Eric Four is the main protagonist in his fan-fiction. He is 13 throughout the entire story of The Eric Four Saga. He is the son of the Voidverse "main" protagonist, Sixty Four.


Eric Four has a personality very similar to that of Sixty Four, especially since they are in similar hero roles, and the fact that Eric is Sixty's son. He possesses a very determined attitude in his adventures to take down Merevelous Dontori and Guyton. He is easily fooled through a lack of information, because of his ability to quickly draw conclusions.


Eric has orange hair (like his mother), pale skin, and wears a green T-shirt with two symmetric letter E's on the sleeves. He also wears simple blue-green pants and gray shoes accented with green, similar to Sixty's shoes.


Sixty Four

Sixty is Eric's father.

Amy Four

Amy is Eric's mother.


Kiara helps Eric through his quest.

King Alkatraz

Eric is helped out in the beginning by the king of The Free Void.


Eric meets Alkatraz's right-hand man, Ameri, while speaking to the king.

Merevelous Dontori

The main antagonist of the first part of Eric's quest.


The main antagonist of the second part of Eric's Quest.

Negative Zero

Negative Zero, or "Nega", is the last evil character Eric must face at the end of his quest.


  • Eric Four's design was originally going to be a near-copy of Sixty Four, but that was scrapped early on.
  • Eric was to have the last Voidverse saga, though Dk64rules (tbc) realized the potential success of the series afterwards and began to write more.
  • In the first chapter of The Eric Four Saga, there is a list of "major points" to flesh out what Eric has become since his birth. In early versions of the saga, these points were to play a much larger role, but in the final they became trivial and seem left over.


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