Eternal Brawl Uprising is the second game in the Eternal Brawl Series. It is the sequel to Eternal Brawl.


It begins with the screen fading to black, then it fades into the logo of the game, then it fades into the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario jumps out of a Warp Pipe outside Peach's Castle, looking for any challengers. Suddenly, Ruby Rose dashes by him, and attacks him with her sycthe. Mario dodges, and throws a fireball at Ruby Rose. Ruby Rose is hit by the Fireball, and is knocked back. Her sycthe transforms into a blaster, and she shoots it at Mario. The blast knocks Mario into the wall of the castle. 

Meanwhile, on the rooftops of the castle, Elsa and Peach are fighting. Elsa shoots an ice blast at Peach, but she knocks it back at her with her parasol. Suddenly, Alpha jumps in and attacks the two. Elsa and Peach decide to team up on him, but Alpha shoots a lightning blast at them, knocking them off the rooftop.

Meanwhile, near where Mario and Ruby Rose are fighting, Unten is browsing the internet when the Nostalgia Critic and ERod jump out of the computer and attack him. The Critic shoots at Unten with his gun, and ERod smashes Unten with his hammer, knocking him out.

Mario and Ruby Rose witness this from afar and decide to tag team against the reviewers. Ruby blasts The Critic away with her blaster, and Mario grabs ERod and throws him into the distance.

ERod knocks into Alpha, and the two start to fight. However, Jack Frost jumps down and shoots ice blasts at the two, but Sonic comes in and hits Jack and Alpha with his homing attack, knocking them down. Sonic then attacks ERod with his spin dash, but ERod blocks it and attacks Sonic with his hammer. Soon, Kirby comes in on his warp star, knocking them down.

Elsa and Peach get back up and decide to attack Alpha and Jack Frost. Meanwhile, Mario, Ruby, Sonic, and ERod all decide to team up and defeat Kirby, but Link jumps down and slashes at ERod with his sword. Sonic spin dashes into Link, who deflects it back at Mario with his shield.

Mario gets hit by Sonic and tries attacking him with a fireball. However, soon Eggman's airships come, along with Metal Sonic and other robots. Mario and Sonic nod, and get ready to attack the airships. They are soon joined by Ruby, Elsa, Link, and the other heroes, as well as the rest of the starting characters. Mario jumps at Metal Sonic right before the screen fades to black, and back to the logo. The player is then told to press start. 


Name Info
Brawl The classic fighting game mode. It has up to 6 players at a time, and has Super Smash Bros type movesets (excluding the Smash Ball). It also has Health Bars, and you can interact with the stage ala Injustice: Gods Among Us.
Timewarp A mode where you go through video game history and go through a platforming adventure, and each level simulates a various video game, such as Super Mario World or Pac-Man.  
Challenge Where you follow a string of challenges (get a flawless victory, beat an opponent using only Assist Trophies, etc.) Once you are finished with the challenges, you face Tabuu. 
Infinite Challenge The same as normal challenge, but has practically no end, and is made just to see how far you can get in a single run.
Survival Simulation You pick a character and are thrust out in a dangerous world as that character. You can level up by beating foes and can get new items in the trade shop. 
Mecha Madness The Story mode of the game. Like past versions of the story mode, it is a platformer.  After the defeat of Loki, the Eternal Brawlers make a tournament to celebrate. However, things go wrong when Dr. Eggman attacks the tournament with his robot empire! 


Default Characters

This game will have 60 starter characters.


Image Character Description Franchise
440px-Mario Artwork - Super Mario 3D World Mario Mario is a valiant plumber from the Mushroom Kingdom, and he uses powerups and koopa shells to attack. He is a very balanced character in the game.

100px-SSB Mario Series

Luigirr Luigi Mario's younger brother who goes on adventures with him, despite being a bit of a scaredy cat. He uses Ice Balls and his Poltergeist to attack. He jumps higher then Mario but is a bit weaker. 

100px-SSB Mario Series

Peach.SSB4 Peach The princess of the Mushroom kingdom. Unlike the last game, Peach wears her normal attire, but can still use sports tools. She also can throw turnips and use heart magic.

