Stella, she has risen through poverty and is on the road to becoming one of the world's biggest boxing stars. Despite her harsh upbringing and personal disasters, she maintains an optimistic outlook on life and seeks to become a role model for others like her.

Sidney is perhaps one of the most limited characters in the roster, with her entire playstyle being focused around boxing. As a fighter, she seeks to hit the opponent on the counter and prepare to withstand the next opponent move so that she can properly counter it with a more powerful strike. Sidney is a defensive focused character, as she has the biggest defensive options on the cast as well as having the highest stamina of all characters.

No one can't stand pain for too long, and Sidney is no exception. She has a secondary Stamina bar, which keeps track of how her body is handling the damage. She can choose to perform moves to stun opponents, so that she can rest for a while to recover from damage.


Lilith is a mysterious creature. No one knows where she is from or where she lives, but she is always available to the public at the creatively named Hell's Bar, dancing the night away for the pleasure of the consumers. Lilith is actually the daughter of a human and a demon, the same kind as Thellia, and she seeks to perform the ritual to reject her human form, as a method to reject the side of her that comes from an abusive parent.

Lilith as a fighter revolves around illusion, she is able to create a near-perfect illusion of herself to confuse opponents, as well as being able to utilize her illusion to change herself into another person or creature that is related to the opponent that touches her. Lilith is a fighter, that as a hybrid, focuses around wearing down the opponent and catching them off-guard.

As a hybrid, Lilith can tap into her demonic form. In order to do so, she must perform a ritual, which in gameplay, involves her performing three randomly chosen actions against the opponent. After doing those, she is able to turn into her demonic form, which is slower but gives access to her offensive options, which are limited to her in her normal form.

Unlockable Characters

Sly Mei

Sly Mei is unlocked by completing one playthrough of the Extra Mode Eternal Love Quest. Sly Mei used to be a normal human being, who lived in the streets and became Verchunka's lab rat for her latest experiment, a human bioweapon capable of morphing itself and changing its properties. The experiment was a success and it transformers Mei's human skin into a slimy skin, which allowed her to change parts of her body at will. For a while, Mei served as Verchunka's bodyguard, before leaving her clutches and back to living in the streets as a rogue thief. Mei's moveset is unique that she doesn't has any unique moves, she utilizes moves from all other characters in the cast, through a deck of cards representing an ability from someone else. Mei's moveset is entirely customizable, but the player can choose to play with a randomized deck, allowing her moveset to be randomized as well.

Pauline Beau

Pauline Beau lived on a dangerous island, controlled by a group of mafioso that seeks to reap the benefits of the people of the island for themselves. Tired of the total control the mafia has, Pauline adopted a new persona: Queen B, the Buzzing Vigilante. Utilizing her skills as an acrobat and with a powerful metal bat, she takes the night by protecting the innocent from the threats of the mafia. As a fighter, Beau's fighting style is hit-n-run. She can dish out damage and quickly get away from her opponent, her entire playstyle revolves around dodging the opponent and hitting them at the best moment possible. Beau's defenses are her weak point, she can be easily stunned and can take a lot of punishment if she makes the wrong move. But she can dish out a lot of pain, her combo game is short but deadly, her metal bat provides her with the one of the strongest moves in the entire game.

Aria Aiken

Aira used to be a normal girl, up until she meets the Holy Archangel, who had chosen her to be his successor in his role. She is picked to be an angel-in-training and spends the next days in her life dedicating herself to her destiny. After a long wait, she is given an assignment for her role as an angel: to send back a rogue demon who left their dimension and is currently on Earth (Thellia). Aira gleefully accepts it and seeks to impress the Holy Archangel on her first task.

Aira's fighting style is nicknamed "Bubble Burst" by the developers. It involves hitting the opponent with multiple quick and weak moves before taking a big chunk of their damage with one big move. Aira is equipped with the Blessed Weapons, such as the Angelic Bow. Most of her attacks consist of projectiles, and those can be easily chained together.

An unique aspect of her projectiles is that they don't deal damage right away, if the opponent manages to not take damage during a one minute time period, they will recover their damage, as the Blessed Weapons are not meant to hurt humans. This is where Aira's key move comes in play, the Light Dagger allows Aira to make the damage permanent if she manages to hit the opponent with it, as well as giving her health back in the same amount as the damage she gave.

Verchunka Karina

Verchunka Karina is a Russian scientist specialized in human biology. She takes part in a secret Russian program to create a biological weapon, but she isn't interested in fulfilling her part of the contract, instead utilizing the funds to create the next step in the human species, creating the human of the future. Before utilizing Sly Mei as her lab rat, she took upon herself to try out her theories.

