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Eric is a character in the Medieverse who takes a major role in the story.


The past of Eric is filled with war and spy work, having lost many dear ones along the road, making him an experienced individual. During the reign of the previous king, Eric was appointed as governor of Orientis, him being one of the friends of Io and helped him conquer the throne from the previous royal family. During Io's reign, Eric began focusing more on his own government. He began creating a strong army, focus more on technological advancement and taking care of his citizens in the hope of being able to conquer all of Regno.

Physical description

While Eric physically looks the same, there are certain traits that have changed. He doesn't wear his trademark sunglasses but has grown a small gray beard. He is mostly seen wearing a leather coat with a brown belt around his waist. Underneath he wears gray pants and black shoes. He wears a pin which is similar to that of the F.A.N.T.


Eric is someone who prefers to operate in the dark. While he may be a very cynical person who seems to keep people at bay, he is a very kind man, mainly duo to his years of experience. He is social, being able to easily talk to people. He cares a lot for the people he is supposed to take care of and wants to create a world of peace. He however keeps all his operations in the shadows, and is a tactic planner who builds up to the right moment to act.


Although he is in his older days, it doesn't mean that he is a weak person. He has years of fighting experience and excels at spy and recon work. From his experience he knows how to approach certain situations and is an excellent tactician.







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