100px-SSB Mario Series

Wreck it ralph art Ralph Ralph has the job of the villain in Fix-it Felix Jr. Guess how much he likes that. However, now he gets to be a hero when the multiverse is in danger once again! He can wreck things or throw nicelanders at the opponents. 


Vanellopewirdisney Vanellope Ralph's tiny companion and the president of Sugar Rush, Vanellope can use her car and a gold coin to fight. 


006Charizard Charizard A fire spewing dragon which you would usually see as the villain in any generic fairy tale. It can fly, whip it's tail at you, and breathe fire.

SSB Pokémon Series

Mariosonic sonic Sonic Sonic is a starter this time around. He can use shields, wisps, and the spin dash to attack. Smashbros Sonic series
Tailsracingbigfilesizesharpecolor Tails A newcomer to the series, Tails uses his two tails to fly, and can use machines, such as his arm cannon and the Dummy Ring Bombs. He also can use the Tornado.

Smashbros Sonic series

FinnRidingJake Finn & Jake Finn uses his sword and shield as well as loud, ear splitting screams. Jake has stretchy arms and can be uses as a steed for Finn to ride on. These guys will surely bring fear to the hearts of all villains.


Ruby Rose - Trans Ruby Rose The leader of Team RWBY, she can use her scythe which alternates as a sniper, and is one of the fastest characters in the game, second only the Sonic.


Yang Xiao Long Yang Xiao Long Ruby's older sister (despite them looking nothing alike) who users her gauntlet-guns to attack. She is stronger then Ruby, but not nearly as fast.


Ashley SSB4 Ashley The tiny little Magic Wielder attacks with her staff, can cast magic spells, and get help from Red. SSB Wario Series
Toon Link ws Link The cartoony incarnartion of the Hylian hero, he can use a Deku Leaf and his Sword to fight.

SSB The Legend of Zelda Series

234px-Tetra HD Tetra The alter ego of Toon Zelda, she uses a dagger and cannonballs to fight, and is one of the more nimble characters in the roster. SSB The Legend of Zelda Series
FrozenElsa Elsa The ice queen, she can turn the stage into an eternal winter, and can create ice. She is a tricky character to control though. Frozen
Calvin-and-hobbes-e1328550590232 Calvin & Hobbes

This human & tiger duo uses snow sculptures and transmogrifiying to attack. They also can throw Water Balloons.


Unten by Tom Unten Unten can use Beorn abilities as well as run into people with the Fantendo logo.  Fantendoverse
Samus suit zero Samus A girl who hunts Metroids, Samus uses her laser gun (which doubles as a whip) and her acrobatics. 

SSB Metroid Series

Ofclboxart cfm Hatsune Miku-illu Hatsune Miku A vocaloid, and the most famous out of the bunch. Miku uses singing and leeks to attack.


Steven Universe Steven  The 4th and only male Crystal Gem, he can gain power by eating ice cream, or let his clothes attack for him.


DipperGFArt Dipper The curious brother of Mabel Pines, he uses spells from Book 3 and can clone himself. He can also attack with Babba songs.


Grapplin hook mabel Mabel Dipper's hillarious sister, she attacks with her pet pig Waddles, can use her grappling hook, or can eat Summerween candy to regain her health.


Alpha Alpha The former user of the Forbidden Power, Alpha attacks with his Greek Myth-inspired powers, such as Orion's Shield, a shield that doubles as a projectile attack, and can shoot electricity out of his fingers with Zeus' Rage. TOME
Jack Reacher Jack Reacher A former military police officer, Jack Reacher is a crime investigator who uses his gun to attack or can analyse an opponent to find his or her weakness.  Jack Reacher
Minecraft-steve 12 Steve The cube hero of Minecraft, he can attack using his diamond pick, a bow and arrow, flint and steel, or TNT.

Minecraft symbol

RaidenMK Raiden Raiden is a god of thunder, and he uses electric blasts and a staff to fight. 

Mortal kombat logo2

Thor Thor Another god of Thunder. Instead of using electric blasts, Thor produces electricity out of his hammer, which he can also use for blunt blows.


PalutenaBrawl Palutena The goddess of light, Palutena can use her staff and other weapons from the Kid Icarus games.