Verchunka's tests were deadly, untested and with a high probability of failure. But, through sheer luck, they worked out perfectly. Verchunka gained superhuman abilities, such as strength, reflexes, mobility, and flexibility. Having achieved part of her plan, she now seeks to study the ones with the powers of the Legendary Crest, as she believes they are the key to fully completing her plan.

Verchunka is the strongest fighter in the cast, in terms of damage output and defense capabilities. She takes the longest to be stunned and she isn't unable to counter when attacked like the other fighters. She utilizes a purely close ranged combat style, which makes her vulnerable to projectiles.

To help her with long ranged affairs, she can utilize the help of a mini-mecha with extendable arms, which can be utilized to trap the opponent, to throw back a projectile or even take a hit for her. The mecha, named Hagane, has its own health bar and once it reaches zero, it cannot be used for the remainder of the round.

Sora Hoshi

Strange weather events have been going on in Sapporo, Japan. No one seems to understand, but it seems that the weather changes randomly and only in the part of the country. Turns out the cause of this is a young lady by the name of Sora Hoshi, who has the mysterious power of changing the weather depending on her emotions. Becoming a psychologist and learning about her emotions, Hoshi has decided to use her own mysterious power, or curse, to her benefit as she became the most accurate weather reporter in the entire world. Hoshi's gameplay style involves using the arena to her benefit, her weather changing abilities can affect the whole arena and since she isn't much of a fighter, she relies solely upon her unique ability. She is the only fighter in the game who is unaffacted by Gladys's Emotion Change abilities, as she has her own Emotion Change but it only affects herself. The stronger the weather ability is the weaker it leaves Hoshi, so it is important to balance out and know what weather ability to use.

Ursa Loretta

Ursa Loretta lives in another dimension, where things are really boring. No magic, no evil deities threating the world, just lesser evils like taxes and politics. However, she had a way to escape from her everyday life and that was through video games. Her favorite was Eternika. Seeking to fully escape from the boring life she has, she has hacked herself into the game. And now, she can play as herself!

As a fighter, Loretta is an unpredictable foe, her moveset is varied, but without much in power. Instead, she relies on her ability to hack the game from outside, utilizing scripts to spawn objects or to cause different kinds of behaviors on her opponent. Her moveset involves stunning the opponent and then barraging them with different kinds of attacks.

However, as a fighter in the game, Loretta has to play by the rules. Her movesets have a cooldown period between them, making them unable to be used one after another. Plus, she can only use one set of scripts and switching between them will make her unable to access her offensive options. Each set of scripts focus on a different kind of range and speed of moves, so it is important to set which one to have at the right moment.


Nyanranja is only one of a series of robots created for different purposes, mostly as tourist guides or welcoming guests at a restaurant. This particular robot was deemed faulty and thus was thrown out, where she was taken by a mysterious man who reprogrammed her to be a machine of combat. Which completely backfired, as he was unable to change the protocols of the robot, that was meant to be harmless.

In order to bypass that, the man developed a virus, which would temporarily shut down her protocols and allow them to be overwritten for a short period of time. This allows Nyanranja to utilize her deadlier weapons but normally she wouldn't be able to use any weapons at all. To bypass this, the man gave her a weapon, a megaphone-shaped weapon capable of causing soundwaves, which would be used by Nyanranja for self-defense.

Nyanranja is a pacifist and this reflects in her combat style. All of her moves in her normal form are counters, only intended to be self-defense against the opponent. Nyanranja's main gameplay mechanic comes in the Protocol Shutdown Virus. The player can activate it at any time utilizing a button input combination, allowing the player to get access to her more offensive moves. It is only temporary, as her system's protection will put things back to normal. The more the player uses the virus, the faster the time it takes the system to go back to normal.


ViVi is the humanoid form of Viubhal, the Eternal Demon. ViVi represents Viubhal's mind and consciousness, while the gigantic shadow body over earth represents its body and fury. ViVi is the one that takes control of Viubhal and makes sure the body fulfills its mission. When ViVi is chosen as a fighter, the Viubhal body watches in the background.

ViVi can be categorized as a boss character, similar to Abyss in Marvel vs. Capcom 2. It has more health and takes less damage than other characters, with the exception of Verchunka. She has access to the strongest moves in the games. Still, she is a boss character and her flaw comes in the Viubhal's body, which is her only way to do any ranged attacks. By herself, ViVi only has close ranged moves.

