Eternal Brawl is the series of fighting games made by Dark

Known Main Series Games

Eternal Brawl

The first game in the series. It features many characters, both popular and obscure. This game is to introduce many of the veterans of the series, including but not limited to Mario, Batman, Alpha, Calvin & Hobbes, Inori, Steve, and Dipper. The story is seperated into two parts, and is about Loki trying to take over the Eterniverse.

Eternal Brawl Uprising

The upcoming sequel to Eternal Brawl. Most of the original characters will return, as well as some newcomers including Samus,, Tails, Yang Xiao Long, and Hatsune Miku. 

Eternal Brawl 3: World of Warfare

The third game in the Eternal Brawl series. Not much is known about it, as no newcomers have been confirmed as of yet. 

Spin-offs and Crossovers

Age of Fury

A crossover between Eternal Brawl and Super Mario Silver Spurs, it includes characters from both universes, as AoF is the product of the two universes merging. It is a colab between Dark and Gumball.

Upcoming Games

Eternal Brawl 4


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