SSB Kid Icarus Series

SSBBRZS Cloud Cloud Cloud is the main protagonist of Final Fantasy VII. He uses a buster sword as well as powers like Firaga and Thundaga. FinalFantasySymbolM5P
Batman-justice-league-3329865-176-345 Batman He is the hero this game deserves....but not the one it needs. He uses bataraangs, grapple guns, and other assorted Bat-devices. He also can drive the Batmobile. 


X Y Serena Serena A female pokemon trainer of the Kalos region, Serena can use Sylveon, Fennekin, and Pangoro. She also can trap opponents in a Pokeball.

SSB Pokémon Series

SSB5 Lucario Lucario The aura pokemon. Lucario can shoot aura blasts, or use steel moves and turn into Mega Lucario.

SSB Pokémon Series

Ichigo Ichigo Kurosaki A soul reaper, Ichigo uses his sword and other soul reaper abilities. Bleach
250px-aizawa inori Inori Aizawa The internet explorer girl returns! She uses her tabbing system and a shield to attack. Internet Explorer
Nostalgia Critic PNG Nostalgia Critc He remembers it so you don't have to. He can use a gun and turn into either M. Bison or Link to attack. He can also use angry rants, but those don't do much. He also can use his giant robot, Mega Voltronic Optimus Primo  That Guy With The Glasses
Flamegirl Flamegirl One of Alpha's friends in TOME, she can shoot fire balls at opponents, and has other fire abilities too. I mean, her name is Flamegirl, what did you expect? TOME
Jack Frost Jack Frost Essentially a male version of Elsa, (even though he came earlier but shut up I'm trying to be funny here,) Jack uses his staff as a melee weapon and can shoot ice out of it as well. Rise of the Guardians
BtG Tahu Mata Tahu The hot headed leader of the Toa Mata, Tahu uses his fire sword and can control fire to attack. SSB Lego
Cgarfield Garfield  The lovable fat cat, he can pelt people with Lasagna or can ride Ody. Also, if you play as him on a Monday, he will be weaker then if you play as him any other day. GarfieldSeries


Stanley Yelnats Stanley "Caveman" Yelnats is a young kid who always has bad luck because of a dumb curse a gypsy cast on his family for stealing a pig or something wierd like that. He can hit opponents with his shovel, or throw yellow spotted lizards at them. He also regains health by drinking from his water canteen. Holes
KTD Kirby artwork Kirby A lovable pink puff, Kirby can swallow enemies and use their abilities to attack. He also can use his hammer and the warp star. SSB Kirby Series
KTD King Dedede King Dedede The greedy king of Dream Land, King Dedede uses his hammer, minions, and EXTREEEME facial expressions. SSB Kirby Series
Megamanssbi Megaman The robot defender built by Doctor Light, he attacks with his Mega Buster and his robot master abilities, such as the Metal Blade, Flame Sword and Leaf Shield.


MegamannnRoll Roll Megaman's "sister." She attacks using some of Dr. Light's gadgets and a broom (because she's a house-keeping robot, afterall) and can heal herself with an E-Tank.


RosalinaSSB4 Rosalina Rosalina is the queen of the cosmos, who uses her powers of the stars to attack. She also can get help from her Luma friends. 100px-SSB Mario Series
SpiderManFull Spiderman A quick-witted genius, Peter Parker can use his web-shooters, or can crawl on walls. He also has great speed, strength, and stamina. SpidermanLogo
Iron Man Iron Man Tony Stark built a suit for him to fight many evil villains, and now goes by his super hero alter ego Iron Man. He can use repulsor blasts and jet boots and other devices he has in his awesome suit. 