ViVi can, at any time, order the body to perform an attack. The body will respond with a movement, which is telegraphed correctly, can be easily dodged by the opponent, but to throw off the opponent, it can sometimes, randomly do a different move. Viubhal's Body attacks tend to come out slow, so it to fully use the attack to it's fullest, it requires ViVi to set up perfectly for the attack to line-up.


Draconian Kingdom Cult of the Dragonmark Tour
Hinata's home stage. The stage takes place in Hinata's memories of the last time she saw her hometown, sometimes corrupted by the sights of the massacre caused by the war. There is no hazards in this stage. Lynna's home stage. The stage takes place in Lynna's biggest show yet, a tour through out the American Midwest. The stage shifts from the show stage and the tour bus, where the fighters battle on top. There is no hazards in this stage.
Amazon Forest Good Manners School
Inula's home stage. The stage takes place in the history of the preservation of the Amazon Forest, as it starts out as a lush green forest as it is gradually destroyed. There is no hazards in this stage. Renee's home stage. The stage takes place in Renee's interexchange school. As the fighters fight at the school gate, the other students watch from afar, often cheering. There is no hazards in this stage.
The Ainsworth Theater High Stakes Chase
Abigail's home stage. The stage takes place in the Ainsworth family owned theater. The fighters play on the centre stage, as other performers test out their tricks on the background. The audience serves as a hazard, with a random chance of them throwing items onto the stage. Mihaela's home stage. The stage takes place in the events that led to Mihaela's fatal injury, starting off from the police station to the fighters fighting on top of cars. Misfired bullets serve as the hazards, which fly out at random.
Underground Lair Race Course Stable
Gladys's home stage. The stage takes place in the secret underground lair of Gladys's gang. The battle takes place in the "Throne Room", a room where Gladys stays when making negotiations. There is no hazards in this stage. Fortunata's home stage. The stage takes place in the Race Course where Fortunata usually races on, on the stables where the horses stay. There is no hazards in this stage.
La Galerie de Évelyne Kingdom Dome
Evelyne's home stage. The stage takes place in the art gallery where her artwork is shown. The stage itself is a white hallway, with many paintings made by her. Some of Evelyne's paintings serves as hazards, as they might come to life and trap the opponent inside them and then shoot them out. Natara's home stage. The stage takes place in the Clepysdrian Kingdom, as it stands today - an underwater dome that seems invisible from the outside but hides an advanced civilization inside. There is no hazards in this stage.
Sydney Exbihition Center Hell's Bar
Stella's home stage. The stage takes place in the big stage where Stella fought on. The fighters can fight inside the ring and outside it. There is no hazards in this stage. Lilith's home stage. The stage takes place in the dingy bar where Lilith dances and makes a living in. The battle takes place in the center of the bar, with consumers minding their business as they come in. There is no hazards in this stage.
Dark Slums The Honeycomb
Mei's home stage. The stage takes place in the places where Mei used to roam around after she escaped from the clutches of Verchunka. Random hooligans can occassionaly disrupt the battle by grabbing the opponents by their arms or by throwing beer bottles. Pauline's home stage. The stage takes place in the hidden rented basement where Pauline uses as a secret lair. It is painted yellow and black. Bees serves as hazards, reflecting their role in real life.
Weather Report Secret Laboratory
Sora's home stage. The stage takes place in the television station where Sora works as the weather girl. There are no hazards in this stage. Verchunka's home stage. The stage takes place in the secret laboratory where Verchunka does her experiments. Failed test subjects serves as the stage hazards.
My Very Own Stage! Danger Zone
Ursa's "home" stage. The stage takes place in a glitchy mess, formed out of random chunks of other stages. There are no stage hazards. Nyanranja's home stage. The stage takes place in the training zone where Nyanranja's new protocols were tested. Other robots serves as stage hazards, firing at training targets.
Final Chaos
ViVi's home stage. The stage takes place in the center of a metropolian area, where Viubhal looms over the fighters fighting on top of a building. There are no stage hazards.

Downloadble Content

Throwback A free pack that adds costumes based on the original character sprites for the first version of Eternika.
Fateful Paths An expansion pack that adds a new story mode and a new set of characters, whom are alternate universe versions of the cast in the base game.
Fusion Frenzy A second expansion pack, which adds a new gameplay mode as well as extra story chapters. The new game mode is called Fusion Battle, where the players can fuse two characters and play as the combination of them.