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Erin Giardia Coldwell Female
80 lbs
22 years old Human

Erin Coldwell, the freckled parasite
FULL NAME Erin Giardia Coldwell
BIRTHDAY December 28th
OCCUPATION(S) Intern (formerly)

Sarah Auvic (ex-girlfriend)
Mingyu Li (ex-boss)


Attention, stealing, cocaine, girls


Not getting attention, being told what to do, debt, when people take from her hoard, that popular movie you like, that popular game you like, that popular book you like, that popular tv show you like, that popular band you like, that popular podcast you like, that popular artist you like, that popular shipping you like, that popular theory you like, that popular character you like



Erin Giardia Coldwell (sometimes nicknamed Coldyceps) is a former intern that worked at NanoSolutions and now resides in the Fantendo Firehouse as a unwanted member. Although she can come off as a fairly well meaning person, she tends to sap at the patience and goodwill of everyone she comes across. Combined with her continued bad decision making, Erin is often homeless and in debt. The character was created by Exotoro as a parasite for the Fantendo Firehouse, draining at their resources by living there in a unwanted way. She was also made to be a stopgap girlfriend for Sarah Auvic. She acts as a contrast to X-Ray and Nion Exothermia.

Erin Coldwell is a woman who is best described as a "parasite" to everyone that knows her, being an attention starved lunatic who constantly begs for money and steals stuff, usually to fuel a mad cocaine habit or simply for the thrill of the steal. She is the unwanted member of the Fantendo Firehouse, being formerly the girlfriend of Sarah Auvic. Erin is manipulative, intensely clingy, attention-seeking, and often a total mess. Yet, in spite of her many, many, many, many negative qualities, she occasionally has her uses in negotiation, disguise, and theft.


Erin Coldwell is a blonde woman with freckles, which are pattered after the constellation patterns that make up the Little Dipper and the Big Dipper respectively. She wears big circular glasses. She wears thick eyeshadow and has small lips, which she constantly makes fun of. She has green emerald eyes. She typically carries around a Fantendo Firehouse themed stack of playing cards and her original outfit was a school girl's outfit she grabbed for herself and restitched and fitted to fit her. Erin Coldwell is uniquely designed in that in every appearance after her original one, she's wearing outfits from other cast members from previous stories. This is due to her concept of being a parasitic force on the Fantendo Firehouse.

In Fantendo - Doomed, she wears an outfit consisting of Nycho Invalidez's Spiderverse shirt that was from his "World Tournament" design, Rachel Harel's red suspenders and shorts from Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory, Nion Exothermia's green thigh high socks from her outfit in U-Day!, and Strafe's boots from his Post-Victory outfit that was first seen in Just Like Old Friends.


Erin Coldwell originally comes across as a slightly clumsy intern who acts cute and is rather touchy around people. She reminds Sarah of X-Ray and how she acts for a while with her polite constant apologies and her unwillingness to be upset at people. Erin's personality is not faked in the slightest, but the polite exterior cracks when she is fired, shouting at Mingyu Li. She can sometimes come off as bipolar when faced with something that makes her happy and something that makes her angry or sad as she doesn't know how to properly process her emotions.

Erin Coldwell is something of a social parasite as well. She constantly asks for money, drugs, or attention and will do anything to get it including messing up or faking symptoms or moods. She can be loud, obnoxious, and generally someone that could get really irritating to be with for an extended period of time. She doesn't seem to have a real opinion on much, often conflicting herself to agree with whoever she thinks is the most popular person in the group. Erin pretends to be a hipster sometimes, feigning a lack of knowledge on popular things, only to actually know the most out of anyone in any given conversation through accidental slip ups.

In addition to being a social parasite, Erin also leeches off other things as well, such as the budget for the Fantendo Firehouse's facilities or stealing clothes from other people and refitting them to her size with her seamstress skills. She can often be seen wearing an outfit from someone else's wardrobe from story to story, sometimes mixing and matching pieces. She also steals other people's trinkets- if something is missing in the Fantendo Firehouse, chances are that it's under Erin's bed which she hoards like a dragon.

It seems like Erin's problem is she doesn't know how to be herself, mostly because she prefers to be manipulative as it feeds into what makes her happy. She won't flirt with other people directly, but she will try and get other people to flirt with her or insinuate that other people are flirting with her. She will rarely, if ever, directly make the first move on any given thing, which makes her accidentally one of the best negotiators in Seattle.

Erin has a massive addiction to cocaine as well. She feeds this habit intensely but with seemingly no ill effects on her long term health, being played off more like a recurring gag than anything else. She also seems to do a lot of illegal stuff, which she drops with no fanfare in any given conversation. Some of these appear to be fictitious, but some of the more outlandish ones are revealed to be real, albeit only to the audience and never to the characters in the story.




Fantendo - Doomed

Powers and Abilities

As a fairly normal human being, Erin Coldwell lacks cool powers. She can restitch clothing to fit her size and she is good at hoarding and negotiation, but Erin is more known for being bad at basically everything else. Uniquely, Erin is small and very light compared to most of the Fantendo Firehouse.


Sarah Auvic



  • Erin Coldwell was originally a completely different character that went by the name of Elanor Langley. Elanor was mostly the same in theory- she had a cocaine addiction, she was a temporary girlfriend for Sarah Auvic, and she stayed at the Fantendo Firehouse in spite of the fact nobody actually wanted her there. However, Elanor was more so just a fairly boring person for the most part and the joke was that she was just there to take up space. Elanor Langley's design was reused for a different character in U-Day! while the character underwent a massive rework.
  • Erin's mannerisms was inspired by the characters Katie Marovitch plays on CollegeHumor, although taken in a different direction. Her original design, back when she was originally concepted as Elanor Langley, was also taken directly from Katie Marovitch.
  • Erin's middle name, Giardia, is a type of waterborne parasite that's very common but very short term and treatable. If only it were that simple to treat away Erin...