Gir-1 GIR Zim's SIR unit, Gir uses tacos and laser beams to fight. He also can explode, but this will harm him as well. ZimSymbol
Nessness Ness The boy who defeated Giygas, he attacks with his bat, yo-yo, and his PSI abilities. MOTHERearth
BBuster ERod Better known as the Blockbuster Buster, ERod uses his Hammer, Lucile as well as his action figures. He also can get help from Nerdlinger and Fedora Freddy. That Guy With The Glasses
Sub-Zero EBU Sub-Zero Sub-Zero is a former member of the Lin Kuei. He uses ice abilities such as ice balls, ice teleportation and ice clones.  Mortal kombat logo2
Darkwing-duck Darkwing Duck He is the terror that flaps in the night! As the protector of St. Canard, Darkwing has many tricks up his sleve! He can use his Gas Gun and other tools to attack, and also can ride his motorcycle.  Darkwing Duck
Dexter-dexters-laboratory-13130849-445-567 Dexter A brainy little boy who attacks with his devices such as a laser gun and a robot mech. Dexterlogo
Korra-Waterbending Korra Korra is the new Avatar, who can use her bending of the elements to attack. She can use the Water, Earth, Fire, and Wind elements. (though she mostly uses Water) Avatar symbol
Shantae HalfGenieHero new shantae design 9671669863 l-1 Shantae A mystical Half Genie, Shantae uses her hair whip, can dance, and transform into animals to attack. SBB Shantae
Thing EBU The Thing A hulking brute, Thing is the muscle of the Fantastic Four. He is sluggish, but one of the strongest characters in the game.

SSB FantasticFour

Ness t Ness The main protagonist of Earthbound returns to the fray! He can use a baseball bat, his PSI abilities, and a yo-yo. He also can summon some of his party members to help him out. Earthbound Symbol
Mika sho 2014 Mika Sho A fire wielding girl who uses her fire powers to attack. She also can use space weapons from the second Mika Sho game. Fantendoverse
Robin Robin Robin is the leader of the Teen Titans. He can use his staff, birdarangs, or his unrivaled martial arts skills to fight. DCLogo
Beast Boy Beast Boy Beast Boy is a member of the Superhero team Teen Titans. He can attack mostly by turning into animals and using their abilities. DCLogo

Locked Characters

There will be a total of 30 unlockable characters.


Image Character Description Franchise How to Unlock
Bowser SSB4 Bowser Mario's archnemesis!....despite always playing sports with him. He uses fire breath and bob-ombs in battle. 100px-SSB Mario Series Beat Challenge as Mario
Koopa Troopa NSMB2 Koopa Troopa Bowser's loyal minions. Koopas can roll as a shell, sprout wings, or can throw Blue Shells. 100px-SSB Mario Series Beat Bowser 5 times.
Peedee Peedee Fryman Steven's friend and works at Beach Citywalk Fries. He uses Fry products to attack or stuff an opponent into the microwave. 


Beat challenge as Steven
Wii Wii  The Wii console attacks with the Nunchuck, and can throw game disks like boomerangs. 


A Guy Why would you play as him? This guy is the worst character in the game! He uses bad dance beats and holograms of Justin Bieber. Real Life Download 5 songs.
LEGOBatman Lego Batman Batman's bricky counterpart. He can use any sort of LEGO device, but there is a catch where he has to build it first. SSB Lego Beat Timewarp as Batman
Toon Zelda HD Zelda The descendent of the goddess Hylia, Zelda uses magic to attack. SSB The Legend of Zelda Series Beat Timewarp as Tetra
Jason Jason Fox A nerdy little boy, Jason can use computers and Quincy to attack. Foxtrot Beat Challenge as Calvin & Hobbes

Shao Kahn

Shao Kahn The totally evil ruler of Outworld, he uses his hammer and fatalaties to attack. Mortal kombat logo2 TBA
Silver2 Silver Silver is a naive hedgehog from the future who uses telekenesis to attack. I would go into more detail, but that's no use.

Smashbros Sonic series

Beat challenge as Sonic
Felix Felix He can fix it! He uses his hammer and other construction tools to attack. 


Beat challenge as Ralph
Czim Zim Zim invades the battle! He attacks with special Irken devices, such as a laser gun or the mechanical legs that come out of his backpack. ZimSymbol TBA
Coyote Wily E. Coyote Otherwise known as just the Coyote, he attacks with a fork and knife as well as ACME weapons. He is a bit of a joke character though, as most of his attacks need a lot of preperation, and also harm the Coyote as well.  Looney Tunes Lose once. 
UltronFOL5 Ultron The evil android created by Hank Pym, he can shoot laser blasts and is a very strong character.


VillagerSSB4 Villager The mayor of the town in Animal Crossing, Villager uses farming tools, and has a unique mechanic where he gets bells when he attacks you. If you get enough bells, you can level up, gaining more strength and stamina.  SSBAnimalCrossEmblem Beat 5 foes in Survival Simulation. 


Scorpion The specter of the Netherrealm, he is the mortal enemy of Sub Zero, and attacks with his swords, his "GET OVER HERE!" spear and fire breathing. 

Mortal kombat logo2

Beat Challenge as Raiden.
Shang Tsung Shang Tsung Shao Kahn's second-in-command, He can shoot flaming skulls and can steal other player's moves. 

Mortal kombat logo2

Beat Challenge as Liu Kang
Herobrine Herobrine Notch's dead brother, he attacks with glitch moves and a diamond sword. He also can teleport.  Minecraft symbol Beat Challenge as Steve. 
Furno Brain Attack Furno XL The newest form of Alpha Team member William Furno, he can use his sword and shield, and also has a unique function where he can morph himself into different combinations, changing his moveset entirely. However, he is vulnerable while morphing. Hero Factory Create 100 Custom Stages
571Zoroark Zoroark The illusion fox Pokemon, Zoroark can shapeshift and use shadow attacks to fight.

SSB Pokémon Series

Beat Challenge as Lucario
Saibot Noob Saibot Alright, just give me a little time to laugh at his name before I tell you what he does. Anyway, Noob Saibot can shoot iceballs and teleport, as well as make duplicates of himself. Mortal kombat logo2 Beat Timewarp as Sub-Zero
Eario Eario The "long lost cousin" of the Mario Bros and father of Waluigi, Eario uses cleaning supplies to attack. He also can tell stories. BITFsymbol Beat Timewarp as Luigi
CountAdoptable Danguro The rival of Data, Danguro and use his hacking to change the battlefield in his favor. Other then that, though, he doesn't have many attacks.  SSB Fantendo Series Beat Challenge as Mika Sho
Waluigiwiiuassist Waluigi Waluigi is a goofy character who has pretty much no purpose. He attacks with his Tennis Racket and other trolly moves. Expecting more detail? TOO BAD. WALUIGI TIME.   100px-SSB Mario Series Beat Blast to the Past as both Mario Bros
SuperMario3DIslandGasparoDreamboy Dream Boy & Gasparo Dream Boy and Gasparo are a pair of stupid recolors, who switch out like Zelda and Sheik. Gasparo attacks with rejected Mario Power-Ups that don't do much damage, while Dream Boy can make his dreams come true, but they usually backfire.  SSB Fantendo Series Lose 1 Time
Black mage without basketball Black Mage A powerful mage hailing from the realm of Final Fantasy. He uses magical spells in battle, and can also use items to heal him and increase his strength. FinalFantasySymbolM5P Beat Challenge as Cloud
150Mewtwo Mewtwo A psychic type Pokemon and clone of Mew, Mewtwo uses shadow balls and other abilities, and can also use his mega evolution.  SSB Pokémon Series Beat Challenge as Lucario


Default Stages

Image Name Description Franchise
Lavendera ;Lavendera The purple waistland where players fight in TOME. Hazards include players jumping in and attacking you. TOME
HeliCarrier Helicarrier The main transportation for S.H.I.E.L.D agents, basically you are soaring through the skies, much like the Halberd from SSBB. Marvelogo
BattlefieldDayNightCycle2WiiUSSB4 Battlefield Nothing much to see here. Just a battlefield. SSB Smash Bros Series
KAAAHN Arena Another plain old arena. Shao Kahn will taunt you in the background while you fight. Mortal kombat logo2
MysteryShack MAINREF Mystery Shack Dipper and Mabel's summer home. Hazards include Stan Pines pulling a con on the player. GFSymbol
Mushroom Kingdom 3D by Kritter5x Level 1-1 The iconic first level of Mario, hazards include phirana plants, and you can heal yourself with a mushroom from a ? block.  100px-SSB Mario Series
Zims house night Zim's House The house Zim lives in. One of Zim's robots might pop out and attack you. ZimSymbol
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